Pre-treating the Laundry Ch. 01


As usual, just when she thought that she’d tracked down all her family’s scattered clothes, Arlene found a blouse and mismatched socks tucked under the bed her 18-year old step-daughter was sleeping in. They were staying with Arlene’s brother in the city for a few weeks during the summer, before Sarah went to college nearby. Arlene’s older brother, Steve, had offered to run the laundry for everyone. Arlene figured she might be able to get the stray items into the laundry load if she caught Steve in time. She did catch Steve… but not in the way she’d expected.

Steve had the radio on, so he didn’t hear her coming into the room. The washer was against the far wall, round the boiler room. As Arlene turned the corner, she gasped. There was her brother with his pants down around his ankles. He was facing away from her pulling something out of the laundry basket, then he turned sideways, toward the window, giving Arlene a perfect profile. Arlene’s eyes grew as she realized that the lacy pair of black underwear, which he was bringing up to his face, were the ones she’d been wearing just this morning. Steve lifted the panties to his face and buried his nose into the crotch while slowly stroking an already vigorous erection.

His cock wasn’t especially long, maybe 7 inches, about the same as her husband’s. Arlene had seen longer pricks (that high school student she’d dated when she was in college must have been 9 inches and had regularly made her gag when she blew him — it was worth it though for the mind blowing fucking he’d give her after his first orgasm went down her throat).

On the other hand, Steve’s penis was very thick and looked to be as hard as a rock, despite the brutal pounding his hand was giving it. Arlene was turned on by the knowledge that inhaling her panties was producing such a strong effect on her brother’s dick.

They had never been very close as children, since he was 10 years older than her. Steve had left home at 18 when Arlene was just a kid, and he hadn’t been back in years. At 20, Arlene had married Dan, whose previous marriage had ended in a messy divorce, and moved away from their home city, where Steve still lived. Arlene had noticed Steve ogling her full figure when she’d arrived and when they’d hugged in greeting she had distinctly felt a twitch in his groin.


In the basement, Steve continued to hammer away at his hardness, completely oblivious to her presence only a few feet behind him.

Arlene knew that he was getting a noseful from those panties. Dan had been away on work (he was an airline pilot) for nearly 2 weeks, arriving back home on the morning they started their trip to her brother’s place.

Sarah had fallen asleep in the back seat soon after they’d started the 6-hour drive to the cities, and when he was sure his daughter was unconscious, Dan had looked over at Arlene with a sparkle in his eyes. “Did you miss me?” he’d asked.

“Sure did” Arlene answered, innocently.

“But, did you miss me?” he asked again after reaching a hand beneath her short skirt and in between her legs.

“Hmm…I Sure did” Arlene answered, smiling mischievously. Even while driving, Dan knew exactly where to touch her and after 10 minutes of his increasingly daring caresses, Arlene had her own hand caressing her clit while his fingers were ramming into her slit. A minute later she was biting her lip and turning toward the window in order to keep from yelling as an intense orgasm hit. Dan had pulled out his soaked fingers from her pussy and licked her juices off with enthusiasm as he grinned at her.

Once she’d caught her breath, Arlene had decided to return the favor. Checking that Sarah was still asleep, and that they were on a fairly straight patch of freeway she reached out to stroke Dan’s thigh.

There’s something I especially miss…” she said. Dan raised an eyebrow, with a smile starting to form. “Well,” Arlene said innocently “You know I’m on that high protein diet, and we just have chips and candy in the car. Do you think maybe you could help get something healthy in me?” She had licked her lips while leaning over his crotch and had released Dan’s erection which by now was straining in his jeans. He hadn’t had a chance to shower before they started their journey, and his crotch smelled musky and enticing. She pulled his hard cock from his boxers and started to lick the tip adoringly, before her head began bobbing up and down quickly on the shaft. The position wasn’t the most comfortable for her, so she worked rapidly on his prick, teasing it with her hands, lips and tongue to bring him off quickly.

With his two week absence, and the novelty of what they were doing, Dan couldn’t hold on for very long and soon he panted “Baby, I’m gonna cum…better pull off”.

“Nuh-uh” Arlene told him, her mouth full of cock “I wan my snack and I’m gonna have it”

She’d barely said this when he groaned and released a thick stream of semen which hit the back of her throat like a soda siphon. pendik escort Arlene choked a little, but her experience with that high school student was invaluable, and she swallowed down Dan’s spurts of cum, swirling her tongue around his sensitive cock-head until he was spent, desperately trying to keep the SUV going in the right direction at a reasonable speed, while letting a truck pass them.

Arlene thought she saw a movement in the back, and glanced up, but Sarah was just moving in her sleep, her eyelids fluttering. Arlene held the last load of sperm in her mouth so that when she sat up and faced him she could let a little dribble out of her mouth and slurp it up again (for some reason Dan loved to see cum leaking out of his wife’s mouth, and she enjoyed seeing the smouldering passion in his eyes when she did this). A few minutes later, they passed the truck that had overtaken them before: the trucker honked his horn enthusiastically and waved, causing both Dan and Arlene to blush as they realized what the driver must have seen.

Those same panties, which had been soaked with her juices from the day before, were now bunched up on Steve’s face as he breathed in deeply with closed eyes, all the time punishing his manhood. Arlene was well over her initial shock and was starting to wet another pair of panties, reaching into her shorts to relieve her aching clitoris, when she saw that Steve was getting close to cumming. He pulled her panties from his face and wrapped them around his engorged cock, now using both hands to pump rhythmically into her silky black underwear. His bulging cock stretching the fabric of her panties was even more erotic than seeing his prick directly, and Arlene had reached two fingers into her hot pussy before she even thought about it.

Suddenly Steve started breathing faster. The song ended on the radio and she heard that he was talking to himself in the midst of his fantasy: “…you want me to fill your pussy with cum Arlene? OK, but then you’ve got to take my cock in your mouth and then later in your ass! Then I’m gonna spray all over your glorious tits! Ready baby? Wanna cum bath?”

It was all beginning to sound good to Arlene, and she only just managed to prevent moaning as she rubbed herself even faster, her body squirming almost as much as his. At last Steve reached his limit, and with a tensing of his muscular arms and legs, let out a deep moan as his first shot of cum splashed into her panties, some of it squirting out the side as the material stretched thin over his bulging penis. He continued to pump for what must have been a dozen ejaculations, the panties getting thoroughly drenched in the process. Arlene could see the white cum coating the crotch of the panties and some dripped down onto the basement floor.

Arlene thought quickly. She wanted to time this just right. She reluctantly pulled her hand out of her dripping cunt, fixed up her pants and silently backed up to the stairs.

She then called out “Steve are you down there” walking quickly around the corner before he could answer, as if she’d just arrived in the basement. She rounded into view just as Steve was hurriedly fixing his belt and clumsily stashing her panties in the laundry basket. She walked over calmly, smiling while explaining she’d found some extra clothes. As she walked up to him, she could see a tell-tale stain emerging on the front of his shorts. Arlene deliberately stepped onto some of the spunk puddled on the floor, and made herself slip a little.

“Hmm, I wonder what that was?” she asked innocently, looking into Steve’s eyes.

Steve blushed and murmured incoherently.

“Well, I’ll just drop these off” Arlene said as she brushed past Steve (letting one breast slide against his arm) and dropped the clothes into the basket, leaning over it as she did.

There was really no way she could miss the cum-splattered panties lying right on the top of the pile, but Arlene said nothing, dropping the socks and blouse right next to her jizz-stained silk panties. She paused a moment before turning to Steve, who was looking bright red and worried, and said “I’m glad to see that you’ve got everything in hand”. She reached a hand (the one so recently in her cunt) up to his face and gave his cheek a stroke before turning back to the stairs, with her sexy ass swinging as she walked away from him.

Steve was left puzzled. Did Arlene simply miss the fact that her panties were covered in man-cream, or was she ignoring it? The only thing he could do was keep on as if nothing had happened and hope it’d all work out. And jeez when she stroked his face he would swear he could smell pussy! But he had to be more careful. Next time someone might walk in on him…

That night Arlene was dripping by the time Dan came to bed. She’d been subtly teasing Steve all evening, when Dan was not looking. Once, when they were cooking together in the cramped kitchen, she had stretched up right in front of him to reach something from maltepe escort a high shelf. She heard a slight gasp as her T-shirt rode out of her pants, revealing the bright red thong she was wearing (picked out deliberately that afternoon). She’d leaned back a little, ‘accidentally’ brushing up against the front of his jeans.

Since she’d gone to bed an hour ago, Arlene had been slowly stroking herself, thinking of Steve’s rigid cock spraying cum onto her tits, when Dan finally came to bed. Arlene pretended to be asleep as he quietly crept into the guest bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. Dan slid gently into bed next to her. Arlene heard someone walking down the hall to the bathroom.

“Good, Steve’s still awake”, thought Arlene. She pretended to stir in the bed next to Dan and sleepily said “Hmm, hi honey”, smiling at him and snuggling up close. Her hands passed lightly over his crotch producing a definite twitch, and by the time she had slid her hand into his shorts to cup his balls, Dan was rising to the occasion.

“I wonder, if we were very quiet, whether we could…” Arlene whispered. Dan seemed to hesitate. The walls were pretty thin, and both Steve and Sarah were likely still awake in their rooms. However, Arlene made his mind up for him, by sliding under the covers, pulling his pajama pants off and kissing the head of his engorged cock. After a few minutes, Dan laid her back against the pillows and quietly slid his freshly lubricated prick into her wet pussy. Both let out an audible groan of ecstasy.

Steve was coming out of the bathroom when he heard the sounds of Dan and Arlene pounding away at each other. Steve found that the door was open enough to see onto their bed, and by quietly turning out the night light in the bathroom, he could remain under cover of darkness while he watched their performance. By this stage Dan was already hammering Arlene, doggy style, rocking the bed with abandon. Dan was staring right ahead into the wall behind the bed, but Arlene was lying on her front with her face tilted toward the door. Steve could see her biting her lip in concentration, but her eyes were wide open, and Steve wondered for a terrifying moment whether she could see him. Figuring she would have done or said something if he was visible, Steve became more bold and pealed off his pants to release his boner. He stroked his cock in time with Dan, fantasizing that it was he who was slamming into Arlene’s cunt, ramming her ass with each powerful stroke.

“That’s it,” said Arlene in a loud whisper, enough for Steve to hear. “Slam that cock for me baby! Let me know you want me!” All the time, Steve could see her eyes looking his way. Was she…?

Arlene had seen Steve turn off the night light, and though she couldn’t see much more than a shadow, the movements of that shadow left her in no doubt as to what he was doing as he watched. Arlene was totally absorbed by the cock pounding into her and the other cock, vaguely visible, being jerked off in her honor. It was too much, and she came with a dramatic shudder, breaking off her eye contact with Steve as she bit the pillow to keep from calling out. Dan felt her orgasm and quickly picked up his pace to come too, jerking into her wildly and burying his face in her neck as he grunted. Steve was squirting at about the same time, stepping forward just enough for her to see one hand catching the ropes of cum as the other hand pumped them out. Whether he knew she was watching or he was just careless she couldn’t tell, but it was enough to give her another spasm of delight as she smiled and reached up to stoke Dan’s neck.

Five days later, Arlene made sure that she coordinated things well. After breakfast, she reminded Dan that he had planed to go to the megamall for some tools for his shop, and Sarah was still off looking for apartments.

That left Steve and Arlene alone.

Arlene found Steve working in the garden and casually mentioned that they had more clothes to wash. “So if you can show me what you did with my clothes” Arlene said innocently. She was delighted to see his double take. “..I’ll set up the laundry” she finished with a smile.

“N- No” Steve stammered “it’s really not a big deal, I’ve got some more to do too, so I’ll come get the basket from you guys’ room”.

Perfect! Arlene quickly went back to the bedrooms, picking up Sarah’s clothes (she was such a prim and proper girl, her clothes never seemed dirty though she was obsessed with washing them frequently).

Arlene quickly went back to her own room, grabbed a few of her own clean clothes (to fill out the basket) and then placed her scarlet thong just off the top of the pile. Arlene had kept the thong on up to last night’s activities and it was rich with her juices. She deliberately left the stained crotch lying up…

She called out to Steve that she was going to take a shower in the guest bathroom. As she let the water run, she peaked through a crack into her bedroom and watched. kartal escort Soon enough Steve came into the room, leaving the door open a little. He glanced down at the basket, ready to pick it up…then hesitated when he saw what was there! Arlene was worried he might leave the room, but she rattled a few things in the shower stall to make him convinced that she was still in there, and that he was safe for a few more minutes.

Arlene’s trap worked well. Steve waited a moment then crept to the laundry basket. He then wasted no time in grabbing Arlene’s red thong from the basket and bringing it lovingly to his face. His other hand reached into his shorts and pulled his already-hard cock out.

Arlene gave him a minute to pump away when she walked out of the bathroom, naked. Steve stopped immediately, shock on his face. He looked so comical with her panties wrapped around his face and his erect cock peeping through his pants, that it was all she could do not to laugh.

She let the moment rest, let him realize he was completely at her mercy. “Well!” she said. He shrank, literally, under her gaze. “Looks like you’re taking a closer interest in my laundry than I thought”. She looked down at his dwindling cock as he tried to stutter out something as way of explanation. “I saw you watching me the other night” Arlene said.

“Er, well” Steve answered, squirming with self consciousness.

“Did you like what you saw?” Arlene asked. Steve stopped, stunned. Was there hope after all?

“Did you like seeing me naked, getting my pussy fucked?” Arlene spit the words out. Steve was just starting to get used to this new reality.

“Y- Yes” he said.

“Did you cum watching me?” Asked Arlene.

“Yes, watching you made me come” said Steve, gaining confidence.

“Do you want to come again?” asked Arlene “I mean, it looks like you were going to anyway, and maybe I can watch more closely this time”. Steve hesitated again, not sure how to play this weird game.

But Arlene settled down at the edge of the bed, her legs wide enough to showing her luscious pussy, and encouraged Steve to continue.

Steve pulled at this lengthening cock, and put the panties tentatively back to his nose, while always watching Arlene. She let him get back into his rhythm before starting to encourage him.

“Hmm, I can see you like the smell of my pussy. Why not taste some of it too?”

Steve did as he was told and licked the crotch of the thong.

“Looks like you are enjoying this as much as I am” she continued. Steve had already been pumping a while before this change of events and he was getting close.

Arlene moved a little closer “I just want to get a better look” she said, her face now a matter of six inches from his bulging prick. Watching her move closer was too much for Steve, he lowered the thong to his waist, wrapped it around his cock and continued to stroke it in Arlene’s direction. “I do believe you are going to cum pretty soon aren’t you?” she said, starting to rub her finger up and down her snatch. “I can see some pre-cum…right…there” she said as she lifted her other hand to wipe off a blob off juice which was dripping off his penis.

This was all Steve could take. He picked up his pace and quickly said “I’m going to cum Arlene!”

Instead of stepping back, Arlene calmly moved her face closer to the rapidly slamming cock. “Good, I want to see that again, like I did in the basement on Sunday” The revelation shocked Steve, but it was too much to hold back and thick ropes of cum shot out from his cock into Arlene’s face.

Her timing was a little off and the first shot hit her cheek, but the next three went to her intended target: into her mouth. As he watched what she was doing Steve let out another groan and shot his cum with more force. This time Arlene leaned back to let the strands of semen land on her chest and neck, dribbling down onto her tits. “Hmm, looks like I do need to take a shower after all!” she smiled as she turned away from Steve. “Oh and don’t take all day setting up the laundry — I might need you to help me with some other things.” With that, Arlene went back to the shower, and Steve — confused — walked away to the kitchen.

Steve couldn’t believe his good fortune that day. Not only had he not been busted but he’d gotten to cream Arlene’s face and tits with his cum! Little did he know what else was coming.

Sarah, didn’t have a lot of experience with men. She has been curious of course, as a teenager, but the whole idea of sex had made her uncomfortable. Her parents divorce has made her even more shy and she’d taken a greater interest in the church rather than hanging around with other kids at the Mall. She loved being with her Dad and found some comfort in that — but then he’d married Arlene on the rebound from his divorce: Sarah was only a few years younger than Arlene, and they had a similar build and shared the same wry sense of humor — under other circumstances they might well have ended up friends. But Sarah regarded Arlene as a slut (though she’d never say the word) who’d stolen her father. Needless to say they didn’t get on really well. Still Arlene respected Sarah’s space, and never tried to mother her around.

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