On The Lake


We may have been born seconds apart 18 years ago and we may be able to finish each other’s sentences but we are not much alike! And, I like it that way quite nicely, thank you. Deborah (‘Deb’ is the only name she’ll answer to) was born on my birthday but I got to watch her birth because I wasn’t late! She’s been late for everything ever since and now was no exception. Despite all my begging, threats, bribes, help, encouragement and badgering, there isn’t a thing in the world that can make her do anything exactly when it should be done. So, there I sat on the edge of her bed, watching her decide what clothes she would take off to reveal her swimming suit when she got to the lake! I had grabbed the first (hopefully) clean thing that I saw in my closet and I was ready to leave. She felt the need to colour coordinate, the need to maximize the sex appeal, the need to be perpetually late! It’s not as if she were going to the lake with a guy she really liked on a first date; she was going with her older twin sister, who was about to strangle her!

‘Deb, if you don’t decide to decide on what to wear, if you find the right thing, you won’t be able to do anything with it,’ I said to her reasonably. I got the response I was looking for: a completely clueless frown and that seemingly small victory gave me the patience to wait a few more minutes.

‘I’m leaning towards the jeans and halter top but they look too similar to the bikini, don’t you think, ‘D’?’ Deb unintentionally shortens my name only when she’s deeply distracted because she knows I hate it. I, on the other hand, would do almost anything to get her moving, including lie.

‘Why do you insist on calling me something that hurts my feelings? You know I hate ‘D’; my name is ‘Deena.” I got her attention with that and was about to use it to gain some points to use against her to get her moving. But, I heard Mom clear her throat and realized I’d been overheard. Now that it’s just us three, we rarely shut any doors. She was now standing in the doorway of Deb’s room with a half frown/smirk on her face. I could see that she saw the situation but she went through the motions of ‘correcting me’ for Deborah’s benefit, anyway.

‘Deena, don’t tease your sister like that. You know how sensitive she is to teasing,’ Mom said, chiding me. Deb was actually so engrossed in her non-decision, I doubt she heard either of us.

‘Please help me get her out of here before summer ends,’ I whispered to her. ‘I can’t reach her when she’s like this and you know it!’

Mom smiles because she knows it all too well. Looking over Deb’s choices, she touches a pair of tight jeans and a pretty white top, saying, ‘I think these two would make you look the best, even if it’s for just a few minutes.’

That does the trick. Deb lights up immediately and hugs Mom as she leaves the room, biting her lip and giving me a sly conspiratorial wink. And, sure enough, Deb picks a jeanskirt and t-shirt combination that she’d decided against almost 30 minutes ago.

As she assures me that she’s ‘hurrying’, I remind myself again that being born at the same time doesn’t mean that we’re alike. How else could she be a teenager and I a woman, she ‘Aquarius’ and I a ‘Taurus’, she a ditz and I so normal?

I already had the trailer hitched when Deb finally came down to the garage. As she walked up to me, I noted what I always do: she looked fantastic. No matter what she wears or how she wears it, she looks spectacular but never seems to flaunt it because she doesn’t seem to really take notice. At one time, I was jealous (although, I’m told that I’m very cute, myself) but I’ve gotten over it. I guess being born at the same time bonded us so that the differences in our looks and personalities couldn’t pull us apart.

‘Can I help with something?’ she asked, knowing that she couldn’t while knowing that I wanted to hear her ask anyway.

‘No, but thanks. If you’ve got everything, we’re ready to go.’ The twin jet skis were gassed up and secured, our ‘day bags’ were in the back of the truck, light munchies were stashed on the console between the bucket seats, and I was ‘good to go’.

Mom waved, we both waved back as we pulled away, and we were off to the lake.

Driving slowly and carefully, I wove through the residential streets and eased the big Chevy and trailer onto the freeway. Deb and I exchanged a glance and grin. We were barely 18 years old but trusted with almost anything because we proved ourselves responsible. In reality, we got in a mountain of shit but always managed to come out clean with Mom none the wiser by using our combined skills. And, though there were many close calls, Deb and ankara escort I always came up with a working solution that kept us smelling like roses! So, Mom had no qualms about letting us take the watercraft out without her, and we planned to have a lot of fun, but nothing that would jeopardize our freedom. At least, that was the plan…

It’s only a couple of miles to the lake’s boat launching area that we prefer and, when we got there, I stopped the truck with a sigh and got out. I had to pretend not to see the look of triumph or the pumped left fist Deb couldn’t resist as I walked to the launch ramp and she moved to the driver’s seat. I had to smile (when she couldn’t see it, of course!) because this was as bitter as her drop-dead good looks for me to take but there was no way to deny it: I cannot back the truck with the trailer but she can, and easily! If there’s someone else on the launch or the nearby docks, we like to play a little game. I give her hand signals that would send the trailer into parked cars or off the edge of the dock or right over me! She always acknowledges my signals and then backs up fast (faster than most people would drive forward), her long, golden hair flying in the breeze. We’ve had men scream, thinking they’re about to witness disaster while she places the trailer dead center in the middle of the launch. Every single time, she’s perfect. (I’d tried twice, dumping the trailer off the side of the launch once and wasting almost 30 minutes trying not to the second time.)

This time, there’s nobody around to ‘ditz’ but I still stood 10 feet to the side of the trailer and motioned her rapidly towards me. She waved back, punched the gas, and skidded to within 3 inches of my legs! I was still screaming when she got out of the cab yelling ‘Ditz!’ and started running for her life!

Deb rightfully feared for her life as I chased her around the truck and trailer, never stopping long enough for me to catch her, laughing her fool head off. When I got a cramp, she came to me and kissed me on the cheek.

‘I love you.’ No apology, no apparent guilt, no fuckin’ problem. I grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulling her face close to mine. She maintained the most humble and serene look on her face and I kissed her, on the lips. That appeared to shock her more than the threat I was planning so I just shook my head, released her hair, and smiled at her, smiling at the other half of myself. She graced me with a beatific, glowing smile and all my anger dissolved in laughter.

We got the skis launched easily, parked the truck and trailer, and changed, putting our street clothes in storage compartments under the seats. After putting the life vests on, we started the jet skis and headed for the middle of the lake. There, we beached on a mostly submerged sandy hill (Folsom Lake was rather low at the time from a hot summer’s water usage) and looked for the best place to go first.

I had broken up with my second boyfriend two days ago and I wanted to, at least, ‘check out the field’ while Deb had broken up with her latest almost a month ago. Deb went through boyfriends like water through a colander but never gave up trying to keep one. And, with all the attention she attracts, there are always guys around, though I get as many ‘nibbles’ as she does. My last boyfriend said it was because Deb was so attractive that she scared off the guys that didn’t have much confidence. (For some reason, I didn’t bother to return away more of his calls after that…) We saw pockets of people in a bunch of places and picked the spot most likely to be a group of guys. We were too far away to really see them clearly but riding up to them is part of the fun, anyway. Off we went, sometimes riding flat out, sometimes making lazy circles, sometimes standing the skis up on their tails (or trying to!).

By the time we were near the spot we’d picked, we saw that it was a dud. They were a bunch of beer drinking middle-aged farts, which, nevertheless, gave us a lot of shouted compliments mixed with their come-ons. Leaving them, we rode parallel to the shore for a while, just cruising and enjoying the sun.

We both noticed them at the same time, although our reactions were quite different: I slowed and did a double take; she gunned her ski and dumped rather spectacularly. Deb and I worked on ‘accidental’ spills but this wasn’t one of those: this one was real. I turned back to help but she was up right away (wearing the vest) and waved me off. When she got back to the ski, I turned to the shore and beached my jet ski near the two people we’d seen.

They looked like twins, too! He was tall (maybe 6’3′), with a lot of thick & escort ankara curly, light brown hair framing a strong but sensitive face. Wearing a rather short swimming suit, which really showed off his muscular physique, he looked concerned as I climbed off my ski and he came to meet me. She was also tall (about 5’10’, like Deb), with hair similar to his but jet black. Her figure was identical to Deb’s: perfect. The same long, shapely legs, firm large breasts, full lips and big, dark eyes. She, too, looked concerned and was actually going into the water to help Deb beach the boat! Seeing this, the guy ‘helped’ me by wrapping an arm around my waist and leading me to their blanket. I was a little worried about that until I saw Deb being led to the blanket the same way!

We all sat down and he said, ‘That was quite a little fall you took! Are you OK?’ I felt the usual twinge of jealousy (‘Why is he talking to her first’?) and got over it. I was having a harder time getting over him being so close, so nice, so good looking. Deb answered him sounding a bit breathless but, otherwise, allright.

‘I’m fine, now. But thank you for your concern. I’m Deborah; please call me ‘Deb’. And, this is my twin sister, Deena,’ she said.

‘I’m Darlene and this is Dale. We’re glad to meet you. That fall was bad! Does it happen often? Those things look so difficult to ride that I’d imagine falling would be a common occurrence.’ Darlene seemed to talk just like Deb, too, and I was surprised to see that Dale looked as bored as I felt. She and Deb got into the workings of the jet skis and their animated talk left Dale and I out completely. When they got up and walked to the skis, I turned to Dale and started to say something but he was smiling at me and I stopped short. He held my eyes too long but we heard Deb yell to us that she and Darlene were going to take one ski out together for a while. I almost cheered because I really wanted to be able to talk to Dale alone for a few minutes and he seemed to sense that (or feel the same way?). I told them to be careful as I removed my vest for Darlene and Deb said she would. As soon as they were out of sight, Dale turned to me but I spoke first.

‘I don’t want to cause any trouble between you and your girlfriend but you really look nice and I’m glad we have a few minutes. Deb can be a little intense…’

‘So can Darlene,’ he interrupted, ‘but, she’s not my girlfriend. This is our second date and she’s more interested in a jet ski than me. You, on the other hand, are pretty damned nice yourself, and I’m also glad that we’re alone.’ He was still staring into my eyes but I could almost feel his eyes exploring my body. I was wishing it were his hands, though. As if reading my mind, he reached out and touched the side of my face. I should have slapped him or, at the very least, moved his hand away, but I didn’t want to. When I put up no resistance, he gently pulled me closer and kissed me, casually at first, then with rising passion. I kissed him back just as passionately. He moved back a little, looking into my eyes again, then stood, reaching for my hand as I stood, too. He led me a short ways away to a sandy spot in some thick bushes. There, he kissed me again and slowly ran his hands down my back to my hips. At 5’7′, I’m not short, but he had to bend over quite a bit to kiss me while standing and I allowed him to touch my hips, too. I did not intend to ‘get physical’ with him; it just sort of happened. But I wound up on my back with him pulling the crotch of my swim suit to the side, sliding down the front of his trunks, and shoving his hard dick deeply and eagerly into me. I remember thinking that I’d read somewhere that boys eventually learn that ‘foreplay is a good thing’ and then he started pounding me. For maybe 4 minutes, he fucked me hard and then he came. I had not done much more than lie there and let him use me but I felt fine. I think most of it was the strange/good feeling that I was really past my last boyfriend now! Ha! What a crummy way to do it but it felt good anyway. I let him rest beside me a few minutes then bent down and took him into my mouth until he was ready again. Then, I slowly spread my legs and guided him back into me. He was much better this time and I had to almost fight to get him off of me to let us go back to the blanket.

Deb and Darlene were (of course!) already there. We said our goodbyes (mine with a lot of guilt but also his number!) and returned to the jet skis. Deb turned to me and I could see that she wanted to go home, now. I led us back to the boat launch and loaded the jet skis (after Deb backed the truck). Once in the truck, and starting to drive away, Deb ankara escort bayan told me to stop. I did and she sat there for a moment before beginning. I thought I was going to get yelled at for the ‘casual sex’ with someone else’s boyfriend and I was ready to take it quietly but I was very, very wrong.

‘Deena, I have something to tell you. Remember, as we grew up and developed, you used to let me see your body because you started changing first?’ I remembered. I had let her look closely and even touch me. Because we are so close, though, it was as if I were touching myself, and, since none of us even bother to close doors at home anymore, we’ve seen a lot of each other (and Mom) over the years. I still feel that close to Deb, but she hasn’t tried (or asked) to touch me for months and I assumed that she’d seen enough, now that she was developing, too. Now, looking into her eyes, I knew why: she needed to touch a woman, not those self-important pigs she’d been dating! She was now looking completely miserable, thinking about the implications, complications. I was thinking of them, too. But, this just wasn’t the time or place to worry about it.

‘Deb, I love you and I always will. Tell me what happened when you rode away with Darlene,’ I said, reaching for and holding her hand. At first, I was sure she wouldn’t reply, waiting so long to begin. Then, in a small, shaky voice she started.

‘Deena, I love you and I don’t ever want to hurt you or disappoint you. But, when I saw Darlene, I finally knew the person that I am. I really did freak; that’s when I accidentally dumped the ski.’ She paused, grinning sheepishly, and continued. ‘As soon as I saw her I felt like she is ‘the one’. I felt compelled to tell her, even though, at the time, I was sure she was Dale’s girlfriend. But, when I sat near her, I had no idea what to do or say. She’s the one who nodded to the skis and I jumped at the chance to talk to her and be with her alone for a while. We didn’t go out very far and she asked me to stop. When we were just floating out on the lake, with her still holding on behind me, she said she thought that I was just like her. I was thinking that we do look a little alike! Then she said that she wanted me and thought I wanted her, too. I could barely breathe but I released the bars, wrapped my fingers around hers and she leaned close to me. She said that we should talk and pointed to a little cove, close by where she and Dale had spread their blanket. We headed back and saw that you and Dale weren’t where we’d left you. Darlene explained that she and Dale were not together and that she thought you and Dale would be good together!’

I told her what I did and she listened, begging for more and more details. Soon, she’d heard everything and that opened her to telling me the rest of her story.

‘We went on to the cove and beached the ski, again. She took my hand and led me into the nearby trees and… and, then,… she kissed me. Deena, I love to kiss and hug and hold you and Mom. And, I told you the truth about my boyfriends in the past, but this was so much more ‘right’ and I was finally sure of why it never worked out with them. She lay beside me on a small patch of new grass and green leaves and we talked about everything: how I felt about possibly being gay (‘Lesbian’, I corrected for her); how you’d feel, especially being my twin; how Mom would feel if I never had a husband; how I’d live my life ‘out’. Darlene isn’t ‘out’ yet and has been dating guys for two years like me. I felt good about all that we said, so she moved into my arms and we kissed again. Then, she showed me what it was like to really make love! Back there, with her, I actually had an orgasm for the first time and she showed me how to help her, too. It was so natural, so beautiful, so right for me!

‘Please, don’t be upset with me, ‘D’! I have always thought I wanted what you wanted but I know now that I didn’t really need that at all. I was looking for the right person and the right kind of person. I think Darlene is that person.’

She finished in a rush and look to me with hope and expectation. It was easy to give her both with a smile and a tight hug that hid my tears behind her. She would probably understand my tears of happiness but I didn’t feel like chancing it. This day would probably change our lives more than any other. After a moment, I took her face in both my hands and kissed her, hard on the lips, the same way I’d kissed her less than 15 yards away half a day ago. And, we sat there a moment, just seeing each other again, (seeing ourselves in a way only twins can).

I let go of her, reached for the ignition again, then turned back and simultaneously we said (almost) the same thing:

‘I have Dale’s (from her) / Darlene’s (from me) phone number if you want it!’ Then and there, laughing because it surprised even us, we knew we would be just fine. Yeah, we’d be alright.

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