Out of Iraq


My name is John; I just got back from Iraq where I was stationed with my buddy, Jim, who’ll be discharged in another month. He made arrangements with his mom for me to stay with her and his two little sisters, who were 19 and 18 years old, until he gets home; then we’re going to get a place together.

I met his family a couple years ago when he brought me home on leave with him. I actually lived about 150 miles from them, but I don’t have much to go home to, so I thought I’d live here for a while. Jim said living with his mom for a couple months would help her out, since she’s been divorced about a year, and money’s a little tight.

I felt a little funny walking up to their front door; sure, they knew I was arriving today and I do kind of know them, but still. Then the door flew open – they must have seen me coming up the walk. It was his mom, Sally.

“Well, hello stranger,” she said with a wide smile.

“Hi” said Chris, her eldest daughter coming out from behind her and running down the walk to meet me.

“Hi it’s nice to be here again, and it’s really nice of you to let me stay here.”

“Oh think nothing of it” Sally said with a big smile, “come on in and make yourself at home.”

I noticed what a good looking woman Sally was for a woman in her forties; she obviously took really good care of herself. Her eldest daughter Chris was also very good looking, though she was a skinny little thing; she was very vivacious and had blossomed in to a fine looking young lady like her mom.

Then I saw Suzy, the youngest daughter; she was a little knock out too. ‘Whoa, John, hold on to your hormones there, boy,’ I thought to myself. ‘Are they really that good looking, or have you just been deprived for the last year and a half?’ I figured the answer was ‘yes’ to both questions.

We went into the house and did some catching up. I told them all about Jim – that he would be fine and home soon; I gave them the gifts Jim sent for them. I couldn’t help noticing how they were checking me out. I could see their eyes lowering to my crotch for a brief moment when I walked in the room; and looking at my biceps when I handed something to them. I even turned around once and caught Sally blatantly staring at my ass. I could tell it embarrassed her a little when she realized that she’d been caught ogling.

Sally made a very nice supper, the best I’ve eaten in months. Afterward, we went into the living room and talked some more. It was getting late though, and frankly I was tired.

“It’s so nice being back, but I’m really beat. I’d like to take a nice hot shower and go to bed, if you all don’t mind.”

“Oh sure, of course you’re exhausted from traveling” Sally said, “We’ll have plenty of time to talk tomorrow. You’ll find clean towels on the shelf in the bathroom.” I went to Jim’s old bedroom, took off my shoes and t-shirt, and then started down the hall to the bathroom.

Sally stepped out of her room, looked at me and said, “Wow, if nothing else Iraq gave you a nice tan.” She gave me a full body sweep with her eyes as I walked towards her.

“Thank you,” I said, a little embarrassed at her outward show of approval. She must have felt less inhibited without her daughters around.

The shower felt good but crawling between the sheets with nothing on felt even better. I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. The next thing I knew I was awake, even though I had only been asleep a few hours. I lay there thinking about a lot of things, but soon my thoughts settled on the women in the house. Thinking about how nice Sally and her daughters looked, and wishing I had any one of them in bed with me right now.

I felt my boy start growing. I reached down under the sheets and started rubbing it, thinking how good it would feel to masturbate. Then I heard my door knob slowly turning and looked over to see the door opening real slow. I quickly pulled my hand out. It was Suzy, the youngest daughter; she walked in my room quietly so as not to wake anyone. I could see her pretty well with the light from the street lamp outside shining through. She was wearing a nightgown that just came down to her crotch, not quite covering her panties.

In a quite voice I asked, “What are you doing up?”

She quietly replied, “Nothing; I can’t sleep, I thought if you weren’t asleep, we could talk some more.”

I twisted around to fluff my pillow and the sheet slid down to my lap, exposing my nice tan upper physique – which I noticed her eyes drank in all they could.

“Sure, come in and sit down,” I replied. “I just woke up.”

She sat down in the chair by my bed giving me a good view of her crotch. I could see her dark hair through her little thin white bikini panties. She looked absolutely scrumptious; her brown shoulder-length hair was pinned back revealing a nice long neck. Her nightgown was low cut and thin enough that I could make out her dark erect nipples perched on the end of her nicely developed istanbul escort breasts.

Her eyes kept glancing down at my cock. I was really starting to get aroused at this point, and I’m sure she could tell. I was lying on my back with the sheets pulled up to my waist. By now it was half way hard, so I reached down under the sheet and pulled it up so it was laying flat against me. The whole time her eyes followed my hands and watched what I was doing.

I pulled my hand out from under the sheet and smoothed the sheet so it would show my eight inches better.

“Sorry, I have to get things situated down there.” I explained.

She just let out a cute little giggle. We quietly made small talk and once in awhile I would rub my hand over my penis just to watch her eyes follow what I was doing. It was fully erect now, and she seemed to be getting aroused at the sight of it. My cock head is barely covered by the sheet at this point. She was looking at it as if she was hoping it would finally break free of its shroud. She realized that she was staring at it when she glanced up and caught me watching her with a smile.

Embarrassed, she quietly apologized. I reached out and took her hand and said, “That’s ok, there’s nothing to be sorry about.” She began feeling my hand and seemed to enjoy the contact. I’d forgotten how nice a woman’s hands felt – so soft and warm.

As she looked at me timidly, I gently pulled her hand towards me, encouraging her to lean closer to me so we could kiss. She responded to my urging and slowly leaned closer until our lips met. Hers were hot and full; I could tell she was very aroused.

While we were kissing I took her right hand and put it on my cock, still covered by the sheet. I rubbed her hand gently on it for a while, then I let go and she continued on her own, rubbing and gently squeezing it; her touch felt so good. Then I pulled the sheet down, revealing my cock in its full naked glory. Without hesitation, she wrapped her hand back around it and it felt even better with her bare skin on mine. Instinctively she started stroking it.

With a low breathy voice I declared, “Oh… that feels so good.”

I knew if she did it faster I would be shooting sperm clear to the ceiling in no time, and I wanted this to last a while. My hands quickly found her breasts; I rolled and squeezed her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

“It’s so big and hard.” she whispered. Then she took her other hand and began feeling the tightly stretched skin on the head of my swollen shaft, and said; “This is as soft as a baby’s skin.”

I said, “Yeah, rub it on your cheek and feel how warm and soft it feels.”

She bent over it slowly, and I could feel the wonderful sensation of her warm cheek rubbing against my cock. I watched her stroking it and rubbing the cheek of her beautiful face on it; I couldn’t hold back a quiet hum. I was thinking ‘I’m going to cum all over her face if she keeps this up.’ Then she turned her head and started rubbing her lips on it and kissing it.

With my heart about beating out of my chest I said, “Go ahead, put it in your mouth and suck on it.”

She opened her mouth and put the head in and started sucking hard. She was obviously inexperienced at this, so I told her, “Don’t suck real hard; suck it easy while sliding your mouth up and down on it.”

She complied. She also slid her one hand up, rubbing her fingers gently over my abs, then on up rubbing and squeezing my pecs. I slid my hand down to explore her panties and rub her inner thighs as I lay there enjoying what, I imagined, was probably the first blow job she’d ever given anyone. I told her how good it felt.

I was thinking, ‘Should I cum in her mouth without warning her what was going to happen’ or maybe I should say, “I’m going to cum – just swallow it,” but decided that that was stupid and that she might not even know what cum is. Then she stopped sucking and looked up at me and smiled.

So I asked, “Do you want to get in bed with me?”

Without saying anything she crawled over me; I helped her get under the sheet. We lay on our sides facing each other. I started rubbing her lower back then down across her wonderful ass. I was thinking how I’d like to roll her over and stick my throbbing cock into her ass. All the while, I was pulling her close to me and pushing my rock hard cock against her pussy. We started kissing; I could taste my cock on her mouth.

I told her, “I want to make love to you so bad.”

Nervously she said, “I’m a little scared – I’ve never done it before, will it hurt?”

Reassuring her I said, “No, I’d be slow and gentle.”

With my fingertips I gently started tracing her panties; first the elastic waistband then down to the leg; I ran my finger under the elastic around to the back and felt her nice cheek. I worked my fingers between her cheeks to her asshole and gently pushed one into her avcılar escort ass; she moaned with pleasure at the feeling. We laid there and made out while I finger fucked her ass; she was humping against my hard cock and moaning with excitement. I pulled my finger out of her and rolled her onto her back, then I slid my hand up to her hip and hooked my thumb onto the waistband of her panties. I began pulling them down, and she raised her butt up to help me slide them off. I put my hand on her pussy and rubbed my finger into her slit. It was swollen, hot and juicy. She was definitely ready for her first time. I gently swirled my finger around her clit, feeling her body quake with enjoyment.

I rolled over with my knees between her legs. Then I slowly lowered down on top of her; my big bad boy didn’t need any help – he knew where to go. I could feel my big cock head entering the warm juicy lips of her pussy. I worked it in and out with shallow strokes for awhile, savoring the moment while letting her get used to this big hot monster that was getting ready to violate her. Slowly, I pushed it in a little further then back out, and then in more. I could feel it start to enter her tight hole, and she moaned a little. I pulled it back out allowing the juices to lubricate my head better. Then I pushed until my head was all the way in that wonderful tight hole. She moaned and hugged me tighter. I pushed it in about half way I thought she was going come off the bed.

I asked her, “Are you ok?”

Panting with delight she said, “Yeah, it feels so big.”

I pulled it back out a little then put it in all the way, She bit into my chest and let out a muffled cry at the pain of her hymen being torn and the sensation of her little virgin pussy being stretched wider than its ever been stretched before. She felt so good, I could feel her tight little pussy wrapped around every inch of my rock hard cock. I slowly pumped it in and out of her thinking how nothing in this world feels better than this.

She really started enjoying it and said, “Please don’t stop, this feels so good.” Then she started pumping with me and moaning louder. I could tell I was about to cum, and I could tell she knew something was about to happen too. Then I erupted inside of her; it felt like I ejaculated a whole pint inside her, even though that’s not possible. I lay there on top of her, helpless, feeling my cock throbbing on its own as it ejaculated every bit it could. I rolled off of her and kissed her.

“That was wonderful” she said, “We’re going to have to do this again.”

With a slight chuckle I said, “Oh, we will; just sneak in here, anytime.”

“I will, but I better get back to my own bed now before Mom or sis finds out what we did.”

I gave her a kiss and said, “Ok, goodnight.” She found her panties and got out of bed. I gave an approving moan when she pulled them up over her nice butt. She looked back at me and gave a little smile, then snuck quietly out of the room.

I lay there for awhile, then decided I’d better go to the bathroom and wash up. I pulled my robe on, walked down the hall to the bathroom, and proceeded to wash off. As I was drying, I was startled when the door opened. It was Sally.

“What’s the matter, having trouble sleeping?” She said. I quickly tried to get rid of the towel and close my robe.

“Uh, no. I’m just using the bathroom.” I was wondering if she knew Suzy was just in my room. She closed the door quietly behind her, locked it, then walked closer to me. I could see she had only panties on under a sheer nightgown.

We stood there facing each other, then she put her warm soft hand on my bare chest, moving her fingers back and forth and said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man.” My cock started growing again as soon has her hand touched me.

Not knowing what else to say I replied lamely, “Oh, really!” She reached down with the other hand and started rubbing my cock through my robe.

“You know what I want to do?” She asked seductively.

Playing along I said, “No, what?”

“Oh,” she said, “I have my toys, but there is no substitute for when I have the taste for sucking on a nice young hard cock until it cums, and to swallow every drop.” She squeezed a little when she said cock.

I’m thinking, ‘Oh, mama.’ I put my hands around her slender waist and pulled her against me. I could feel my dick up against her warm crotch. She pushed her pelvis against mine. I moved my hands around to her butt, feeling her nice skimpy string panties.

We stood there for a while kissing and doing the dirty grind on each other. She was a good kisser, trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth. This lady wanted to suck on something real bad. We pulled away from each other a little. Then she moved her hand down across the front of me, opening my robe as her hand went down to my exposed cock. While she stroked me slowly with her warm soft hand, she started kissing my neck; şirinevler escort she kissed her way down to my nipple. She sucked on one for awhile then sucked on the other, flicking my nipples with her tongue.

Then she kissed her way down across my rippled abs, going to her knees. She just knelt there in front of me just looking and stroking my erection slowly, savoring the moment. With her other hand, she lifted my nuts up to her mouth and started licking them. It felt real good. Then she sucked one of my nuts into her mouth.

She started masturbating me harder like she was milking my cock. I was thinking she wanted to get it as hard as she could before she started sucking on it. I noticed a little semen coming out of the tip of it from her hand action, and thought it must have been lingering from my recent encounter with her daughter. Then I started getting paranoid. Would she realize I had just screwed one of her daughters, or perhaps she would just think I jacked off recently?

She stopped sucking on my nuts and looked at the head of it and without any hesitation licked the semen off the tip, making a faint hum sound. Then she started licking and sucking down the side of my 8-inch shaft. She let go of it, but it didn’t matter at this point; it was hard and pointing straight at her face as if it was saying, come on suck me, suck me.

She looked up at my face and smiled with excitement and said, “Wow, what a cock! What do you want to be when you grow up, little boy?”

I could only imagine what I looked like; my mouth was probably hanging open with anticipation. She took the head of it in her mouth sucking slightly, giving a moan of pleasure; she reached both hands around to grab my butt. Sucking harder she pulled it further into her mouth – I mean way in her mouth. This lady was thoroughly enjoying doing this. It really turns me on to be sucked by someone who enjoys it. I could feel her squeezing my cheeks and she put the tip of her finger in my asshole. She grabbed hold of my shaft with the other hand and started stroking it slowly, all the while sucking, moving her mouth up and down on it. She wasn’t just sucking – she was doing something with her tongue too; she was a master at this. I thought I died and went to heaven, it felt so good.

When I get a good blow job I feel a tingling clear down to the bottom of my feet and I was definitely feeling it now. I had to lean back against the counter before my knees buckled. Then she started sucking harder, masturbating faster and moving her head faster. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I shot a load down her throat. I could feel that my cock was getting harder. She was really getting into it; she was moaning with delight because she knew I was close to coming.

Suddenly, I cut loose, and I couldn’t believe what a good orgasm I had since I just had one not too long ago. I wished I could have treated her to the huge load I just shot in her daughter. She kept sucking and swallowing like she didn’t want to loose one precious drop and that was fine by me – it felt so good.

The hardness was going away when she took it out of her mouth, then she took one last lick and suck on my shrinking head.

She stood up and said, “That was good.”

I said, “You’re telling me. That was probably the best head I ever had.”

Leading me by the hand she said, “Glad you enjoyed it. Come to my room now and we’ll continue this.”

I said, “I won’t pass up an invitation like that.” We went in her room and she took off her nightgown and I slipped her panties off of her, revealing her shaved pussy. I had her sit on the edge of her bed then I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her crotch. She spread her legs and leaned back on her elbows so she could watch me devour her cunt.

She tasted nice and sweet like strawberry; apparently she was planning on me doing this, or at least she was hoping. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I licked her clitoris until she was screaming with joy. I find it hard to believe no one heard her climaxing – hell the neighbors probably heard her.

She scooted up in the bed and pulled me on top of her then reached down and guided my hard-again cock into her juicy pussy. I shoved it in violently to her enjoyment.

She hugged me and said, “Fuck me hard, fuck me all night long.”

I love a woman that tells me what she wants, and I love delivering it. She felt so good and I could tell she liked what I was giving her. She climaxed again and I soon followed.

We stopped kissing long enough for her to say, “I want you to keep your big cock in me all night; I’ve needed this for a long time.” We made love and slept together all night. I went back to my bed just before everyone got up.

I went to sleep for awhile, and woke up to a quiet house. Everyone was gone to school and work. I suddenly realized how late I’d slept – it was almost ten o’clock; poor Sally had had to go to work without much sleep. I got up, put on just a pair of shorts and went in the kitchen and ate a bowl of cereal. Then I went in the living room and channel surfed for a while; nothing good was on, as usual. I kept thinking about the night before and how I got a cherry and an excellent blow job and some really good sex, all in one night. Not bad for my first night back.

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