Pay backs a Bitch,,,,

Big Cock

Pay backs a Bitch,,,,*READ SLUTTYEX FIRST*After witnessing what Jen had got up to i kept my nerve,half of me was livid yet the other half was excited but i knew deep down this wasn`t the way i wanted my future to go so i decided i would see if it was a one off or a regular thing.I decided to confront Clair,her best friend as she was a married woman too.Clair was a busty curvy chick,nice to look at until she opened her mouth so i called her one day from work asking to meet up for a chat.When i told Clair i had seen her andmy wife with this guy she was shocked and tried denying it,i told her i had recored it on my phone and that she either tell me all or id go to her hubby and show him the video.What came out in the open had me giggling with amazement,Clair andmy wife met these guys in a local park in Manchester that was well known for dogging and what started out in her and my wife doing it to wind `old blokes` up turned into them addicted to sex with strangers,no strings attached regular sex.So i asked Clair to do me one favour and id destroy the video, i asked her to let me know when they was going to the next session and that she was to blindfold my wife as they was in the act.I got the call a week later,on a Thursday day at work,Clair telling me there was a meet that night and Jen had asked Clair to go.I got home from work and started tea,Jen came in about 6pm came over as normal and gave me a big kiss and in her innocent voice asked if it was ok to go to the gym later on,i agreed,trying to keep calm,she walked off to grab a shower and went upstairs,i waited 5 mins bursa escort listening at the bottom of the stairs hearing her in unzipping her gym bag and rumaging around,as soon as she got in the shower i sneaked upstairs and unzipped her bag looking inside to find her white high heels,white fishnets and her favourite white lace underwear,a tub of KY jelly and a box of condoms,”At least she`s having save sex” i thought,laughing to myself as i nipped back downstairs.Jen went out at 7pm and i gave her 10 mins headstart before i jumped in my works van and headed over to the park,it was dark,pitch black even as i pulled up in the car park,i could make out about 12 cars,some with lights on inside some with dipped headlight`s,i sat back and pulled my hoodie over my face,feeling nervous but anxious to see her in action again,the thought of her made me hard i didnt want to be turned on but i was.I watched as cars flashed the lights inside and shadows would wander over to stand by the side,i got out,shuffling my feet i walked over to a car just to see what was happening,peered inside as i walked past to see an `old bird` being rammed over the backseat by some young lad,an old man sat besides them wanking off his tiny dick,i was disgusted,i wasn`t used to seeing this sort of shit i`d watched porn before but it was some sexy young babe being shafted by some young dude,normal in my eyes,maybe i just needed educating to the real world.I looked up and saw my wifes car,a group of lads and girls stood round,not many so i crept over ,the group was at the front and i saw Clair kneeling down bursa escort bayan by the front wheel blowing a lad off,she looked up at me and stopped,the guy looked at me and back down at Clair smiled and asked `is he next?`,i ran my hands through her hair and turned her mouth back to the guy`s cock telling her to carry on.I looked over his shoulder to catch my wife spread eagled over the car bonnet,her wrists tied to each wiper arm she looked amazing in her white outfit and even better with some woman face deep in her pussy,Jen`s eyes were blindfolded and a pair of tights or stocking shoved in her mouth,i never knew she was so kinky.I crept up besides her and grabbed her tit,her nipples hard in the slightly cold air,my cock was fighting in my jeans,i pulled him out and turned towards Clair,Clair looked at me shocked,timid,i ordered her to suck and she took me in one,right up to my balls,slurping me slowly but hard,her teeth just runniong over my helmet,i turned to watch as this stranger untied my wife`s wrist and turned her round on her front retieing her to the car and lifting Jen`s knees onto the bonnet,she was curled up as some young lad walked over wanking himself as he gazed at my wifes ass,one hand on his cock the other slapping her ass,her muffled cries rang out as he led thetip of his cock to her pussy and slid his way in fast,deep,his hands gripping her tiny waist as he banged away as his friend was recording it on his mobile,”fuck me” i thought,”she`s nearlly a porn star too”.I turned to Clair as she lovingly sucked my balls and pulled away watching her escort bursa wipe her mouth before it was filled with another customer and pushed the guy on my wife to one side,he must have seen the anger on my face as i did because he stumbled off as he zipped his dirty cock away,i got up behind Jen grabbing the KY and slapping it over my rock hard cock,i flicked it with my hand all over Jen`s ass and slowly slid a finger in her ass,her bum cheeks tightned as she tried to shout `get off`,her feet kicking out and her thin high heel caught me slicing my leg but the adrenalin was flowing i leaned forward and ripped off her blindfold as she turned,screaming “not my ass” then realising it was me,her husband of 4 years,never once strayed never once given her reason to cheat.She coward “i can explain” she said as i gripped her hair forcing her face into the metal and in one go rammed my whole length in her ass right upto my balls,she screamed,her screams echoed through the trees as i again rammed her tight little ass again,one guy shouting i was out of order,some other guy must have found it erotic as he tried fumbling his dick in Jens mouth,she nearlly bit it off as i rammed home again,my hands grabbing her waist shouting `”my wifes a dirty slag` as i fucked her ass harder than anything,i looked at Clair and she was sucking some guy so hard he looked in pain,she was loving this the tart.Jens was exhausted and i was going as hard as ever,banging away,some woman walked over saying “me next” with a sparkle in her eye and a big cheesy grin on her face,i told her to tun around and pulled out of Jen and slid my meat into this stranger ,my wife looked on,her face red ,sweat running down her cheeks as i smiled at her while fucking this stranger as she begged “harder,harder fuck me like you fucked her”

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