Patient Care


“Room 333, right?”

“Yes, that’s the room. Should’ve said so on your paperwork but you know how the system is.” the ward clerk replied pointing down the hall with little interest.

On his way down the hall, Jordan noted that the ward was slow today. Only a few patients on each floor and little of anything interest going on at all. He breathed a sigh of relief. After 2 days of computers on the fritz and having to put in all the paper data, he figured everyone deserved a break. Checking his orders again he knocked twice before entering and was surprised to find a long time friend in the hospital bed before him.


Turning over with a groggy “mmhmm”, the luscious body of his longtime friend under the thin fabric of her hospital gown sparked a pain of desire that his Kakis couldn’t hide. The overwhelming wave of shame that followed did the trick, however.

“Fucking computers..” Jordan muttered as he moved to lower the rail on the bed. “Didn’t even know you were here because nothing’s got a name on it. We’re just going by room numbers while they redo the system.”

“That explains why I didn’t get ice cream. Hint hint.”

Mariah smiled. Even in the dulling effect of morphine she was sexy. A tiny thing of 5’2, with ample breasts, bountiful hips, and an ass…. oh that ass. Turning away to “cough”, Jordan adjusted himself at the very thought of “that ass”. He was brought back to the real world by the ding of the continuous pulse oximeter, realizing only now after the initial shock of who was in the room, that he had no idea why she was there.

“I’ve got to get some blood. Typical panel. Same ‘ole same ‘ole.” He paused noting the railing was locked. Scanning down the railing he saw that Mariah was being held in restraint. Her limbs tied to each railing with the soft cuffs and straps offered in such needed situations. His cock twitched.

“You try to bite the doc or somethin?” he attempted.

Opening her eyes once more Mariah she stared at him, perhaps through him. She wiggled her fingers and toes pulling the little slack the restraints offered.

“Oh this old thing?” she smirked. “Pain reflex kicked in. The nurses worried I would hurt myself with all my flopping about. So they tied me down. Kinky.”

He tried not to laugh but the woman had always had a quick sense of humor. Turned out that even doped up and in pain she could dish it. Sexy, just flat sexy and spunky. It thrilled him again before he knew it. Her subtle slur and sly smile when she said “Kinky” had him as hard as her nipples were beneath the mint colored gown. She’d rolled her arm to oblige his extraction of her essence at coincidentally the same time as he had become taught against his Khakis. The Khakis that so happened to be at rail height.

“Did you want me to make a fist?” she smiled that smile again, emphatically wetting her lips as she bakırköy escort cupped his balls.

He knew it, knew his eyes rolled back in his head as he slouched against the railing, completely giving away the fact that she’d been an image he’d touched himself to before, the soft skin that he craved, the sultry voice he’d dreamed of hearing say “Fuck me.” He withdrew himself trying to maintain what little professionalism he might have left. “Dear lord let her be so doped she doesn’t remember this” was the thought that rampaged through his mind with those horribly tasty images he’d conjured up during his “nightly sessions”. He came to again, shaking his head to clear his mind. Mariah smiled groggily at him as she let him slide away.

“I always thought you were pretty..” she slurred. “But we can pretend it was the meds” she nodded, letting her eyelids fall again.

“You should totally come back. Bring ice cream and cards. The man down the hall is under observation and you all are very understaffed. I don’t think they’ll be to upset if I have company so long as we’re quiet. Probably won’t even come in except to do vitals.”

Her invitation was the single clearest thing she’d said the entire time. Well thought out. How could he say no? After all, she was a very good friend and everyone knew that. It wouldn’t be strange at all for him to visit her after he was off the clock. She’d already seemed to have forgotten the ball groping incident. Maybe it was the meds after all. The morphine pump clicked, startling him. She was asleep. He collected his samples and returned to the lab to finish his night.

Jordan clocked out. 12:15 am. Gods how he hated his hours sometimes but tonight he wasn’t the least bit tired. In fact he was anxious. He checked his watch as if he’d never even retained the time in the first glance. His mind flickered back to the sober moment when Mariah had invited him to visit with her. No, shouldn’t do that. He was going to do that. The store was closed already so ice cream was out of the question but she loved cookies. That he could do. Fumbling around for .85 cents he stopped off at the vending machine to collect a package of Oreos. Armed with the cookies and the cards he’d pocketed from the admissions desk he headed upstairs. Nobody even questioned him. He was furniture in this place. Something, someone taken for granted and always expected. Knocking, he entered Mariah’s room.

This time the scene was a little different. Mariah was sitting in her bed, unbuckling the last restraint. She gave him a little wave with her IV slapping the rail. A long line of her bare body was exposed as she’d obviously twisted about to Houdini the restraints. He could see the side curvature of her breast, down her torso, over her hip, and to her toes. These glimpses and unforgiving Khakis would be the death of him.

“Running beşiktaş escort away?”

“Nope. Just not flopping anymore. I’ve got drugs for that.” she pointed over her shoulder to the morphine dispenser. “Don’t worry. They’ve got me on the pulse ox and it screams every time I get too wild. So, cards?” she asked glancing at his seemingly empty hands. A look passed over her face. One of amusement and of restraint as she rested her eyes along the firm length of cock that betrayed him in those wretched pants.

“That’s not ice cream” she murmured.

Pursing his lips, he shook his head. “You’re very perceptive” he chuckled.

“Shut the door, Jordan. Don’t worry, they’re all watching movies in the nurses’ station and blabbing about how much of a bang up job day shift did, while listening to Mr. 443 trip balls about a giant turkey and dozens of spiders.”

“You’re awful cognitive for being on morphine.”

“True but I kinked the line last time I woke up. Thought I dreamt about inviting you up, noticed that it was midnight and figured I should test the theory. So I kinked the line so I could see you. I will have one hell of a nap after you go though, but it’ll be a damn good one. I might even remember what happened, might not.” She winked, teasing him, baiting him. “So are you going to be my care provider or what?”

He’d lost himself. He knew it too. This had been something he’d fantasized about since her spicy little quips started, since she’d started wearing tighter pants to work, since the “accidental” brushes in the lab. He rubbed his arm nervously glancing at the door letting his hand slide down the front of his body to push against his firming cock. Mariah slid the sheet back letting him view his conquest. She slipped her IV’d hand between her thighs with a sigh as she began to slide her finger through her peach skin textured valley. The pulse ox jumped up as she caught her clit with the IV tube. She moaned softly.

With a groan of his own he moved to the side of her bed where she welcomed him. Leaving him to stand, she unzipped his horrid Khakis freeing his taught length. She eyed it wickedly. Sliding a hand past his waist band she pulled him closer. She dug her fingertips into his ass as she used her IV’d hand to caress his cock. She played with him while entertaining her own mischievous ideas. She spread her thighs, pausing to glance at Jordan’s hands and back between her legs. With a wicked grin she pulled her hand free of his Khakis and compelled one of his large hands to her damp mound. The pulse ox jumped again with a “beep”.

“Am I hot?” Mariah asked huskily catching Jordan’s eyes with hers.

“A little.”

“How about now?” she asked again grinding on his hand, moving so that a finger slipped inside her. As if not expecting it, she dropped her head back at the sensation, the pulse beylikdüzü escort ox “beeped” again giving her excited heart rhythm away.

Jordan’s cock bounced at the sensory overload. It begged to be entertained as he worked another finger inside her. He ground the palm of his hand against her clit causing her to whimper and rock against him. She opened her eyes to the scene of his cock pulsing along the ledge of his zipper. It needed her and she needed it. Leaning into Jordan’s pelvis, Mariah flicked her tongue against the tip of his head. She circled her tongue around it, sliding her lips just over the tip, giving a little glimmer of teeth around the base of the head. Jordan stiffened, forgetting his duties for a brief moment. He started working her again. It made her buck, made the pulse ox “beep” as she held her breath to stay quiet. He worked her to accept a third finger as he felt her move her hand around him. He felt her cup his balls again, then something more. She’d circled her IV tubing about the base of his cock and balls, she let go a hissed breath with a wince as she pulled it taught. She bucked against the bed as his excitement compelled his hand to place another finger inside her, twisting them, working them in and out rapidly. His cock ached.

Mariah’s eyes rolled back as she moaned and ground her hips, fucking Jordan’s hand. She again pulled tight on her IV cord, tugging his cock toward her mouth she sucked him. Twirling her tongue around his cock with each lunge of her mouth, she forced herself quiet with every inch she took. She came. The purest single moment in all his fantasies allowed him to do what he’d always wanted. With her insane wetness he took no time curling his thumb under his fingers and twisted his fist into her. He could tell via heart monitor and pulse ox that she’d nearly “died with pleasure” at that very moment. She whimpered around his cock, tightened around his fist and bore down on them both. Taking her moment of rapture to memory, he buried his opposing hand in her hair and fucked her face, pulling her in hard rhythmic strokes. He watched the numbers on the monitor, listened to the subtle “beep, beep” noises and felt her thrash with every push and every pull.

Her mouth, her pussy, all so hot; the firm tips of her nipples beneath the hospital gown that was now bunched just under her tits, the puddle of ecstasy in the center of the bed. It was too much! He sucked in a breath as Mariah’s hot cunt locked down on his fist, her mouth suctioning just as tightly as he pulled her to and fro once more. He groaned; spoke even, something to guttural to be understood. She relaxed the IV cord as if willed to, allowing him to cum in thick desperate doses. Jordan held Mariah firmly over his cock making her open throat take his load, while he brought her to a sheet soaking climax with the withdrawal of his fist. She fell back against the bed with a morphine loaded grin as she slipped into drug induced sleep. Straightening her gown and himself, he pulled her sheets back over her and exited through the emergency exit with no one to know the better, except of course, the readings on the monitor print outs.

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