Only in the Nicest of Homes

Solo Male

Author’s Note:

This story features some limited drug use and alcohol use but nothing that glorifies either. As this story features a number of younger people, and from my own experiences growing up, drugs and alcohol formed a part of that. So for the people who dislike that, maybe this isn’t the story for you.

As this story contains incest, this should be noted as being a fantasy, albeit one that does not deal or address the real world problems of that particular lifestyle, nor does it seek to legitimise that lifestyle, this is an erotic fiction that caters to the incest and erotic fantasy..

All characters engaged in sexual activity in this work of fiction are over the age of 18 and the author would like to encourage all readers of this work to practise safe-sex by using a condom and limiting their sexual partners. Stay safe, stay healthy in mind, spirits and body and be happy.

* * *

Chapter 1 A Disturbed Sleep

The screen went dark. It had been a good half an hour since he’d looked at the screen on his iPad and the film cycled down upon its completion.

It wasn’t much after this that he awoke. The dull ache in his groin advising him to relieve himself. Robert got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. Noting that that his sister was out and he didn’t want to barge in on her as he did the other week even she’d got back late from her night out clubbing with her friends – her vile friends he thought to himself. He sighed as he opened the bathroom door. The light hit him like a hammer, he recoiled back and closed the only slightly open door.

‘Sorry!’ He said, a bit too loud. I’d best go downstairs he thought.

As he went downstairs his parents light came on. Robert didn’t care as he padded downstairs to the mostly guest rest room and went to toilet. He washed his hands, and relaxed, noting his ‘bed hair’ he smirked, then tidied up and went back to bed. As he was making his way up the broad winding staircase his mother came out to speak.

‘Robert, are you OK?’ She asked, her soft voice full of her usual concern and love.

Robert mumbled something about not barging in on his sister.

‘I’m so sorry Robert, I forgot to say something earlier. Your sister’s bathroom is broken. The plumber will come to fix it tomorrow your father says.’ She looked at her tired son, he looked exhausted. ‘I wanted to say something earlier and forgot – and later you were flat out, sorry.’ She added. Robert just smiled at her.

‘It’s Ok… Goodnight Mom.’

‘Goodnight son.’ She says. Watching him walk off down to his room. Noticing he’s still using his leg gingerly. She’s about to say something but the door opens and her son goes into his room. She sighs. She goes back into her room to get some rest. Taking off her satin floor length gown she gets back into bed next to her husband. He pulls the sheet back.

‘Is everything ok?’ He asks.

‘Yes, I just forgot to tell Robert about the toilet problem with Rebecca… my bad.’

Her husband smiled. ‘Don’t worry about it honey, we’ve all been a lot busy lately.’ He looks at her, clutching her hand he kisses it. I’ll make it up to you Madeline, I’ll make it up to you all.’ He says as he kisses her hand.

‘Oh Rodney, you’re a diamond.’

‘Don’t tell anyone else that,’ he jokes, then rolls down into the bed. ‘Let’s get some sleep. It’s Friday now.’

Madeline kisses her husband lightly on his forehead, ‘Goodnight my love.’ She says and snuggles down into the bed. Her face watching his as he begins to drift off to sleep. Lucky thing she thinks. He can drop off to sleep at the drop of a hat she feels. Something he shares with their daughter. She on the other hand can toss and turn with the best of them, just like Robert.

* * *

Robert got back into bed. He noted the clock, 04:21 a.m. Sheesh he thought, I have no classes till twelve today. He disliked and liked Fridays at college as they had alternating Fridays off. Every other Friday he had classes from midday to 4 o’clock. A pain if he wanted to party a bit. Then he remembered his Saturday job. It wasn’t much, cleaning and detailing cars at the local breakers yard, but it paid well and the owner Louis was a nice enough guy. He was able to help out on alternating Fridays and even more recently on a Sunday so he could get some extra dollars in. He thought how long could he stay awake ok and thought he’d be all right as he’d had several hours sleep and could get some later on after class maybe. There was no party this weekend last time he checked.

He picked up his cell phone and checked the messages. No notifications on social media, but then again Miss McCoy has been a good guide on the problems with that past time. He was about to pick up his iPad and thought screw it, he clicked on the tv app and went to movies and scrolled down to the older, classic horrors and decided to go with a nice British Gothic horror film. He settled back to watch the film and before he knew it he was drifting off to sleep.

In ataşehir escort bayan the room next to his, his sister was just slipping on her long t-shirt and getting into bed. Her head was aching from the alcohol she’d drunk and the joint she’d had most of. She grimaced to herself. She always thought she shouldn’t do something, then went ahead and did it. God she thought, it’s that damn brother of mine rubbing off on me. No, it’s me she thought, not him. She was about to message him when a message came through from Jen, her best friend. She messaged her back a bit, but her body was crying out for rest, her arm slackened, and she dropped her phone, she heard a crack in the back of her mind as something broke – but she was already asleep.

* * *

Shortly after 8 o’clock Robert was awoken by the sound of a car door slamming. He groaned. As he was about to pull the pillow over his head he just thought ‘Fuck it!’ and got up. He looked out of the window as he padded over to it in his white shorts. It was a couple of his sisters friends. He noted she raced out to the car and it backed out the drive rather quickly, not bothering to go around the arcing driveway and out the other side. ‘Idiot’ he thought, imagining it would be one of his sisters friends or one of their boyfriends driving. He moved back and sat on the bed. He stretched, and put on some deodorant and slipped on his sneakers he kept for in the house and walked over to the desk and chair opposite his bed. His room was a large room, broken up into two sections, a walk in wardrobe where he kept his clothes, and some childhood possessions and computer parts and the like, and the door was opposite this, and the rest of the that wall was made up of his desk, drawers, and his stereo system. A small unit with some sorting trophies on was on the wall at its end, next to the door that led to the bathroom he shared with his sister, or more appropriately she hogged and he couldn’t get into for love nor money. That room was a modest sized room, with a bath, a separate shower and a toilet and a cabinet and shelves – every inch taken up with his sisters make-up, and jewellery. He looked around at the mess she’d left, clothes strewn all over the place, and he decided to pick it up later – or not at all. If he picked up any lingerie she’d just yell at him being a pervert, which he absolutely was not. He didn’t even look at online porn. There were reasons for that. As he sighed he picked up her stuff and put in into the dirty laundry basket. He did it out of muscle reflect. He was an athlete – well was. The injury put paid to that, but the training and discipline was something he’d originally chafed at, but came to respect and like after a time, now it helped define who he was and gave his life some structure. He thought of how much he missed his big sister, but she was away now, he spoke to her when she deigned to get in touch with anyone – which wasn’t often.

* * *

Rebecca screamed out at her friends boyfriend to take it slower as he took that corner nearly on two wheels.

‘That’s it. Stop this fucking car!’ She screamed, surprising herself with the volume and calmness of her yell.

‘Jesus fucking Christ bitch!’ Yelled the dirty blonde haired guy driving.

‘I mean it. Pull the fuck over now.’ Rebecca said in a much lower, but more dangerous sounding voice. ‘It’s that or I’ll mace your ass.’ She added. Holding the spray inches from the side of his face.

The car immediately stopped. ‘You’re a Crazy…’ the driver attempted to utter.

‘Don’t even say that word ass hat.’ Rebecca said confronting the dirty blonde young man who was allegedly driving her and Jen to college. Rebecca quickly opened the car door and got out, slamming it so hard that everything in the vehicle seemed to jar. ‘Thanks for the ride.’ She said to Jen as the dark haired girl just shrugged in a ‘what-can-I-do’ manner.

As the car sped off Rebecca mumbled, ‘Thanks for nothing.’ Then set off. As she hefted her backpack and began to two mile walk remaining to college. She would be late. She remembered her phone, cracked down the back, she couldn’t use it until she’d got it fixed. No way to call college and let them know. Damn!

* * *

Robert passed back into his room after his bath, he’d decided to bathe for a change, and at least once a month he loved to relax in the bath. As he picked up his clothing, he placed his into the laundry basket by his door, sorting light from dark and stopping at a few items that could be for both. He’d ask mom later.

He stepped into the hallway just as his mother called up to him, ‘Robert? Robbie? You want any breakfast.

‘Please, yes, thanks!’ He shouted back as he walked down the hallway to the winding stairs and made his way down. He could see his mother walking back to the kitchen and he loved that he could see into the kitchen here a bit. He finished walking down the stairs as he straightened his collar on his rugby style top – a present from his aunt in England. He liked the escort kadıköy top, he loved his aunt, he knew that he wore the top too often.

As he made his way through to the kitchen he saw his dog bounce up to him. A large black German shepherd.

‘Hello Tyson!’ He said, letting the dog run up and fuss him. He leant down and stroked the dogs ears and fussed him under the chin, ‘How are ya boy?’ The dogs tail wagging furiously.

‘That dog sure loves you,’ said Roberts Mom as she handed him a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Madeline watched as Robert took the glass and took a sip.

‘Oh that’s great Mom. Hits the spot,’ said Robert, taking a larger gulp. He moved over to the oak and glass table and sat down, ‘Want a hand?’ he asked as he idly moved the few letters to one side and looked at the paper. Some lurid headline about the president. He just shrugged and left it there. He could read the sports eating breakfast.

His mother came over to him. Would you like some bacon and eggs?’

‘Oh yes please,’ Robert said. He knew his father had an extra early start on Fridays, working in the offices over an hours drive away. Mom always got up and made him breakfast. A ‘full English’ with her little twist. ‘Want a hand Mom?’

Madeline looked back at him, a wisp of golden red hair falling across her face, she smiled. ‘I wouldn’t say no to some coffee… would you mind?’

‘Not at all,’ Robert said, walking to the kitchen area, he grabbed the pot and filled it with water. As he grabbed the coffee beans and filled up the coffee grinder ready to grind them he looked over at his mother, ‘So, is Becky at college today?’

His mother didn’t turn around as she grabbed some eggs. ‘Yes, her friends came and picked her up,’ she then turned to check her sons reaction.

‘Yeah, I think I heard something earlier,’ he said.

‘Yeah, that was them, all screeching tyres and slamming doors.’ She said. Robert put his favourite mug down. He fished a spoon out of the cutlery drawer and looked at his mother.

‘My car should be out of the shop by Tuesday I think, I’d be happy to give her a lift.’

‘You are good, but your classes are so different. It’d be a heck of an ask honey.’ His mother said, smiling at her sons offer.

‘That’s ok. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately,’ Robert says, ‘I mean I can get in on Fridays early, and do some studying, then stay after my class to bring sis home.’ He explains. His mother is sitting down with her hands folded, holding her beautiful face in her hands. She’s looking intently at her son.

‘I’d love it if she’d go for that… I know you’ve not had the smoothest of rides lately.’ His mother comments.

‘That’s putting it mildly, what’s up with her these days?’

‘Just another growing spurt my love,’ she’s not altered much the last few years. Now for me I started developing quite early, your sisters just doing it a bit late. She does love you honey, I know that.’ His mother smiled and took his hand. The pinger on the cooker went off. ‘That’ll be the toast honey.’ Said his mother. She excused herself to get breakfast ready. Robert watched her sashay around the kitchen then came back. Robert smiled at her and applied a tiny amount of salt to his breakfast. He watched his mother dab a little ketchup next to the onions. Robert looked at his own plate; fried onions and mushrooms, beans, a couple rashers of bacon and some eggs and cooked cheese and some black pudding – blood sausage to Robert. He tucked in and ate some of the toast and took a sip of the hot coffee. He watched his mother eating some egg, balanced on a square of neatly cut toast.

‘That’s a delicious breakfast Mom,’ Robert smiled, his mother leant over and dabbed off some egg with her napkin. He blushed, ‘Thanks Mom.’ Robert said.

‘No problem sweetie,’ said Madeline. She looked at her son as he began to tidy away the crockery. After he’d loaded the washing machine Robert took a transparent plastic purple flask and filled it with cool water added a few ice cubs to it and then got his chrome gold flask and poured some of the coffee into it. As he placed them on the counter closest to the door he stretched and told his mother his plans for the day. He said he’d be home around 6-7 pm and he’d have dinner with them.

‘Your father was hoping to treat us to a nice meal tonight sweetie.’ Said Madeline.

‘Here or out?’ Robert asked.

‘You know, I’m not sure,’ Madeline said laughing. ‘It’s just a “treat” he said.’ She explained.

Returning to the earlier thread they’d discussed. Robert spoke up, ‘I just don’t like the thought of Becky riding around with speed freaks…’

Before he could finish his mother held up her hands, ‘I know,’ she said, cutting off that thought, ‘she’s smarter than that honey, trust me.’ She said. ‘Besides, she’s a survivor and loves you dearly.’

‘Well, she’s doing everything she can to prove the opposite.’ Robert said. He gave that pursed smile, and widened his eyes in that “hit bostancı escort a brick wall” in the discussion type of expression and held his hands up. ‘Well Mom, I’d best be off.’ He smiled back at her, and excused himself to finish getting ready.

* * *

Becky sat back and folded her jotter and watched as the class get up to move off to their break. She noted Miss Baker watch them go. She didn’t need to ask Rebecca Smith-Carter to stay behind.

‘So Rebecca, may I ask why you were 40 minutes late to my class?’

Rebecca gave a weak smile, ‘I’m sorry, I just had a rather scary ride in. I asked to get out.’ She smiled weakly at what sounded to her like a cringe making excuse. She explained her phone may be broken so couldn’t ring either. Her tutor seemed to accept this. She smiled at Rebecca.

Rebecca watched her tutor walk over to the desk and move some papers around. She picked up the apple left by one of her fawning male students. She smiled at Becky.

‘You Know, I always worry these are spiked,’ she smiled, tossing the apple into the trash.

‘Really?!’ said Rebecca almost too loud, ‘God, that’s crazy.’ She said. Miss Baker tossed her long dark hair back and looked at Rebecca.

‘Well none of them have been so far, but they also don’t have any prints on them, so whoever is my admirer who wants me well fed on apples doesn’t want me to get any clues.

Rebecca laughed at that nervously, ‘Wow, you dust the apples?’

‘When I’m bored,’ Miss Baker said, ‘it’s good to see you smile Becky,’ the use of Rebecca’s preferred affectation made Rebecca smile.

‘Thank you Miss.’

‘So, was it Josh driving?’


‘I thought so. That moron’ll get himself killed one day. Just make sure you don’t drive with him again.’

‘Oh I’ve learned my lesson now.’

‘I’m surprised you can’t drive yet Becky.’ Questioned Miss Baker.

‘Well my brothers taken all those obsessed with driving genes,’ said Rebecca. Noting Miss Bakers disapproving expression. ‘Oh, don’t worry, he’s no speeder,’ Rebecca said. ‘His accident has kind of made him more cautious.’ She said, her face clouding as the sadness moved over her face.

‘Well coach says it’s not too bad, so he could be back on the team soon… if he wants to,’ said Miss Baker. ‘Couldn’t he help give you a lift in?’

‘Our classes are so far apart most days,’ Rebecca explained.

‘I see,’ said Miss Baker, she looked at the door and saw the girl standing there. She walked to the door. ‘This won’t take a moment Becky,’ and she opened the door and invited the girl in.

Rebecca took in the view in front of her. She was maybe a year older looking, like she’d had a hard time and a lot of stress. She was tall, taller even that Rebecca’s 5′ 7″ frame. She could be nearly 6-foot tall Rebecca thought. She was also slim, bordering on skinny, with lustrous long dark brown hair, and large brown eyes, her skin was nicely tanned though thought Becky.

‘Come in Veruschka,’ said Miss Baker, ‘I’m almost finished with Becky here.’

Veruschka stood looking at Rebecca and gave a small shy smile, ‘Hi,’ she said giving a small wave, her exotic, thick Eastern European accent was very rare around this part of the world thought Rebecca.

‘Hi, I’m Becky, Rebecca Smith-Carter,’ said Rebecca beaming at the newcomer, ‘but everyone just calls me Becky or Becca.’ She added.

Veruschka smiled, ‘Thank you, Becky,’ and she moved further into the room.

‘So Becky, think on what I said,’ said Miss Baker smiling, ‘oh, and I have your latest assignment mark for you.’ She said, pulling out a yellow folder from her leather satchel, closing the straps back up. ‘Very good too, I have to say though, the more formal style – favoured by old Mr Singh isn’t necessary, I want to see you in this, I want to hear your voice in this, not some dry and dusty paper – not that this is that dry or boring.’ She playfully slapped it on Rebecca’s forehead and handed it to her.

‘Oh and the presentation needs some work, looks like you were running out of ink halfway through it… apart from that it’s a good solid paper.’

Rebecca looked over at it and watched Veruschka looking at the exchange. Rebecca tried to look up the grade.

‘B+ young lady, B+,’ Miss Baker said.

Rebecca beamed, ‘Oh wow!’ Her face beaming. She began to babble a little.

‘I’m so sorry, I asked Jen to print it out, I did it just a few days before the deadline, I’d got lots of stuff to do and wanted to check it over again one last time. Dad’s printer broke a while ago and as he does most printing for work he just prints stuff out at work and…’

Miss Baker held up her hands. ‘It’s Ok, I understand. Next time book a printer out in the library.’ As Rebecca thanked her and went to leave, Miss Baker called out to her.

‘Becky, could you give Robert his paper for me?’

Rebecca stopped in her tracks and turned around, her long flame red hair catching in the midday sun gleaming through the many windows in the classroom. Rebecca’s favourite room for that reason.

‘Sure,’ she said.

Miss Baker looked over at the top sheet clipped to it. ‘Straight A,’ Miss Baker said, ‘looks like your brother’s slipping with his studying.’ She mused.

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