One Night


It is a cool autumn day as the Wilson family is at home. They live in a two-story home that is big enough for a family of six. In one of the rooms is the only son of the family. Justin is on his bed, reading a book. He recently graduated from high school and is starting college. Since the college is nearby, he decided it would be best to stay with his parents instead of renting a room on campus. He gives his dad money for rent. He is a football player that wants to go to the big leagues. Wearing only boxers, his body is displayed for all who can see. He is a six foot muscular guy that isn’t too muscular. His body is very toned with having little fat on him. His arms, waist, and legs are lightly buffed. His curly hair is a dark brown with having a trimmed beard on his face.

He is reading a book about football when the door is knocked on. “Come in.” He calls out. The door opens to reveal his mother, Miriam.

“Hey honey. Me and your dad are going to leave now. Are you going to be alright until we return?” She asks.

“Yes mom.” Justin replies. His mother smiles before closing the door and heads down the hall. Justin goes back to reading before he hears his dad walk by, then hears the alarm being set up. The rumble of the garage door is heard next as the engine of their SUV is heard turning on before they leave their home. Justin sighs as he keeps reading. He checks the time, which reads five thirty.


Hours passed since his parents left. Right now, Justin is asleep until he hears the garage door being opened, followed by the SUV entering. It’s engine is shut off as the garage door closes before the door of the house is opened. The beeping of the alarm is heard until it is shut off then reset. Justin goes back to sleep until he hears a pair of footsteps come up the stairs, followed by some soft sobbing. Justin opens his eyes before he gets up and heads to his door. He opens it and sees his mother walking by.

“Mom?” He asks.

Miriam gasps softly as she looks at him. “Oh, hey honey. Did I wake you?”

Justin nods, but looks at her smeared make-up. “What did he do now?” He asks softly.

His mother turns away. “Just being an idiot like usual…”

Justin walks out and hugs his mother. Miriam sighs softly before returning it. “Come on, let me clean you up.”

Miriam looks at him. “No baby, it’s ok.”

Justin shakes his head. “No, it’s not, mom. Come.” He leads her to his bathroom. In there, he gently cleans her face and takes off her make-up.

“Thank you, honey.” Miriam says, smiling softly.

Justin smiles. “Come. I’m not letting you sleep alone.”

Miriam blushes. “Honey, I’m fine.”

Justin shakes his head before he leads her out of the bathroom and into his room. “I’m not letting you sleep alone, mom. I hate how dad mistreats you.”

Miriam blushes still. “Baby, it’s fine. I’m going to be ok.”

“No, mom. I hate seeing you like this.” Justin says. Miriam looks down before Justin hugs her. “Just for tonight, ok?” He asks.

She looks at him. “Ok honey. Thank you.”

Justin nods before he gets behind her and unzips her dress. “Better to not wrinkle this.”

Miriam blushes again until she is standing almost naked in-front of her son. Justin checks her out. His mother is six inches shorter than him, with her body being plump in certain areas, like her stomach and the cheeks on her face. Her bright auburn hair is kept neat and straight with it going past her shoulders and covering her ears and cheeks. Her hips are wide, even though she only gave birth to her son. She has a slight bubble butt, but large enough for two hands to sink into the cheeks. Her large DD cup breasts have a slight sag on them as her areolas are large and dark on her light-fair skin. Her nipples are the size of a nickel and stick out half an inch. All she has on now is a dark blue thong lingerie with matching stockings and both held together with straps around her hips. He also has her take her heels off.

Miriam blushes from seeing her son check her out. “You look beautiful, mom.” He complements her.

She blushes more. “Thank you, baby…”

Justin holds her hand and leads her to the bed. Both get under the sheets before Justin holds her close. Her blush stays strong on her face, though she cuddles up to him, sighing softly. “Love you, mom. Night.” He says before kissing her forehead.

Miriam kisses his cheek. “Love you too, baby. And thank you again. Night.” She says before Justin flicks the switch above the backboard to turn off the two lamps on the night stands next to his bed and the light above it. The fan gently spins overhead. The time reads nine forty five.


A little over an hour passes before Miriam slowly wakes up. She can’t get out of her head what happened at the party. Her husband Roger got drunk and flirted with multiple women. She couldn’t take it and made a slight commotion before taking the keys of the SUV and headed home. She didn’t care what her husband did afterwards. She cried ataşehir escort bayan on the way home.

Miriam sighs before shaking her head gently at the thoughts then looks at her son. Justin is sleeping peacefully while still holding her. She smiles softly before closing her eyes again. Until she feels how close they are and how hard her son is. She opens her eyes and blushes. She knows her son isn’t her baby anymore. He is a young man and is sporting a large member, especially when she feels the head on her belly button. She blushes since his cock is sticking out of his boxers.

Miriam looks at her son again and multiple thoughts run through her mind. She scoots back a bit to give his member some breathing room, but gasps softly when her son subconsciously grabs her ass and brings her closer again. She looks at him and sees he is still asleep. She blushes more as she feels his entire member now on her body. Even his balls being under her pussy. She gets wet. ‘Oh my god. My son is huge. Oh, but I can’t think of him in that manner. I’m his mother. We can’t do that. It’s taboo. Though, why am I getting turned on so much…? I mean, sure my own damn husband hasn’t touched me in years. He doesn’t even bother to try to do anything with me. Even complement me. Unlike my son who still thinks I’m beautiful…’ She thinks then looks at her son’s face. ‘My baby would want to see me happy. Oh, I’m tormented here. I still want to be his mother but…’ Her body gently grinds on his member. ‘It’s so big… Bigger than Roger. Oh, fuck it. Maybe just once. Just once so I can feel like a woman again…’

Miriam keeps looking at her son before gently kissing his lips. She doesn’t get a response, however. She giggles to herself. ‘He is a heavy sleeper, like his father…’ She kisses him again, this time with some emphasis. She gets a response as her son kisses her back gently, though she can tell he is still asleep. She rubs his cheek. “Baby… wake up please…”

Justin groans a bit before his eyes flutter open. “Uh… mom…?” He asks dazedly, trying to adjust his eyes.

Miriam giggles. “Yes, baby. It’s mommy.”

Justin rubs his eyes with his right hand and looks at her. He reaches up and turns the lights on. Both of them adjust to the light before looking at each other. “Is everything ok?” He asks worriedly.

“Yes, baby. It’s just… Baby, do you really think I am beautiful?” She asks.

Justin looks at her oddly. “Yes, mom. You are still beautiful. What did dad do?”

Miriam shakes her head. “Forget about him, baby. It’s just us two. I’m asking because…well, baby, you are very grown.” Justin is confused. Miriam chuckles softly. “You are very hard, baby.” Justin blushes hard now.

“I’m sorry, mom.” He says quickly, but Miriam holds him close.

“Shh, it’s ok, baby. It’s normal.” Justin keeps blushing. “Did you have a wet dream?” She asks. Justin keeps blushing, but nods. “Was it because of me, baby?” She asks. Justin looks away. Miriam chuckles and kisses his neck softly. “Thank you, baby. I’m glad someone is thinking of me like that. Though, you like my butt?”

Justin gasps a bit and he lets go of her ass. “Sorry mom.”

Miriam grabs his hand and puts it back on her ass. “No, it’s fine. I like your hand on my ass.” She looks at him. “Baby, I don’t think I would get the opportunity again, or the courage, but, for tonight, I want you to use your cock on me.” Justin turns real red as his eyes widen a bit. “I know it’s an odd request, but I haven’t been touched by Roger in a long time like you have done with me tonight. I’m really wet and I… well, I want you to make me feel like a woman. Just for tonight. I know a mom shouldn’t ask her son for this, but…” She looks down.

Justin wipes the tear that forms and lifts her head. “Ok mom. For tonight. All I want is you to be happy. I know dad is an asshole. So for tonight, I’ll do it.” Miriam smiles. “But I do want to go all the way, even if dad might catch us.”

Miriam chuckles. “Don’t worry about your father. He hasn’t gotten back yet. I have a hunch he won’t be home until tomorrow. So, we can go as long as we can.”

Justin smiles before both of them kiss. Their lips part as their tongues touch each other, twisting together as they explore their mouths. Miriam moans softly before they break the kiss. “Oh mom…” Justin says.

She chuckles. “You like kissing mommy?” Justin blushes. Miriam moves slightly and looks at his cock. She moves his boxers down and exposes the whole member before rubbing it gently. Justin shivers. “So big, baby… You are very much a man.” She says, gently grabbing it and strokes it softly.

Justin grabs her right breast and gently kneads it. Miriam moans. “Oh mom… You are so gorgeous. Though, sorry if I don’t have too much experience. I only had a sex a few times with two of my exes.” He says.

Miriam kisses his lips softly. “It’s alright. I will teach you everything you need to know, baby. Leave everything to me. But for tonight, escort kadıköy I’m not your mother. I’m just a woman with a good looking man.” She says, still stroking him.

“I don’t think I can’t think like that… I would rather see you as my mom and not a random woman. You look better than my exes.” He says, kneading her breast more before rubbing her nipple.

Miriam hitches her breath as her nipple hardens. “Ok baby… What do you want to do first?”

Justin licks her lips as he lets go of her breast and reaches down to between her legs. Miriam gasps softly as he rubs her pussy through her thong. “I want to taste you, mom…”

Miriam moans and shivers at his tone of voice before she lets go of his cock then gets off the bed and stands on the floor. She removes her thong then starts on her stockings when Justin stops her. “You want them on?” She asks. Justin nods. Miriam blushes before she gets back on the bed then on his chest. “Ok baby. I should have asked, but you want me on you?” Justin bites his lip, but nods. Miriam gets closer and gently straddles his face. Justin grabs her ass and holds her. “Ooh. Ok, you see my lips? Gently lick them.” She says. Justin looks at her sacred spot. Miriam has a patch of hair above her lips that is trimmed and well kept. It matches her hair. She hates being too hairy but doesn’t like being fully shaven.

Justin gets her close and licks the lips gently. Miriam hitches her breath and moans softly as he keeps licking. “Ohh yes… Mmm, like that, baby…” He keeps licking gently as he tastes her juices. He can tell she is very wet. He licks more before he notices the nub at the top of the lips. Miriam moans loudly when Justin licks her clit. “Ooh baby! You gotta be careful there. That’s my clit. It is really sensitive.” Justin blushes. “It’s ok. I didn’t say stop. Just gentle licks on my lips and clit.” He nods and keeps licking. He drags his tongue from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. Miriam shivers and moans, grunting lowly from that. “Ohh yes…”

Justin keeps licking then goes further when he uses his tongue to part her folds and stick it in. Miriam moans more. She closes her eyes and grips the headboard of the bed. Her chest heaves as she breathes roughly with every lick she feels inside of her. Justin watches her face and breasts as he keeps moving his tongue around inside of her. He loves her taste. His two ex-girlfriends can’t compare. He grips her ass and moves his tongue around inside of her a bit faster. Miriam keeps moaning. She hasn’t felt this good in years. Then again, she hasn’t had sex with Roger for over a decade now nor has she touched herself in almost that same length of time. Her son is doing a good job and not rushing it. Though she wants him to go harder and faster, she stays quiet and keeps moaning. She wants to savor this.

Justin keeps looking at his mother’s expressions. He knows he is doing a good job since she hasn’t spoken yet and keeps moaning. His tongue slowly goes harder in her pussy as he gropes her ass. Using his right hand, he brings it around and starts rubbing her clit while still driving his tongue inside of her. Miriam opens her eyes wide before almost yelling as she moans loudly. “Oh shit! I’m cumming!” Her body shudders as she covers her son’s face in fluids. Justin gasps since he could never make his ex-girlfriends cum like that. Then again, they weren’t exactly patient. He cleans his mother up as Miriam pants. Her body slumps, but Justin holds her up. He takes his tongue out.

“Oh god, that was so good…” She says softly.

“You taste really good, mom.” Justin says. Miriam blushes before Justin moves her down and lays her next to him. She pants before gasping when Justin kisses her deeply. She returns it, tasting herself. It turns her on. They separate before looking at each other.

“Are you sure you don’t have much experience?” She asks, giggling.

Justin blushes a bit. “Well, not really. I never made my two exes cum like that with my tongue. Then again, they weren’t exactly patient.”

Miriam chuckles as she rubs his chest. “Well, you are doing fine, baby… That felt good. I mean, yes, I haven’t had sex in so long, but… any patient woman would be happy to be your wife.”

Justin chuckles lightly. “I guess. So mom, you want to taste me?”

Miriam bites her bottom lip as she looks down his body and eyes his cock. It is standing at eight inches. She licks her lips subconsciously at the length and girth, which is around three inches. She then looks back at him. Justin chuckles then makes the motion for her to go at it. Miriam eyes his cock again before she crawls down his body. Justin’s cock twitches as he watches her. Miriam gets close before she licks his member from the base all the way to the head then puts it in her mouth. Justin moans from that. Miriam sucks on the head as her tongue twirls around it in her mouth. She grabs the rest with both hands and strokes him. She wants to take her time, but something in her mind wanted to taste him bostancı escort quickly.

Justin moans loudly as his mom strokes his quickly. “Oh mom…” Miriam looks at him but doesn’t stop. “Keep going, mom. Right now, it’s all yours.” She blushes from that, but keeps sucking and strokes faster. He keeps watching and moaning before he grabs her ass and gets her on him. Miriam blushes then gasps when Justin starts licking her again. She closes her eyes as she sucks half of his cock with vigor while stroking the rest. He licks her clit as he rubs her pussy. Both of them moan as their mouths and tongues work on each other. Instead of just taking their time, they are now trying to outdo each other. Their hormones are causing their bodies to go nuts. They get hot. Justin is now tongue fucking his mother as he rubs her clit with his thumb while Miriam deep-throats his cock. She has a slight gag reflex but ignores it for now. She doesn’t want to waste any of his cum. They go at it until they cum together. Miriam’s mouth gets filled with cum before she shoves the cock down her throat, feeling more spurts of man juice going down her throat. Justin drinks his mother’s juice as he laps her insides with his tongue.

Both of them stay this way for a minute before separating. Miriam coughs as his cock comes out of her mouth, but keeps his cum in her. She swallows all of it happily. Justin pants from the orgasm he just had while savoring her taste again. Miriam rolls off of him. “Wow.”

Justin chuckles. “You ok, mom?”

Miriam sits up. “Ohh baby, that was fun. Though I know you won’t tell anyone, but you are way better than your father. Haven’t gotten this kinky in a long while.”

Justin chuckles more before he gets her on him. They kiss deeply, exchanging their tastes. Miriam moans softly before they separate. “You still want to keep going?”

Miriam looks at her son. “Oh yes. No way I won’t stop. I’m taking advantage of this.”

Justin chuckles as she gets comfortable on him then sits up before lifting herself.

He helps her as she aligns the head of his cock with her entrance, though stops her. “Once we go past this point, mom…”

Miriam looks at him. “I know. But I don’t mind. We will still be mother and son, but…” She puts the head in before sliding down. Both moan with Miriam being louder. “Oh god… So big… Ohh, I’m glad we went this far. I feel so full and you aren’t even all the way in. We will still be mother and son, but I am happy we are doing this. Not many mothers get this chance.”

Justin nods before he holds onto her hips and bounces her slowly. Miriam moans. “So tight, mom. I’m not sure if I can even come out anymore.”

She chuckles as she moans more, bouncing more now. She rides her son slowly. She keeps her body in check. She doesn’t want to go all out, yet. “Oh baby. I feel the same. I don’t think I could ever have sex with your father ever again.” She gasps as she feels Justin thrust.

“Definitely not. I don’t want him to anyway. He doesn’t deserve you, mom.” He says. Miriam blushes. She gets in a better position with her feet on the bed and Justin holding her ass. She puts her hands on his chest and bounces on him more.

“Oh yes. Way better. Your dick is so wonderful…” She closes her eyes and rides him hard now.

Justin smiles and moans as he thrusts into her. His bed begins to creak and rock from their movements. Their bodies begin to sweat. “Oh mom. You feel so good. Cougars really are the best.” Miriam blushes, but keeps her eyes closed. They pant and moan as she rides her son while he thrusts into his mother more. They wanted to take it slow, but the thought of committing taboo and Miriam not having sex in years just overrides that thought. They mate like animals until Justin can’t hold it. “I’m cumming!!!” He yells. Miriam gasps as Justin brings her down and gushes cum inside of her. She moans when her womb gets filled quickly and cums herself. Both of them pant as she sits on Justin. “Sorry mom…”

Miriam looks at him. “Sorry? Oh baby. Never ever say sorry to me. That was hot!” She keeps panting. “Holy fuck, I haven’t cum that hard in ever. And you made me cum pretty well with your tongue twice.”

Justin chuckles and rubs her legs. “Ok mom. That was great.” He brings her down and holds her. Both of them kiss as Miriam wraps her arms around him. They kiss gently and sensually as they have a tender moment. They separate for air before looking at each other. “Love you, mom.”

Miriam smiles. “Love you too, baby. This was so great.”

Justin keeps holding her and kisses her neck. “Mom, I don’t think I can do this just once.” Miriam blushes, but nods. “I don’t want, if he even bothers to, for dad to do anything sexual with you.” He says.

Miriam chuckles. “I don’t think he will, baby. He doesn’t look at me like he did those years ago. Besides, the last time we had sex, he was drunk and it was horrible. That did it for me…”

Justin kisses her neck more, making her moan softly. “Mom, whether you stay married with dad or divorce him and I go find a wife and have kids, I want to do this more often with you.”

Miriam looks at him and gently kisses him. “I know, baby. I did say just for tonight, but…” She kisses him more. “…let’s be lovers.”

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