Picking up a very handsome black stud


Picking up a very handsome black studHome alone again, and quite horny, of course.It was Friday evening and I felt I could not stand another night without a cock. If it was a huge, thick and hard black cock, even better…After dinner I took a relaxing bubble bath and got a full body shave.I wanted to be ready for an evening of fun, if it were to happen. I put on a sexy outfit; a very tight dark green dress, stilettos and no thong.Before midnight I headed to a local sports bar, where I knew there would be a gathering of young guys, some of them would be black for sure. The place was loud and full of a bunch of frat boys. I ordered a drink and took a free table. A while later approached me a very young black guy, just in his early twenties. He looked just as a baby. I thought I could be his mother…He smiled as he was holding a glass of red wine and he asked me if he could join me at the table. I just nodded and he sat down close to me.He sipped his red wine and introduced himself as Terry. As I guessed, he was just twenty years old; pretty young for me; but I estimated he would be very well hung, sporting a very nice stamina…We had a funny chat for a long while.He suddenly asked if we could go to a quiet place and enjoy a while together. I was hoping for this; so üsküdar escort I agreed immediately.Once we went out of the bar, Terry suggested we could go to a local motel.Again I accepted and we climbed on his nice car. While he drove, I just leaned onto his lap and got free a very nice, veiny hard black dick.The young guy smiled, saying he had not hoped being so lucky tonight.I sucked on that magnificent dark rod until he came in my mouth.Minutes later, we got the motel by the highway. The room that Terry hired was fairly dark, lit by the light of the TV screen.He sat on the edge of the bed and stared at my full body, saying I looked very hot. The black guy was handsome, with a nice smile and a hard body.He asked me to sit down close to him. He leaned and ran his hand up and down my stocking covered legs. I was so turned on at this point that I could not wait any longer. I told him I wanted him to take me…Terry smiled and he stood up, taking his shirt off. I reached out and slid his trousers down, getting again a close view of his tremendous thick cock. He asked if I liked that black thing.I just smiled, my eyes glued on that unbelievable piece of hard black meat.He stroked it and asked me to tease him, by walking tuzla escort around the room, showing off my legs and bending over for him…I did as I was told. But a few minutes later, I crawled onto the bed close to him. I began to tease his nice cockhead with my tongue. He let out a soft moan, as I licked up and down his long shaft, stopping every few seconds to flick my tongue across the tip. I finally slid my red lips over the head, sliding him into my warm, wet mouth. Terry started to pump his hips with my own rhythm.He moaned and told me I was a dirty married white bitch and said all white bitches loved his monster black cock. I pulled out for a second and looked at him; saying I loved his big dick as the bitch I was…I spat on his cock and sucked it back in, giving him the blow of his life.He suddenly pulled my head back and told me he wanted to fuck me. I got a tube from my purse and smeared some lube all over his nice huge and throbbing cock. I put some around my tight rosebud, just in case he wanted to fuck me in the ass.I stood up and bent over the edge of the bed. He climbed off and lifted my tight dress, starting to tease me by running his cock along my butt crack. The little bastard told me to beg for it, pendik escort and of course, I did almost crying. Terry then began pushing his mushroom shaped cock head inside me. I gasped, as my tight but soaking wet cunt felt the very hard invasion.But I was able to take him, as he slowly he eased more inches into me, filling my hungry cunt with his hard, dark meat. He grabbed my hips and began sliding in and out, with slow long strokes at first.He then picked up the pace, but slowing back down again. He pounded me hard. I cried out for him to fuck me like a whore I was. As he fucked me faster, he leaned in and kissed my neck, whispering in my ear that he had never fucked a hot married white bitch like me. Terry made me cum twice and I screamed out loud every climax. He then pulled out and commanded me to get on my knees onto the floor. He grabbed my head with both hands and shoved his still hard cock up my mouth. He began fucking my face. In just a few seconds, his body tensed up and he began to shoot a massive load of warm salty semen into my throat. I gagged a bit, but managed to swallow all until the last drop.Terry laid exhausted onto the bed, but I crawled over his toned body and licked his hard dick clean with my wet tongue. I wanted more and more; but the poor guy was spent. He drove me home and I gave him another terrific blowjob as he parked at my driveway. His dick got hard again; so I invited him to spend another while in my marital bed.Terry smiled as he went out of the car, saying he would try some anal…And I just shuddered in lust and passion as I heard him…

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