Oyster Creek Ch. 02


Daniel stared at the gorgeous girl in front of him.


“Yup!” she giggled up at him, extending her hand. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Porter-Michaels.”

He took her hand, shaking it as if she were a new acquaintance and not someone he had just filled with his cum in a train restroom.

“Why didn’t you tell me who you were?”

“You never asked.”

“Actually, I did.”

She grinned. “Ok, you never asked when it was your turn to do so.”

He shook his head, extending the handle on his suitcase and starting to walk with her towards the exit of the station. It was gone five o’clock, and had just started to grow dark, the gloom not helped by the thick layer of cloud that sat over the land.

“But seriously, how come you didn’t tell me who you were?”

She paused. “To be honest with you I thought it might stop you from… well, fucking me.” She shrugged. “I thought you were hot, and I was unbelievably horny. When I saw you staring at my tits I thought there was a chance I might get to fuck you, but then I realised who you were. I didn’t want you not to follow through just because I was an employee.”

“So you avoided telling me your name.”

“Exactly. I decided I’d deal with the consequences afterwards, because right then my only thought was getting your cock inside me.” She turned to grin at him. “And, frankly, I don’t regret a thing.”

“As you shouldn’t.”

They reached a set of stairs, and Daniel pulled his luggage up them. The station was nearly entirely deserted; a few people sat in the warmth of the waiting room rather than on the platform, and a single attendant sat behind a glass booth looking bored out of her mind.

He and Jenny moved towards the exit, saying nothing as they did so. Daniel was still taking it all in. He wasn’t particularly bothered by the fact that the girl he had just fucked was his employee — though there were probably some legal and ethical issues there he was unaware of — but rather that it meant he would be seeing much more of her. He was trying to wrap his head around how potentially amazing that was.

“Well, since I was supposed to meet you here to discuss my new shop, perhaps we ought to talk about that a little.”

She laughed. “Probably.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s on Main Street, which is about four blocks from here. If you’d like I could open it up tonight, show you around?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Perfect, I’ll see you there at seven? Just ask any cab driver for the general store — they’ll know where you mean.”

Daniel looked down at his luggage. “And do you know anything about my hotel? I was told nothing when I left.”

“Wow, your family must really hate you,” Jenny laughed. “Ah, sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s fine. You’re right; they do.”

“What on earth did you get fired for?”

Daniel cocked an eyebrow. “Do you really want to know? You might disapprove.”

“Well now I definitely want to know!”

“I was fucking my boss’s secretary…”


“… who was also his wife.”

Jenny laughed. “How often? Like, once?”

“More than that… maybe ten or twenty times more than that.”

She giggled again. “I can see why they fired you, though I bet you have no regrets.”

“Not really. I hated that place anyway.”

“Well, you’re staying at the Mountain Inn. I booked the reservation in your name.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you at seven, Jenny.”

She stared at him a moment, a glint in her eyes. “So… you like to fuck co-workers, huh?”

“I suppose I do.”

“I can live with that.” Then she turned to leave.

Daniel watched her go, a smile playing across his face.

I like this girl.


The hotel was pleasant enough, though rather lacking in amenities. Daniel would have rather been placed somewhere more luxurious but, given the details of this posting, he suspected his comfort was not at the forefront of his family’s mind. They put him somewhere he had a bed to sleep in and that was pretty much it.

He collected his key from the receptionist and headed to his temporary home. Sliding the card through the lock, he pushed open the door and strolled into the reasonably-sized room. Not too bad, actually.

It could have been a lot worse, at any rate. It was clean, with what looked like a halkalı escort comfortable queen-sized bed, and large floor to ceiling windows that looked out over the centre of Oyster Creek. From his fifth-floor vantage point he could see nearly the entire town.

It was of a decent size. Wikipedia had told him before he left that it had a population of a few thousand, and was the biggest town for a good hundred miles in this part of Oregon. A few taller buildings stood in its downtown, but even those barely hit ten floors. This place wasn’t tiny, but it certainly wasn’t a hive of activity, either.

Then again, I might enjoy that. I hated London, after all.

Daniel stepped away from the windows, setting his suitcase down on the bed, and glanced at the bathroom. It, too, was better-apportioned than he had been expecting, with a large walk-in shower and marble counter with a mirror. It had no bath, but that didn’t bother him as he never used them anyway.

He returned to his bed, rummaging through his luggage until he found his laptop, and quickly plugged it in. Connecting the Ethernet cable, he booted it up, and sat down to compose an email. He felt that despite everything he ought to check in with the company to let them know he’d arrived.

‘Here at the hotel in Oyster Creek. Going to look at the shop later. Will check-in soon.


P.S. Hope you suffer horrendous car accident and die, you fucking bastard.’

Daniel paused, then bit his lower lip. Shaking his head with a sigh, he deleted the final line and sent the email.

He stood, stretching his arms, before thumping down onto the bed. He really wanted to sleep, but a glance at the alarm clock told him he did not have enough time to do so before his meeting with Jenny.

“For fuck’s sake,” he growled, pushing himself back into a sitting position. He climbed to his feet, grabbed his mobile phone and room-key and left the hotel. There he waited for the cab he’d asked the receptionist to call on the way out, and directed the driver to the general store.

The journey was uneventful, and he climbed out of the car at seven o’clock exactly, handing the driver a ten dollar note and telling him to keep the change. One thing he’d have to get used to over here was the lack of colours on the notes. Though that’s probably the least of my concerns.

Jenny was waiting for him, still wearing her long, grey coat.

“Hi!” she said, stepping forwards and waving him towards the door. “Let’s get inside; it’s cold out here.”

Daniel took a moment to look at the shop’s façade as she unlocked the door. It looked faded, but not entirely unpleasant, although the sign looked a little worse-for-wear. Blinds were down on all the windows so that he could not see inside, but the outside looked bearable. A lick of paint and it’ll be fine.

Jenny had opened the door, and Daniel strode through, pleased to feel the warm air after the temperate outside. It wasn’t exactly freezing out there — certainly when compared to the UK at this time of year — but he’d forgotten his coat so it wasn’t particularly pleasant, either.

She switched on the lights, bathing the shop in fluorescent glow, and he bit back a snort. The place was a mess; boxes were scattered over the floor, and dust had collected on the exhibits. The shelves were lined with tat; from plastic tourist nonsense and postcards, to stuffed animals and hunting equipment.

“This place is a disaster,” he breathed, and Jenny murmured her agreement.

“I’m sorry you had to see it like this,” she said at last. “I’ve been trying to improve it since I started here, but with no contact with the money-men back in your home country it’s nearly impossible to get anything done.”

“How have you managed to keep it open?”

“With great difficulty. We get barely any customers; sometimes we can go days without a single one.”

Daniel looked at her, impressed that the place still existed at all.

“But now that you’re here,” she continued, gesturing in his direction, “we’re kind of hoping we can make some changes.”

He grunted in assent.

“With your approval, of course,” she hastily added.

“Of course.” He grinned at her. “I’m not someone who’s been sent over to make your life hell, Jenny — I’m here because the company nişantaşı escort need me out of the way for a while. Seriously, I can unlock the cash reserves this place has, but at the same time I’m not going to fire you.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“So, how many employees do I have now?”

“Three… well, four. There’s three full-time staff – myself, Claire and Rodrigo — plus one part-time — my sister Lucy.” She paused for a moment, regarding Daniel. “You know, you ought to come to mall tomorrow. My sister will be there; it’ll be good for you two to meet if you’ll be working together.”

“She works there, or…?”

“She does different jobs at different times. I don’t try to understand her patterns.” Jenny grinned at him.

“Alright, I will.”

“Excellent. Now,” she motioned him to follow as she headed towards the back of the store, “there’s something you’ll want to see.”

He obeyed, moving through the doorway at the rear of the shop, into a cluttered and dark storage room beyond. Jenny turned on the light. It was even more of a mess.

“There’s your office,” she sighed. He glanced at the small room, set into the corner of the larger space. It had floor to ceiling glass windows — though blinds would mean he could get some privacy if he needed it — and a single window that looked out onto the staff car park. He moved closer, and shook his head.

“That’s going to need some work.”

“Tell me about it. I never used it because I couldn’t be bothered to clear it. There must be decades’ worth of stuff in there.”

She was right, too, Daniel could see. Junk was piled high in the dirty room, and though he could make out the shapes of a desk and a chair, there was little else he could discern. He’d need to chuck most of it away, of that he was sure.

He turned back to her. “I think we’re going to need to keep this place shut for a while, though I still want everyone turning up each day. There’s a lot of work to do. A whole facelift; we need to change everything, from the layout to what we sell. This place is a relic.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jenny nodded. “Do we have the funds for all that?”

“I’ll look into it, but places like this tend to keep money aside. I suspect you never heard about it because you weren’t technically the owner of the store. I’ll get us the cash.”

“Excellent. It deserves better, this store.”

Daniel smiled at her as he realised that she really meant it. To him, this was just a dirty old store he had been sent to as punishment, but to Jenny it was something more. Maybe I’ll grow to love it.

He laughed faintly at the idea.

“You alright?” Jenny was looking at him, an eyebrow raised.

“Yeh, I just thought of something funny.”

“Not this again…” She giggled.

“Well, we’re not on a train now, and I see no restrooms, so perhaps we ought to give this one a miss.”

She looked down at the ground. “Yeh, this place is filthy. I’m not sure I’d want to be on my back against this floor.”

Daniel laughed at the imagery, then motioned back to the front of the store. “I suppose we’re done here for today, Jenny.”

“Fair enough. Do you want a lift back home? I brought my car.”

“Oh, thank you. Yes, that would be great.”

“Follow me then.”

He did so, watching her figure as she led him from the store. They paused on the pavement (sorry, sidewalk) briefly so that she could lock the door, before she turned to him with the set of keys.

“These are yours,” she said, pressing them into his palm. “I have another set at home — but I’m sure you’ll want to be able to come here without relying on me to open it up for you.”


She set off then, walking back around the side of the store to the rear parking lot, where a single red car sat waiting for them. Its lights flashed as she unlocked it.

Instinctively Daniel went to what he thought was the passenger’s side of the car, then turned on his heels as he remembered his mistake.

“Going to drive, are you?” Jenny laughed.

He shot her a mock-glare. “It’s not my fault you have your steering wheel on the wrong side of the car.”

“Hey, do you want a lift or not?”

Daniel laughed. “You got me.”

He climbed in the correct side of the car, buckling up as Jenny sat down next to şişli escort him. Soon they were on their way, the journey easy as there was virtually no traffic.

The hotel parking lot was devoid of life as Jenny pulled into it, only a handful of cars dotting its bare asphalt. Clearly, this was not a busy time of year for the Mountain Inn.

She pulled up alongside the guest entrance, and turned to Daniel with a smile. A thought occurred to him as he undid his seatbelt.

“Would you… like to come in for a while?” he ventured at last.

She glanced at her watch and scowled, looking up at him with genuinely sad eyes. “I’d honestly love to, but I promised I’d meet Claire in ten minutes.”

“Ah, no worries.”

Daniel turned to open the door, and was pushed back into his seat as Jenny put her foot on the accelerator. She flew round to the far side of the car park, pulling into a dark bay and turning off the engine.


“I don’t have time to come inside, Dan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blow you.”


She bit her lower lip and leaned forward as she unclipped her seatbelt, her hazel eyes shimmering with a mixture of amusement and lust. Her hands were instantly on his jeans, unhooking his belt for the second time that day, and before Daniel could say a word she had his cock firmly in her grip.

“Seriously,” she murmured as she leaned forwards, parting her lips to allow his rapidly-growing member to pass between them. Her mouth felt fantastic, his cock soon hard as she bobbed her head, and her tongue caressed his length as she devoured him.

“Oh my God, Jenny. That’s amazing.”

She moaned onto his length, the tiny vibrations causing extra thrills to run through him, and Daniel lightly rested his hand on her head as she took him further into her mouth, the tip of his cock slipping into her throat. She did not gag as he rested there, and he could only cry out his appreciation.

She pumped her fist on his now-wet length as she pulled back, leaving only the tip of his cock still between her lips, her tongue running over it. Daniel groaned again. He reached out with his right hand, running the fingers over her back through her t-shirt, before slipping them round to her front. There he grasped one of her large breasts, squeezing it as she once more took him into her throat.

The feeling caused her to moan again, which in turn caused Daniel to sigh in pleasure as the feeling caused her throat to vibrate. He was in heaven, and he closed his eyes a moment to enjoy the sensation.

“You’re fucking good at that…” he sighed, opening his eyes and staring down at the beautiful brunette.

She turned her head and winked at him, kissing down the underside of his shaft. “I know.”

Daniel groaned again and glanced outside. It was dark now, and they were hidden in the shadow of the parking lot’s far corner. Unless someone was standing right by the car they’d have no idea what was going on, and yet Daniel still felt that extra little thrill that he wasn’t meant to be doing this.

“You keep that up, Jenny, and I’ll come.”

“Mmm… good. I want to swallow your cum, Dan.”

She took him into her mouth again then, bobbing her head more rapidly as her fist pumped along his shaft. He breathed out heavily, and gripped the side of the seat with his left hand as his balls began to tighten.

“Fuck, Jenny, I’m… fuck!”

He gripped Jenny’s t-shirt as his cum erupted from his cock, spilling into Jenny’s mouth. She moaned as she tasted the milky liquid on her tongue, and Daniel groaned out his delight as he came. His orgasm was potent, his mind revelling in the blissful feeling, and as his cream spurted into Jenny’s mouth he cried out.

He sank down onto the seat as his climax faded, grinning as he watched Jenny swallow down his load. She licked her lips, shifting back onto the driver’s seat and buckling her seatbelt.

“I’m sorry I can’t come in, but I hope that made amends.”

“It more than did, Jenny.”

She smiled mischievously at him. “I’m glad to hear it. Now, get out of my car. I’m supposed to meet Claire and you’ve made me late.”

“Sorry,” he laughed, before pausing. “You know, I’ll have to return the favour sometime soon.”

“That you shall.” She turned the engine back on again, and turned to face him once more. “And don’t forget, Dan — meet me at the mall tomorrow morning. Eleven o’clock.”

He climbed from the car as she stuck it in reverse. “See you tomorrow.”

“I look forward to it,” she giggled as he shut the door, and she drove quickly from the car park.

Daniel turned to the hotel, and with a smile playing across his face, headed in.

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