One Hot Evening

Brutal Dildo

One Hot EveningOne Hot EveningI slumped back in my lounge chair, feet raised on the extended footrest, watching a porn video of my hot wife as she was gang banged by a group of my friends. She was so hot in this video, taking on four very horny males, and draining them dry.“Hi, sweetie,” I heard my wife’s sweet voice as she entered our townhouse from the garage. She turned the corner from the kitchen, a shopping bag of clothes hanging from each hand. The more interesting part of her entry was the cum on her dress and running down her inner thighs.“Looks like you have enjoyed a pretty sexy day,” I commented as she walked closer, the front of her yellow, scooped neck dress with lots of cum splashes.“Well, I went shopping, and picked up several outfits I know you and my male admirers will love to see me in,” Cheryl commented as she sat the page on the floor.“It would also appear you had some male company this afternoon, you naughty girl,” I commented wryly.“Well, I did run into two nice black males who just adored my mini-dress, I went to their place for an hour or so, and just drained them. I hope you approve?” She commented as she cupped her tits, pushing them up provocatively.“Yes, I do approve of you being a fucking whore for big, black cocks, and happy you decided to display how nasty you can be,”“So, I am still horny, and need some more cock to suck and fuck,” my wife said in a shy voice.“Well, then. You need to get on the phone and see if some of our big picked friends want to come over and fill your fuck holes this evening,” I replied, directing her to get the phone, and explain herself to some of our male friends and get bahis firmaları them to come over.Still dressed in her cum covered outfit, Cheryl sat in the other lounge chair and got out our little phone book, opened to the first page, and dialed the phone.“Hi, Art,” she began.“Oh, I had a fun day shopping and fucking a couple of black studs, but I’m still horny. Would you bring that big cock of yours over and fill my fuck holes?” She paused a moment, “Oh great, anytime you can get here.”Cheryl smiled and moved to her next call.After about fifteen minutes she had six of our friends lined up to come over for a hot little gang bang.“Should I go change?” Cheryl asked.“Naw, wait and see what they say about the dried cum on you, then we’ll see if they want you to clean up, or just be a dirty, cum whore,” I answered as I fondled her tits.It was less than ten minutes later that the guys began arriving. I instructed Cheryl to answer the door and show our guests in, but not until I had pulled the scoop neck of her dress under her tits, showing off some of the dried cum on her tits, and pushing her tits up and obscenely displaying them.“Ooo, who’s this, Larry,” I heard my wife coo as she opened the front door and let two men in the hall. Larry had a black male with him who I did not recognize.“I thought you might enjoy another guy tonight since you commented about the two black cocks from this afternoon. This is Ben,” Larry said as he ran his right hand over her pussy knowingly.“Glad to meet you, Ben, come on in,” my wife slid against the black male, and he slid his hands over her shoulder, and cupped her right tit.“I’m so happy that kaçak iddaa you guys came over tonight,” Cheryl began as her new black male friend fondled her right breast as she continued, “like I said on the phone, I went shopping this afternoon for more slut outfits for me, and got to suck and fuck a couple of big black cocks. What you see dried on me are the remnants of their cum.”By now four of the guys were shedding their clothes, sporting semi-hard cocks. The foursome began circling my wife, slowly jacking their cocks.“Time for you to get on your knees, you fuckin’ cum slut,” one of the guys said. Her lone black had backed away slightly and was quickly removing his clothes.“Mmm, such nice hard cocks for me to play with,” Cheryl commented as she played with two cocks, then bending forward on her knees, she took a cock in her mouth and began sucking.“Do you guys want me to cleanup? Take a shower to get the cum off?” She said as a cock popped from her mouth, and she turned slightly to take the second one offered into her waiting mouth.“Ahh, fuck no, you look great with the cum on you, nice to see your cum slut look,” another added.“Mmm, thank you. I did enjoy those two cocks penetrating my cunt and mouth, then covering me in their hot cum,” Cheryl replied, then took another cock in her mouth.My wife worked her way around the group, sucking each cock till they were truly stiff.The black guy laid down and two of the guys lifted Cheryl up, she spread her legs and they lowered her onto the ten-inch black cock. As she began bouncing up and down on the big pole, the guys removed her cum stained dress.As she moved up and down on the kaçak bahis black cock, she was offered eight inches of hard white meat, which she greedily took into her mouth, Her head moved back and forth slightly as she continued fucking the black cock, with the white cock fucking her mouth.With her bouncing up and down, tits swaying lewdly, and her mouth getting fucked it was a hot scene as I videoed her action. It did not take but five minutes or so for her to need to swallow her first load of her party.Cheryl swallowed and the cock fell from her mouth, quickly replaced by another hard prick. Ben grasp her waist tightly as he pulled her down onto his cock, he moaned loudly as he pumped his load deep in my wife’s hot cunt.Cheryl held the shrinking black cock in her as the white cock throat fucked her till he came, depositing his load down her throat.Cheryl moved to all fours, a cock quickly slid into her cunt, and another was offered to her as she leaned forward. Now she was truly being spit-roasted.Two more loads for my cum-dump wife.Now it was my turn to slide under her face, my cock aimed at her mouth, and another cock plunge into her drooling cunt.After watching her get four cocks stuffed into her fuck holes, and taking their loads, plus her expert cock sucking skills on my dick, I was not long for this world. I grabbed her head and pushed my cock deep into her throat. The other male groaned as he began dumping his load into her cum-filled cunt.I released my grip on her head, hands falling to my side, and the other guy falling back and making his way to the couch. Cheryl immediately rolled onto her back, lying there, breathing heavily as she came off a very hard climax.“Bring me a glass please,” she said, still breathing hard.Larry came back from the kitchen with a glass for her, clearly knowing what was to happen next.Part II – coming soon

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