One Night at a Time – Barbara Pt. 02a


Barbara was having a restless night. She had been up twice since we had fallen asleep and was having a hard time getting comfortable. I glanced at the clock, it was a little after 4 am. Her back was to me and I moved to spoon with her, my limp cock against her ass and my arm draping over her to rest on her tits.

“Sorry I am keeping you up. I just cannot get comfortable tonight.”

“No problem, I understand. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

“Holding me is nice.”

I nestled in behind her, my hand resting at the top of her stomach under her tits. Holding her warm naked body was causing my cock to awaken and as it grew harder, it pressed into her ass. I adjusted my hips, my cock lining up in the crack of her ass. Barbara pushed back against me lightly and moaned slightly.

“That feels nice,” she said wiggling against my cock.

“It does feel nice. You are so warm,” I said flexing my cock in her crack.

We laid there quietly for a couple of minutes.

Barbara suddenly pulled away and rolled over facing me.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“I will answer any question you have, if I can.”

She nodded her head slowly. Looking away she asked quietly, “Have you ever fucked someone in the ass?”

“Yes I have,” I said smiling.

“Was it with someone who was pregnant?”

“Yes I have fucked a pregnant woman in the ass.”

“Your wife?”

“No, the college friend I told you about.”


“Why do you ask? What do you really want to know?”

She finally looked at me,” Before I got married I had a couple of boyfriends that liked to fuck my ass. My husband is not into it and I have not done it since before I met him. Thought since I have gone this far, I might as well ask.”

“Would you like me to fuck your ass?”

“Oh god, yes,” she said, hugging me, squeezing her tits and stomach against me.

“I’ll halkalı escort be right back,” she said as she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

I went over to my suitcase, grabbed the travel bottle of lube I carried with me to jerk off on the road and climbed back into bed.

Barbara came back into the room carrying the hand lotion bottle from the hotel.

“Do you think this will work?,” she said holding it up.

“It does, but not as well as this,” I said holding the lube up.

She smiled, ” Oh good, it has been a while since I had anything in my ass. Having good lube is important.”

“I will take it easy, let you get used to it. How did you enjoy it before?”

“Whichever way gave them access to my ass. What position did your friend like it in?”

“When she was like you she liked being bent over the bed or something. Gave me access and she could reach down and play with herself.”

“HMMMMMM, let’s try that first then,” she smiled and stepped to the edge of the bed and bent over spreading her legs with her elbows out in front of her.

I moved in behind her and dropped to my knees. Leaning in I began licking her pussy. A low groan came from her as I licked and pushed my tongue into her already dripping wet pussy. After warming her pussy up for a couple of minutes, I stood up behind her and slid the tip of my cock into her pussy. Barbara moaned and pushed back against me trying to get more of my cock in her. I used one hand to keep her from pushing too far back. Flipping the lid of the lube open, I began to let it drip down the crack of her ass.

She jumped as the cool lube hit her ass, “Brrr.”

“It will be warmed up in a minute,” I said as I used my hand to rub it against her asshole. Working it around I slowly inserted my thumb in taksim escort her ass like I had the other night. Her ass sucked it right in and I massaged her asshole, stretching it out as I pumped her pussy. She gasped as I pulled my thumb out of her ass. Spreading more lube on my fingers, I inserted my middle finger deeply into her ass working lube into her. Barbara was moaning and pushing back on my finger and cock. I slowly inserted another finger into her and began to finger fuck her ass.

Reaching under she grabbed my cock and was rubbing it up and down her pussy. Her ass was beginning to loosen up as my fingers worked into her. Sensing she might be ready, I pulled my cock back from her hand and dripped some lube on the tip even though it was already slick from her juices.

Placing the tip of my cock against her asshole, I leaned in and asked, “Do you want me to do this or you want to control?”

Looking back she said, “You start, but go slow. I may need you to stop, it has been a while since I did this.”

“Let me know if you need me to stop. You ready?”

She nodded her head, I pressed my cock to her puckered asshole and began to push. Her ass resisted and then the head popped in, she inhaled audibly and moved a hand back to push on my upper hip.

“You okay?”, I asked.

“Yes, just give me a second,” she said with some strain in her voice.

“Let me know what you need to do,” I said caressing her ass cheeks.

Nodding yes she took a few deep breaths, “Let me do it.”


Barbara took a deep breath and began to push back against my cock. I was holding my cock with one hand to keep it from bending as it tried to push into her ass. Suddenly, I popped past her sphincter and half my cock was in her ass.

“Oh damn, don’t move. Let me get used to it,” she panted.

I stood still behind şişli escort her, my cock now trapped in her hot tight ass. Her ass lightly clenched my cock, like it was trying to pull it deeper into her. Barbara was again taking some deep breaths.

Looking back at me she said, “Go ahead, slowly. Stop when you get all the way in.”

Lightly grabbing her hips I began to push deeper into her. Barbara kept on hand on my hip as I slowly eased into her. Soon I was balls deep in her and stopped, her tight ass squeezing my cock.

“You good?”, I asked.

“Oh god yes. I feel so full, I have really missed this. It feels incredible.”


“Yes fuck my ass.”

Grabbing her hips, I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her ass. Barbara reached under her belly and was playing with her pussy, I could feel fingers moving in her pussy as I fucked her ass. I had to remind myself not to go too fast, to make this incredible feeling last.

Barbara’s breath was starting to get ragged.

“Faster,” she said, cramming fingers into her pussy.

I picked up my pace fucking her ass, her asshole stretching around my cock as it pounded into her ass. She was smashed against the bed now.

“Fuck me, cum in my ass. Fill my ass,” she grunted as I fucked her faster.

My cock was ready and I rammed as deep into her as I could. I exploded deep in her ass grunting as I filled her ass with my hot cum. Feeling my cock pulse in her ass set her off and an orgasm started rolling through her body, my cock being squeezed like it was in a vise by her ass. As her orgasm subsided, Barbara put her hands out to push herself up from the bed a bit. As her breathing returned to normal, her ass began to relax around my cock which slowly slid out of her ass.

Feeling me fall out of her she got onto the bed on her side. I moved in behind her and held her in my arms.

“Thank you. That was amazing. Had almost forgotten how good it felt to have a cock pumping cum into my ass.”

“Believe me, I enjoyed it as much as you did. You have a great ass for fucking.”

I held her close to me and we fell back asleep. We would spend one last night together before we both left to return to our homes.

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