Please abuse the farmer’s wife


Please abuse the farmer’s wifePlease abuse the farmer’s wifeAfter Harry had done just about everything to humiliate the farmer’s wife (two rows of fish hooks pierced though her labia, a cruel nose perforation, satanically branding her bum with the farm’s logo, two distinguishing ear marks, dripping candles in her cunt) he noticed that he still did not feel at ease. He was still vindictive, every inch of his body wanted more revenge.So he thought about his next step. The farmer’s BBW wife was a rotting pile of pink flesh now, pining away quite anonymously on a roster above an empty old dung pit. How could Harry bring some life into her miserable situation, and torture her even more to boot?Suddenly he had a hunch. If he were to put her on the internet and invite kinky men (and women) to come and fuck/fist/torture her? That would certainly attract some horny sadistic types and would make the farmer’s wife misery even worse, and make her feel even more humiliated.He took some pictures with his smartphone and went into the farm to start his computer. He went looking for a website on which you could post pictures and also make contact with other people. He opened an account, posted the pcis and made a heading: ‘For rent: please abuse BBW farmer’s wife’.He put the account in his favorites on the internet and went to check an hour later if anyone had reacted yet. And hey presto, five men had reacted and said they would like to pay the farmer’s wife a visit, and preferably a.s.a.p. To use their kinky bahis firmaları habits on her. Three men asked if they could make a video of their visit to the farmer’s wife, to put on their own profiles.Harry thought it would be nice to have the five men visit her farmer’s wife together, to make it sort of an S&M gang-bang. He sent all five men the same reaction and said there would be an ‘open house’ at the farm the next evening. And that there would be more people joining in. They were all allowed to take pictures and videotape the event, as long as their faces were covered by masks. Of course, the farmer’s wife need not stay anonymous. Furthermore, it would be useless to disguise her, she was quite unique now … with all her ‘special effects’.He ended all replies with the farm’s address and a short route description. He decided to tell the farmer and Nell that they were going to have visitors the next evening, and that the farmer’s wife would be mistreated by five men. If all five applicants were to turn up and there were no ‘fakers’. Of course the farmer and Nell were welcome to watch, or participate.Harry’s idea did not get an enthousiastic reception, because it meant that the farmer and Nell were to stat out of sight, or give up their anonimity and risk being considered Harry’s accomplices. Nell said that she would go to see a friend in the nearby village and the farmer said that he would like to keep an eye on what was going on, because it was his wife’s health that was at stake. kaçak iddaa Strange, because upto now he had done absolutely nothing to thwart Harry’s revenge ‘policy’.The next day Harry gave the farmer’s wife some rest and even put a horse blanket on her wet body. He also gave her a few carrots to eat. She was not supposed to pass out early in the evening show, for whatever reason. Then the customers would be disappointed and demand their money back.When it was near 8 p.m., the first man had already arrived at the farm. He drove an expensive car, was dressed like a gentleman and looked about 60 years of age. When Harry said the entrance free was 50 pounds, soething he had not mentioned in his reactions to the men, the man took his wallet and gave Harry 50 pounds. Then he walked with Harry to the old dung pit and saw the huge naked farmer’s wife lying on the roster, partly covered by a dirty horse blanket.Harry removed the blanked and the farmer’s wife looked hopefully at the stranger. She begged him to help her and to set her free. The man looked at Harry, whose reaction was: ‘No way, this is a personal matter, between her and me. She has tortured me for weeks on end when I was a farmer’s help and now is my time to retaliate.’ This seemed to make sense to the man, because he ignored the farmer’s wife’s pleas for help. When she noticed that the man was not sensitive to her moaning and swearing, she decided to keep quiet. And wait for things to come.Within half an hour, three more men arrived kaçak bahis at the scene, varying from 30 tot 60 years of age. The fifth man kept them waiting and at half past eight Harry decided to go on with four men, who had made him 200 pounds in turnover. Apparently, one guy had been overenthousiastic in his first reaction on the internet and had second thoughts now.Harry had decided to stay in control of the event and to direct the ‘show’, in order to keep some structure in what would otherwise become a random gang-bang. ‘Okay, guys, we have a somewhat fixed format here, and after that there is some room for optionals. You will all get a chance to live out your fantasies on her.”First we are going to fist her, in her cunt. Anyone in for that?’ Four hands were raised. Harry had put down a big mat before the iron roster on which the farmer’s wife had been chained. Thus the guests would not get dirty from the muddy soil around the pit. He re-arranged the farmer’s wife’s chains, so that she now had to keep her treetrunk-like legs apart and the men were able to reach and enter her, sitting on their knees on the mat. Harry gave a jar of ointment to the first guy. He put a lot of it on his right hand and approached the farmer’s wife, who tried to escaped, but knew that this was pointless in her situation. Even though the carrots had given her some strength.The first man opened her labia that had 12 fish hooks in them, shoved his fist carefully forward and suddenly pushed it inside, helped of course by the ointment that they normally used to help going inside a cow’s cunt to extract her calf. The farmer’s wife was nearly as wide as a cow, but still shook her body and moaned when she felt the fist enter her cunt deeply.

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