Once Again

Anal Plug

She set out once again to meet yet another stranger; she buried her fears and steeled her will to show no weakness as she awaited his arrival.

Her first glimpse of his smile encouraged her and she felt a slight relief; he did not seem so fearsome. She actually felt a sense of calm inside herself as he spotted her and waved his arrival. He accepted her hand and pecked her on the cheek and they engaged in hesitant small talk as they walked to the hotel coffee shop.

Over breakfast she noticed that his eyes did not seem to pierce through her, as many had, but instead drew her in. His smile was warm and comforting and her thoughts were with some disbelief that he seemingly was content and showed true interest in having a real conversation with her. His eyes seem to smile as she spoke to him; they had an unusual twinkle. She wondered if she would still see that when they were alone or was it all a facade to draw her in as she had experienced so many times before.

Later, when they were alone, she stared at him after remembering their lengthy conversation and she took in the features of his face. His eyes had already passed a test that she did not realize she was giving and now her attention drew to his lips. They looked to be soft and gentle; they made her feel wanting and she could almost imagine that they were lips that caressed, that would make her blood rush, that would be warm and tingly against her sensitive skin.

She returned her study to his eyes and found them studying her in return. She stood staring transfixed before realizing that their eyes had been fixed on one another for long moments. The unspoken communication their eyes were sharing created magnetic chemistry and halkalı escort she knew he shared her thoughts. She felt detached and so far away from him though only an arms length of space was between them. She could feel his eyes drink her up and draw her in and within a heartbeat she could feel his breath on her as he moved closer. His eyes still fixed in hers and heat penetrated from his lips inches away from her own. With eyes still set upon each other, temptation grew; lust was building and she felt no reservations about the moment his mouth would meet her own. Electricity sparked between them and desire beckoned inside her; his lips met hers in what seemed like a never ending bliss.

She felt his hands reach up and softly cradle her face, his tongue danced with hers and his lips sucked all of her energy, leaving her weak and wanton. She was not sure if she even needed to breathe for it felt like he was doing that for her. She felt a familiar rush pass through her and knew that she wanted more. His mouth was giving her a glitter of magic and she knew she was giving that in return for she could feel desire in his lips, desire for her; his eyes never leaving hers throughout the kiss. Lost in an endless bliss they both seemed to realize that this needed to end with a kiss, for now anyway.

Over the next several days he took steps to engage her and to connect with her and to not let her feel forgotten, till they could meet again. Together they plotted for an opportunity to conduct a second encounter. Finally the much anticipated day came and once she saw him all the fears she had pushed aside came taksim escort pouring back twice over. This would be the day she would give herself to him but that was not what frightened her; tomorrow was what she ultimately feared. It was always tomorrow she dreaded, was always tomorrow that induced her insecurities and proved them true, – because it was tomorrow that she would be forgotten.

Gathering herself she forced her fears aside; she did not want to think about tomorrow’s sadness because today, if only for today, she needed him desperately. She needed him to want her, to desire her, to take all that she could give to him for his very own. It was at that exact moment that she realized she did not fear him, but feared herself, and his presence was actually comforting.

There was no awkwardness between them; he seemed patient and calm as though he expected nothing from her. She remembered the kiss from days before and longed to have it replaced by another. In a mutual unspoken agreement their lips met once more and for long moments it was a slow and gently reassuring kiss. He cupped her face as before with his hands and his lips paused on her mouth, his eyes looking into hers, seeking her acceptance.

Their kiss rose to a deeper and more intensely erotic one. Her body told him to touch, her lips begged him to drink, and her eyes told him to take all that he could want. Her nature to please him erupted as she pressed against him but his actions scolded her and he gently laid her across the bed. He wanted nothing from her but to accept the pleasures he wanted her to have.

His every caress was ecstasy and his mouth was bliss against her skin. şişli escort She felt herself begging for his kisses with small moans of pleasure and she enveloped his every touch. The lips that kissed her mouth so softly were now a sensation left without description as he covered her with his mouth. His hand parted her thighs his other hand reached for hers; his eyes reassured her. Telling her to relax and it was then that she could feel all of her inhibitions seep away.

He undressed her and moved over her. His mouth was a fire between her thighs and she could feel herself giving in to the softness of his tongue as with each caress of it he brought her closer. His hands seemed in sync with his mouth and she felt her body rising to his every tease. Suddenly she felt herself tense; her thighs quivered and she released all of herself to him. His mouth tempted her to give in to it and in one intense moment she felt erotic ecstasy rush over her.

She lay limp while he caressed her, drawing her back from her bliss. Her recovery was short as her desire to have more intensified and her body pleaded to feel him against it, inside her. Her body was on fire and she held him close; her thighs quivered, wanting all of him.

His patience amazed her as he played with her hair, kissed her neck and left no part of her undiscovered by his hands. He teased and tortured her endlessly and his eyes kept her hypnotized; he did not feast on only her female charms but he savored all of her. His eyes kept her mesmerized as at last he enveloped her and drew himself into her. Taking him into her, holding him into her, she could feel herself aching against him. For long moments he devoured her and she fed him more and more. He felt her excitement grow and wane and he responded to her needs like no one before him. At last she could feel his body tense as did her own; then it was completed and they came down from their climax. Entwined in each other he stroked her hair, held her close, and nuzzled her breasts until she fell into sleep.

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