Opportunity for Pleasure

Big Tits

At the last minute the evening before, she found out that she had to fly cross country for an important meeting with a client. She was actually thrilled; because that meant an over night trip, and perhaps she could visit her old lover while she was in town.

Her meetings finished up just after noon, and she texted him letting him know she was in town and wanted to get together. Missing her dearly, he was thrilled at the opportunity to spend time with her. He let her know that he would come home from the office early around 3:00, and if she got there before him just to let herself in. He gave her the key code for the door.

She arrived to his apartment about 30 minutes before 3:00, just enough time to pour herself some wine and to make sure she was prepared for him. She gulped down her glass quickly, the rushed down the hall.

Stopping in the bathroom, she did a quick check of her hair and make up then quickly headed back to the bedroom. She wanted to be waiting in bed for him when he returned.

When she had bathed and dressed that morning, she had prepared ahead of time for the possibility of their bedroom adventures. She had taken extra care of her intimate parts, shaved them clean, and had put on her sexiest undergarments.

She had put on her black thigh-high stockings, held up by a sexy black garter belt and matching crotch less panties under her gray A-line skirt. She quickly removed her skirt, but left her heels on. Under her dress top and sweater she had worn a sheer black lace chemise, and black lace bra.

She considered opening her suitcase and getting some other lingerie out or setting out the bag of toys she had brought, but one look in the mirror told her what she had on was more than enough, and the toys she could bring another time.

Her pussy was already getting wet just thinking of him exploring her body, and were so many ways she wanted him to take her. She laid down across the bed and let her imagination run wild. Her breasts became taunt and she could feel the heat growing inside her. She resisted the urge to reach down and finger herself, as she wanted him to be the one to touch her. Soon, she heard the opening of the door down the hall & knew he had returned.

He entered the door, she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Washing his hands, he saw an empty glass of wine, sitting on the counter. He retrieved another glass, poured himself one and downed the full glass quickly. Assuming she was just getting freshened up, he was about to pour another glass for both of them, but he heard her.

“Could you come here please? I’d like to show you something.” She called from down the hall.

He walked down the hall to find his bedroom door only open a crack. He swung the door wide and found her laying there sprawled across his bed on her stomach wearing only her undergarments. She had her head propped up in her hands, and her sexy legs crossed in the air behind her.

Seeing her laying there in the flesh was even better than what he had imagined. Her large breasts poured out the top of her black lace bra and chemise. He let his eyes roam down her curvy body to her exposed bottom. It was covered only by her tiny black panties and garter loops, which crossed down her ass to hold up her thigh highs. The thigh highs were the black, silky and sheer running down her long legs to her patent leather stilettos. It was a temptest scene he would never forget.

His cock grew hard in an instant and he couldn’t wait to bury it deep inside her.

“Wow! I’m speechless.”

“Great! …Because at this moment, I’m really not in the mood for talking. I had other ideas for this afternoon.” She sat up and rolled over leaning back to face him and spread her legs wide for him to see.

With her crotchless panties, he could see her clean shaved pussy and hole and wanted to dive right into them.

“Come here.” He said. He didn’t trust him self on the bed with her just yet, and wanted her to help him undress.

She rose slowly from the bed and crossed the room toward him, letting his eyes have plenty of time to take her all in.

He pulled his shirt over his head and began un-buttoning his pants, and she grabbed his hand to stop him. Placing each hand of his on her shoulders, she let her fingers make quick work of his zipper. She wrapped her arms around his waist and trailed kisses down his chest as the lowered his pants and underwear down. Grasping his huge hot cock in her hands, she began to move them up in down in rhythm while kissing him deeply.

He pushed her back as he stepped out of his pants and shoes, then leaned down to caress her breasts. Pulling one breast out over her bra, he lavished it with his tongue while caressing it, and with his other hand he reached lower down to the apex of her thighs. Her cunt was already dripping halkalı escort wet in anticipation and he began circling his fingers around her clit and darting them into her hot pussy.

Loosing her balance, she took a quick step back which made her giggle. He caught her in his strong arms, then picked her up and moved her to the bed.

“Oh God, I’ve missed you!” he groaned

“I’ve missed you too! I’m free for the rest of day.” She explained. “My flight out isn’t until tomorrow morning, so we have lots of time.”

“It’s could never be enough time, but I am certainly going to make the most of it.” He said and he kissed her passionately again. Then he nibbled her earlobes as his hands moved down her hips and over to her dripping hot pussy.

As he touched she let out a moan of excitement. She was like hot dripping lava in his hands and he alternated rubbing her clit and diving with a finger into her holes. She was so ready, he knew in just minutes he could bring her to an orgasm.

It was a rare that she came to town anymore, and it had been ages since they had last been together. He wanted to show her as much pleasure as possible while she was here, so with this first one he would be quick.

He moved his lips down to the gaping slit in her crotchless panties, to her sweet pink little bud and teased it lightly. Even with this light touch, she let out a moan.

He sucked her clit and licked her pussy as his fingers worked magic on her. This made her rotate her hips and let out small cries.

“Oh my! I need this!” she cried and her legs began to quiver and her body shook in orgasm.

He continued the onslaught with his tongue not letting her escape his touch, wanting her pleasure to last.

She reached down and had to pull his face up to hers before he would stop. Kissing him deeply, she could taste her sweet pussy on his lips. Her orgasm had left her breathless and aching for more.

Trailing kisses back down toward her breasts, he tried to kiss each nipple, but her lacy clothing was in the way. He resisted the urge to rip all her clothing off, because he wanted to take his time making sure her next orgasm was even more intense than her last.

He sat her up and gently pulled the chemise over her head, then as he kissed the tops of her breasts, he swiftly unfastened her bra exposing her fully. As he buried his face in her big tits she ran her fingers through his hair, and he continued toy with each nipple pinching and rolling them between his fingers while suckling the other.

The attention to her breasts sent electric shocks down her body and she groaned in pleasure. She was enjoying this sweet torturous attention, but her pussy ached wanting him to hurry and put his huge cock inside her already.

She pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him putting her wet pussy right on his cock. Before he could stop her, with a quick rocking of expertise came down hard and slid his huge cock deep inside her, causing her to let out a scream. His dick was so long and big it filled her completely and stretched her wide.

“No.” he said gently, holding her still. “Are you ok? I wasn’t done teasing your body yet, slow down.” Her pussy was wet and slick from his previous attentions, but from the scream she let out, he hoped she hadn’t hurt herself.

“It’s been a long time, and I’d forgotten how huge you are… Almost too big for my tight little twat. I should have been slower, but I needed you inside of me. I couldn’t wait any longer.” She said, with a groan.

Her little cunt was tight and exquisite, but he knew he’d taken her many times before. He just smiled and brought her chin down to kiss his lips.

“I’ve been wanting this for so long and your huge dick just feels so good, ” She said with a smile.

After a few moments of letting her body adjust to his large size, she started to moved her hips in slight circles and clenched her pelvic muscles. The tightening and movements of her little cunt were maddening, and he was powerless to her motions. He grasped her hips and tried to guide her up and down.

“Uh-uh.” She said as she shook her head, pinning his arms back down by his side. “This is just a tease.” Then she lifted herself back up and off his cock, straddling both his legs.

She ran her hand over his wide chest, then lowered her lips down to his. After drinking his kisses, she trailed her tongue down his torso stopping just for a moment to nibble at one of his nipples, and then continued down his abdomen stopping again at his cock.

She grasped his huge cock in her hands and said “I’ve been wanting your huge cock in my mouth, too.”

“That makes two of us.”

His big dick was still wet with her juices, and she slid her hands taksim escort up and down with ease, and began to kiss and lick around his crotch, everywhere but his dick.

While moving one of her hands back and forth on his shaft, she moved her warm mouth over one of his nuts and with her other hand she massaged his perineum. She sucked and mouthed each, rolled them around in her mouth, and flicked her tongue back and forth across them both.

With her fingers gripped tightly, she licked up his shaft and she could taste herself where she had just been on his cock. As she reached the head, she swirled her tongue around and licked up his delicious pre-cum. Taking just the tip in her mouth, she sucked gentle at first and then harder, while she ran her hands up and down his shaft.

Moaning, he let sounds of sheer enjoyment escape from him. He wanted her to take him all the way in her mouth, but she was still teasing him.

Still holding the tip of his dick in his mouth and licking with her tongue, she shifted herself out of her straddle, to reposition down further between his legs, and pushed his knees up for better access. Then she grasped his cock and hips into her hands and brought his cock fully into her mouth. His cock was so big she had to relax her mouth to fit him down her throat. She sucked and moved her tongue back and forth while her hands worked the base of his cock, then would plunge down him, over and over.

She slowed her speed and pulled away so she could catch her breath and lower her attentions. She buried her face in his ass and began licking and wetting his hole, while she moved a hand up and down his cock.

She dove her tongue in and out and licked back and forth between his nuts and hole and then would dart her tongue back deeply into him. The sensations were driving him mad, but he was helpless to stop her. .

She took him fully again and after a few minutes he was grasping her hair and guiding her up and down dick faster and faster. He knew if he didn’t stop her quickly he was going to cum in her mouth right then, and he wasn’t ready. Because he wanted this experience to be all about her needs, he was fighting himself.

He managed a week cry of “Please stop! …Not yet.” As he placed his hands on her face and lifted her mouth up off of him, he brought her face up to meet his and kissed her deeply.

She straddled him and began moving her hips over his cock again, but he wasn’t going to let her have what she wanted, just yet. He pulled her up and brought her up to his face. Giving him a blow job was such a huge turn on for her, her pussy was just dripping wet for him all over again.

Slowly he began licking and sucking her clit as his fingers parted her intimate folds. He inserted fingers into her tight little cunt and began fucking her pussy hard while licking and sucking her clit.

Moaning again, her knees began to shake and he knew she was almost ready for another orgasm. His penis ached to be with her, but he would see to her pleasure again first. He moved around back with his tongue, and began giving her ass the same sweet tongue torture he had just received while his finger’s teased her pussy and clit.

Soon, she began gasping and rocking her hips, pushing her ass against his face. Shouting out in passion, her legs began to quake and a few moments later her knees gave in and she collapsed back over on the bed beside him.

He was just getting started though, and wasn’t going to let her take much of a break.

He sat up looked down at her gasping for breath and smiled. “You like that huh?”

“Just as much as I liked teasing you.”

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to get our wine glasses.”

When he returned just a minute later, she was still sprawled across the bed wearing her thigh highs, but a loop her left side had come un-done and her shoes were long gone. He reached over and pulling her elastic garter belt and gave it a snap.

“I think it’s about time we loose those and everything else. I want every part of our bodies touching in a minute and nothing between us.” He said, as he passed her a wine glass.

She sat up and took a few sips. “I’m surprised you haven’t ripped them off of me yet.” She said with a smile.

“Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind a dozen times.” He took her wine glass from her and set them on the night table and then crawled across the bed to her on his knees.

She leaned back on the bed, and his fingers made quick work of her garter fastenings. Lifting each dainty foot one at a time to rest on his shoulder, he leaned forward to kiss the inside of her thighs down to her ankles as he removed each of her stockings.

Running his fingers down to her crotch, he felt the hot mess left from their play. He dove a finger şişli escort into her dripping cunt and brought it to her lips to taste.

She licked his finger lightly, then sucked it off hard, enjoying the sweet taste of herself. “Better than the wine.” She breathed

“I agree.” He said as he gently kissed her.

As he leaned down to kiss her more deeply, she lifted her ass and shimmied her belt and panties off. Totally naked now, he wanted to jump on her and burry his rock hard cock deep inside her, and it was all he could do to resist.

He fetched some massage oil from the bedside drawer, and rolled her over flat on her belly while he straddled her. He warmed the oil in his hands then began to rub her back and shoulders.

“That feels so great! I can’t remember the last time I had a massage.” She sighed

“Better than the orgasms I just gave you?”

“Not even close.” She giggled.

“Good. I have a few more planned for you before I get off.” He said as he leaned to kiss the nape of her neck.

He continued to massage up and down her back. After two orgasms, she was putty in his hands. He wanted to give her just a little break, but not too much. Still hard as a rock and fully erect he, he needed a release, too.

He continued to massage her for a few more minutes, and occasionally added trails of kisses up and down her back and neck.

As he felt her relax more and more, he slid down and massaged her ass cheeks. Grabbing the bottle of massage oil he poured a little down the crack of her ass and then spread her legs apart and his fingers moved down to massage it into her pussy and clit.

She began to sigh and moan and he was aching to be inside her. He couldn’t hold back an longer and had get that big cock of his back inside of that tight pussy.

He guided her around to face him and pulled her onto his lap. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he lifted her up and slowly brought her down gently over his cock. Her hot little pussy felt so good on his huge dick.

Grasping his shoulders, she let out a small cry. So tight, she had to turn her knees out and shift her hips so she could take him in completely. Again, he was stretching her so deep and wide, little sounds escaped her.

He kissed her forehead and ran his fingers through her hair. Suckling and licking each breast, he took his time lavishing each with attention before he gently laid her back onto the pillows.

“You ok?”

“You feel absolutely amazing inside of me! I need more.” she said while she placed gentle kisses across his chest.

He began rocking slowly, back and forth delighting in the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her little pussy. Being inside of her was amazing. After awhile, her impatient hips kept trying to increase his rhythm.

“Come to me.” He rolled them onto their side and their legs intertwined landing one of her legs up over his hip. From this position he could see her beautiful body, and easily fondle her breasts, while still deeply penetrating her hot tight pussy. Each thrust was more intense than the last, and he could was becoming lost in the sensations.

He squeezed each nipple causing her to call out his name and she reached down to try to rub her own clit. Pushing her hand away, he tickled her clit with his fingers. Soon she was starting to buck her hips faster and faster and he knew she was on the verge of another orgasm. Suddenly her pussy began to squeeze and legs shake. Se began moaning and crying out in pleasure as her body quaked.

He was on the edge, but had not had his release, so stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed, and buried his face in her cunt. He roughly licked in a frenzy and teethed and sucked at her clit, while she was still moaning loudly

“I need more of you! Please take me!” she cried out

He placed her legs over his shoulders grasped her hips and drove his big cock deep inside her, making her scream. Then he began to pound his huge cock in and out of her tight pussy, slamming them together, over and over. The sensations on his cock were so tight and intense.

She kept moaning and screaming in pleasure, reaching back, pulling on the sheets.

In just moments he was at his release. He thrust even harder and began to explode inside of her, just as her body started to quiver in ecstasy. He thrust hard and slow a few more times and with each thrust, her pussy and every muscle in her entire body would contract and quake.

“Oh my word!” she sighed

His legs were about to give out standing there, but waves of pleasure were still crashing her body, and were giving her involuntary contractions. He held still until he felt her body begin to relax.

Out of breath, slowly he pulled out and crawled over on the bed beside her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, then collapsed down next to her.

“Just think! We get to do all that again, and more!” he said

“Right now?” she asked, with a grin.

“Well, perhaps after a quick rest for me, but if you are ready I’m more than happy lick on your sweet little clit.”

She let out a hardly laugh and snuggled up beside for a little rest.

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