Old men like sex too

Old men like sex tooI was in the shower at school, just after our track team practice. I had finished sucking the last of my team mates cocks and was cleaning myself up. As I turned to leave the shower area I was shocked to see the school janitor standing between me and the shower room door stark naked stroking his huge cock.I was mesmerized by the sight of this fifty something year old man stroking ten inches of fat cock, the huge head was purplish black and the staff was thick and taught.I looked up from his cock to see him smiling at me, ‘Ive been watching you suck and fuck the boys hatay escort here and now it’s my time.’ I must have back away cause he said roughly ‘don’t try and run I don’t have time to play games.’I stopped and looked at him terrified as to what he wanted to do to me. I did not have to wait for he said ‘come over here and get on your knees and suck this here dick.’ I moved slowly to his cock and knelt in front of him, he quickly took my head and forced it to his rigid cock. I parted my lips and begin to suck on his cock, his pubic hair had a musky smell to it that seemed to turn hatay escort bayan me on.As I sucked hard on his cock he was moaning and moving his hips sliding his cock back and forth in my mouth. He grabbed my head forcefully and pulled from my lips, ‘you ain’t gonna get off that easy, stand up and turn your ass around.’ I stood and turned my back to him, he pushed me to the wall and bent his knees sliding his cock head down between my buttocks.His cock head slip past my anal opening and he hunch up forcing the tip of his cock to poke my anus. I let out a small gasp as escort hatay he continued to hunch up in to my butt.The pre-cum exuding from his cock head acted as lubricant and he was able to make entrance into my butt. I squealed as his huge penile head bust passed my outer anal muscle ring. Rapidly he plunged up and down in my butt forcing me into the wall till I was pressed against it.The old fart pump my butt for nearly fifteen minutes before I felt his spunk shooting into my anal cavity. He grind into me for a couple of more minutes before pulling from my stretched butt hole. He turned me to him and pushed me to my knees and forced his cock into my mouth saying ‘suck the rest of my cum you greedy bitch.’When he was satisfied he pulled from my lips and slapped me across the face turned and walked out of the shower room.

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