Party Time


“Okay” I grumbled to my wife as the valet opened the door and handed me a ticket. “Tell me again how long we have to stay.”

She rolled her eyes and glared at me. “At least until the end of the auction” she said in a clipped tone. “That means a couple of hours. Surely you can find enough people to talk to or things to do for such a brief period. I can’t leave earlier than that.”

We walked into the party together and I took our coats to the checkroom. When I came back, my wife was surrounded by six people and was chatting away. I caught her eye and raised a hand to my mouth and made a tilting motion, asking her if she wanted a drink. She gave her nose a little scrunch and shook her head. I shrugged my shoulders and sidled off to find a bar and something to nibble on.

I generally dislike big parties but I particularly despise them when I am there because I have to be instead of because I want to be. This night I had to go because my wife was on the gala committee and it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t show up. That I barely knew the other people associated with the event or that we would spend the entire night apart as she worked the crowd didn’t enter into the equation. I understood but that didn’t make it any better.

Trying to not feel too sorry for myself, I began to observe the crowd as I made my way across the expansive ballroom to the martini bar. I had to admit that there were a lot of attractive and well-dressed people there. Thankfully, it was not a formal event so the outfits worn displayed both lots of creativity and, in some cases, plenty of skin.

“Are you lost?” I heard a voice say.

I stopped and turned to see a very cute, raven haired, petite lady standing next to me. She was dressed in a loose off-white shirt and a knee length black skirt that had a provocative slit along one side.

“Um, no” I replied. “Why would you think that?”

“Well” she said with a gleaming smile “Your head is turning back and forth like you are looking for something.”

“Ah” I said slightly embarrassed but understanding. “I’m just going to the bar and was taking in the surroundings.”

“I was just headed there myself” she said. “Care to buy me a drink?”

“My pleasure” I said, though it was an open bar.

As we arrived to the bar she turned and asked me what I was going to have to drink.

“A very dirty, no a filthy dirty, vodka martini” I replied. “And how about you?”

“Oh, I’ll be boring and just have a Cosmo.”

I ordered the drinks and when they were ready handed over the conical glass filled with pink liquid to her while I took a quick slurp of the slightly muddy fluid in mine.

“Can I have a sip” she asked. “I like things dirty.”

“Sure” I said and placed the glass near her lips.

“Mmm” she murmured looking me in the eye. “Salty. Reminds me of something…but I can’t quite place it.” And then, with her bakırköy escort head turned thoughtfully towards the ceiling, she murmured almost to herself, “Colder though and of course less viscous.”

She put her lips to my ear and said, “Come, follow me. Let’s take a walk. I think I want to confirm something.”

I started after her weaving through the crowd and trying to see where she was taking us. My cock started to swell as I looked at her ass sway in the tight black skirt and glimpsed her muscled thigh through the slit that opened up with each step she took. Glancing at her hand, I saw that she too was married and then I realized that I did not even know her name.

Before I knew it, she had led me out a side door and we were now in a hallway that ran the length of the ballroom. Going through a small maze of hallways, she took me to a meeting room and we quickly ducked inside. The woman took a chair and placed the backrest under the handle to try and ensure that no one could surprise us.

Though the lights in the room were off, there was sufficient light from the outside coming through the pale window liners. I pulled her closely while looking into her eyes and she reached behind my head, opened her lips pulled my head down and kissed me.

She smiled as she stared at me and let her tongue slide from between her lips and slither in between mine. She bit gently on my lower lip and reached down for my belt buckle. Still looking me in the eyes, she undid my belt, unhooked the clasp at the waist and pulled down the zipper. She pushed me back against a table and tugged at the pants to pull them down from my hips.

She dropped to her knees and, still keeping her eyes locked on mine, worked my underwear down to my ankles. Only then did she look away from my eyes to my crotch. My cock stood alone, jutting horizontally into the warm air like a signpost. She whispered a soft sigh of excitement and with a smile placed her head beneath my sac and started to lick.

She twirled her tongue around each ball and then took them into her mouth one at a time slurping and pulling down slowly to let each one pop out of her mouth. All the while she was sucking my balls, her right hand gripped my shaft and was working up and down. She stopped and drooled out saliva onto her left palm and reached back up to anoint the tip of my cock and then worked her palm in a circular motion around the ridge at the tip of my hard-on while her other hand continued its rhythmic stroking.

I tried to reach down to get my hand into her shirt but she pushed me away…she was intent on controlling the action. Straining against the sensations she was creating I was relieved when she finally pulled over a chair, sat down and proceeded to wrap her mouth onto the head of my dick. Establishing a firm grip at the base of my cock with one hand, she placed beşiktaş escort her other hand on my ass and pushed me forward so that my rigid tool began to slide deep down her throat. When she had half of my shaft in her mouth she looked up at me and then moved her head forward so that my entire length was firmly ensconced in her mouth. Weaving her head slightly from side to side, she suddenly pulled back and left me waving in the air. Silently she resumed pumping with her slick saliva providing ample lubrication as she pulled and twisted my pole.

I watched transfixed as she hiked up her skirt and revealed her naked pussy lightly covered in dark hair. She leaned back, took her free hand and started to slowly rub herself. I could see the glistening moisture in her slit as she widened her legs to gain better access to the swollen nub between her legs. Mesmerized, I stared at her, helplessly following her hands as she simultaneously worked me and herself.

She continued to look at me, smiling occasionally but staying silent. Her chest rose and fell with increasing rapidity as she twirled her digits faster and faster in her sopping snatch. Beginning to gasp, she dropped her grip on my cock and dug two and then three fingers into herself, plunging them in and out while she played her clit with her other hand. She finally closed her eyes, threw her head back and opened her mouth in a wordless scream as she brought herself to the edge.

“No” I croaked and dropped to my knees in front of her. “Let me.”

But I was too late. Her hands flew, her legs stiffened, she moaned deeply and the convulsions gripped her body as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. Spent, she let her head loll forward to her chest for what seemed like minutes before she raised it up to look at me.

“Er, are you okay?” I asked jokingly.

“I’m so sorry” she gasped back. “I couldn’t wait. I was too excited.”

She sat with her skirt bunched around her thighs, her wet lips spread wide to display the gaping tunnel between them. Feverishly I leaned in and grabbed her legs above her knees pushing them aside to further ease my access. She was slight and as I moved to sit on the chair with her, I placed my hands beneath her thighs and lifted her on my lap. She stood up for a moment, encircled my cock with her hand and gently rubbed the tip against her slick labia to make sure I was both hard enough and wet enough to easily slide into her as she slowly lowered herself back onto my lap with a deep sigh.

We kissed deeply and I brought my face to her neck to nuzzle and lick her nape as she squirmed and rocked against me. I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and undid the front clasp of her bra to release her breasts. The loose fitting top had belied the twin mounds of firm flesh that now stood free of their encasement. Large dark aureoles were tipped beylikdüzü escort with straining points that yearned to be suckled and I was happy to oblige when she lifted one to my bent lips. Circling one nipple with my tongue, I massaged her other point with the fingers of my right hand as I reached around her ass and worked the fingers of my left hand down beneath her cheeks to the spot between her pussy and her asshole where I gently massaged her.

We continued like this for a few moments when I decided a change of position was needed.

“Stand up,” I said as I tried to lift her off of me.

She obliged and we disconnected for a moment. Her skirt fell back to her knees while my prick stood alone, enraged and engorged.

I gently pushed her to the table where she leaned over, placed her forearms on the tabletop and spread her legs. I stepped behind her lifted her skirt to her hips and slid my cock back into her. She pushed back at me and raised her head to look back at me.

“Harder” she whispered and thrust backwards to encouragingly slap her ass against me.

I placed a hand on the small of her back and picked up the rhythm looking down and watching as I pistoned into her over and over. Her asshole stared back at me and small wisps of hair between her cheeks lay matted from sweat and her wetness. My tool glistened from her moisture and the scents of her body filled the air.

Furiously I used both hands to spread her globes further and I slowed my thrusts as I pulled out to the very tip of my prick and eased my way back in fully. I was lost in sensation and felt weak in the knees with the rapture I was feeling and knowing that was I near to the end. I felt her reach beneath herself and extend a hand back to my balls. Gripping them slightly, she began to roll them in her hand, tugging and massaging at the same time.

“Cum for me” she urged. “Don’t wait for me. I want you to cum.”

“Yes” I answered as I further slowed my motions. And I stood virtually motionless and let her move her pussy up and down my cock while milking my nuts. I felt my dick swell and then the sensation of her gripping me with her pussy began. Then, she stopped moving up and down and with her ass firmly against my pelvis began to work her inner muscles like contractions. Each clench inflamed my nerves while each time she relaxed I gasped for more. At last, the heated lava of my sperm began to move and my fingers twitched in frenzy as I grabbed her ass even tighter and glued her to me as I strained to go further into her.

“Please” I whimpered and with one last tug on my sac, a clamp of her snatch and a wriggle of her hips she brought me up to and over the precipice of delight as streams of cum spurted out of me and into her waiting womb. I stood on my toes, arched my back and, grunting, thrust as deep as I could as I tried to prolong the ecstasy that she had bestowed on me. My energy used up, I collapsed on her back.

My withering cock slipped out of her. She stood and turned to me, legs still wide. Reaching down she stuck a finger inside herself took it out and staring at me, licked it clean.

“Salty” she said with a wicked grin, “Reminds me of a dirty martini.”

The End

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