Owned by the roomate p2


Owned by the roomate p2I woke up still dress in the pink sissy outfitmy hands up and st****d to the bed head locked up in my chastity pink cage and my dildo toy in the pussy insert , my tight panty keeping it in deep with loads of cum from the basket team who used me last night20 dollars bills inside my panty making me a skirt of some kinds , halves of the bills hanging outside all around my panty line”good morning cindy, you slept well girl?”my roommate back from the restroomsitting right on me in the bed”look at all that money you made last night, you are such a good girl”his bbc all washed and clean smelling soap getting closer to my head as he move sit on me on my stomach his bbc on my face , rubbing my face and calling me the perfect lil white sissy for big black cock”lets count how much we made last night”one bill at a time he started to count”one cum load in my sissy””two cum load””three, four …10 cum loads in my sissy””wow baby you did such a nice job””is there more? did you had more than 10 loads?”looking at him , his bbc resting and moving on my face slowly as he reach in my panty to find more moneyand he got nothing i had 10 cum loads last night apparently and i felt shy him counting them and getting 20 buck each time i was cum inside”okay and here how many did you get”pulling my pink frilly top looking inside”oh i knew it you little cocksucker swallowed one in that sissy mouth””two in that pussy mouth””three in that cunt face””four for my hungry sissy, five , six , 7 ””and 8 my little cock sucker”he took all the money and put it in a jar on his bedside tablei was feeling so slut , 10 loads in my ass and 7 in my belly he pushed his cock in my mouth and smile at me down my head on the pillow face fuck slowly ”you are such a nice sissy, i always wanted to train one to be my sissy pet””when i talk to my baskett team they all insisted to pay me to meet you and see of you wanted some cocks””you did such a great job, we are going to make lots of money , they are txting me this morning to thanks me and now if they could pass by”I listen mouth open feeling weak my body not mine anymore but his propertyhe sold me and i took them all in me , money as a proof and knowing how much cum load i took made me feel a slut ”you are my princess slut i cant wait to go out at la senza and choose you knew stuff my little sissy girlfriend””you made so much cash i think we can buy you a whole knew undies collection ””i want you in sexy panty at all time , you cant present yorself to me without wearing one you understand”and i nod his bbc in my mouth”you belong in panty , hidding your cage inside and your pussy , we both know you prefer being a girl””yes you do look at you so happy a black cock to suck on in the morning””you slept with your dildo inside i bet you want to be fuck dont you girl?””you want me to fuck you ?”i just kept sucking and moaning of approval, i did wanted a real cock in me ”tell me , your toy isnt enought anymore?””nooo i want a real cock , fuck me please””ahah i told you, you are a girl”and he move between my legs lifting me on on pillow legs spread my strap on my wrist untied and my ankle tied insteadlegs up ass up spread and strap by him he fucked me in my panty rubbing my cage like a pussy”you such a good sissy girl, you take me so good baby””look , in and out like that so easy, this is a nice pussy , you love your new pussy ?”my pussy insert strapped on me since yesterday when i tried the sissy kitand it just stayed in me, turning my ass into a real pussy, i coudnt stop looking at the cute pink rubber lipse taking cock and my ass opening at the same time ”you gonna keep this pussy clean and always ready to be fuck baby””oh yes you will , this is what you want ””to be fuck by nice big black cock””oh fuck you so good im going to cum baby, you feel so wet, we gonna keep you full of cum like a good sissy””ahhhh ahhhh fuck yessss all in my sissy girl like that yessssss””oh yes right there moan you so sexy taking cum ””oh shit you so hot i cant stop fucking that pussy, i just cant its your fault istanbul escort , this is your fucking fault, you take cock and my cum inside your pussy so well”i was looking at him fuck me hard and loading me pushing cum down in me his cock still nice and hard kept fuck and looking legs spread at my master teach me to be his dolli spent the day at school dripping cum in my cute pink sissy pantyi was so shy so affraid to be caught when the 2 guy from the basket team invited me to go out for lunchwhispering in my ear they have big loads to swallow for lunchaway in a parking not far from the schooli was sucking on the backseat sit between them in my pink panty only my bulging cage inside the panty pouch rubbed on calling me a useless little white sissy and pussy insert fingered the crotchless hole alway offering the lipse pink pussy up panty designed for little sissies made me so easy to be fucki was help head down on a cock the other helping me doggy spitting on his bbcand i was fucked good and slow in my pussy toy , him enjoying it grunting he needed my pussy turned around mouth and pussy wet help open up easy and moaning like sissy loving cock”shes so cute, i love sissy, i tought it was just on porn site before mike told us about you””we all gonna keep this a secret and you can be our sissy forever”i was listening and i knew they all wanted this , some were in couple and just wanted to fuck , all loving my pussy insert to fuck in secret i worshipped them all lunch talking girly and being them girl , cindy the good little sissy lovig black cock was getting created every time a little morebbc pumping in me turning me into a craving slut just wanting cocks to play within cage unable to touch i learn to get pleasure from cock in me instead and loved it more and more ass up offering it on my own to both of them i was back in the class after school like nothing happened . i jad 2 bills in my panty after taking them at lunchdripping 2 loads from my pussy insert in my boxer day dreaming of the rest of the basket teami was listening to the teacher when my name was called on the intercomi had to go at the teacher officei knew exactly why when he was outside waiting for me to get out of the classalfred the older black guy teaching math walk me toward his office”come with me i need to discuss your grade”he close his door and locked it pushing me toward the chair i was bend over his desk, knees on the chair ”lets see if iam right about what i saw in the parking at lunch”he undress me into my sissy panty , my toy lipse out of the panty crotchless hole ”holy fuck you have a pussy ? you slut got fucked by Jay and Pete this lunch break didnt you , you are dripping cum like a slut””omg what is this ”he turn me sit on his desk my panty open my lil cage for him to see”you are in a cage wow what are you, what did they do to you, is that money ?”getting out 20 bills from my panty looking at meand i got on my knees looking at him my hands opening his pants”show me yes , show me what you are sexy ””oh fuck yes , yes suck me i need this , been a long time ””just relax and be quiet , i love cock ””oh my god i cant believe this, you like to be fuck in that pussy often by them i bet”nodding like a slut mouth around his bbc sucking my older black married teacher”i had white teen from my class before but you are something else wow””here ass up on my desk babby gimmy that cunt, daddy will fuck you good”i obey and shook my ass on the air my pussy insert making him horny he saidand i was fuck by his nice strong black daddy cock good and deep slapping on my bubble ass calling me a slut for daddy”that pussy so nice you keep it there all the time to get fuck ?”and i moan yes looking backsmilling like a lil sissy in heaven”i get fuck in secret and i love it””oh i bet you are , i bet they fuck you every day”i feel him getting bigger and bigger he flip me legs spread on his desk and used the dick tape in his drawer to gag me making 2 turn over my mouth and did the same with my hands ”in this world there is lots avcılar escort to understand, like you realized it now , you just a fucking dumb slut for everyone to fuck ””it happens to lil cock white boy every year so dont be thinking you are special or else it just happen to be mike to find you ””you gonna leave here with at least one more of these 20 bills in your panty like we all agreed to, i just want you to know that i love fucking bitch like you too ”i listen him pounding hard making my pussy make noiseand to my surprised i cum in my cage suddenly looking at him moaning under the take wetting my lil panty pouch ”did you just cum? ”looking up like a sissy doll cuming on daddy bbc ”oh fuck you did , mmmm cum getting fuck babby you love this cock”raggdoll bouncing on his desk looking up and in bliss at the older black teacher fucking hard in the sissy to make her cum againmy panty pull my cage out dripping wet ”you will cum again before i do ”and i watch him fuck me up, watching my face like he wanted to see me cum on his bbc againhe cum in me and get his cock out back inside his pants”now get dress and leave sissy. go meet other cocks like you do slut”i dress and got out owned by one more black cock leaving school not wanting to go in the last courseno instead i was walking back to the appart it was a nice sunny day and i felt good in the sun my pussy dripping cum feeling like a dolli light myself a cigarette entering the public park trail i passed near a big black chubby daddy walking his dog ”hey scuse me but you have another cigarette?””oh yes sure”i open my pack and give one to him ”its a cute dog, on my knees petting his cute yorkshire””yes he is a nice buddy i feel alone since the wife died””oh im so sorry for you”turning my head toward him i saw in his sweat pant a freaking big bulgei look up at him smiling like i had found a treasure and he look at me down on my kneeshe look around and there was no onehe just took it out and feed it to me”here shhhhh you want this stay down like that open up boy”pumping in my mouth a couple of time holding my head firm in his hands”we cant stay here lets go to my place”i just followed this stranger daddy, his bbc was at least 9inch and so nice i wanted morei endup on my knees in front of the couch, him drinking a beer and smoking sucking slowly and wet on his nice big cock”mmmmm i needed this real bad , i dont meet often but sure love white small boy sucking me like that”sucking him with pleasure liking how gentle and carring of me he was”i want to be fuck by you ”turning and showing him my pink panty pussy out of the hole rubber insert ”holy fuck come here you little faggot slut”and i was feeling the tip get in”ho my god its like you have a real pussy ””fuck look at that cute pussy you have, yes it likes my cock ”moaning like a girl looking back at him mounting me pumping hard but slow in the pussy, in and out , watching my pussy take his 9 inch up like a real one”you walk around wanting cock , here you have it slut take it now”and i moan loud and under his hard fast violent pounding crawling on the floor untill i fell on my stomach legs spread pounded into the floor like he wanted me to break in half”like that like that , take it wore take that bbc like a fucking stupid slut ”moaning under him plunging and bouncing on me tap tap tap tap crashing on me face on the floor on my stomach ass up and ****d by a strong fat black daddy and his 9 inch pole of poweri twitched , i cry realizing i was going to cum , and he would continue thinking i loved itand i squeal and twitch him grunting on to pof me cumming as i squirt and become in love with his monster cock pourring in me so much i made a splurting sound when he got outturn me legs up and put it back in”ready for round 2 bitch?”and he watch me ass i drip cum from my cage into my pouch a clear wet cirle forming him pointing it to me ”you are wetting your panty little girl?”moaning pounded legs up my panty getting all wet him asking me if i always cum like a girl”its very sexy i could watch you take şirinevler escort my cock all day”i moan and look at him stretch me like a open house for cocksuntil he got out and feed me his load deep in my mouth ”good girl , good girl , yes take it , swallow sexy , its yummy , yes good girl show me open you mouth”taking his cock outand watching me show him all was in my belly alreadyhe rubb my pussy asking me if i wanted to come back here again”do you always wear this ? and panty? i kinda fucking loved it””i could be gentle too if you prefer and come back for some of this”when i went back to the appart i was slap and put on the kitchen table exmine ”only 60 dollar and you are open like you took 10 cock?””were is my money slut get dress in this and dont come back until you have filled these panty up with cash do you fucking get it ?”and i was thrown out in legging with a small blueue top my pussy insert form visible from my back clear and bulging the tight leggingsi went in my car and drive to places it was late and i wanted to go back to my bed i found no one and was on a random park sit on the bench when i saw a silhouette walking in the dark he was tall and walking in mechanics outfita black guy , my hearth was lit as i got on my knees ass up on the bench waiting for him to walk by me”not here is all he said before pulling me to a bushy place and stripping my leggings””fuck i hit the jackpot tonight””its 20 its 20 if ahhhhh ahhhh fuck 20 please its only 20 please ahhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ””shut up ill give it to you bitch just be quiet there is the night team working at the warhouse there i cant be caught””okay okay daddy just fuck me mmmm ahhhh ahhhh its good i love you cock”in quiet moaning for him , loving his nice watm cock in my pussy sleavei got fuck good and hard feeling him pound me just the way sissy slut love”this is nice , like a real pussy”fuck like a bitch on the grass face down ass up for random str8 guy wanting to unload in secrethe cum in my mouth before leaving me laughting at me happy thanking himputting a 20 in my panty calling me a easy wore and to be back here when i want after him it was easy , i was waiting and met other worker sliding 20 in my panty balls empty in the same dark bushy spot walking out to wait for another onei was full of 20 bills in my panty sucking 2 daddy bbc at the same time, moaning i love cock in a random car near the parkthey lived together and i learn they had teach sissy boy before and wanted to give me some clothi was so eager to see it i never was afraid to go back at their placei was entering a big house and i was walked to a room i was soon fainting my nose covered by something i woke up and i wanted to stretch my arm and legs but coudntin the dark of a room not able to move i yelled and i had a girl voicemy light open ”oh you finally woke up”and i was help liftep up like a doll so easysit on his cock looking down feeling dizzy i had big titties bouncing i look at the mirror infront of the bed and i panicki had no arms no legs only half of it ending in little pink pompomsi cry looking at the mirror , i had no cock and a pussy fucked deep up and down my little libs moving the pompoms as he called me his cute doll ”daddy will always be there for you my princess”lifting me up and down on a 12 inch bbc making me pass out and wake up bouncing helpless on the bbc, titties bouncing up and down as i moan like a girland i woke up in a bed with the 2 daddies , it was a dream , i walk to the restroom and look at me my hearth still pounding from the nightmarei had cum in me and was dress in a disney pijamathey had fucked me all night like a pass out real doll sending me dreaming of getting turned into a real onei went home quiet taking back my money on the table still wearing the pijama not knowing where i was and in the bright sun mike was proud of me when he look at me in disney pijama my panty full of cash”thats my good sissy””took you a while but i bet you made new friends and it will be easier tonight”i went to sleep mike fucking me ass up in my bed telling me i can sleep if i want, he would cum and sleep toohe cum quick watching me dream , his little fuck toy he had train was really going to make him some good cash i was in my room getting fuck all day mike watching netflix getting the money and helping new random str8 black guy to hus sissy secret worethey all love me and i learn to accept it was what i do best

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