Perfect Fit


I received a call from my old friend Terri. She told me she was engaged to be married to a man named Scott. She said, “Erin, you have to come over and meet Scott this weekend.” Terri and I had fell out of touch for a few years. She just called me out of the blue. I arrived at their apartment that Saturday evening. Terri greeted me at the door with a hug. She looked the same as I remembered her. Scott then came to the door. He was everything Terri said he was. Scott was tall and handsome, and he gave me a big hug also. We were all standing in the kitchen. Terri had her back to me preparing dinner. Scott came over and stood next to me. He placed his hand on my bottom and started rubbing it. I looked at him and pushed his hand away. What was going on here?

Terri said she needed to make a quick run to the grocery store. She had forgotten a few items for our dinner. She grabbed her keys and jokingly told us both to behave ourselves. Terri was barely out the door before Scott was taking me in his arms. I tried to push away, but I was melting. Scott pushed a hand up under my top and had loosened my bra. He then began to massaged my tits. It didn’t take long for Scott to maneuver me into the bedroom. He pulled my top off and then my pants and panties.

Scott then had me lie back and he buried his mouth between my legs. He started to lap at me like a wild animal. I was starting to lose control now. Scott pushed his tongue into my pussy and that did it. I was getting so wet. Scott didn’t waste any time. He stood up and got out of his clothes. I understood why Terri was so in love. Scott’s cock was standing straight out and pointed at me. He was probably nine inches long and thick pendik escort as my wrist. I hadn’t seen a cock like that ever in my life. He took hold of his member and guided it between my folds and pushed.

The air went out of my lungs. He felt enormous. Scott wasted no time in starting to stroke me. After a few minutes I understood what my girlfriends used to say about a perfect fit. My friends would say to look for a guy whose cock fit like a glove in their pussy. If you found such a guy, hold onto him. I hadn’t come across one until today. It felt like there was a snake crawling in my belly. My pussy was milking Scott for all it was worth. That was when Terri walked into the bedroom.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Terri screamed. Unfortunately, Scott was so close, he arched his back and flooded me with his seed. I was so out of it, I screamed for Scott to fuck me. Terri must have lost it and she ran out of the apartment. I heard the door slam as Scott slammed his meat all the way into me and blew even more cum inside my tunnel. We eventually came back to earth. Scott realized what he did. I ran into the bathroom and quickly got cleaned up. I basically ran out of their apartment and into my car.

When I got home I realized how stupid I had been. Terri would probably never forgive me now. The other problem was I still had Scott’s cock on my mind. I hated to say it, but I wanted him to fuck me some more. I knew it was insane, but I was still horny. I let a few days pass and then tried calling Terri. She didn’t let me get a word in before she was yelling.

“You tried to steal Scott from me, you whore!”

She was painted me out kağıthane escort to be the bad girl, the golddigger. I listened a few minutes until I lost my temper. I told her that Scott said I was a better lover than her in bed. The phone clicked and that was that. Things were even worse now. A couple days passed when my doorbell rang. It was Scott. I told him this was a bad idea, that he should leave. He just barged in and said he had to explain himself. It never came to that. Scott took me in his arms and started to kiss my mouth. He told me he couldn’t get me out of his mind. He said he knew it had to be the same with me. I hated to admit it, but I was obsessing about seeing Scott again. I wanted him.

It only took a minute before we were in my bed. We got naked and then it began. I never met a guy who could stay hard like Scott could. I mounted him and rode his giant pole for a couple of hours. He kept flooding my pussy with his seed and he just never let up. We fucked in every position imaginable. I was sucking on his cock when his cellphone rang. He told me he needed to take this. It was Terri. She wanted to know where he was. There I was with his cock down my throat and he was arguing with Terri. He told her he was at his brother’s house and he would see her when she cooled down. He turned off his phone and we went back to it.

I didn’t care at that moment if he was with Terri or not. I was way beyond that point. I just needed Scott to fill me with his thick rod. We fucked the rest of the night and then we both passed out. When we woke up, Scott took me one more time and then he left. I was lying in maltepe escort bed with his sperm in me and all over me. My pussy was so raw and my pussylips were all puffy. That was the last time I heard from Scott for a long time.

I saw they got married in the newspaper. I got this sinking feeling when I saw it. I couldn’t believe he still had married Terri after what had happened. I was sick to my stomach for days. Then Scott showed up a few weeks after they got married. He looked terrible. He sat down on my couch and I thought he was close to crying. He poured his soul out to me. Terri was making his life a living hell now. She watched him like a hawk. She now suspected him of being with every woman possible. They were barely making love a few weeks after the altar. He wanted to divorce her but how could he divorce Terri after only a couple of weeks.

Scott said he knew he should have left Terri for me, but she had her hooks into him and the marriage was going on. He asked me what should he do. I was the wrong person to ask. I had spent all those weeks fantasizing about Scott fucking me every night. We ended up going to bed again. Scott fucked me like a madman. He had so much sexual energy stored inside. I let him fuck me anyway he wished. It was the first time Scott gave me anal sex. It hurt like hell that first time. I thought he had ripped me apart. Thankfully he went slow. He placed his hands on my hips and eased his thick monster into my bottom. I did scream and beg him to take it out. He just couldn’t bring himself to pull out of my tight ass. He fucked my ass over and over that night until I could take him easily. He stretched me like no man has ever done before.

It is now a few months down the road. Scott slips over to my place when he can. He says he wants to leave Terri, but it is so difficult to do. He keeps telling me we will be together soon. I don’t really believe him at this point. As long as we have sex and we make that perfect fit, I don’t really care anymore.

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