Please fuck my Girlfriend


Please fuck my GirlfriendOne of the hottest cuckold stories I have ever read!from: cuckottPlease Fuck My Girlfriend (M/F, wife, voy, asian, cuck)by Anonymous Author (Address withheld by request)***This is the story of a young man who has fantasies abouthis girlfriend having sex with other men, and once hisboss declares his intentions to fuck his girlfriend,events lead to him watching her screwing his boss’smassive cock and stealing her from him.***This is a story about how I asked another man to fuck mybeautiful girlfriend. I have been interested and turnedon by stories of cuckoldry and the like since I was 16. Iwould often fantasise about one of my friends having sexwith a girl I fancied.I had never had a girlfriend until I met the girl of mydreams during university when I was 19. We did everythingtogether, even working the same job in a call centre.We had been together for over three years, even though Itried to resist it, I was having thoughts of other menscrewing my sweetheart. The biggest part of my fantasywas not just the sex, but also the fact that she wouldfall for her new lover, and she would be stolen from me.I never actually dared to tell my girlfriend this forfear she would be disgusted with me.My girlfriend was a real catch. She was Asian, short,slim and petite. She had beautiful flowing black hair andthe face of a doll. What made her stand out was that shewas very curvy for an Asian girl, with ample breasts thatwere a good handful, and wide hips. She also had greatlegs, a flat tummy and the silkiest smooth skin you wouldever feel. I don’t know how I was so lucky to ever gether.Our sex life was pretty hot, and while we did it aboutonce a week it was always enjoyable for both of us. Shewas always dripping wet and her pussy was so tight. She’dalways talk dirty to me and would always comment abouthow she loved me stretching her pussy walls.I don’t consider myself that well endowed, but my cock isabout 5 inches and reasonably thick. When we made love Ialways had to wear a condom, even though she was on thepill. That’s because she was really uptight about anyonecumming in her. I didn’t mind at all because I thoughtone day I would.We were deeply in love and we had been living in the sameapartment for just over a year when a new team leadercame to work at the call centre where we worked. His namewas Jason.He immediately took a liking to my girlfriend, whichwasn’t so shocking because she was pretty. But after afew weeks they found that they had a great deal of commoninterests. They were both into high performance sportscars, which wasn’t really my thing, amongst other things,and soon the three of us were regularly having coffeetogether.Jason and my girlfriend would chat for hours on end andthey both enjoyed each other’s company. As for me, I wasa part of it all, yet I didn’t like Jason all that much;he was bit too confident for me and I could tell hefancied my girlfriend.I did think of my girlfriend fucking him during some ofour times together, I didn’t really want it to happenwith this guy because he was so handsome, athletic andmuscular. Needless to say I was jealous of him and therapport he had with my girlfriend.One day Jason and I were waiting for my girlfriend tocome out of the building where we worked when he justcasually said, “You know I’m going to fuck yourgirlfriend, don’t you.”I was shocked and immediately went defensive, “I don’tthink so,” but I was shaky in my response. It was as ifhe knew of my fantasies.”You’re going to watch me do it too, she has such a niceflat tummy and I’m going to drive my cock right up insidethere,” he stated confidently.My girlfriend arrived, unaware of what had justtranspired. I said nothing. We all went for coffee as wehad done many times before, pretending nothing hadhappened. But I spent the whole time envisaging Jason andmy girlfriend in intimate contact.When we got home that night I was apprehensive abouttelling her about what Jason had said to me. She was sucha good friend to him and this would upset her. I decidedto keep quiet about it and see what happened. I knew mygirlfriend still loved me deeply and she wouldn’t cheaton me.*The next week, I was struck down with the flu. Thisforced me to miss work for a few days, and while I waswell enough to go back to work on Friday, I took it offas well to be sure. After work that Friday, she rang meto canlı bahis ask if it was okay if she went for a few drinks afterwork at this bar with out work mates. We often did thatso I said that was fine. But after a few hours passed Ibecame worried. I was about to call her when I heard thefront door opening.I saw her she was a mess. She had been crying, her eyesand hair was all over the place.”Baby what’s wrong?” I asked.She started apologising, saying that she would never doit again.I asked, “What is it, what did you do?”She explained to me that she’d had quite a few drinks atthe bar and that Jason had offered her a lift home. Myheart stopped, I thought he had fucked her. But shecontinued, telling me that Jason had made a move on herin the car and that she had returned his kiss because ofthe alcohol’s affected her.They were making out for a while, feeling each other upand she told me that she even grabbed his cock, and thatit was huge. “It was twice as big as yours easily,” shetold me. Apparently this made her realise what she wasdoing and she stopped him and told him to take her home.She said he was gentleman about it and didn’t forceanything. This pissed me off because if he were agentleman he wouldn’t make a move on my girlfriend.”Can you forgive me baby?” she asked looking into myeyes, “I’ll never do it again, I promise.” She was sosincere in her words.”I forgive you, but I we should stop seeing him alltogether outside of work,” I responded. She nodded, andwe ended up fucking each other’s brains out, having thebest make up sex ever. It was so intense for me because Ihad thoughts of Jason making out with my girlfriend.While it upset me what had happened, I still had thatspark in me, which lusted for my girlfriend to stray. Itwas a fantasy though, and while it happened a bit, I wasglad it didn’t fully happen. I still pretended I wasJason that night, which made me fuck her even harder andgave me the best orgasm ever.Our sexual escapade continued into the weekend, and onSunday night my girlfriend was moaning and screamingwhile riding my cock, which by the way she was great at,and she had her eyes closed and enjoying it when it cameout, “Oh yes, oh baby, mmmmmm, oh Jason!” She froze.”Baby I’m sorry,” she said in a cheeky tone.I couldn’t believe it, she was fucking me and fantasisingthat I was Jason, but the funny thing was that I waspretending I was Jason too. What got me was the way shesaid she was sorry. She was really cutesy about it, likeshe had just pinched a piece of candy from me.”You want to screw him?” I asked plainly.”Baby I love you, it’s just that I got caught upimagining fucking his big cock, and Jason’s is thebiggest one I’ve ever seen,” she responded.”Well, do you want to fuck him?” I asked sternly.She was quiet and said nothing, acting coy. I couldn’tbelieve it because I swear I thought she would say no,and that it was just a fantasy or something like that.The next moment changed our relationship forever. I’m notsure why I did, but I decided to tell her.”I’ve been pretending I was Jason while I was fucking youall this weekend, and I’ve had thoughts about yousleeping with another man,” I confessed. “If you want wecan invite him to dinner after work tomorrow and see whathappens.” My cock was hard as nails as I told her and itwas still buried inside her.She looked shocked but she was grinning, like she hadreceived a Ferrari for her birthday. “That sounds reallynice baby,” she whispered. She had been thinking offucking him all weekend. Jason’s big cock had swayed her,and maybe it was all part of his plan. He told me he wasgoing to fuck her and I was going to watch. Now it wasprobably going to come true.She fucked me for a few more seconds, before came hardinto my condom, for what was to be the last time. Maybeshe didn’t want to be unfaithful to me, but there was apart of her that was like that, that always desired to bewell and truly fucked by a real man.*The next day at work I went to Jason. He didn’t seemworried at all when I went up to him, not thinking for amoment that I was going to belt him for hitting on mygirlfriend. Besides, even if I did he wouldn’t carebecause he could fire me in an instant, after all he wasmy team leader.”What’s on your mind?” he asked me.”Would you like to join us for dinner tonight?” Icouldn’t believe I was asking him.”Dinner?” he said smirking. bahis siteleri “Is that all?” He was goingto make me beg for it.There was an uncomfortable silence. I thought of mygirlfriend and said it, “Would you like to fuck mygirlfriend tonight? Please.” He grinned an evil grin. “See that wasn’t so hard was it?I knew you were one of those, I could just tell,” he saidmaking a gesture with his thumb and finger of an inch ortwo, implying I had a small dick. He shook my hand andsaid, “I haven’t screwed for a week, so I’ll have a niceload to blow inside her tonight.”I responded, “But, but… but no one has ever cum in her,ever. She will insist that you wear a condom.” He winkedand said, “That will make it all the more sweeter when Idon’t.” I was upset by this, but never more turned on.The day crawled past and eventually we found ourselves onour way home. I drove as my girlfriend and Jason got itin the back seat of our car. I could see from time totime, when I had the chance to glance that he was rubbingher clit and after a while even went down on her, and ateher out superbly.She was moaning and screaming like a whore. She wasletting Jason have his way with her and I could tell shehad thought about this even before he had hit on her.They weren’t wasting any time and he was getting her niceand wet before her fucked her. She was so wet anywaybecause at work she told me her panties were soaking fromthinking about what was going to happen that night.My girlfriend after being eaten out went to return thefavour and sucked his giant cock, but he stopped her andsaid, “I want to blow my first load inside you, there’llbe plenty of opportunity to suck my cock in the future.”My girlfriend blew me out of the water when she replied,”Oh yes baby that sounds nice,” and went back to kissingand feeling his ripped chest. I looked in the rear viewand Jason winked at me. He was really going to cum in herbareback.Soon enough we were at our apartment and it was straightinto the bedroom. Jason went into the bathroom, while Iundressed my girlfriend. Her panties were drenched as Ipeeled them from her immaculate, scorching hot littleAsian body. She was glowing, and I kissed her for thelast time. She was hesitant, but responded a little.”I hope you love it baby,” I whispered.”I will,” she said staring into my eyes. I could see inher eyes she was dying to have his cock inside of her.Jason returned and my girlfriend quickly tore his clothesoff and laid him in the middle of our bed, on top of ourfavourite blanket. She straddled him, and his massivecock stood at attention, easily a proud 10 or 11 inchesand much thicker than mine, ready to impale her. Herdripping wet pussy dangled precariously above his cock.There was no turning back now. Jason used one hand to aimhis cock to its target while the other on her hip guidedmy beautiful girlfriend onto it. The bulbous head of hiscock popped into her tiny opening and they both moaned indelight.Now he had both hands on her hips and he eased furtherinside and slowly, inch-by-inch she slid down his longthick cock, moaning loudly, as did Jason. My cock wasthrobbing as I watched intently.About seven or eight inches in, my girlfriend gasped inpain a bit, “Ow my tummy!” He had no doubt hit hercervix, but he pressed on and she didn’t resist, and borethe pain as his cock drilled further inside her than everbefore. This was virgin territory.She groaned as their pubes mashed together and he wasfully inside her. It was like it was in slow motion. Itwas done. My fantasy was now true. My girlfriend wasfucking another man. I was so turned on. A man who was myboss, my superior, claiming my girlfriend as his own. Hissuperiority was now being completed. They stayed likethat for a few minutes, passionately kissing, while mygirlfriend’s pussy stretched to accommodate his size andlength.My girlfriend whispered, “I love you,” into Jason’s earand she slowly began to fuck him, gyrating her hips andmoving side to side and up and down his cock. Even if Iwere to fuck her again it would never be the same. Hiscock was loosening her pussy up for good. I realised atthis point I was a loser and a fool to let this happen,but that didn’t stop me from loving the sexual thrill Iwas getting from seeing this.”Oh yes baby, yes Jason, it feels so good, it’s so thick,mmmmmm,” she moaned over and over. His cock wasglistening güvenilir bahis proudly in my girlfriend’s juices as herpussy, tightly wrapped around his pole, sucked andmassaged it, up and down, up and down. It was asmesmerising as it was beautiful. The pace began to pickup and she began to screw him harder and harder.I stumbled around with my painful erection to get adifferent perspective. I went around to see her face andshe was in ecstasy, and I could see Jason’s cock drivingup into her flat tummy, just like promised. My girlfriendcould barely notice me she was enjoying herself thatmuch. He had his hands all over her hot body, especiallyher tits, enjoying her silky soft skin.The she started to buck and moan more and more, and thenstarted to scream at full voice. The neighbours heardthat for sure. I couldn’t believe it! She was cummingwhile fucking his cock. I had never been able to make hercum outside oral sex, and she said none of her previousboyfriends had made her either, but it was happening now.I returned to the rear view to see her pussy spasm andshudder around his thick rod.As she subsided, Jason moaned, “I’m going to cum soon.”He stopped my girlfriend, and she rose up off his cock,and let him lay her on her back, knowing that he wantedto bury himself fully into her, and cum deep inside her.He parted my girlfriend’s legs, and her pussy lookedcompletely different. It was totally stretched out. Heeasily slid his cock deep into her and started fuckingher really hard. They were going wild.”Cum in me baby, CUM!” screamed my girlfriend as shesensed he was about to blow as his fucking becameerratic. I kneeled beside the bed and held my girlfriendshand and said, “Cum in her Jason, cum in her!” like asissy cheerleader.I couldn’t believe what I was doing. My girlfriendgripped my hand tightly as Jason grunted and he blastedhis cum inside her pussy. “OH YES!” she screamed as shefelt his hot cum lash her pussy walls, coating them andfilling her womb. She broke her hand from our littleembrace and wrapped both her legs and arms around him.”Oh baby, that was so good! Oh I love you.”It was all over for me. I moved around to see Jason’s cumleaking from her pussy. That made me cum in my pantswithout even touching myself. She was his girl now. Hehad stolen my girlfriend from me with his huge cock, justlike in my wildest fantasy.They ended up fucking all night while I watched everythrust and movement, and listened to every moan andcomment about how good it is, and the mocking and gigglesfrom my girlfriend about how she doesn’t know how thefuck she got by fucking my little cock for so long. Shemoved in with Jason the next night, and they are stilltogether. I still work with them, and I enjoy watchingtheir public displays of affection, like when theyfrench-kiss at work.Of course I am a laughing stock at work, and I am quiteaware that I am a complete loser for letting whathappened happen. Jason told everyone at work all abouthow I asked him to fuck her, and watched and loved everyminute of it. The fact that I warranted it makes herinfidelity look all the better, and everyone thinks theymake a better couple anyway.They have discarded me even as a friend, and I have losta lot for my little fantasy. I miss her so much, and partof the little I have left is to get off by seeing themtogether, and imagining how much they fuck and how theyfuck, as I am not allowed to watch them anymore, and yesI have asked them.The other part of what I have left is the blanket. Ourfavourite blanket that we used to snuggle up under andmake love under and on top of. I haven’t washed it sincethe night they had their first time on it. It’s stainedfrom wet spots, from my girlfriend’s juices, theircombined sweat and of course Jason’s cum stains. I lovethat blanket for the memories it keeps from my days withmy girlfriend and the vivid images that come back fromthat night when I smell the aroma from the blanket. Thestale smell of their sex radiates from it and makes mehard, and spurs me on to masturbate every night.Since they first had sex, there hasn’t been a night thatI haven’t cum at least twice reminiscing about that nightor how they might be having sex right then and there, andit has been almost 2 years.I’ll never forget how I came in my pants without touchingmyself either, it’s never happened since then, but Iguess the sight of another mans cum leaking from yourgirlfriends pussy is enough to send anyone over the edgeone way or another. Sure, some guys might get angry, butI know there are other people out there that would havethe same reaction as I did…END

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