My father has always been a priority driven person. Maybe this is why he has been so successful in business. It’s certainly why he is so driven professionally to the point of almost obsession. In fact, I would say that my Daddy has two loves in life, his work and his daughter. Lately though Daddy has been more and more focused on work than anything else and it was really starting to worry me. As the saying goes “All work and no play…”.

I would call him every day from college and he was usually either at the office of working from home. It may look good on the bank account but it’s simply just not healthy. I devised a plan and set it into motion the day I came home from school.

I should probably give a little back story about me and my Daddy. We’ve been having sex for a number of years now. Before anyone gets all high and mighty let me say that it was totally my idea and I do not regret it for a single second. This isn’t the story about that all happened though, that tale can wait for another time…maybe.

I knew he would be surprised to see me at home as he wasn’t expecting me for another week so imagine the look on his face to open the front door to see his little girl standing there waiting for him.

“Daddy! Welcome home!” I threw my arms around him and pressed my body up against his. I was already starting to feel myself getting wet.

“Lilly? What…what are you doing here?” his hands found my ass and he gave me a good hard squeeze.

“I wanted to surprise you. Surprise!”

“Baby I really wish you would have called first. I have a ton of work to do.” He had pulled away and picked up his briefcase as if to demonstrate.

“No. You can work later Daddy. I have a surprise for you.” I hadn’t had him inside me in weeks and it was all I could do not to have him fuck me right there in the foyer. “Here, take this and head down stairs.” I pushed a drink into his hand and lead him to the entrance to the basement.

Our basement is styled after an old Irish pub. There was a huge bar along one wall, a pool table, several tables and chairs all arranged accordingly. There was also a poker table situated towards the center and as Daddy went down the steps he was greeted by the site of his oldest friends. They hooted and hollered when they saw him and before long I could hear them all laughing and joking.

All of the men were, in some way or another, considered to be leaders in their respective fields of profession. (I had met them all at least a few times with the exception of Uncle Jack who was my Daddy’s friend since childhood. He wasn’t my real uncle of course but he liked it when I called him that and to be honest I liked it as well.) Like my Daddy they were all hyper-successful and driven so it was weirdly amusing to hear them carrying on like a bunch of stereotypical frat boys.

I let Daddy and his friends get a bit deeper into their surprise reunion while I went to change into my outfit for the night: a short black mini skirt, tuxedo style shirt that was at least a size too small…so much so that I couldn’t button any of the top buttons which was fine by me as it showed off the upper part of my black lace bra. A pair of black thigh high fishnets and knee high platform boots (Daddy always called them my Fuck Me Boots) completed the look. I was playing the part of their personal server and, if things went according to plan, their entertainment for the night.

Now I’m no stranger to being the only female in a room full of men so I didn’t really get the butterflies that I thought I might and when I stepped into their line of sight all eyes were firmly fixed onto me. Including Daddy and Uncle Jack there was 5 men and all 5 stared at me with the same lust filled gaze and I felt my pussy go from moist to soaked almost instantly.

I tended to the men, passing out drinks as requested and things started to revert to normal despite the obvious sexual tension in the room. Occasionally someone would drop something and ask me to pick it up for no other reason than to see me do so with my ass pointed near them and to get a peek at my ass. In turn I would make sure to bend at the waist when I gave them their drinks so they could get a better look at my tits. Eventually Jack invited me to sit on his lap and I gladly accepted. He was the only one that knew the full extent of my plan and as I sat there he stroked my panty covered cunt underneath the table.

“Lilly, sweetie, could I get another beer?” Mr. Abrams asked and when I brought it to him he gently guided me down onto his lap same as Jack had done. I could already feel his hardness and it only made me hornier and I started to wonder if all the others were in the same condition.

Mr. Jacobs lap was my next landing area and like Mr. Abrams he too was already hard. This time though I took a little more initiative and discreetly directed his hand down between my thighs. His cock began to throb as he manipulated my young, wet pussy.

My plan involved me going from man to man with the exception of Daddy so that meant that Mr. Finnegan was next and when I brought him his Jameson’s he didn’t have to invite me to sit, ataşehir escort bayan I just did it on my own. I smiled when I felt him squirm a bit and then that familiar feeling of a cock getting stiff against my butt and his hand on my inner thigh. I smiled sweetly at him and pushed his further along until it was resting on my salivating mound. Mr. Finnegan was a bit more opportunistic then the others and actually pushed a finger inside me. This would go on for another round of drinks with each man taking the opportunity to play with my little pussy. I was loving the attention but I wanted more.

“Excuse me a minute guys. I need to take this call.” Mr. Jacobs announced as his phone rang and he stepped away from the table. The other men decided to take a break and I made my way to the bar to fix more drinks. Daddy was soon standing directly behind me and I could feel his hardness pressing against my butt.

“Exactly what do you think you’re doing?” his voice barely a whisper. I stood and turned to face him.

“What are you talking about Daddy?”

“MMMM don’t you think I know the look you get on your face when your pussy is being played with?” he dared a quick glance down at my barely contained tits and then back towards his friends then stared directly into my eyes.

“Maybe I’m just trying to get your attention Daddy?” I purred and slide my hand along his crotch, feeling his hardness already throbbing.

“Babydoll you always have Daddy’s attention.”

“Really? Because you haven’t fucked me in weeks.”

“Well wait until my friends leave and I’ll more than make up for it.”

“Why should we wait Daddy?” I gave him that sexy smile I save for when I’m feeling really devious. “Maybe you should fuck me right now, right in front of all your friends.” I felt his cock twitching. “Maybe they should do me to. MMMM I know you’d love to watch your little girl getting gang fucked by your friends Daddy. See that look on their faces as they watch you sink this hard fucking dick into your own daughter’s wet cunt.”

“This was your plan all along wasn’t it?” the realization struck him and moaned while grinning wickedly, no doubt at the thought of seeing me getting spit roasted.

“Maybe.” I couldn’t help but giggle a I started to feel the eyes of every man in the room focus in on me and Daddy. “Why don’t you have a seat with the rest of the guys.” I took his hand and lead him to where his friends were now sitting. I had undone a couple more buttons on my shirt and my black lace bra was all but exposed and each pair of eyes took notice. I stood there almost posing in front of them and smiled when I saw that they all had bulges in their pants.

“Well gentlemen I think the poker game is getting a bit stale. How about another form of entertainment?” It was then that Jack, according to plan, turned on the stereo and I began to dance slowly and seductively. They watched as my fingers slide up and down my body, opening the few remaining buttons on my shirt. When I let it slip off my shoulders and land on the floor they looked briefly at Daddy and he just shrugged and smiled. I began to move from lap to lap giving a nice deep lap dance before moving on to the next man.

“You’ve all been playing with my pussy all night. I think it’s time I returned the favor.” I moaned as bent over and ran my hand along Jack’s bulge. My tits barely contained in my bra and his hands quickly cupped them. I took Jack and Mr. Abrams by the hand and guided them to stand, next was Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Finnegan and then, finally Daddy. I had them all standing in a circle around me and without much encouragement they all started touching and feeling on my body. My skirt was slid up over my ass and I felt hands roughly groping at it, my tits were receiving the same attention. Daddy just looked at me, smiled and pulled my face to his and started kissing me while at the same time someone plunged a finger into my soaked snatch.

I was so overcome with desire that I could barely discern one voice from another as the men began remarking on my body, how wet I was and how hard they were. Hearing this I broke my kiss with Daddy and slid down to my knees. I began feeling from one bulge to the next, feeling them all throb and twitch at my touch.

“Take my cock out Lilly.” Daddy moaned and I responded by doing as he asked. His dick was swollen and already drooling pre-cum as it sprang free of his pants and landed soundly against my face. I know how Daddy likes his cock sucked and I licked up and down the shaft a few times before finally taking it into my mouth. I was sucking and slurping up and down as I heard that unmistakable sound of zippers being worked and clothes being removed. Next thing I knew I had five hard cocks presented to me. I smiled up at Daddy.

“Get on this cock baby.” Jack muttered and pulled me from Daddy to his own raging hard-on. I put on a show for the other men that had never had my mouth on their dicks before and it must have gotten the idea across because Mr. Jacobs pulled me from Jack to him and I immediately swallowed him to the root.

“MMMM come on Mr. Jacobs, escort kadıköy fuck my mouth. Fuck my face like a little fucking whore.” I growled and he grabbed my hair and shoved himself between my lips and began to fuck my mouth until I had pre-cum and saliva dripping from my lips.

“My turn. Suck my cock you little slut.” Mr. Finnegan moaned and roughly pulled me by my hair. Like with all guys I go down on I love to look up at them, look them in the eye as I suck on their throbbing cock and see the look on their faces as I blow them. Mr. Finnegan wasn’t bashful and really pumped his length down my throat. Every time I gaged the men all moaned and cheered. My eyes were watering and my pussy was like a river.

“OK, don’t hog the entertainment Finn. I’ve wanted to have my cock in this girl’s mouth for years.” Mr. Abrams announced and I felt my hair being pulled and my mouth found yet another cock to suck on. “Oh fuck yes. Even better than I ever imagined.” He moaned as he watched me bobbing up and down his length.

As I continued sucking on Daddy and his friends I felt hands all over my body, especially my tits. Although my eyes were watering I could just make out Mr. Jacobs pulling and tugging at my bra.

“Take it off or I’ll rip it.” He growled.

“MMMM rip it.” I moaned, smiled and went back to sucking cock. I heard the fabric tear and felt it taught against my body just before it gave way and my tits were finally exposed.

“Fuck! Her tits are perfect!” Mr. Finnegan declared as he felt me up. “I know she’s your daughter Jonesy but I don’t know how you can keep your hands off of these fucking tits.”

“I don’t!” Daddy answered. There was a brief moment of what I can only describe as silence as that comment sank in but after it did it was like my Daddy had signed a permission slip for his friends to use his little girl.

“Alright, fuck this, get her up on the pool table. I want to fuck this little whore.” Mr. Jacobs instructed and I was lifted up and carried over to the table and laid on my back. I look at all 5 men as they stood there admiring me, all were hard and all were slowly stroking their cocks. I thought about teasing them a bit more but my pussy was in desperate need of some dick.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck me?” they all stood open mouthed and wide eyed as I played with my tits and rubbed my cunt through my thong.

“Well before we wreck this pretty little pussy I want to get me a taste of her first.” Mr. Jacobs smiled as he bent down between my thighs, pulled my now soaked panties aside and began to eat me out. My back arched in pleasure and I began to moan. I felt hands on my tits again and realized that Daddy and Jack had both climbed up on the table and were on their knees, hard cocks motioning towards my open mouth. I was almost to my first orgasm of the night thanks to Mr. Jacobs tongue when Daddy plunged himself between my lips.

“Come on Jacobs, either fuck her or get out of the way!” someone screamed and I felt him pull away from my mound.

“Do it! Shove your fucking cock in me and fucking use me!” I yelled as I pulled my Daddy from my mouth and before Jack filled it back up.

“Damn…so fucking tight!” Mr. Jacobs moaned as she slipped inside me and started to fuck my pussy. His hands were rough and digging into my thighs as he bared down and pounded my accepting fuck hole. Daddy and Jack started to slap their spit covered dicks against my face.

“Alright, alright let me get in there.” Mr. Finnegan instructed and I felt Mr. Jacobs withdraw from my needy slit. “MMMM such a pretty little pussy you have Lilly.” His hand pulled at my thong until it ripped away. I watched, and felt, him club his insanely thick swollen cockhead against my wet mound.

“MMMM fuck…just…just shove it in me Mr. Finnegan.” He grinned at me and guided his tool to my pussy and in one rough motion his cock rammed inside of me. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that huge cock!” I was screaming and he was pounding me hard.

“Oh fuck! I’ve wanted this for so fucking long! Take it Lilly! Take it you little fucking cock slut!” his body tensed, muscles rippled in effort as he pummeled my pussy.

“Hey, my lil girl has more than one hole you know.” Daddy sneered as he waited for that to sink in and when it did I was repositioned. Mr. Abrams laid down and I straddled him, guiding myself down onto his engorged cock and started riding it. Daddy looked at me and mouthed the word ‘slut’ then smiled.

“Slow down a bit Lilly, let me get up in that ass baby.” Jack was behind me pushing his cock against my butt. I reached back and spread wide so that he could drill himself up my asshole as I rode his friend. Jack had fucked me before but this was the first time he ever went in the backdoor.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss! Fuck me! Fuck my holes! Come on you horny old motherfuckers…use me like a whore!” I was screaming as they grunted and groaned and fucked my ass and cunt. “More! Give me more dick!”

“MMMM yeah suck on my fucking cock!” Mr. Finnegan pushed him wet dick towards maltepe escort my mouth and happily opened wide and let him fuck my mouth as the other two invaded my holes. Daddy and Mr. Jacobs gathered around so that I could stroke them and then eventually move my mouth from one dick to the next.

“Shit, she’s fucking cumming! Damn she’s getting tighter!” he was right. My pussy tightened up like a vice as these men brought me to one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had up until that point. “Fuck you’re going to make me cum!” he shouted.

“Go ahead and cum. I’ll fuck that little sloppy second hand pussy!” someone announced and I felt Mr. Abrams begin to blow his load deep inside me. Jack was mumbling something and I felt his pace falter and then he too blew his load, this one being shot up in my ass.

No sooner had they both gotten off than I was pushed free of their cocks. I watched as fresh jizz spewed from both holes like a river. I slid my finger through it and liked it clean.

“MMMM yummy. I want more though. I need more dick.” Mr. Finnegan was more than happy to oblige but instead Daddy pushed him away and in one hard motion stuffed his cock ball deep in his baby girl’s freshly fucked pussy. “Oh! Ungh! Yes! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your little whore!” I watched as his dick speared into me, his hand latching onto my neck, feeling him choke me as he used my pussy in front of his oldest and closest friends.

“Lilly! Baby! Daddy’s going to cum!” he growled at me.

“Do it! Cum Daddy! Cum inside me! Cum in your daughter’s sloppy fucking cunt! Put your load where it belongs Daddy!” his friends all watched as he tensed and drove himself in one more time and held it there. I felt him begin to spurt stream after stream inside me.

“Damn Jones, you really made a fucking mess, huh?” Mr. Jacobs laughed as he stepped between my cum spattered thighs and filled the void in my cunt left by Daddy’s dick. I was getting a little sore and I gasped as he roughly plowed his way into me. He gave me a few really hard, really deep strokes then pulled out. I feared that he was going to cum but instead he just rolled me so that I was lying flat on my face and re-entered me. His hands using my ass for leverage to pull me at him as he slammed into me. “Fucking Jack…your cum is still drooling from her ass.” He mentioned but continued to fuck me.

“ungh! Give it to me Mister! Harder! Come one…harder! Fucking use me! I’m a dirty little fucking whore and I want you to use me like one!” he grunted and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back while at the same time ramming his throbbing dick into me.

“Fuck! Tell me whore! Tell me where you want my fucking load.” I could tell he was close.

“Inside me! Please! Shoot your cum into my sloppy little fuck hole!” I looked to Daddy and he just looked at me and smiled while I felt his friend start to erupt inside me.

After Mr. Jacobs was finally done he pulled out. I immediately felt all the cum drooling from my sore pussy and then realized that Mr. Finnegan hadn’t cum yet. I knew that he would probably be the roughest and I also knew that of the five men he has the biggest cock. Surprisingly he was actually kind of tender and caring towards me…at first.

“Come here Lilly. I want you to ride me.” He took me by the hand and lead me over to the sofa. He sat there with that hard, thick cock standing at attention and even though I was starting to get sore the site of that raging hard-on squelched any attentiveness I had. “MMMM that’s a good little girl…take my fucking prick up your slutty little fucking cunt.” His hand found my waist and he literally lifted me up and down his pole, ramming me onto it as he thrusted up. All I could hear was cheers from the other men, including my Daddy, and the sound of his skin slapping against mine.

“Turn her around Finn so we can see that little pussy get fucked.” Daddy instructed and I then riding reverse cowgirl so that everyone could see this thick cock stretching me. This turned me on even more than I thought possible.

“Oh yeah! You like that? You pervy old fucks…like watching this little cunt being stuffed?” I teased and cupped my tits as they had started to bounce wildly. “You like this Daddy? Seeing your little daughter being used like a fuck toy? This is what happen when you don’t fuck me enough Daddy.” I leant forward and placed my hands on the floor. I popped my ass up and down, fucking the dick that was currently inside me. “MMMM come on Mr. Finnegan, blow your fucking load. Empty your balls inside me like you’ve always wanted to do!” he grabbed my ass and slammed me down one last time and exploded inside me.

By the time I had drained the last man the others were hard again but this time they stood in a circle around me and stroked themselves. I would talk dirty to them, lap up some cum that leaked from my pussy and at one point even talked about how’d I go down on their own daughters. When the first man began to cum he aimed it right at my forehead and milked himself for every drop. The next didn’t wait for his friend to finish and he was already spewing a load that splattered against my cheek and neck. Daddy was the next to get off and he shot it directly into my open mouth and the last focused his aim to my tits. Mr. Finnegan was the only one not to partake in this as he had just gotten off (he would though give me another load before the night was over).

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