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one hot chat hey ;D 19 female california and you? 22/m/canada how r u? i am good thank you. how are you? same thanks gooooood what do you look like? i am short, petite. with long brown hair, light brown eyes hot! hehe i’m glad you think so anything to make you happy sweetheart 🙂 hehe okaysies btw im 6f1 tall 145 lbs im pretty athletic i have bllue eyes and light brown hairs hehe oh my you sound attractive. i am 5ft 2, you are soo tall 😀 thanks haha you are welcome*HotMiles hold you closely within my long arms hehehe you make me blush and when you rest you head on my chest you can hear my heart skiping a beat for you heheheheh oh my you are sweeeet*HotMiles gently blows a light peck on your lips hehehehehe oh my just when i catch my breath i look at your cute eyes so close from me and i taste my your sweetness left on my lips hehe you speak so sweetly only for you sweetheart hehe promise? i swear hehe yayy*HotMiles kisses you hehehe :-**HotMiles kisses your cheek neck and earlobe hehehehe you can feel my body heat around you while my sculpted chest is displayed right in your face hehehe i would kiss your chest you can feel my muscles twitch under your lips hehe i would kiss your neck and then work my way to steal a kiss from your lips which i would savor as our breaths hold hehehe you can feel my hands softly caressing every centimeter of your skin your sides your back your hips your neck hehe oh my you feel nice caressing me*HotMiles unties your bra and start drawing an inward spiral around your breast hehe i hope you don’t mind i have a rather small chest. 36 A hehe i love perky breast hehe okaysies just before my spiral hits your nipple i stop, lie you on ur back and start drawing fine line of saliva with my thongue from your bellybutton to your nipples hehehe mm i like that softly blow cool air over you chest to make the lines bornova escort ive drawn fell cool on you hehehe (what r u wearing) i have a red tshirt on and short shorts mmmmmm sexy! hehehe*HotMiles start kissing your thighs then your inner thighs hehehe oh no you are turning me on i also a a pretty huge bulge in my pants 😉 hehe i am rather wet down there*HotMiles kisses your inner thighs at the edge your your shorts for many times hehehe i slip my thongue teasing you a lil further between your shorts hehehe that tickles then i slowly undo your shorts and carefully pull them down not to pull your panties at the same time oh noo…you have revealed my embarassing thong that has an apple on the crotch area that read “bad apple” hehe mmmmm i press my nose over your clit to fill my nostrils of your scent i hope you don’t mind my butt being kind of on the larger side..i am often teased for my big butt then i pull my thongue out to tickle your pussy through the fabric hehe mmm i like that then i rub my front tooth over your clit while my thongue start sneaking under your panties hehehe oh my i come back up to kiss you and you feel my boner in my boxers pressing hard ocer your pussy i slip my hand down to feel you and start massagin you you discover my huge thick 8 incher gasp!! you are soo long and hard again, all for you hehe okaysies babycakes i start kissing my way down your body while i slowly remove your last piece of fabric hehehe my kisses slowly gowing down toward your clit hehe oh my when my lips touch it i leave a long soft kiss before my thongue start slowly tickling the sensible dot from side to side slowsly picking up speed mmmm that feels so good faster and faster until my thongue is machinegunning your clit mmmm you have me gasping for air with intese pleasure without even slowing i slip a finger deep inside you a slowly start moving it MMMMM yesss i slip a second finger inside just to escort bornova stir up your inside real good and my thongue just seems to go even faster on your cllit oh i am hissing with pleasure you can feel my fingers move separatly hitting your g spot turn by turn mmmm yes baby yes the only rest my thongue gets is when i suck hard on your clit mmmmm feels so good i only stop to go back to kissing you hehehe yeah baby yeah my face is covered in your love juice hehehe and my boxers are in your arms reach yours to pull off mmmm you are so sexy my cock whips out straight on your pussy you can feel its rock hard and huge mmmm come in to me baby*HotMiles lines up the tip of the head mmmmm yes i slowly move all the way inside you gasp!!! oh yeah i like that filling you up like crazy deeper than you ever imagined i am gasping for air it feels so goood i turn you around i doggie style so you feel my balls hitting your clit each time i pound into you mmmmm i am grasping for air as i feel intense pleasure overcome me i only ram into you harder and faster i lightly start too tickle your back hole oh gosh i am so lightheaded and its only the first fuck*HotMiles picks up one of your legs and rest it on my shoulder it feels like im reaching ever further oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes my finger tickling your ass now pops inside at the same moment i ram all the way inside you my others hand rubs your clit as hard as i can oh my!!!!!!!! my finger is now all the way in your ass tickling you like crazy while im fucking you so hard im on the verge of cumming i suddenly turn on you and take your hard cock into my mouth. i start sucking your cock and tickling at your inner thighs i cum buckets down your throatleaving you with a real mouthfull i take you all in did you cum already babe? hehe mm oh yes mmmmmmmm hot!! hehehe yes i wanna eat your juicy ass again hehe please do bornova escort bayan teasing your butt hole with my thongue hehe oh gosh pushing it inside while i shove 2 fingers deep in you pussy moan with pleasure my thongue is still stretching your butt before i rip it wity my phat meat oh my!!!!!! its fucking tight well nobody has done this to me before do you like it? yess my cock forces itself a little deeper stretching your ass a little more before i grab your clit in my hand and rub it furiously i am gasping for air. you have me so lightheaded!!!! my thick member finnaly makes it all the way in your tiny cavern mmmm i start pounding it like a b**st riding your hips like a saddle mmmmm yes baby yes i ram as deep as it gets and as fast and hard as you can take it you feel my balls hitting your dripping pussy eanch time i fill your butt my pace is simply going up mmmmmm i pick you up in my arms and just fuck you like a b**st again and again oh yes oh yes i am hissing with pleasure!!! each time i pull out all the way back until the head is barely in your ass then i drop your weight to impale you all the way down yes!!!! i whisper in your ear its soo good i wanna fuck you forever hehehe don’t stop baby then i pick up the speed again keep doing me!!! i spin you around to have my hands on your pussy while my cock is pounding your ass more and more furiously yes yes yes one hand is vigouruly stirring you vagina while the other twitches over your clit ill make you cum in my hands this time 😉 mmmm oh my i am hissing with pleasure and gasping for air my hands try to rub harder while my hips collide with your in a clash of pleasure oh my yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cum on me! oh i am baby!!! im gonna fill your butt with cream mmmm i drop my huge load in there feel your ass dripping cum mmmm do you have msn or skype or smtg nope i wanna do you again and maybe exchange pics 😉 how would i send them? make an email or het yourself a messenger where? could start by you there?Amelie has quit (XMLSocket Connection closed)

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