Pleasure Me


Looking into my eyes, I feel your hand slide underneath my hair brushing on my neck and cupping my head. Your other hand is running from my hip up to my breast and squeezing. You lean in and press your lips firmly against mine. You can faintly taste the raspberry lip gloss I had put on earlier. I slightly pull away, brushing your lips with my tongue then biting my lip, enticing you to pursue. Pulling my body into yours, I can feel the pressure start to build. Your swelling cock presses hard against my stomach as you force your tongue deep inside my mouth. My hands glide across your stomach around your strong back and slides down inside your jeans. You can feel the light touch of my fingernails as I start to grip your ass.

Walking me backwards three steps you push me up against the wall. Grabbing my leg and lifting it to your hip, you grind against my clit through my clothing. Sucking on my lip, you then kiss down my neck, kissing and nibbling until your reach my breasts. Taking eryaman genç escort bayanlar your tongue you run it between my cleavage and up to my neck and nibble. I moan with excitement. My breathing starts to become heavy and intensify.

I reach down and grab my shirt and pull it over my head. You dive back in to my luscious 42DDD breasts as you continue to press your cock in between my legs. My hands tangle in your hair as I exhale my excitement. I feel my panties are starting to become wet.

Reaching up you grab my breasts squeezing. I can hear you whisper oh god they are so big. I reach behind my back unlatch my bra letting them spill out in front of you. Taking both hands and grasping the melon size breast you start to suck. My nipple starts to swell against your tongue from sheer enjoyment. Your tongue swirls around the nipple as you breathe in. The cold air over stimulates the excitement. I run my hands through your hair and lightly press you into my breasts. ankara escort bayan I want you to suck them. I want to feel you bite them.

My breathing becomes heavy. I can feel the desire burning inside me. I don’t think I can wait anymore. I push your body away. Kissing and biting your lip as I push you towards the bed. Grabbing your shirt I rip it off you exposing your chest, kissing down your neck to your chest I unbutton and unzip your jeans. Shove my hand inside your briefs and stroke your thick cock. The control I take excites you, but you don’t give up control. You won’t let me have it. You plan to ravage me.

Reaching down you rip off my pants and panties and push me back on the bed. Spreading my legs, I feel your fingers rub across my clit and wet opening as you lay on top of me and swallow my tongue. Your finger works its way inside my wet center. Pushing in and out. You can feel my wet swollen insides, just begging to be fucked. As etimesgut escort you push deep inside me, you watch me gasp for air as my ass rises up from the bed. Slowly working it in and out, you add a second finger. I squirm biting my lip, whimpering. You grab my breast with the other hand and suck on my nipple as you watch my face contort with pleasure.

Your thumb rubs vigorously on my clit as your two large fingers pound in and out of my pussy. I start to breathe heavy, moaning louder and louder. You bite my nipple causing a sensation overload. I cum all over your hand. Reaching down I touch myself. Wetting my hand with all of the juices you exposed. I reach up and run my finger across your lips. Kiss you and suck the taste of me off of your mouth. I beg you to take me.

Instead your mouth moves down to my flower. You tease licking up and down my lips across my clit, as you slide your two fingers in and out. Slowly twisting. Watching me squirm you bite on my lip and suck the juices off. I am so horny. I want you so bad. I want to feel your cock in me. Please baby, take me.

Slowly mounting me, you rub your head against my clit. Smacking your cock against it. Teasing me. I cannot take it anymore. I reach down and slide it in my wet center. Fuck me.

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