Our First Date


It all started innocently enough, with a phone call from my best friend Dean. I saw his call on my phone, and answered with my usual, “What’s up ya queer?” Although he isn’t queer.

He responded, “Not much , Homo.” Although I’m not homo. “Kate wants to talk to you about the hayride Saturday.”

I shifted in my bar stool. “Tell her I’m making a meat and cheese tray, my hot chocolate drink, and I have wine bottled.”

Dean chuckled and said, “Yeah. Well, she has someone she wants you to meet. A girl. Says she is really nice and cute.”

I grimaced inside. Kate was always setting me up with someone from the gym or work or school. This gal probably had a face, ass, and laugh like a horse. I sighed and said, “Put her on the phone.”

Kate got on and before she spoke I gave her my usual greeting. “Hello Gorgeous. I’m sorry Dean is a closeted, cross dressing, tranny queen. But I warned you on your wedding day of his penchant for Latino pool boys and chiffon.”

She responded, “Never mind that. I found a good one. Really. She’s cute and funny and smart and fun. And single. All the things you look for in a woman.”

I answered back, “Is she cute like a puppy, cute like a pony, or cute like a girl?”

Kate exhaled and said, “I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse. If you hit it off, you clear the first snow from my yard. If you don’t like her, I’ll do yours. Deal?”

I responded, “Deal! This is win-win for me. I either get to meet someone nice, or my yard blowed. See ya Saturday. Bring the flaming queen with you, and your friend, and go warm up your plow.”

She laughed and said, “You are gonna owe me big after Saturday.” As she hung up I thought she sounded confident. I smiled and thought, “Maybe….”

I finished the week thinking about the hayride and found I was looking forward to it more and more as the time drew close. I made my meat and cheese tray and hot chocolate drink and suddenly realized I was giddy. I tried to tone it down and delay the inevitable disappointment, but could hardly contain my enthusiasm as I dressed in jeans, a gray hoodie, and my cleanest hat, splashing on a bit of Polo cologne and checking myself in the mirror.

I pulled into Dean and Kate’s yard as he was hooking the hay rack to his truck. I noticed Kate walk out of the house with a group of girls, some of whom I knew, and stood there trying not to look too dumb. None of her crowd appealed bakırköy escort to me. I could hardly contain my disappointment. She smiled and waved as she walked over and hugged me, whispering, “she’s already on the rack.”

I handed her my Tupperware and carafe of drinks and turned around. On the rack, sitting on a hay bale, was a pretty auburn haired girl, with beautiful curves, dressed in denim and smiling at me. Without taking my eyes off the girl, I leaned towards Kate and said, “I’ll plow your yard bare assed on a mule for the rest of my life if she is a nice on the inside as she is on the outside.” I left her there smiling as I walked to the rack.

I walked to the rack and climbed up to introduce myself. My one and only phobia in meeting someone new is “Do I shake her hand, or hug her?” I have never figured out how to do this shit and look cool. She solved the issue by trotting up to me, hugging me, kissing my cheek and introducing herself.

I hung onto the hug and nuzzled her hair. She smelled positively wonderful and felt even better. We sat and talked for a few minutes as the hay rack filled with people. I introduced people I knew, and she did as well, and as the rig pulled out, she asked, “So. What is your first impression?”

I took a drink from my cup and said, “Honestly?” She nodded and I said, “You could be a model for that old school bomber nose art. You’re beautiful and smart and seem sane. How do you know Kate and her closeted husband slash best friend of mine.”

She smiled and said, “We work together with some kids at her school sometimes. And I like your style.” She grabbed a blanket from behind her and nuzzled close to me, wrapping us both up. I put an arm around her and we started to talk quietly, ignoring everyone around us.

After a half hour, we had talked about life, love, work, and play. We laughed a lot and I found it easy to be around her. I liked her, and she was beautiful. I was amazed to realize that time passed by so quickly when I was talking to her, and it was getting dark as we stopped to let the girls pee. I reached into my backpack and pulled out TP, wipes, and a tube of hand sanitizer, telling her “You take the supplies.” She nodded and smiled and seemed impressed that I would think of this stuff.

I couldn’t wait for her to come back and stood there, helping girls back on the rack. As Kate took my hand beşiktaş escort and I helped her up, she gave a quick thumbs up and whispered, “She likes you! A lot!” I nodded and smiled and crossed my fingers at her and she gave me a shocked look saying, “Mike likes a girl. Mike likes a girl!”

As Alli returned, I helped her up, and she grabbed my hand, trying to drag me up as well. As I climbed up, she didn’t let go of my hand and instead leaned in and kissed me softly. As I kissed her back, her lips parted and she slid her tongue slowly in my mouth. We burrowed down behind a hay bale in the dark and started to make out.

She tasted so good-like a gooey dessert and the diet coke she was drinking. She sat down in my lap as I sat cross legged and kissed me furiously in the dark. I slid a hand down her stomach and pulled her shirt out, when suddenly she leaned back against me and unbuttoned her pants. I slid my hand down the front of her jeans and sawed my middle finger across her slit, stopping with the ball of my finger on her moist clit. She shuddered and sighed as I slid the finger in her pussy and strummed it in and out of her slowly. Our kissing became more intense as she pressed against me and humped my hand. She pulled her mouth from me and whispered, “Rub my clit, and let me kiss you hard!”

I did as she asked and began making circles over her clit with my middle finger as she humped me and panted into my mouth. She moaned her approval and I picked up the pace and she ground into my hand. I felt her pussy get warm and she suddenly brought her knees together, pinioning my hand and grunting into me as she came, moaning into my mouth. I slowed my hand down and let her recover, and she never took her mouth from mine. She reached down, unzipped my jeans, and pulled my cock out as I slid my finger into her wet pussy. She turned towards me and spread her legs slightly as she strummed by cock under the blanket, kissing me as I slid my middle finger in and out of her. She squealed a bit and grunted as she humped my hand and jerked me off furiously. Suddenly she arched her back and pressed into me as she grunted into my mouth, warm juice filling my hand as she came in a shudder. I stopped my motion to let her recover and as she pulled her mouth from mine I whispered, “Better ease up on my dick, or I’ll jizz all over your blanket”.

She smiled and burrowed under beylikdüzü escort the blanket, engulfing my cock in her mouth. I sucked in air as silently as I could and grabbed her head, humping her mouth furiously. After just a few thrusts, I began to jet my load into her warm mouth. I leaned back as the last of my load drained into her mouth, and realized as she swallowed that she had cum again, fingering herself as she sucked my cock.

We snuggled under the blanket as the hayrack came to a stop in the dark, and drunk people climbed down. Alli and I stayed behind, until everyone had gotten off the rack and gone to the campfire. As soon as we were alone, I peeled her pants and panties back off and whispered, “I owe you some oral favors girl!” I pushed her back against a hay bale, grabbed her ankles, and buried my face in her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and humped furiously into my face as I licked her clit and slid my finger into her pussy. I sawed my finger in and out of her as I alternated making circles on her clit with my tongue, licking it furiously, and pressing it in with the tip of my tongue. After only a few rotations of this, she arched her back, grunted, and grabbed my head roughly, jamming it into her cunt as she came with a series of shudders. I tried to suck her off again, but she pushed me back and mounted me hard, burying my cock to the hilt in her pussy. She pressed me down and rode me hard as I reached back and squeezed her ass. I ran my hands down her ass to her thighs and back up, all the way to her shoulders. I passed my hands down the small of her back and grabbed her hips roughly.

As I kneaded her ass cheeks, she started to ride me harder and I humped back with all I had. Finally, she lowered her head to my shoulder and buried her face against my neck, fucking me hard as I squeezed her ass and plowed back into her as hard and fast as I could. I grabbed her hips and held her still as we came together, my cock buried in her and pulsing as I poured my load into her quivering pussy.

She slid forward and my load drained from her onto my stomach. She reached into my backpack and pulled a wipe out, cleaning her pussy with a swipe and wiping the goo from my stomach. We got dressed again and climbed off the rack, heading to the campfire, where Kate was smiling as we walked up.

“Well look who decided to join us! Where have you two been?”

I started to mumble something about sitting on the hay and talking when Alli said, “Actually, not a lot of talking. Some moaning and grunting, and there is hopefully gonna be more later. I owe you big Kate.”

Kate looked at us dumbstruck, and I said, “I owe you big too, Kate”, as we sat down by the fire.

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