Outdoor Fun


Outdoor FunI think we all know where the cruising spots are in our local areas. There was one such place near me, maybe a half hour’s drive away, frequented by gay men and kinky dogging couples. It was a secluded lay-by that contained a toilet block, well hidden from the main road and plenty of surrounding forestry for outdoor fun! I had heard about this place from overheard conversations, and my mind immediately wondered what happened there after dark.So, one weekend I decided to take a trip there to find out for myself. The last rays of light were casting long shadows as I pulled in off the main road and parked up, and wandered around the picnic area. I could see that there was about three other vehicles parked well apart from each other along the lay-by, with all of their inhabitants sitting in the driver’s seat, observing me from afar. I sat there for maybe five minutes or so, enjoying the last of the dying light, then decided to go back and sit in my car for a bit. I had been seated for a couple of minutes, when the driver of the vehicle directly in front of me got out and slowly ambled in my direction. I could see that he was a man somewhere in his fifties, overweight and short. He arrived at my open window, and nonchalantly asked if I would like to go into the bushes for a wank! Wow! No small talk, straight down to business. I could feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment, but I replied, ‘Sounds like fun. Sure.’I locked up my vehicle and followed the forward gentleman into maltepe escort the wooded surroundings, finding a patch of rhododendron bushes that were littered by tattered tights, stockings, empty bottles of poppers and crinkled up condoms. I nervously looked around to ensure that we hadn’t been followed, and then proceeded to unzip myself and take out my rapidly hardening cock. The stocky little fellow quickly unbuckled his belt, popped his top button of his jeans and unzipped himself, pulling both his denims and underwear to the ground in one quick motion. His cock was pink and flaccid, uncut, sitting under his hairy bloated belly, waiting to be caressed into life. I reached out to gently stroke his member, feeling it get hotter and twitch into life as I rolled it around between my fingers. Meanwhile, he reached out and grabbed my now fully engorged cock and ever so slowly rubbed my shaft up and down, putting in a little twist at the end of each stroke, making my whole lower body tingle in excitement. As we were slowly fondling each other, it didn’t take long for my companion’s cock to reach it’s full length. He was probably only about five inches in length, but he had a good girth (his cock matched his body shape), and I had an overwhelming urge to see what my friend’s cock tasted like. I removed his hand from my excited penis, undid my own trousers and pulled them to the ground. Then I went to my knees, his short fat cock bouncing inches away from my face. I slowly escort maltepe rolled back his foreskin to examine his pink helmet, then placed a kiss on the tip of his penis, my tongue lapping over his piss slit, before putting just the tip into my hot and eager mouth. My tongue rolled around the rim of his mushroom tipped cock, before partially taking him out to lap all over his tip, then slowly taking in a little bit more. Within about thirty seconds, my nose was up against his neatly trimmed pubes, the top of my head bouncing off his big belly! I worked up a steady rhythm, and he gently rocked his hips in time, my hands grasping firmly into his ample buttocks. He was quite vocal, moaning and grunting, enjoying face fucking a man at least twenty five years younger than himself. After about a couple of minutes of my tongue working his nice fat cock, he grabbed me quite forcibly around the back of the head; I knew what was coming next!His balls rose up slightly towards his body, his cock twitched in my hot mouth, and I could taste something very sweet as he let out a guttural moan of pleasure. A few more little spurts of sweet, runny cum shot from him and I eagerly lapped his offerings up. I was surprised initially that there was not more spunk, or that it wasn’t exactly thick and creamy, but I would later find out this was not his first orgasm of the day, and I was tasting the last offerings of his man juice that he had to offer. I released him from my mouth, only to work maltepe escort bayan my tongue over his softening cock, lapping up the mixture of my own saliva and his cum, giving that fat cock a nice wet kiss.I stood up, my own cock pointing out towards the portly chap, already sticky with my pre-cum, he reached out to continue where he had left off wanking me a few minutes before. He made no attempt to pleasure me in any way other than his own expert hands. I was so aroused and turned on by this point, it wasn’t going to take much to send me over the edge towards my own orgasm. He slowly wanked my throbbing cock by the twilight, staring me right in the eye, putting in that gorgeous little twist at the end of every stroke. My breathing got heavier, the tingle was starting; it felt like butterflies were flying out of my backside!’Oh, God! I’m cumming!’ I moaned. He aimed my member away from his body, and my orgasm shot into the undergrowth and the darkness, shot after shot, roping into the woodland. Exhausted, I removed his chubby fingers from my still twitching cock, unable to take any more, overwhelmed by the ferocity of my orgasm.And with that, he pulled up his own underwear, buttoned himself up and said that he should be making his way back. I did the same, and we started to make our way back to our parked vehicles. I asked how many times he had cum that day, and he confessed to at least three times, thus explaining why he was less than viscous, but sweet tasting, nonetheless. As we reached our cars, the lay-by had a few more vehicles parked up. I said farewell to the older man, and on my drive home through the darkness, I no longer wondered what happened in this little corner of the world after darkness fell…!

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