Oops my Bra fell off!


Oops my Bra fell off!I remember…It was Friday; that hot sweaty summers evening as you made your way home with your Husband and his work colleague; Phil. The birthday drink had gone well in the restaurant and the “only one drink” turned into two, three, four and who knows how many after that? It was along that dimly lit road that I stood at the bus stop and watched as you caught your foot on a paving slab and fell against Phil; his face already covered in lipstick from your kisses and his neck covered in your love bites. He grabbed you, but you slipped down in a drunken state and your black sheer top gripped to his strong hands and slipped over your head as you hit the floor giggling. Your Hubby staring at you in a new light; normally extremely protective of you, but tonight you were his whore who he was delighted in sharing you with Phil. Once again Phil tried to lever you up off the floor, but in his struggle your bra unclipped and fell off of you and blew into bahis firmaları the road, once again you laughed and blurted out to ignore it. “I don’t need a bra!” you shouted to all and sundry, as your voice echoed along the almost empty street. Your Husband smiled a wicked smile and nodded in agreement to Phil`s wordless request. I watched from the bus stop as Phil unbuttoned his trousers and grabbed hold of his semi erect penis and pulled it out into the warm night air, he flicked it a couple of times and you turned to him and your eyes had the same strong passion. Without even looking at your Husband; I doubted you even realised he was there, your mouth pouted as your eyes remained transfixed upon that slowly growing erection inches away from your face. Your tongue; dry from the recent lack of alcohol, reached out and made swift contact with Phil`s now almost fully erect penis, its bell-end lightly touching the tip of your tongue…your sense driven wild, you kaçak iddaa try to think back to the last time you felt like this…Never; is your answer. Phil forces his manhood into your mouth and it makes you gag, but you are persistent, you are not wasting this moment, you have several deep hard sucks on Phil`s cock and love it, but he grabs you and forced you on the floor, laying on your back on the cool paving slabs, your bare breasts rising and falling in time with your breathing; almost in time with your heart beat…Phil slips his trousers off and sits on top of your stomach, his rock hard now throbbing cock sits perfectly between your ample breasts as he eases forth and back as you squeeze your breasts together and feel his large member slide effortlessly against your warm sweaty skin. He leans forward and grabs your breasts and squeezes them and occasionally grabs a nipple and twists it making you whimper and scream with pleasure. Phil continues to pound his kaçak bahis fully erect and hard cock through your sweat covered breasts. I can hear Phil gasp as he continually calls your name and he thrusts harder and harder as if his penis is in your vagina…which of course is a thought that you both shared…along with your Husband who was now watching as intently as I was; he glanced across the road and smiled as he saw me watching you with pleasure. Another few minutes of Phil sliding his cock through your breasts and he could feel his semen flowing through his testicles and grabbed his cock and pointed it directly at your face and fired four or five direct shots into your gaping wide mouth, you barely missed a drop and what was left you swiftly licked off of Phil`s penis. “Can I have a copy of that?” you Husband called across to me, realising I had not only watched the incident, but managed to record it as well. Your Husband agreed we should meet up and that I should be given a “Personal Payment” for the clip….now I am considering what that payment should include….This was written from inspiration from a fellow xhamster, who had the initial Oops my Bra fell off in their Profile.

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