PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 40aChapter 40a: CONFLICT ON THE PLAINSThen next day the warning went out to all the species groups including the two villages. The eagles came, took the symbols and delivered them. In two days the precise area of the plains I had selected would be teeming with us. Gorillas, wolves, humans, and dragons. Additionally, at the precise moment of the attack there would be others being brought in to bear on the invaders. Specifically meant to create confusion and panic. And all coordinated through Eewa during recent visits with Alex. I have to say that meeting with Eewa is a pleasure all unto itself. Except for the intensity of the experience it might be tempting to spend more time within her branches.I request and receive expedited arrival of the West and East Team as well as one bowman from each village. These I immediately place outside the settlement in view but not close enough to be of immediate threat to the settlement. I want the bowmen to remain out of sight but available in case of danger to the others. An additional surprise if they got prematurely aggressive. What I don’t want is for the settlement to send out scouts to assess our condition. I want our positioning to be a surprise. I want them to only think that these are watchers to warn us. I don’t want them to suspect or discover our trap for them.I also have several of the dragons flying overhead to watch and report new developments. These are the younger ones and females who can stay high enough to avoid any danger. I want Thorrass and Lassto to be on the plains for coordination with me for their roles. Their role will be critical and the timing must be precise.When everyone arrives, we gather far enough from the battle site so our trampling of the grass is not a warning. I create a layout of the battle site and translate to everyone how each group will be organized and located and the signals for movements and engagements. It is quite time consuming but is the reason for all of us to be assembled early. This is a battle plan that has a large involvement from a****ls in a fight against humans with advanced weapons and common language. There is every reason to believe this shouldn’t work. Knowing these groups as I do, their commitment, their determination, I feel we may have a slightly better than even chance to succeed. But I am also convinced that if we do succeed, it will be quickly and decisively. If it becomes drawn out and they can reorganized and establish a decisive counter-attack, we will be lost and our immediate survival will be a hasty retreat with fighting a long series of small skirmishes and retreating further into the denser portion of the jungle and the higher, more remote portions of the mountains. Life may continue but not as the island inhabitants are used to.Once briefed and all questions and concerns addressed, I let all wander with the promise that they return by late afternoon of the next day. That is the expected arrival of the two ships. The updates from the dolphins are still confirming that time frame. During the night everyone will move into their positions for the expected early morning movement of the forces from the settlement. All indications from the dolphins, eagles, dragons, and the front group indicate that our expectations are still accurate.As I explain each group’s function and placement, the plan seems to come to understanding for everyone and some level of comfort is achieved. I tell them that the invaders will be stopped along the dirt road at a precise location. I am quizzed how that will happen. I just tell them that it is critical that nobody goes anywhere near the road. It will be extremely dangerous for anyone. Once they are stopped, the large gorilla groups will become visible ahead. In the midst of the confusion and fear generated by the stop, this will direct their entire focus to one location. Then four bow groups of twenty will be located in the quadrants around the stopped force. We talk about the signals. It is an important function of these groups to send up lots of arrows into the force. Accuracy isn’t as important as the number of arrows. Also, the rotation is important. I want the location of arrows coming from changing directions. They might be able to establish some protection being attacked from one direction. But with frequently changing directions they will be unable to protect themselves. Male gorillas and wolves will be spread out throughout the tall grass to intercept any fleeing invaders. I tell the group that it might not sound nice, but the more noise their deaths generate the more fear and confusion will be instilled into the other invaders and keep them concentrated. I also identify the locations of Addama and Helman in tall clusters of trees for sniper attack on officers and anyone attempting to show leadership. This will further add to the confusion, panic and fear.With that established, we wait. The waiting is hard. But I use that time for Thorrass and Lassto to take Alex and me back to the lagoon. b**st and the others relax and wait. The dragons take us out over the ocean and we can just see the white of the sails far on the horizon. The estimates for tomorrow look good. We circle over the lagoon and glide in over the breaker rocks and softly land on the beach. The dragons lower themselves and Alex and I jump off them. I speak in the language of the dragon because Alex’s processor will translate for her and I want Thorrass and Lassto to be aware. “Alex, I think I have you prepared for the battle and the fighting that is ahead of us. The roles you and I will play are by nature of our weapons, training, and skill the most dangerous. If we, the inhabitants of the island, are successful, I believe it will be because of a quick, decisive and surprisingly deadly trap and surprises. I believe we have a little better than even chance of this working. But I want you to know before we leave and things get too busy, I couldn’t be more proud of the person you have become. Not just as a warrior but as a person and woman. I want you to be careful, but you must be decisive in your attacks. Any hesitation and we may fail. The others, the a****ls especially, can be expected to be uncertain once it starts. Our visible actions can prove the element that holds them all together.”“We’ve talked about this, Alexa. I understand my role. And I understand that the role of all the others is separated. They are involved from a distance. The snipers, the archers. Our forces in the tall grass will be one-on-one combat and much more to their skills. I understand that we will be the ones exposed. For the sake of the island it has to be.”I turn to the dragons, Thorrass and Lassto. “There are only a few of the a****ls besides you who will be so exposed and vulnerable to danger. Besides b**st and the gorilla and wolf teams from the West and East, it is you. I feel guilt for asking you to do all this for us.”They look at each other and I see the smiles. Thorrass is the one who responds. “Alexa, Alex, what we do is not just for you is it? It is for the island and all who inhabit it. Alexa, you are not from here. You may have adopted this island as your home, but you do not have the roots of generations here that the rest of us have. And, yet, you would take on the most dangerous parts for us. That is why the island has come together with you. That is why Eewa chose you both. We all believe in your commitment here, so we all will do what is necessary halkalı escort and what you need us to do. Personally, for us, we are excited to take on this role. Our partnering with you both will be pivotal.”“Thank you. Now, a serious question. How much can you carry and still fly out of here?”“At least two of each of you. Why?”“We need a lot of our arsenal.”Alex and I go up to the supply cave to get ready ourselves and assemble the weapons we would personally use. I directed Alex as we walked through the cave. The crates now being well labelled, it was easy to spot and select as we went. We would each take our bows and two quivers of arrows; battle lance; battle knives; I would wear both of my guns and she would have her one; more charge clips attached to the holsters than I hoped we could possibly fire; the two full-size battle lances I would give to two of the gorillas. Once assembled Alex looked, “That’s a lot to have strapped to us.”“Yes, it will be awkward initially. But the extra quivers can be attached to the dragons. We can get them as needed. Now, these …”“The grenades.”“Yes, we each need to fill up a backpack with them. Then fill this one, too.” I then retreated to the back of the cave.I heard Alex call out, “I have it all down on the beach. Those grenades are heavy. How are you doing?”“Now, just these.”She turned around and her mouth dropped. But her eyes were blazing. “The battle amour suits! I forgot about those.” I was wearing mine and carrying the helmet. The suit cannon was attached to my shoulder.“You suit up. I’ll get the charge clips for the cannons.” I had ten charge clips attached to the suit and ten more for Alex and I walked out of the cave to the beach. The dragons momentarily were startled but recovered upon see my face above the suit. Then Alex joined us in her suit. I attached her clips so she could readily recharge the cannon. The cannon were tremendous because they operated from the helmet and independently allowing the wearer to also use other weapons. Accuracy dropped off a little but the chaos would be tremendous and death would result in any event. I opened the control mechanism on the arm plate and Alex followed suit. This is what controlled the suit, from the cannon to cloaking. We went through all of them. Then we put the helmets on and did it again. The helmet changed your vision slightly. Taking the helmet off, “One more thing to do. Remember how the Predators looked? Their hair?”“Of course. Like dreadlocks.”“Right. Let’s make a bunch of braids that will give the same look. Then we’ll be ready to be Predators. Not that these people would know. But we will and that is the attitude we need to bring to this battle.”Arriving back to the plains, we create a bit of stir. At first everyone saw the dragons coming but then when we were closer they didn’t know what to think. We certainly didn’t look like ourselves. Thorrass and Lassto landed and we jumped off. I took the extra back pack of grenades as I did. Everyone stayed back and gave us more room. Everyone except for b**st who approached us as normal. This relaxed others somewhat. If b**st was comfortable, it must be okay. I took the helmet off and Alex followed suit. Then there was recognition. We were told by several that our appearance flying over on the dragons should be enough by itself to frighten many of the intruders.The next day Alex and I again took to the air for a visual check on the progress of the two ships we saw. They made good time like we estimated. They would be in the harbor of the settlement by mid to late afternoon. So far everything was going as planned. I knew from experience something was definitely going to go wrong. Things just don’t go according to plan.Once back with the group I tell them they need to be in place before dark and then to stay put. I know it will be difficult and a long time but they can’t suspect anything by picking up on large movements of our group. So, everyone breaks up and moves into position. The a****ls are used to living in the open for long periods. It is the villagers who will be impacted the most. But they also comprehend the cause and effect better than the a****ls. So for them it will be uncomfortable and strange but they will understand the potential negative effects to the strategy.The next day the West and East Teams move around the groups providing encouragement and support. Reinforcing them that there is just one more night now. The ships will arrive late and they will be preparing. These are mercenaries, not trained soldiers. They will want to get it over with so they can get paid and then go about the business of collect species for transport to wherever they take them. That will be their weakness. And that is what I continually reinforce to our group. Their weakness is that they are only committed to the money they are to be paid. When it gets hard, dangerous, others are dying around them, many of them will break and run. On the other hand, our strength is that we are doing this for our families and our homes. The danger we will encounter will only strengthen our resolve to keep that danger away from our families.Early afternoon I pull all the group leaders together. They must pass the word. This is the final wait. The morning will surely bring the invaders and that will be our time. One asks, “Alexa, it isn’t that we don’t trust you but you have never told us why you are so sure they will stop in our cross fire. Why wouldn’t they continue to pursue the females that will be on the far rise? Why wouldn’t they just run past us?”“I don’t think you will understand what will happen if I explain it. So I haven’t tried to explain it. You all know now that I am not from this world and that my weapons are much more dangerous than even theirs. I will be using some of them and it will work. They will stop. But that is why everyone, I mean EVERYONE, must stay well away from the road from now on. Even during the battle there will only be certain ones who I have planned to cross the road through them during the confusion. But mostly the road is going to be the killing field. Everything there will die. That is another thing I want everyone to understand. All intruders die until I say otherwise. Do not give them any quarter. They gave us none. Do not trust them, just kill them. At some point I may stop the killing but wait for my signal before you stop fighting. Okay? Pass that on to your groups.”With that I have enlisted Addama, Helman, Alex and b**st to assist me with the trap. I distribute the stakes, the coiled wire, the maul for driving the stakes, and the backpack of grenades which is tied to b**st. He is the biggest and strongest. And we are going quite a ways ahead before moving to the road and back to the spot where the intruders will stop. They will stop right where I want them. I am feeling cold in my blood as the time nears. More than I have felt since being here. Up to now our battles and fighting have been reactionary, encounters that we dealt with. This was different. This was like my times in the Marines on Earth or planned battles with the Predators. The preparation is as much mental and emotional as it is physical. And that is what was happening. I was going to a not-so-good place that warriors sometimes have to go to when they know they will have to do their worst to other beings. Doing things that maybe we shouldn’t be proud of taksim escort … but we are. Proud that we have the skill to win, to defend, to protect our fellows. Even if it by being able to do things that others, ‘normal others’, might find repulsive or barbaric. But at times like this, those are exactly the things that need to occur. So my blood goes cold in preparation for doing the things that will be necessary. And I will do those things. I have no doubt. Because even in the battle armor suit, I shiver.I send the eagles out. I don’t want the dragons noticed by the new intruders. It might make them more cautious than they might otherwise be. The eagles come back late afternoon with the news we have been waiting for. The ships have arrived and are in the harbor. They are being unloaded. There are many new cages and men. Also, they describe cannon. More cannon. They brought cannon before but have never used them. This will be the time.Early evening we hear gun shots, a lot of noise from the direction of the settlement. I think about the Teams still positioned between the settlement and us. They will retreat into the tall grass and join their assigned groups in the morning at first sign of movement. But the eagles bring the news. The new men are celebrating. Lots of fires, drinking, dancing. Excellent. They will be even less aware of danger potential in the morning. Especially this far from the known locations to the a****l and people groups. I try to get an indication of number of men from the eagles but it is hopeless. They have no real concept of numbers. Just ‘many’ is all I get. I have been estimating they might be able to bring about fifty but it is a guess on my part. I have really no idea how many might fit on a ship for an uncomfortable journey.When the morning light brightens the sky, it is another perfect day. A cloudless, blue sky with warm temperatures and a light breeze coming off the ocean across the island. If there was such a thing as tourists to attract and we had a tourist bureau, it would be the easiest sell possible. But despite the impression that this could be paradise, these intruders have transformed this island into a war zone. And we were intent on taking back our piece of paradise.I made a slight modification in our strategy for first contact. I decided to separate the West and East Teams and place one on the side to the settlement and the other on the opposite side. I would be closest to the settlement and Alex would be on the other side. We would both be nude except for our boots and weapons initially. I wanted to provide them with further incentive to rush into the trap. Undoubtedly, the word of me, a naked warrior woman leading the a****ls, would have been passed along to the leadership of the company. By being visible as they approached, turning and moving along the road away from them would hopefully provide the image that their larger numbers caused us to retreat. Then, we would disappear into the tall grass and I would again put on the battle suit. On the other side of the battle zone would be Alex and the West Team. She would stand like I had. From a distance we look similar enough that the appearance would be that we were ahead of them still. Then they would also disappear into the tall grass and Alex would put on her battle suit for us to be ready for the trap to be sprung. All of this required good sequencing. ‘Timing’ might have been a word normally used but specific time was not a factor in life here. So signals were substituted in place of ‘timing’.As the sun was fully over the horizon, we received our first indications from the eagles that the invaders were coming. I stood with the East Team in the roadway and waited. We would not allow them to get too close but we did need to be visible and recognized. I definitely wanted them to identify me and give confirmation to the talk they undoubtedly heard. So we waited and soon got our first site of them coming up the road. So far everything was going according to our expectation. Nervously, I wondered if our luck could be good enough to continue to go according to plan. So far, so good.As we could just begin making out them and their number, their formation stopped and I could make out a leader raising a telescope. Then there was cheering. Okay, I must have made an impression. They felt they could defeat us by getting through me. It was working. They started again at a faster pace, closer to a formation slow run. I raised my scope and saw in the rear, moving slower, cannon being pulled by a****ls. I could make out three cannon. I did a quick calculation of the men based on the formation and came to about sixty. By my guess that would be appropriate for the ship when assuming the other would be filled with supplies and cages. We turned and we jogged along the road at a comfortable pace but as soon as we turned a bend and over a rise, we faded into the tall grass and waited for them to pass. Now it would Alex and the West Team’s turn to make the identical impression.As soon as the cannon passed our position, we followed while staying in the grass. There were several rear guards behind the cannon formation. I made the decision that we would eliminate them now with my arrows, quietly. Once down the gorillas would rush out and pull them off the road. If anyone looked back and notice the guard missing, they may be just considered deserters. The four rear guards were quickly eliminated and removed. Then …The trap was sprung. The explosions were deafening even from our positions at the rear of their formation. We looked up and ahead, confident that all their attention would be to the smoke and carnage ahead of them. And they stopped right where I made them. Right in our kill zone. Alex and I had rigged trip wires at the precise spot I wanted the front of their formation. The trip wires were attached to a series of grenades anchored along the roadway for fifteen feet. I didn’t know how many of the invaders had been killed and maimed but I knew it had to be a significant number. Then the groups started the sequence of archery. Looking into the sky you could see arrows by the dozens arching into the sky and falling onto the road. Then I rose with the group on my side and shot arrow after arrow into the back of the formation specifically at the cannon handlers as the arrows were arching from the rear now. Then the left side and switching to the right side. Dozens of arrows quickly became a hundred and then more. Then it stopped. Everyone was counting and waiting. An eagle went across the formation from right to left at about fifty feet. With the eagle past the road, all groups began shoot their arrows at once. Probably eighty arrows in the air at any given time. Only sporadic gun fire had come from the invaders. They were caught completely by surprise.Then the arrows stopped. I looked up into the sky and saw them. The sky was nearly dark above us. Eewa said there would be additional confusion provided. Like a funnel cloud, the dark mass descended towards the ground and the invaders’ formation was engulfed in birds and bats. Men were screaming. Some ran from their formation away from the road only to run right into the waiting gorillas and wolves waiting in the grass for just this kind of thing. The screams coming from the tall grass stopped other men in their tracks. They didn’t want to stay and they didn’t want to go off into the grass. Then the birds şişli escort and bats s**ttered into the sky. And there was a moment of quiet and nerves.I made my way onto the road. The plan called for me to be exposed on the road first and to use my suite cannon and pistols from the rear, cause that additional confusion of noise and death and then for Alex to assume a similar position in the front. We had a mass of men to shoot into. The cannon were my priority with the larger charges from my suit cannon. I used both pistols at once aggressively on anyone who turned to me. But I also noticed men falling that were not from my shots. Helman was picking his targets right on schedule. I got all three cannon damaged sufficiently and then faded into the grass, again. I made my way to where I knew Thorrass was waiting. I jumped onto his back and secured myself as he was already jumping into the air and beating his wings to gain altitude. I looked for Lassto and saw them now rise, too. Once we were in the air, we soared to opposite sides of the road, the dragons banked sharply and Alex and I opened the backpacks that were now strapped to the front of our bodies for easy access. Coming to the road in a steep dive I noticed all arrows stopped. Right on cue. We crossed the road at the same time and dropped four grenades each, charges set. Across the road and into a steep rise into the air, I heard the detonations of the grenades. I also heard the screams. I also heard the sound of our sniper rifles as Addama and Helman continued to spot and shoot any leadership being exhibited.As we flew off, the arrows once again rained into their formation. Then banking hard and lining up for another pass we also armed our cannons to fire in a specific narrow range as we approached for six quick shots. Then we again dropped grenades. Back and forth Alex and I went and in between were arrows falling into them. Looking back as I passed I saw more running into the grass and down the road in both directions to escape the grenades and arrows. Addama and Helman were effective in taking down the ones staying on the road. The wolves and gorillas hidden in the grass took care of the others. I signaled Thorrass and Lassto to come together. I was hoping this would be our last time of exposure but it would be the longest. I waited for the arrows to again rain down the road and noticed that they were less effective with fewer of the men still standing but they continued to provide diversion and requiring them to contend with that rather than coordinate a reaction to us. This last pass would be along the length of the road and we would do it parallel so we wouldn’t accidently set off an explosion beneath the other. We readied our pass from the back and took flight lines on the edge of the road. We dropped grenades the entire length.As we climbed and banked around for the dragons to land and let Alex and I off down the road, we drew our pistols and ran down the road side by side. I continued to hear the sniper rifles and then they went quiet as we neared the invaders. For at the same moment b**st flew across the front of their line followed by wolves and behind them gorillas. All along the road now was a mass assault of the a****l species against the remaining invaders. It was now difficult to have a safe line of firing and Alex and I switched to the battle lance to join the fight.In moments it was over. And it was quiet. Except for the sound of moans and painful cries from wounded invaders who were dying. There were also sporadic terrified and pained cries and screams from out in the tall grass as stragglers were hunted down by the wolves. Then it was quiet. After the battle, the tension, the noise, the worry, it was eerily quiet. b**st came to me and nudged me. He and Gongon were at least safe. Then I saw the members of both Teams. Both Thorrass and Lassto were standing to the side. It seemed the ones that were most exposed all somehow survived.The species assembled on and along the road. First to make sure that all invaders were in fact dead. Surprises now were not wanted. Then, the group leaders did a quick survey of their groups to report on our condition.Alex took her helmet off and came to me, lifting mine off my head. She dropped them both to the ground and hugged me. “Don’t fret now about our losses. All of us were here because we wanted to be and we knew we had to be. We won the day, Alexa!”But I still waited nervously for the reports. Alex touched my arm and I looked up. All the group leaders except one were standing in front of me. Another was standing in front of me in his place. My heart sunk with the realization that some had died. The reports came in from one and another and another: the females showing themselves on the ridge were indeed safe at that distance, although some shots were directed at them; two gorilla males, one wolf male were killed and three of each were wounded in the fighting in the grass; of the four groups of archers, three died including one female and five were wounded. Truly, that was far better than we could have expected. The surprise had done its job. The sun was just past the highest point in the sky. I was right. If we took the field, it would be a quick decision. I counted forty-five dead invaders on or near the road. Then the ones who tried to escape, the total probably was close to sixty.I sank to my knees as the tension released from me. b**st came and licked my face. I smiled. ‘We did it, Alexa. You did it.’‘We did it. We all did it. The species all came together to accomplish this.’I stood and raised my lance high over my head. The sounds went across the massing of the species and all turned to me. Alex and I shouted in the languages in rapid succession, “Victory! Victory!!” And from all around us were cheers, grunts, and howls as all the species indicated their celebration!But there was another sound. A sound that seemed out of place. I looked all around and finally into the sky and saw an eagle. That was it but it was an angry cry from the eagle. Just then, Thorrass and Lassto jumped into the air and beat their wings, gaining altitude quickly and flying toward the settlement. They circled briefly and we heard gun shots. The dragons returned and approaching on a low glide causing the other species to separate to make room for them to land in front of me.“They come, Alexa!”“What? Who? We killed them.”“They come. Nearly as many. They come down the road from the settlement. I saw no cannon but nearly as many of them.”“That can’t be.” But if they reported it, I knew it had to be true. But I had to see this for myself. All my planning was based on the element of surprise, the explosions, creating confusion and chaos. And it worked. Did it work … ALMOST? What was my negative thought before? Things just don’t go according to plan? But this can’t be. We worked too hard to accomplish this. All these species came together and cooperated and succeeded. Didn’t we?But I was running now down the road and the others were following me. At the rise I stopped and looked off down the road. And there in the distance was a massed formation of men double timing it towards us. Something was bumping my arm and I look down. Alex is giving me my helmet. “You need to get us ready, Alexa. They will be here soon enough.”“Alex, everything depended on our element of surprise. We don’t have that anymore. We don’t have the weapons or the individuals trained to use them.”“Alexa, we all trust you. You have gotten us this far. If we can’t stay and fight another battle, do we retreat to hide our families in the jungles and mountains and fight skirmishes?”I am quiet. Alex starts at me again. I shout, “QUIET! Please!” And … yes, I know what we are going to do …* * * Part 40b will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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