Our Secret Tryst…


I am at my desk, waiting for the moment when you take a break, waiting to follow you down the hallway, watching your amazing body. I watch you walk past me, your sexy walk half-teasing, half-exhibitionism of your amazing body. I look up and our eyes meet, and I see you motion towards the water cooler in the hallway.

I let you walk ahead, giving you enough time to get ahead of me, and to allow you to fill your cup with water. I watch as drink, noticing you swallow. Twin rivulets of cool water flows down past your lips, down your graceful neck, meeting and running down your cleavage. My tongue is dry in my mouth and I imagine my lips dabbing up the drops.

“Tonight, same place” you say. “I will be there by 6pm. Leave the key in an envelope at the front desk”. And with a you walk back.

Ah the fantasies I imagine with you Sandra! You are always front and center in them. I play and replay all the moments when we intimately connected, and an intense longing – partly the anticipation of pleasure and partly desire, of wanting you, needing you fills my mind.

The interval between leaving work and getting to our planned meeting plans seems like eternity. I am a bit early.

My mind begins to wander as I am wait for you to come up to my room, and let yourself in with the key I left for you at the front desk. I think of our past moments together..

I hear the key in the lock, and there you are. I get up and embrace you, enfolding you in my arms, our bodies pressed against each other, my lips hungry for yours, our tongues exploring, caressing, and stoking the desire we feel for each other. With the tip of my tongue I trace the outlines of your lips, and I can feel the chills of delight running down your spine. I draw my tongue across your earlobe, while I whisper your name, my dear. I want you, I need you, I am glad you are here.

I sense and feel your body responding, your tenseness slipping, you melt in in my arms, your feet no longer able to support you as your knees give way, wanting to give into the pleasures you’re feeling… I hold you and gently lower you down onto the bed.

My hands cannot wait to explore every nook, every cranny, every inch of softness of your body. In my mind I have kissed your lips a thousand times, and undressed you countless times while I sat across you at dinner. We are still kissing, I can’t bakırköy escort get enough or your soft moans of utter pleasure, our lips are still locked and your lips taste of a mixture of honey, mint and countless other erogenous pleasure tastes and perfumes…I am lost in them.

I feel your tongue glide past mine, drawing me in, and you moan. I feel my body begin to tremble, this exquisite dance of love. Oh how you make me want you, desire fills every fiber of my being..wanting to make you feel like the only woman in this world, the center of my attention, and give you all that I can give you.

And as I have undressed you a thousand times in the past in my mind, I slowly take off your clothes, one seductive piece by seductive piece, dropping them on the sofa. You are raising our levels of awareness, ratcheting up the heat and the pace of our breathing. I have eyes only for you, and your gaze is locked in on mine, reading, sensing, feeling every expression of my face conveying a thousand words, yet none are spoken.

You have that look in your eyes, perhaps you have read mine, perhaps there may be more later, but at this time it is pure lust. Lust to be with you, and become one with you. I melt in those lovely liquid limpid pools..I love your eyes, they are so beautiful, so expressive, conveying so much without ever saying anything.

Now, it is nothing but lust and the intense need to satisfy our craving.. the craving that has built up over these weeks of chatting, emailing and finally culminating in our meeting each other.

My eyes drink in the essence of you, naked except for your lacy bra and hot pink panties. Voluptuous, the goddess I imagined you are, my dream personified, you are lying before me, ready to be one with me.

I kneel before you and breathe in you, your essence of feminity, placing my nose in the V formed by your panties, your crotch, and your legs. You smell so heavenly. I feel the desire to taste that essence of you, feel your wetness on my tongue, and taste your sweetness.

I gently peel your panties down the sides of your hips and past your thighs, and as I lay the now soaked panties on the floor, you sit up and peel off your lacy bra and lay back down.

Your Mons Veneris is covered in fine curly hair, reminding me of the color of your brow and the soft down beşiktaş escort at the nape of your neck. I am drawn to the mound by my desire, every fibre of my being responds to my craving, I feel you draw my face towards you, down there, my lips brush against your sex, your nether lips, now engorged with desire. I seek with my tongue, gliding in and my lips touch your wetness, and I know how badly I want to eat you and savor this nectar of your love.

As I move past and upwards, I feel you open wider and feel and hear you moan. You lie back on the bed, your knees bent, thighs apart, craving my tongue.

Wanting me…

Needing me…

Aching for my to fill you up with the pleasure you richly deserve.

Your pelvis arches up with every lick, pressing your labia on to me and you grind your folds into my lips and tongue, and I notice the swollen and engorged clit demanding my attention.

You draw me in, press my head down on you, and arch your hips towards me, demanding attention, every lick and every press of my tongue extracting deeper throatier moans.

My fingers part your lips, and the angry swollen clit beckons. I take it gently with my lips, and suck on it, and stroke the tip with my tongue, tracing a gentle circle around the rim. This drives you wild; you call my name, meaningless words escapes your lips. You rock your hips, as wave after wave of powerful shudders course your body.

Your sweet love juices flood drench my beard and moustache, and I know I will be smelling you on my breath well after tonight is over.

You rise from the bed as I stand. Your hands caress my chest and drop down to my crotch. I am wet, hard and full of unexplained needs that I cannot put into words.

Your eyes tell me how badly you want me. Your fingers unbutton my shirt, and I help you to take them off. You slip your finger below my undershirt, and kiss my nipples through the fabric, nibbling them and driving me wild with the need to have you. You bend down and trail kisses across my navel, open up my pants, and your hands reach in and feel my tumescent erection.

You look at me again, a smile on your lips, a visual acknowledgment of what you have done to me, knowing that I want you as much as you have wanted me.

I shed my pants, and step out in my total masculine self, erect, willing, beylikdüzü escort ready to sheath my sword of desire.

I sense that you are dying to taste me. You kneel before me and your lips encircle my prepuce and swollen glans, purplish and engorged. Your lips glide down my shaft, my wetness mingling in your mouth, sucking me, swallowing the juices from my dark cock.

Your lips are driving me wild, I moan from the exquisite sensations I feel. And I then I have to be in you…letting you have full control of whatever pleasure your body wants…

I look down as your puffy wet pink pussy lips open up for me, parting and engulfing my hard brown shaft as I lower myself into you, you shiver, and I feel the heat and wetness engulf my member, caressing, drawing me in with juices that are sensually squirting with desire to saturate me… Your pussy walls grip me, and slide under me, and over me, your hips undulate under me, each moment driving me deeper. Your eyes are closed, screwed up from the intense pleasure you feel, and I from this vantage point drink in all your beauty.

I start to pump you with a willful force of longing and desire pent-up from all our past actions. You counter and glide up, our bodies synchronized, once fine swiss watch beating to an internal rhythm that we alone know, yet as old as time itself..

Time stands still, sweet waves of pleasure course and ripple through our bodies, we moan, scream, sweat. As we rock, stride after long stride, beating to the eternal rhythm of the life, of Yoni and Linga, of Man and Woman, lost in each other, pleasuring each other, all creation stops to watch.

And as our rhythm beats faster, I clench my teeth and pound harder, my finger teasing your nipples and sucking them, your fingers trails deep rents across my back, as you clench and grip my back as another powerful orgasm courses your body, and then you are calling my name begging me to love you harder.

I leave a trail of marks as I suck the soft fold of your neck, and for some reason that drives you wild and tips you over the edge. It is as if you know that in the weeks to come, every time you look in the mirror you will see this marking of our meeting.

I feel you arch your back, your pussy as close as it can get, enveloping and sliding on my shaft. I hear you say you are ready, a signal for me of my desire to come together in an all encompassing explosive culmination of our loving. I can feel the trembling spurts as I shoot deep into you, pulsing, thrusting, your walls squeezing every drop. Then totally spent, sweaty, and panting we hold each other in our arms, and try to catch our breath.

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