On My Own


I recently just moved into my own apartment away from home. I’m 18 and I figured it was time to get out of the house. I had just moved in the day before and was standing on my balcony when I happened to look down and see this totally hot older guy down by the pool. He was wearing black trunks and was pretty built.

I have always had a thing for older guys and the fact is this guy was a 12 on the hotness scale. I could feel my breath start to come a little faster as I looked at him. And I could feel myself getting wet just by looking at his chest and abs, and wondering what was underneath those shorts.

I could feel myself starting to get really horny, so I began to play massage my breasts through my tank top. My balcony was secluded and the only way you could see me was if you were down in the pool area. And Mr. Gorgeous was reading. My nipples were hard and poking into my palms, and my pussy had started to soak my shorts.

I pulled my tank top off and began to pinch and pull my nipples. Licking my fingers every now and then to get new sensation. Still working my breasts with one hand I reached down and unzipped my shorts, letting them drop to the floor of the balcony. I hadn’t bothered with underwear that day so all I had to do was slide my hand to down and stroke my now dripping pussy. I ran a finger around my clit which was swollen with need, and then slid my fingers down into my pussy. Slowly finger fucking myself. Every once in a while tweaking my clit with my fingers.

I had worked myself up really good so that I was breathing heavy, and shut my eyes. Letting fantasies of this really sexy older halkalı escort man spin in my head. Just as I brought myself to orgasm biting my lips and moaning softly at how good it felt. I opened my eyes and saw Mr. Gorgeous watching me with a small smile on his face.

Mortified, I ran into my apartment leaving my clothes on the balcony, while I went into my room. I couldn’t believe that he had seen that. I was embarrassed, and hoped that he didn’t live in one of the apartments across from me. When I finally got up the courage to see if he was still out there so I could get my clothes, I found he was gone.

Relieved I scooped up my clothes. “Well I hope I don’t run into him. That would be embarrassing.” And still muttering to myself I walked back in and closed the sliding doors.

Two days later I was coming home from work, waitressing, when I ran into none other than Mr. Gorgeous himself. I was unlocking the door to my apartment when he walked out of the door right next to mine. He stopped and studied me, and I could feel myself heating up with a blush. As I saw how gorgeous he actually was up front. He had black hair with silver at the temples and creases that in his youth would have been dimples.

He suddenly smiled and said, “Hey, you must have just moved in. My name is Chris.”

“Hi. I’m Nell.” I could feel myself starting to blush more wondering if he remembered me from the balcony. But at the same time that crotch of my panties were starting to get wet from my arousal. He grinned suddenly. “Do you make it a taksim escort habit to watch your neighbors all the time?”

“I…. well um I….” At a loss for words I just stared at him.

“I have to say though you have the nicest breasts I’ve seen in a long time.”

My knees dissolved and my thighs quivered when he said that. I licked my lips, “Would you like to come in?”

He grinned as I opened the door, the pushed me through and closed the door after him. He pushed me back against the wall and leaned in to kiss me. Ravaging my mouth, while I moaned incoherently. He pulled back and slowly started to unbutton the white top of my uniform. When the material parted he started to kiss his way down my throat. Licking the valley between my breasts before stripping off my shirt and unhooking my bra so that my 38d breasts popped out.

Giving me a devilish look he licked my swollen nipple and then sucked it into his mouth. When I moaned at this he switched his attention to my other breast. I was soaked with my juices and panting by this time. He reached around and unhooked my short skirt, dropping it and my soaked panties to the floor. And as he sucked on my nipples he reached down and parting my glistening pussy lips he began to finger my clit.

Pulling back from my breasts while he played with my pussy he told me to unzip his pants. I reached down and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders, then unhooked his belt and unzipped his pants. Reaching into his boxers I pulled out his cock.

It was swollen about 8 inches and dripping precum. Saliva şişli escort pooled in my mouth and I pulled away from him and dropped to my knees in front of him. I swiped my tongue over the tip of his head, swirled it around and then took him into my mouth. Slowly I worked my head up and down. Sucking gently, I ran my tongue around him. Then pulled back and ran it up and down his entire length. Going back I sucked for a few more minutes while he groaned above me and his fingers clenched in my long brown hair. He pulled me away then pulled me to the floor with him. Laying me on my back he began to finger fuck me in earnest, wanting to stretch my tight snatch. I had only has sex with a few guys and they had all been smaller than him.

Then pulling his hand away he ran his dick up and down my slit. Wetting it with my pussy juices, while I squirmed and moaned under him he began to push himself into my tight hole. As he began to work himself in and out of me I began to moan then to scream as my orgasm built.

He began to fuck me harder as I wrapped my legs around his ass and made him go deeper into my dripping pussy. “You like that, huh?” He said. “I knew when I saw you playing with yourself yesterday you’d be a good fuck.”

Moaning and panting I only nodded and concentrated on his cock in my pussy. Gritting his teeth he brought me to another climax before pulling himself out of my well fucked cunt and then wrapping his hand around his cock, he gave himself a few final strokes and shot his cum all over my sweaty body.

Panting I lay there and looked up at him. He smiled, “It’ll be great to have a young piece of ass near by to fuck.”

Then he pulled up his boxers and pants and put on his shirt.

After getting dressed he said, “I’ll be around.” Grinning at me he walked out my door.

As I lay there on my floor covered in cum, my pussy still quivering from the good fuck, I thought it was great that I was finally out on my own.

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