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My left hand is stroking your hard cock. I love the way it looks and reacts to my every touch. I stroke it up and down, feeling the warmth exuding from it. In a steady grip I move my hand up and down the shaft, a moan leaves your lips making me smile. I stop right under the head, letting my thumb gently move around the edge of the head. Slowly I work my thumb along the edge and then around the whole head. Wetting you with a kiss, I keep massaging your sensitive head. You can feel every movement of my hand and tongue and the longer they go on, the more the sensational you feel.

Then you feel the fingers of my right hand grasp around the base of your shaft. As I tighten the grip on the base and start to pump up and down, the left hand continues to concentrate on the head. I can hear you moan the more I work on you. I love to hear you enjoying yourself.

As you start to get impatient you beg me to go down on you, motioning my head downwards. I stop the stroking and push you back against the wall. Once again I kiss you passionately, pulling back when your tongue seeks mine, but reciprocate with a vengeance. That shirt you’re wearing; too many buttons, you hear the sound of ripping fabric, but have no time to react before you feel my lips around your nipples, encircling them with the tip of my tongue.

While I kiss your chest and anadolu yakası escort occasionally nibble on your nipples, my left hand continues to work on making you as hard as possible. Your chest rises and falls faster as your breath gets heavier. With my tongue I trail down your torso before being faced with your beautiful cock. My lips embrace the head and in a swift motion I take you as deep as possible. I let your cock head tickle the back of my throat while my tongue dances around the shaft. Slowly I move up until just the head lies on my bottom lip. With the tip of my tongue I tickle it before taking you in again. This time I only push your head in, sucking it with a steady tempo. You feel my teeth on it and moan with excitement. I slide my hand up your inner thigh and rub your balls. Sucking your balls, makes you let out another moan. My other hand squeezes and moves up and down your shaft to get you closer to ecstasy.

As I feel your body tightening up I take all of you in, keeping up the tempo with my warm mouth, as well as using my left hand the right one continues to play with your balls. I know you’re getting closer, your balls are tightening and your body’s becoming more eager. You tense up and I can feel your cock twitching inside of my mouth as you cum. When you try to pull ataşehir escort out I won’t let you. I want to feel you in my mouth a bit longer. Before letting go I swirl my tongue around your spent cock, extracting a loud groan from your lips as you’re still very sensitive.

After you calm down a little, you call me over to you. You put your hand on my back and pull me close and whisper in my ear. “I want to make you happy, now.” Hearing you say this made me get hot. My thong gets wet, knowing you are about to fulfill my sexual desires.

You run your hands down my back and slide them into my skirt. As you get to the fold on the base of my bottom, you grab tightly, squeezing and pulling my hips into yours. You get on your knees and slide my skirt up. You run your hands up and down the backs of my legs and rear and I begin to long to feel your tongue on me, tasting me. I reach down to push my tights and skirt down and you grab my hands and stop me. Starting at the back, you run your fingers around the waste of my clothes and when you get to the front you pull them down.

My red thong calls out to you, and you lean forward and bite it, pulling it down with your teeth. While your teeth pull at my thong, I feel your hands lower my tights and skirt very slowly. You are teasing me so badly, I feel myself ümraniye escort swell and get even wetter. I grab your head and push it into my warmth. I feel your kisses on my bare skin, I hear you mumble the word soft as your tongue begins to explore. I lean against the wall, spread my legs and I feel your finger run up and down my slit. I can hear how wet I am from the smacking sound coming from your lips.

I look down and see you kissing me, going deeper and deeper with each move. My eyes roll and my back arches as your tongue sends me to heaven. I unbutton my blouse and quickly release my breasts by pulling my bra cups to the sides. This keeps them erect so I can easily grab myself. I cup my breasts and squeeze them with delight. Then you slip your finger deep into my heat, then two then three. My breath gets faster and chills run up my spine as you slide it in and out.

Putting my hands on your head I place your tongue where I want it and you begin to flick my sensitive spot. I use my hips to grind against your mouth and as your finger slides faster into wetness, I explode. My juices flow into your mouth and my pulsing causes me to yell out. I push myself harder against the wall and grab my breasts squeezing them with passion as you continue to lick me. As my body relaxes you begin to kiss me from my groin up to my tummy. You gently cup my hard nipples and suck the right one into your mouth. I grab your shoulders and pull you up to me. I gaze into your eyes and smile. I lean forward and gently rub my lips against yours, teasingly kissing you. Then I melt into your arms, breasts pushed against your chest and my pulsing groin still wet with desire.

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