Picture Story – Hotel Softcore Photo shoot

Picture Story – Hotel Softcore Photo shootHotel photo shoot picture story – Softcore first meeting!!I was ready to pull out of the hotel parking lot when the text finally came. “Go to front desk. Ask for envelope for Mr. Holmes in 1335” So I did.The envelope had a room key and the instructions, “Come up to 1335. Knock. When I call you in, just come in and get showered. =R” So I walked down the hall to the bank of elevators and went up stairs. My heart seemed to pound louder as I went higher until I thought it would echo in the small steel box.The room was at the end of the hall. I knocked and heard a young voice call back, “come on in before I lose my nerve.”She was standing leaning back on a glass table and from what I could see, all she had on was a white robe. I started to walk toward her to take her in my arms when she instead pointed toward the bathroom door. “You said you could control your urges and do this professionally. Now I hope you will keep your word.” On the stand by the bed I saw the camera. It had already been taking pictures of her. It reminded me that I was there for her pleasure, so I turned and went into the shower to get cleaned up.I took my time and washed carefully every inch of my body. My cock jumped every time I touched it and my mind kept thinking how awesome it was going to be when I finally got my hands on her and touch her. Rachel and I had met for drinks a few times, but had never exchanged more than a polite, end of the evening kiss before. As the water ran over my body I was thinking of so much more now!When I stepped out of the shower, I could see the flash of a a photographers camera and hear her moving on the bed. I wanted to go out still dripping wet, but she had asked me to be dressed comfortably. She wanted to get used to being naked in front of me before shooting the whole scene. So I put on my jeans and T-shirt I had in my bag and went out.She was standing in the window that led to the balcony. She was clothed only in her red knee boots, thong and her long blonde hair. Without turning around she told me to canlı poker oyna lie face down on the bed and put my hands behind me. The last thing I wanted to do was spoil this moment, so I did as she told me to do, though I wanted to do so much more than just lie on the bed as she stood there looking so perfect.She took what looked like a belt, only with buckles on each end and fastened them around each of my wrists. She then got a rope out of a bag, wrapped my ankles a couple of times and then looped the rope up to the belt, effectively hot tying me. Then she laughed as she told me that since she has never taken direction well, she might as well tape my mouth shut. For the next couple of hours she tormented me. She put on various outfits and posed for me, laughing at me as I squirmed. At one point she pulled out a set of furry hand cuffs and put them on herself. “If you keep being a good boy, maybe next time I will let you put these on me and you will get to take the pictures!! She touched herself and then held her fingers to my face for me to inhale her fragrance. Then she backed her beautiful ass up to within inches of my face and bent over, showing herself in the most lewd of fashions, and there was not a damn thing I could do but get harder and harder and writhe on the bed!!!Finally, she went in and showered and came out in this one piece see through thing and she climbed up on the bed and with the sweetest, most innocent little girl look said, “So be honest. Did you like what you saw? I mean, am I really as sexy as you thought I would be?”I mumbled my adamant affirmation and she giggled. “Well since you have been such a good man, I will undo your ropes, but you have to tell me honestly what angle you like my body from the most. “ So she undid my feet and helped me to stand against the wall. While I got reacquainted with being able to move, she changed into just a pair of tiny panties and began turning slowly in front of me. “Tell me when you like what you see!!”She then took a series of pictures in white satin panties and a full bra. canlı bahis I loved the way the light played off of her curves!!It was getting near dinner time and she said, “I have one more surprise for you, but you have to be seated for it.” So I made my way over to the chair and pointed out that with my arms bound behind me, this was not going to be comfortable. She came over and freed my arms then scampered into the bathroom. I rubbed circulation back into my wrists!!Then she came out dressed in fishnets and strings. I mean, the outfit was just unbelievably sexy!!! She said she needed to tie me up to the chair and I reached out and just touched her belly. She laughed, “You see!!! You are such a naughty man, I have no choice but to tie you up now!!” Dressed like that, as she bent and moved around me, I did not care what she did to me!! She was just incredible to see, smell and feel touching me!!Then she took off her strings and rolled on some red stockings. She got down on the floor and crawled over to me. “Is this what Daddy wants? Does he want his nasty little girl to play with his big fat cock?” She said as she moved between my knees.I moaned and then she got upand slid on a black and gold thong and black see through demi cup bra that held her firm breasts out to full effect. She took picture after picture of herself hanging almost clad on me. Sitting on my knee, leaning on my shoulders, standing behind me… It was all so tantalizing!! Then she walked away taking it off…She modeled a couple of more sets of underwear for me….And then looked out at the sunset…..She turned from the window and said, “I told myself I was not going to do this, but…. I have to see you. I have to touch you. Naked.” With that she came over and undid my bonds just long enough to get me out of my clothes, then she sat me down naked in the chair. She was so beautiful standing there.She put on a black corset and then she straddled my hips and ground her body against mine, riding me to an orgasm!!Then, without untying me and without bringing me off, she stumbled back bahis siteleri onto the bed and lay back and exposed her wet, hot pussy to me!!My cock was dripping pre cum and shining, needing so little more to send me over the edge. She was talking so dirty to me now. Then she reached under the pillows and pulled out a hard pink plastic vibrator and began fucking herself all the while telling me how she was wishing it was my cock. I begged her to just do it, but she laughed and told me not this time!!Then she began trembling and before I knew it she was squirting in a wet orgasm that nearly had me popping off my own load as I sat there helpless to do anything about it!!She staggered to her feet and put a blindfold on me. She wrapped me a couple more times with rope and then said, “You have been so very good, the least I can do is this.”I did not last long. Unless you count the four and half hours of build up to that moment!! My head spun as everything inside of me all tried to come out of my little cock hole and I barely kept from screaming at the top of my lungs.She spent several minutes gathering up her things and stowing them in bags as I tried to gather the remnants of my mind and put them back in my skull. I felt her undo my bonds and heard her whisper. “Please don’t ruin it now. Just sit here until you hear the door close.” A few minutes later, the door opened and closed. I took the blindfold off and looked around the room. It was a mess. But by my pants on the desk was a note and a flash drive. “We can do this again some time. I think you have behaved well enough to deserve something to go along with the memories.” These images are part of what I found……I have always wanted to do a picture story. A story that is driven mainly by the images that I selected. The words just lace them together. So I latched onto a theme I enjoy and know some others do as well. This is the story of an older man meeting a young woman in a hotel for a soft-core photo shoot. It is how I would have the first time meeting of them to work out.No, the photos are NOT of the same woman.No, they do NOT all fit the story perfectly.Yes, they flow with the words to give you images in your mind that hopefully inspire you to DO exactly what is written here in your own way…..I hope you enjoyed!!! Please leave a comment

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