Pleasure Parallel


I was so desperate for a good fucking I realized I’d have to get creative. I grabbed a chilled cucumber from the fridge. Not one of those tiny marrow-sized ones. A real one. Long and thick. I could feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about ramming it up myself. Humping it until it broke…

Patience, you horny slut.

Cucumber in hand, I went to find some duck tape. I cut off the end of my phallic instrument of lust and stood it up on the floor, taping around it so that it would stand relatively fast. I knew it wouldn’t hold once I got into rutting it too hard but it would do for now. Lastly, I went to fetch my large mirror off the dresser, placing it on the floor just in front of me so I could be the porn star and the voyeur at the same time.

I’ve always found that it’s so much sexier with the lights a little dimmed and some music in the background. Tonight, I was just too damned desperate and horny to want slow, sweet and romantic background sounds, so I opened up my laptop and pulled out an old favorite porn of mine. I love the way you can hear his balls smacking her ass as he pounds into her from behind. I know some people like screeching from the chick as she builds up her orgasm but it just annoys me. I like to hear his groans and grunts, knowing that he’s enjoying himself just as much as I am watching his cock slam in and out of her pussy before he pulls out and slides into her clenching asshole.

Ahh it’s making me wet just thinking about it.

I pressed play and let them work each other up while I got ready. I knelt down next to my cucumber cock and squeezed some cream onto my hand. Slowly, I rubbed the silky cream over my tits, enjoying the scent and slippery feel as I groped and squished them. I teased around my nipples, brushing over them but not pulling on them just yet, no matter how much they were calling to be tugged and twisted. I flicked them a little, gasping as the sensation went straight down to my dampening, needy cunt.

Adding a little more cream onto my hands, I moved them down my body, pressing my hands into my sides just above my love-handles, knowing that those spots are particularly sensitive places for me. My hands came back together, to my stomach, sliding over my belly button and then quickly parting again to grope at the inside of both my thighs, disappointing my desperate pussy who’d been waiting for so long.

He’s sucking her clit at the moment, while she writhes around grabbing her tits. I think it’s time I add some bahis firmaları fingers. I grabbed my scented lube (the strawberry scent was so good I wanted to eat the whole bottle) and spread some on my fingers. I didn’t think I’d need it from the way my pussy was pulsing already but lube is so much fun~ Without another thought, I ran my fingers over my pussy, brushing ever so lightly over my clit and then straight down to my waiting hole. I rubbed my fingers over the soft folds, getting them wet and sticky before I plunged my fingers into the warm pool of lust waiting to be played with.

He grabbed her hair, tugging her head roughly up and down his engorged shaft while I jilled myself and moved my hips in time to his thrusts, I brought myself to almost breaking point before stopping, and then repeated this a few times, never letting myself come. His grunts told me he wanted to come too, but didn’t either. There were more exciting things to come.

Like my cucumber penis. Pulling out my fingers and licking them dry, I grabbed a condom and rolled it down my cold, new friend. I taped the rim onto the cucumber as well so it wouldn’t slide off with me later. Time for more fruity lube. I lathered the faux cock in edible slime, until it was glistening in the dim lights. Looking over at the screen, he had her on all fours and was teasingly rubbing his cock along her snatch. I got up onto my knees and did the same, rubbing the standing cock on my pussy, feeling gravity pull my juices down my shivering thighs.

Such a dirty girl. What a mess you’ve made and you haven’t even got to the fucking.

He grabbed her hips, smacking her ass as she tried to grind back on him, and then pushed his cock into her pussy. I took hold of my makeshift dildo and slid part of the way down it. It took a bit of maneuvering to find a comfortable position and movement, but once I did, I grabbed my nipples and bounced the fuck out of that cucumber. It was still cool from the fridge, adding to tingles my body was getting from being filled up with something so thick and long and slimy and goddam delicious. He groaned and pounded and I moaned and gyrated, sliding my cunt up and down, pinching my nipple with one hand and rubbing at my clit with the other. My eyes darted between watching his cock sliding in and out of her and to the mirror where I could see my monster dildo disappear and reappear between my hungry pussy lips.

I needed to cum. I wanted to let go. I watched to splash all over the floor kaçak iddaa and rub my tits in it like some pathetic sex maniac in those hentai’s I’ve watched. But I didn’t. He wanted to cum too, you could see it in the angry red tip of his cock as he pulled out, precum oozing out asking to be licked.

But he didn’t either.

Instead, he pushed her head down further, spread her legs a bit wider and rubbed his cock on her asshole. You could see it twitching and contracting. I pulled out and added some more lube to my already slicked up cucumber. Then I reached around and circled my rosebud, feeling the ring of muscle get softened up and start to tingle with excitement. I played with my ass a bit. Spreading my cheeks and opening up my ass as far as I could, liking how the cool air licked at my entrance. I swirled my hips around, humping air and clenching my dripping twat, sending little preorgasmic shivers to my slicked up asshole.

My tongue lolled out as I enjoyed myself a bit too much while I fingered my butt. Scissoring my hole and massaging my rim, preparing myself for bigger, fatter things. I heard him groan and looked over at the screen. I’d missed him plunge his cock in the first time, but I watched in rapture, tongue still lolling out, drool escaping the corner of my mouth and fingers still buried deep inside my ass, as he pulled all the way out and rammed balls deep back into her.

The satisfying smack of skin and his deep, animalistic grunts brought me back to my own dirty little activities. I positioned myself again, after making sure the cucumber was still slick enough, and then grabbed a hold of it and rubbed it around my ring of muscle. Taking a deep breath, eyes on the mirror, I watched my asshole get stretched wider and wider as the cucumber slowly disappeared inside of it. I bit my lip, enjoying the pain, but quickly overcoming it to welcome the pleasure.

I couldn’t go all the way at first. But fuck it felt so good. There’s full in your pussy. And then there’s full in your ass. What can I say? I’m a masochistic butt slut.

I pulled up until it was almost out, and then I pushed down again – hard – swallowing more and more with each plunge I took until I was riding that sucker in time with his groans. He was pounding her so hard, occasionally slapping her ass every time she tried to pleasure herself.

But I wasn’t going to deny myself. Still keeping my hips busy, I let a hand travel to my engorged nub. It was so swollen from my earlier play kaçak bahis that it was practically sticking out asking to be pinched and pulled and flicked. So I indulged it, calling out profanities and dirty talking as I shamelessly, desperately pleasured myself. I swirled my hips around, feeling the cucumber reaching every inch of my passage. I imagined it going so far in that it was prodding my womb from the other side, and found myself wishing it was filled with cum waiting to fill me up and paint my insides with its dirty, delicious seed.

My whole body began to shake from the absolute pleasure of my rising orgasm. The extra stimulation on my clit and my deviant fantasies added to the heat pooling between my legs. The cucumber hit that spot over and over again and then I couldn’t see. It was too much. I vaguely heard a final spank and a loud satisfied groan in the background but my head was too blanked out in pleasure for me watch his victorious spouts of cum stake their claim all over her ass and back.

I could barely ride out my orgasm it was so strong but I kept trying to pump the cucumber in and out until I decided to just press it down inside my ass as far as I could get it, pushing at that spot and drawing out the waves of pleasure for as long as possible. My one hand still furiously rubbed and pinched and pressed on my clit, slipping inside the warm, sopping wet cunt lips, while the other pinched and pulled my nipples harder than any nipple clamp could have.

I let myself fall onto my side, breathing heavily and still not able to open my eyes just yet. I could feel the cucumber lodged happily up my ass, as my oversensitive, tingling cunt dribbled cum out into a puddle between my thighs. Sweat coated my body, adding to the slimy, dirty, sexy feeling of post-coital bliss. I rubbed my thighs together, feeling them slide across each other with the wetness. Slipping a hand in-between them, I caressed my pussy, enjoying how wet and sensitive it still was.

Hearing a moan, I opened my eyes to see what that cock was up to next. I watched as he pumped his cock a few times before lying down and pulling her on top of him. He grinded her snatch against his meat and played with her tits before entering her pussy. A second man entered, cock in hand and grabbed her head, pulling her mouth around his dick and fucking her throat. And then a third man entered, cock glistening and excited, and slid it between her butt cheeks. In one movement he slammed into her and the three of them rocked her body in a furious rhythm.

My nipples stood to attention, and my breathing got shallow as I watched enraptured by their carnal pleasure unfolding onscreen.

Fuck it. I was going to need another cucumber.

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