pantiesDear sissy, We are pleased to announce that applications are now invited for our new improved courses of PANTY THERAPY. We can promise that each course will be specially designed to help transform the participant into the sissy their heart desires. Before you apply you must sign the disclaimer below: I hereby state that I hope to become completely feminized and promise to follow all the instructions assigned to me by my training matrons. I shall not hold the organization responsible for any problems which arise as a consequence of my treatment in the knowledge and accept that the process of completing the humiliating tasks assigned to me will help me become an obedient and pretty sissy. Signed Sissy There are a variety of courses you may sign up for and we are confident that that at least one of them will appeal to you Basic courses:1. Intense knickering: a 6 week course supervised by Mistress alsancak escort Cassie who has great experience in reducing her subjects into pathetic wimps by her patented process of making her charges become increasingly slaves to the sensation wearing panties. The first twoweeks of the course train the sissy to be able to wear panties during the daytime. Week 3 and 4 are devoted to allowing the panty slave to build up a collection of the finest panties. Week 5 and 6 will see the subject being “knickered” by one of Mistress Cassie’s chosen training assistants this will involve the panty slave being stroked by the training assistant using their own panties thereby bringing the subject close to climax, but then leaving the sissy alone with their thoughts and forbidden from any form of sexual relief. 2. Panty Bag treatment: whereby the aspiring sissy konak escort is taught to spend up to three hours locked into one of the matron’s specially prepared panty bags…this course is recommended for sissies who have achieved level 2 status by successfully completing the 6 week Mistress Cassie’s intense knickering sessions (see above). 3. Shopping training: an essential training course including sissy etiquette when out shopping for lingerie and female clothing as well as tips for when visiting the beauty salon (see below for extracts from our “Guide to sissy shopping.”) 4. Meditation and self reflection: where the sissy learns the ability to reflect on her sissification and to abandon any residual masculine thoughts through a process of meditation,self-reflection and self-hypnosis.5. Face sitting: our youngest matron Anna who recently joined göztepe escort us from our Japanese Academy will be pleased to test your ability to focus on the panties she is wearing whilst sitting on your face. 30 minute session are recommended to begin but Anna promises up to one hour for sissies who are well behaved and that as a special treat she will remove her panties at the end of a session urinate on thesissy whilst laughing at the sissy’s pathetic look of surprise and then leave the sissy with her panties as a personal momento. We look forward to receiving your application and am confident that you will enjoy the experiences which we can provide. A guide to sissy shopping. Basic tips and expectations when purchasing new lingerie. In order to enjoy the visit to a lingerie store the sissy should of course be appropriately dressed. She must not rush into any hasty choice and she must endeavour to relish the experience of being in the female store. She should politely introduce herself to sales assistants if they approach her and she should ask for their advice… “ I am looking for some pretty white panties…” “Which panties do you think are the prettiest ?” “Have you got these pretty panties in a large size ?”

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