Outdoor Adventures with Hot Wife


Outdoor Adventures with Hot Wife”Another drink, Urvi darling?” I asked, stroking my wife’s half exposed thigh under her pleated skirt, throwing a furtive glance at the middle-aged couple seated about fifty feet away from us across the balcony seating area of the restaurant we were at overlooking a deep valley.”Noooooo, Rishi.” Urvashi shook her head with her eyes half-closed, rubbing my hand with hers and helping me stroke her thigh. “Too much.”The husband was trying his best to pretend he was not staring at my newly-turned-30 wife’s legs and cleavage whenever he got a chance. He looked like the typical new money businessman from Delhi, and whatever little I had overheard of his conversation with his plump sari-clad wife confirmed that he sounded like that too.For over an hour, I had been plying my wife with alcohol while keeping mine moderate. In the three hours that we had worked our way through a leisurely five course meal, I was still nursing my third whiskey-soda while Urvashi had just downed her seventh vodka-tonic. My 6 ft 2, 200 lbs frame seasoned by years of occasional binge drinking was barely even buzzed. But my 5 ft 3 medium built wife with her legendary lightweight tolerance was very sloshed.For two reasons. First, that it was my turn to drive the entire weekend, since this was HER 30th birthday weekend. And second, that more than a few drinks inhibit my ability to bang my wife as often and for as long as I would like. And that night was rapidly building up towards a majorly legendary romp session. Perhaps our finest since the initial days of dating.”Come on! One more! You just turned 30, and there is no Abir to take care of. And I am driving.” I said, kissing Urvi deep on the lips and moved my hands further up her skirt, stroking the moist crotch of her panties. She shuddered while kissing me back sloppily.The businessman stared even more as we made out. His lump of a wife threw another nasty glance in our direction. But I didn’t care.”Uncleji likes your legs.” I whispered, breaking the kiss.”I know. I’ve been toning…notoning…no…” Urvashi held one finger up to gather her thoughts. “…noticing. Just like old times… sake’s.”She finally got the word out although she mixed a couple of idioms.”Yup, just like old times.” I said. “So just like old times, another drink?””Okay!” Urvashi nodded her head speaking in a falsetto voice. “But then we go…fuckkkkkkkkkkkk”She had whispered the last word in my ears in a throaty voice and fondled my half-erect dick from over my pants. yes, she was almost ready for the kill.I beckoned the waiter over and ordered another drink for her and coffee for me. And we sat exchanging sweet nothings, caressing each other, kissing, and continuing our prolonged foreplay on the open-air balcony of the fancy restaurant. As the uncleji got his voyeuristic rocks off and his matronly wife kept getting more and more upset.This wasn’t the first time Urvashi and I had done something like this. It had just been many many years.We had started dating 8 years ago when Urvashi was a fresh-faced attractive young recruit straight out of engineering college, and I had been working in the company that recruited her for 2 years. I had been assigned as her mentor.I had been attracted to Urvashi’s buxom beauty and infectious confidence from the first day we met. From the way she looked at me and flirted with me, I knew I had a shot. Once I ascertained that she was single (and newly single just like I was then), I went for the kill.The mentorship turned into dating within 2 weeks, a serious relationship in six more months, engagement in another year, and marriage in 18 more months.Three years of courtship had been an absolute blast. We rarely fought. Our tastes were the same, be it in food, entertainment, literature, or the kind of friends we hung out with. And what I loved the most was that unlike the typical demure and sexual tentative young woman from India, Urvashi was a tigress in bed.One of the things we realized early was that we both loved teasing others. Urvashi was a bit of an exhibitionist who loved wearing low cut tops and short dresses and skirts whenever the setting was safe enough. She liked being admired by a bunch of men, without letting it go any further.So we’d often do stuff like this in clubs and pubs and big posh parties in Delhi. Making out, flashing some skin (nothing X-rated), fondling each other, etc.I too loved the ego boost I got from watching other men check my girl out without ever feeling the need or even the desire to share her with anyone. My large imposing physique meant that no one usually tried any hanky-panky either. A couple of times some drunk guys felt the urge to go beyond just enjoying the show, they ended up with black eyes and/or broken jaws.”Waiter! Bill!” the matron across the balcony barked, throwing us another dirty look. I pushed my hand further up my wife’s thigh in defiance.The waiter fetched their bill after bringing Urvashi’s drink and my coffee. The couple left soon, with the old man casting a long wistful look at my wife’s legs one last time.I checked the watch. It was almost midnight. Urvashi was sipping her drink, humming random songs as was her habit after getting drunk. We kept making out, getting bolder now that we were the only couple on the open balcony under the clear sky lit by a full moon. The waiters had been very professional and kept their distance.”Rishiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” she closed her eyes and moaned as I slipped a finger inside her panties and stroked her clit.”Like it?””Hmmmm.” she nodded, leaned over and put her head on my shoulder allowing me to finger her under the table. I looked around to make sure the waiters were still keeping their distance. Then I did something I hadn’t done in almost half a decade.I moved my other hand under her skirt and inserted my fingers in the waistband of her panties. And I gently tugged. Immediately, I felt a little resistance as Urvashi’s body stiffened.Damn, I said to myself, just when I thought the old Urvashi was back.Towards the end of our courtship and then in the first year of our marriage, Urvashi had gotten progressively wild and adventurous in our teasing games. I still had some boundaries I wanted to push and if we had continued down the path, we would’ve crossed them for sure.But then Abir happened. I love the little tyke of course, but a baby son changed our lives in ways we had never imagined. or rather, he changed Urvashi a lot. It was expected, of course. In the first year or two, babies are almost completely dependent on their mothers. Urvashi got hit by post-partum pretty bad. Plus our financial situation with home mortgage and car loans meant she had to go back to work. She compensated for the guilt of leaving our k** in daycare by spending almost every waking moment with him. Our sex life took a hit.And Urvashi, previously so self-confident, developed body image issues. Although she wasn’t fat by an means and she lost most of the baby weight, she wasn’t the svelte size 2 she used to be. She got rid of the little pot belly soon, but the padding on her ass, waist, and boobs remained. Personally, I loved it. But she had a tough time fully coming to terms with the fact that she’d probably never go back to the even 100 pounds that she had been for years.On the relationship front too, our fights, once extremely rare, became…not frequent…but much less rare. It’s something most new parents have to deal with.This long weekend in the foothills of the Himalayas a few hours from Delhi was something we both had decided would be a “reboot”. Abir was old enough for us to leave with her sister for a few days. Urvashi had hit the big three-O just a few days before in the company of friends and family so the occasion was appropriate for a couple’s retreat. And since it wasn’t yet the peak tourist season, we’d find the mountainous resort town in a state of relative calm.From the moment we left Delhi, it had seemed like the reboot was working. We were back to being as cuddly as we used to be. With no k** to worry about for the entire 72 hours, we could drink and have sex whenever we wanted. The mountainous air and the gorgeous vistas added to the romantic element. And most importantly, Urvashi was again acting the way she used to when she was my girlfriend, and not like a mom.So where was I? Yes, tugging at my wife’s panties. And her body stiffened.But then it relaxed. And I felt her ass lift itself slightly off the chair. I chuckled and slipped her panties off, putting them in my pocket. And I got back to focusing on her clit. And inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy which was delightfully wet.”Fuck!” Urvashi said after a minute or so, her head still on my shoulder. “I am about to…””About to what?” I asked, kissing her forehead.”Go Magarararayan.” she slurred.”You mean go Meg Ryan?”She nodded, breathing heavily.Urvashi hadn’t used that phrase, “going Meg Ryan” in years. It’s what she referred to as her intense loud orgasms.”Go for it!” I said, doubling down with my fingers.”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Urvashi bit her lip and started.It wasn’t quite vintage Urvashi in terms of loudness. But the waiters noticed. I saw a couple of them turn their heads from inside the glass doors 60 feet away and whisper among themselves.”I need fucking.” Urvashi said breathing heavily and stroking the bulge in my pants that had developed as a result of watching adıyaman escort my newly 30 year old MILF wife cum in a public place under the moonlight.”Me too!” I replied and made a check sign in the air looking at the waiter.A couple of minutes later, Urvashi had downed her eighth drink and I had downed my sobering coffee. She held on to my arm as she walked in tentative steps. Her skirt, a short pleated one I had gifted her just for this weekend, swayed, giving glimpses of her thighs. An inch of cleavage peaked naughtily out of her tank top under which she wore no bra. As the waiters did their best not to stare, I wondered if any of them had seen me slip her panties off and knew that my wife was not wearing any underwear at all.I helped Urvashi into the driver’s seat and buckled the seat belt.”Driver, hotel!” she said to me. opening her legs and flashing me her pussy.”Yes, memsaab.” I said, and started driving.Ten minutes later, I was worried to note that Urvashi was almost half-asleep as I drove through the serpentine mountain roads. I wondered if I had overdone the drinks. I wanted her horny and pliable, not passed out.Soon, we reached our destination. The car stopping made Urvashi came back to her senses partially.”Hotel?””Not exactly.” I said.”Rishhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!” she whined. “I am hornyyyyyyyyyy!””Me too!” I said, getting out of the car and then opening the door.”Where…are we?” she asked as she took a couple of unsteady steps out of the car on a dark road with tress all around us.”Butler Point.” I said. “I have told you about it before. I used to come here all the time with my parents when we came here on holidays. And then a couple of times with my college friends at night. A lovely look-out point ten minutes walk up this path. It has a couple of benches. And a nice railing with a great view of the valley. Lovely breeze too. OWWWWWW!!”Urvashi had kicked me hard on the shin with the toe of her high heels even as she clung to me for support.”Asshole, I am like…like porny like a horn star…and you’re fucking taking me sight…sight singing…” she yelled drunkenly.I reached over with my hand and loudly spanked her naked ass. Then I put my hands behind her knees and picked her up in my arms.”Urvi, you mean horny like a porn star. And I am also hard like a porn star. Which is why instead of driving you back all the way to the hotel, I want to fuck you up there. Under the moonlit sky.””Ah!!” she said, locking her hands around my neck.It had been a fantasy of mine since my younger days to have sex at Butler Point. Any such public location would have done too. But back in Delhi, we didn’t really get secluded locations that were safe. And on other occasions when we had gone out, even during our dating days, Urvashi had drawn the line at sex in public. Flashing some skin, yes. Making out, yes. Nudity, no. And sex, hell no.So now you get the hidden agenda behind getting my wife super drunk and horny. I was betting on her inhibitions being lowered enough that she’d beg me for it. I’d be able to fuck her out in the open in the mountains. And then, maybe coax her into giving anal sex another try. We had initiated it a few times but she had always stopped me before any meaningful penetration happened. But one thing at a time.I carried my wife up the trail path, my erect dick poking against her waist. I even raised her up by the knees almost upside down to admire her beautiful her naked ass looked with her skirt back hanging below it.”I’m heavy.” Urvash slurred. Oh no, this was not the time for her body image issues to return.”Shut up! You’re sexier than ever!” I said, and then to demonstrate that she wasn’t heavy, I twirled her body behind my back and then back to the front like figure skaters do.Bad idea. She retched and coughed a little with all the booze sloshing about inside her. But it subsided.”You dick, don’t show off.” she slapped my cheek lightly.About 50 feet from the top, my cellphone started ringing. I ignored it.”Answer it!” Urvashi said.”It can wait.” I said, stepping up my pace as the benches and the railing came into view.”Could be Abir about…about Abir.” she said in her motherly voice.Fuck! If the little tyke had chosen this moment to create a situation with his aunt, I swore I’d put him up for adoption.”Unlikely.” I said, now almost close to the railing.”Please sweetie!” Urvashi begged.”Fine.” I said, putting her down.Urvashi swayed a little, holding on to my arm. I fished out the phone which had stopped ringing by now.”It’s not your sister. It’s Sharad calling from San Jose.” I said, showing her the screen”Our CFO?””Yup.” I said slipping the phone back into my pocket.”Fuck him!” Urvashi said throwing her right hand in the air behind her shoulder.She stumbled a little, but stabilized herself. Then she walked towards the shoulder high railing, bent forward and pushed her chest against it, thrust her ass back, and gyrated it invitingly.I sprinted over, rubbing my crotch. As I did, my phone buzzed for a couple of seconds, indicating there was a text message. I barely registered it. I got to where my wife was standing. Threw the skirt over the wist, exposing her lovely smooth inviting ass. Put a couple of fingers in her pussy to make sure she was still wet. Turned out she was almost leaking. A bent down to give her clit a couple of licks as perfunctory”Ahhhhh!” Urvashi moaned, and then yelled at the open valley “WE ARE GOING TO FUCKKKKK!!””Hehe, shhhhhh. Someone might hear us.” I said, putting my arms around her and on the railing.I rubbed my hard 7 incher against her naked ass through my pants. I reached around and rubbed her boobs over the tank top, which she was wearing without a bra at my coaxing earlier in the day.I kissed Urvashi’s neck at the spot she loved and she moaned. I felt her nipples harden under my fingers.”I am so fucking wet!! Forget the foreplay.” Urvashi growled. “Do it already.””As you say.”I pushed Urvashi’s shoulders so she was leaning over the railing. I started unzipping my pants to free my dick when suddenlyRINGRINGRINGRING”Fuck! I should have just put it on silent.” I said, reaching for my phone. The timing could not have been worse.”Abir???…” Urvashi said, slurring, her spit dropping into the valley below.”Has to be Sharad.” I said, my dick now about to enter her.”Just check…” she said, switching from whore to madonna again. She was still bent over, ready to get to the fucking if all was clear.”Fine.” I fished out the phone. It was Sharad obviously.But then I saw something else. The text message he had sent me flashed on my screensaver. It said.- 911. MAJOR 911. SORRY. CALL ASAP. MAJOR 911.”Motherfucker!” I swore loudly.”What?” she asked. “Abir?””No.” and I held the phone in front of her face.As you can guess, the code for a big urgent emergency in our company was 911. Our bosses usually didn’t call us when we were on vacation or late at night. But if they did, it was important. And it was REALLY important, the cod was 911.Sharad, our CFO, was in San Jose working to close a deal that was really important for our company. I had worked on the proposal with him. I knew he was scheduled to met the clients any time now. And a 911 meant he needed my help with something.”Motherfucker.” Urvashi agreed. “Well, you call to have to…I mean…CFO after all…”She knew how important the deal was. She knew I had to call him back.Leaving my dick out in the cool air, I called back, hoping it would be something really quick.”Yes Sharad?” I said.”Rishi, I am really really REALLY sorry to call at this time. I know you and Urvashi are on a special holiday. But trust me, I had no choice. I cannot find the quotes with the new specifications. Didn’t you email them to me?” he said, sounding tense.”I did. Yesterday.” I said, not hiding my annoyance.There was a short silence.”I checked again. I don’t see an email.” he said.”I swear I sent it.” I said, as Urvashi lifted her skirt with her hands, and wiggled her naked ass at me.”Okay okay.” he said, sounding defensive. “I don’t know what happened then. Can you read out the key numbers to me right now? I am about to head into the meeting in like fifteen minutes. They are all there. Even their CEO.””Fuck” I said, cursing my luck. “I am away from my car and my laptop is in it.””This is really important, Rishi.” he said, now an edge to his voice.”Fine. Give me ten minutes and I’ll call you back.””Again, I am really sorry, Rishi.” he said and hung up.”What?” Urvashi sulkily asked without turning around.”Honey, I will be back really quickly.” I stroked her wet pussy lips. “I need to go back to the car and read out some stuff to Sharad from my laptop.””Hmmmm…okay.” She said in an exaggerated sad voice. But even that drunk, she knew the importance of what the CFO wanted.”You stay right here. Don’t move. I will come back and mount you without as much as a how do you do.””Promises promises.” she said, some more drool dripping down her mouth.I turned around and jogged down the path leading to the road where I had parked my car. It took me eight minutes and I was about to unlock my car when the phone rang again. It was Sharad again.”Hey Rishi, I found the email. I had accidentally archived it. Sorry to bother you.”If he weren’t the CEO, I would have let loose a long stream of profanity right at that moment.”Oh cool. Do you need anything else?” I asked instead, relieved afyonkarahisar escort that at least I could.”Nope. Good night. Say hi to Urvashi for me. And sorry again.””Good luck.”I hang up the phone delighted. Now I could go back instantly to my horny wife and mount her under the stars and the full moon.I started sprinting up the trail path when I remember the shorter steeper way from my c***dhood. While my parents lumbered up the trail, my brother and I would climb up the steep edge, holding on to rocks and vines. I hadn’t taken it while going up because Urvashi was too drunk. But now, every moment counted.The other steep route took me to the side of the lookout point instead of the back, the way I had left. Pulling myself up rapidly but cautiously, I climbed up the final stretch, which was behind some leafy trees. I was at Urvashi’s 4 o’clock, about 40 feet away, behind a thick cover of leaves and shrubs.”Chale hi jaana hai nazar chura ke yun…toh thaami thi…” I heard Urvashi’s drunken voice singing a Bollywood melody about separation.I was about to step out of the woods and sing the next line when I froze. She wasn’t alone. There was a man standing quietly about 20 feet behind her. I peered carefully to see who it was. And under the moonlight, I could make out a cop’s uniform. He was staring curiously at my obviously drunk wife, who was still exactly the way I had left her, leaning over the railing, looking down into the valley. She was clearly oblivious to his presence.Looked like a constable, not an officer, probably on his nightly rounds. Looked about 50ish, maybe about 5 ft 6, with a big paunch, balding head, holding a wooden baton in his hand.This put paid to an hopes of having sex out there, I thought. In fact, Urvashi was drunk. And although I had chugged coffee, I am sure that it could be smelled on my breath too. I hoped we wouldn’t get a ticket or a fine, or even thrown in jail. Cops in these parts were notoriously strict about drunk driving.I was about to step out but something stopped me dead in my tracks. A big gust of wind came and made the back of Urvashi’s pleated skirt billow up. Her naked ass was visible to me and the old man for about 5 seconds before the skirt fell back in its place. As Urvashi didn’t try to push the skirt down instantly, this confirmed that she didn’t know the old cop was there.The old man’s mouth fell wide open as he stared at the gorgeous sight of a beautiful young woman’s naked buttocks. And I just found myself rooted to my spot, unsure of what to do next. Then I saw him slowly start taking steps towards Urvashi. What was he doing?He took a few steps softly, not making any noise. Urvashi was still leaning over the railing singing. He reached right behind her. He then looked around, scanning 360 degrees a couple of times. I was still standing quietly behind the trees and shrubs so he didn’t see me.He then moved his hand and slipped it under Urvashi’s skirt, feeling her naked ass. I froze. My first instinct was to go, yell at him and kick his ass, cop or no cop. I could take him. He was like a dwarf compared to me. But my feet had turned to lead. And then I heard Urvashi say,”Mmmmmmmmm…you’re back.”She thought it was me. The cop didn’t say anything. He moved his hand lower and poked her cunt with his fingers. Urvashi wiggled her hips.”Yes, still wet and waiting, lover.”The man looked around again. That’s when there was another gust of wind. This time the back of the skirt blew up and stayed on her back, exposing her ass. Trembling, the man put both his palms on her ass. Urvashiw as clearly too drunk to realize that the palms on her naked ass were much smaller than mine.”What happened to fucking me without as much as a hello?”This question indicated that she still thought it was me. And it could have been me. But I was just mesmerized by this turn of events. My only pedantic thought in response to her question was, I had said ‘how do you do’ not ‘hell’. This creepy old man was brazenly feeling up my young hot wife. And now she had essentially just invited him to fuck her without realizing who it was.Would he dare?Turned out he would. He immediately fished his hard dick out of his pants. I saw that it was about an inch or so shorter than mine but considerably thicker.He wrapped his fingers around it, bent slightly in the knees and placed it at Urvashi’s cunt lips.”Hmmmmmmm…finally!” Urvashi said, still bent over, staring into the abyss.There was a tornado wreaking havoc in my brain. What was I doing? Why was I just standing there? I had never fantasized about seeing my wife with someone else. Teasing, yes. Sharing, hell no. So why was I not stepping out to stop this? And why the fuck was my dick harder than ever before?He didn’t need another invitation. The old man plunged his entire dick into my wife’s wet vagina in one stroke.”WOW!!” Urvashi moaned as her body jerked forward. “You seem so…so harddddd! And thick!!”I saw the old man smile without making any noise. He then started to fuck her really hard.”Mmmmmmhhhmmmm…yeah baby!” Urvashi loudly moaned. Her tits were half spilling out of her top. Her hair was forming a veil around her face which was still staring downwards. “Fuck me like that. Hard!! So hard today!! NNNNGGGGGGG!!”And I still found myself unable to move. I just felt a throbbing in my head and a throbbing in my loins.”Ahhhhhh!” the old man finally groaned himself as his skin started slapping against my young wife’s ass.And Urvashi froze. This was the first time she realized that it wasn’t me. The old man also realized that he had given himself away and froze. Urvashi turned her head and her eyes widened as she saw who her new lover was.”Who…who are you?” she asked in a terrified whisper.”Police constable Lallan.” he said, and then started ramming her cunt hard again, driven by a****l instincts.”Saali dhandewaali! (Fucking prostitute)” he added derisively in Hindi. He thought my beautiful career oriented wife was a lady of the night! Considering the way he had found her, not surprising. “Grahak bhaag gaya kya? (Did your customer run away?)”I waited for the other shoe to drop. I waited for Urvashi to scream, screech, cry, protest so that I could then step in and stop this.Imagine my shock then when she just turned her head away, grabbed the railing even harder, and continued to get fucked without any protest.Lallan was delighted that she hadn’t raised an alarm. Now that he had her tacit sanction, Lallan decided to examine her breasts. He rolled down Urvashi’s tank top. Her boobs spilled out.”Softly!” she complained when he reached around, grabbed her tits and squeezed them really hard.”Shut up, whore!” he growled in Hindi.I expected Urvashi to take offense. But the slur seemed to turn her on even more. I noticed that she was now humping her ass back to meet the old man’s thrusts. The back of her skirt, resting against his paunch, was folding and unfolding with the motion. My wife was cheating on me right in front of my eyes. Without even thinking about the fact that I might be back any minute. And I was letting it all happen.The old man started ramming her pussy harder, grabbing on to her tits, looking around to make sure no one was coming. But…”AHH!! AHHHHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”Instead it was Urvashi who was actually cumming. And loudly. Going Meg Ryan. I had tantalized her all night and now this random old cop was getting to enjoy its fruits.Urvashi’s tits swung back and forth over the railings as she moaned her way through a powerful orgasm. The hardest I had seen her have in ages. I assumed part of the stimulus was this taboo situation that she had inadvertently landed herself into.The night air was full of obscene sounds of their skins slapping against each other. And their grunts and moans. I noticed the old man land one final thrust, and then his buttocks clenched and stayed in place. Looking at the insanely erotic sight of Urvashi shuddering through an orgasm had set him off too. He was shooting his seed inside my wife!! Bareback!!And I was just standing there with the biggest erection of my life watching this all unfold.Once the old man got done cumming at the same time as Urvashi, he leaned forward and stayed like that, his chest resting on her back. The two of them breathed heavily for a minute.”My…my husband…” Urvashi slurred, still sounding drunk. I wondered if she had seen me.”Husband??????” the cop said, shocked.”He’ll be back soon.” she said.Right away, I slipped down the path. I decided to give her a little time to compose herself and the cop some time to escape. No point making a scene over something I had tacitly allowed to happen, even enabled. And had the power to stop at any time. I would talk to Urvashi about it later when she was sober.I climbed down all the way and then started walking up the main pathway. I made sure to step on a lot of leaves and twigs, and also started whistling to give an indication of my impending arrival.When I reached the lookout point, I was surprised to see that the old man was still there. He was sitting on the bench. And Urvashi was sitting a few feet away from him fidgeting with her hands. They seemed to be talking in hushed tones.”Hey!” I said, walking into view as if nothing had happened.”Hi sweetie.” Urvashi said in almost a rehearsed. “This is Mr. Lallan. Police constable.””Hello, constable.” balıkesir escort I said,”Hello sir.” he said politely. “I was on my night duty patrol.”Obviously, by now, the air had been cleared. Urvashi must have explained to him that she wasn’t some lady of the night, but a married woman here just holidaying with her husband. As to what they discussed about the sex they had ended up having, I had no idea.I looked at both of them with a polite smile, nodding like an idiot. Then I went and sat on the bench next to Urvashi. I could still smell him on her. I looked at him. He was lookng far into the distance. Having just fucked a man’s wife, he was sitting in his company a few minutes later.I noticed that he seemed more smug than guilty. Maybe it was a power trip for him to stick around and the meet the saab after fucking the memsaab. Police constables in india are usually poor, not very educated, and don’t move in the same social circles as white collar folks like us. before tonight, I can’t imagine there ever having been a scenario in which he would have gotten to even touch someone like Urvashi, leave alone fuck her like a dog.”He…he heard me singing. And then came.” Urvashi said, putting her head on her palms. She still sounded drunk. I wondered if it was a Freudian slip or deliberate.”I was just making sure she was okay.” he said. “Lots of jackals in these parts.””Thank you.””Sir, are you…have you consumed alcohol?” he asked, now sounding stern.”No.” I flatly lied.”Sorry, I have to ask. Because memsaab here is clearly.” he made a sign of tipping his thumb into his mouth. And then chuckled. Urvashi didn’t say anything. Just loked at the ground.He then just sat there quietly. Made no move to get up and leave. or to ask us to leave.I could sense the tension between them. He had just taken advantage of her. And she had let herself get taken advantage of. Was it just a one time drunken mistake? Or was this an accidental glimpse into my wife’s character?In our job, we traveled a lot alone. And she was beautiful. I wonder who else had showered attention on her and if she had given in. Was Abir even my son? Wait, what was I thinking?”Did you get Sharad what he wanted?” Urvashi asked after a minute’s silenc.”Yeah…well actually…”I had a brainwave. I decided to conduct an experiment to test my wife’s character. or at least that’s what I told myself.”I just came back to tell you that I need to call him again. So I will be away for about half an hour. You can come with me and wait in the car.””Ok.” she said, starting to get up.I was a little relieved. I had given her an exit route and she had taken it. So then I surprised myself when the following words came out of my mouth.”Or…if Constable Lallan doesn’t mind sticking around for a bit to ensure your safety, you can sit here and enjoy the breeze and the view. I will be back.”The two of them exchanged a quick glance.”No problem, saab.” Lallan smartly said. “We are here for your service.”Urvashi paused for a few seconds and then sat down again indicating her acceptance of the plan.”OK, so I will be back.” I said.My heart was thumping as I walked away. What had I done? Was I really just testing her or was I actually hoping for something to happen again?When I climbed back to my vantage point using a short cut, I saw a sight that made me feel heavy in the heart and also turned on. Things had progressed rapidly in just a few minutes.The old man was still sitting on the bench. Urvashi was now sitting on his lap. Her top was rolled all the way down to her waist. Her nice big tits were in full view and Lallan was sucking her nipples one by one, drooling all over them. Her head was resting on his shoulder.Lallan started rolling up her skirt as well. She lifted her ass and allowed him to roll it all the way up. Now her clothes just formed a circular bunch around her waist. Her naked ass was resting on this old man’s lap. Her legs were parted so her shaved pussy was totally exposed. And he was sucking her tits while fingering her.I wondered in Lallan had forced her into this second encounter. But that doubt disappeared when Urvashi reached out with one hand and fished his dick out of his pants. With her hands, she started jacking it off to make it erect. He moaned happily. She was always good with her fingers. Soon the old man was ready to go again.”Chodu kya phir se? (Should I fuck you again?)” he asked.”Haan.” she replied.He effortlessly lifted her off his lap in two arms and laid her down on the bench, on her back. Urvashi was cooing and moaning already. He held her knees wide apart and then entered her.I watched my wife’s tits move in a circular motion on her chest as the old man fucked her pussy at a rapid pace. He kept looking at the path to make sure I or anyone else wasn’t coming.”Badhiya mammey diye hai uparwaaley ne (god has blessed you with an amazing pair of tits)” he said.Urvashi was clearly enjoying herself. With one hand, she squeezed her boobs, and with the other, caressed his bearded cheek. When he let go of her legs and leaned forward, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deep into her.They fucked like that for 5 minutes. i just watched, my dick hard and leaking precum.”My back is hurting.” Urvashi said.Lallan took his dick out and sat on the bench. Urvashi got up, stood between his legs, turned around and faced him. Then she put one foot on the bench outside his thigh. Then the other one on the other side, and stood up unsteadily on her high heels. There stood my wife, nearly naked, about to willingly ride a horny old cop for no reason whatsoever. I recognized this position. She grabbed his balding head for support and then started squatting. Then she lowered her ass on his lap. Making sure of course that his thick long dick entered her pussy.And then, putting her hands around his neck, she started jumping up and down on his lap, making his erect dick piston up her cunt at a rapid pace. Lallan for his part was thrusting his hips upwards to match my slutwife’s motion.I watched this latest development, feeling angry as well as horny. This was far beyond a drunken impulsive thing. This time she had been seduced at leisure. And she had consciously chosen it.My wife was a slut. Did she just become a slut? Had she always been a slut? Those questions could wait.For now, I had other priorities. The plan at the beginning of the night was to get Urvashi drunk and horny enough to have sex in public, and perhaps coax her into anal sex. the way I saw it, she wouldn’t require much coaxing.I walked out of the tree cover, making a discernible sound. Lallan saw me right away and froze. Urvashi, still drunk, took some time to realize it. She kept going the way she was, her nice round fleshy butt slapping against his thighs, her cunt happily accepting this stranger’s dick, bareback.Then she heard me approach. And she stopped in mid air, Lallan’s dick only halfway up her twat.Her eyes met mine. She gave me the most lustful smile, the kind I hadn’t seen in years. The smile I had missed. I smiled back. Her eyes went down to my crotch and she noticed the tent in my pants. She smiled again. I nodded and held up two fingers. She nodded this time. Her eyes locked into mine, she resumed riding the horny old cop.I unzipped my pants walking towards them.”Sir, listen…I didn’t…” Lallan said tentatively.”Shut up.” I said bending in my knees and positioning my dick right behind my wife’s asshole.I spat on my dick a few times and started pushing it into her asshole.”AHHH!!” she cried out, but it wasn’t all pain.She lowered her knees onto the bench. Leaned forward pushing him on his back so her face was right above Lallan’s. Her drool fell inside his open mouth, which he didn’t seem to mind. And I sensed a purposeful relaxation of her butt muscles as my dick surged in.I don’t know if it was the booze or the fact that Lallan’s thicker dick had already relaxed her insides, but I had relatively little trouble planting most of my 7 incher all the way inside her ass.”You folks are crazy!!” Lallan said, as he resumed pummeling my wife’s cunt with his dick.”Are you complaining?” I asked, now starting to gradually fuck my wife’s tight asshole in gentle strokes.”Not at all.”As our two dicks assaulted Urvashi’s cunt and ass in alternating strokes, her butt started grinding itself in circles.”FUUUUUUUUUCK!!” she said and shuddered.”Meg Ryan?””AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” she responded with the actual thing, and continued for almost thirty seconds as she got DP-ed.Lallan, Urvashi and I were there together for another couple of hours. During the DP, we reversed positions at Lallan’s request. We flipped her around, and lowered her asshole first onto Lallan’s dick. And I rammed her pussy with my hands pulling her hair as we stared into each other’s eyes.We fucked like that for about twenty minutes, by the end of which Urvashi had 2 more orgasms. I came first inside her sloppy cunt, and Lallan who had already cum inside her once that night, shot his seed into her ass to bring that session to a close.Lallan and I shared a smoke while Urvashi took a nap naked on one of the benches for about half an hour. Then we made her suck our dicks as we stood side by side under the moonlight. And then DP-ed her again for a good 45 minutes bringing her to 4 more orgasms. At the end of it, she just passed out, exhausted and drunk.Lallan finally had to get going. He accompanied me down the path carrying Urvashi’s clothes as I carried my naked u*********s wife down to the car.As I dressed her up and put her in the seat, she woke up long enough to just say,”You…I love you…but…we need to have a talk.””Yes, we do.”I kissed her again and let her sleep as I turned the car towards the hotel…..

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