All Fours

“You did what?” Oh god, he was already yelling. I hated calling Dave with bad news, feeling like I was disappointing him. We’d be dating for a couple months now, and he was usually so patient, but today I heard his disapproval on the phone.

“Well, umm,” I stuttered, “I know I said I’d be ready for our date tonight, but I guess I kind of forgot about the assignment that’s due tomorrow.” I knew I’d be up all night with this paper, and it would be a close call to get it done in time for college English class tomorrow morning.

Dave’s voice became quiet as he enunciated each syllable in disbelief. “You mean the paper you’ve known about for weeks? You haven’t finished it yet?” This was going to be hard to explain, since the reason it wasn’t done was due to my chronic procrastination. I’d been spending more time at the beach than at the library, and I couldn’t lie about it.

“Well, ummm….you see Dave, I want to do a good job and all, and I was really wanting to spend time with you, but I just can’t now because of this paper.” Dave had gone to a lot of trouble for our date tonight, it was to be our two-month anniversary dinner and he had planned something special.

“Ok, Becca…you work hard on the paper tonight, I guess we can do dinner another time. But I think you should know that I’m disappointed in you, and your procrastination. In fact, tomorrow after my late meeting at the office, I’d like you to come here so we can discuss your habit of putting things off to the last minute. Since the rest of the office will be empty at that time, this will give me a chance to discuss it with you thoroughly, and see if we can come to an understanding about how important timeliness is.”

I gulped, he actually seemed serious this time. In fact, the usual joking manner in his voice was gone, and left me wondering just how “thorough” this discussion was to be. “Oh yes,” he added, “and make sure you wear that outfit I got you the other day.”

“To your office!?” I was shocked. He had purchased that outfit, I thought, as a bedroom outfit. He just can’t be serious.

“Yes, Becca….that outfit, my office, 6pm, do not be late.” Before I could even ask if he was kidding, the phone clicked and he was gone. Well, I needed to get working on the paper anyway, so I grabbed my books and headed to the library.

I worked for hours and hours at the library, then at home typing and typing. I cursed myself for waiting to the last minute, “Why do I always do this?” I thought about how if it wasn’t for my procrastination, I could have been dressed in a beautiful gown, dancing and eating a wonderful dinner with Dave. Hours went by, and at several points in my sleep deprived state I thought about the meeting with Dave tomorrow, and what it could possibly be about. Far from put off by the commanding tone of his voice, I found it to be a little frightening and exciting at the same time. Finally, at 4am, I had the paper finished and as it printed out I fell into bed, set the alarm for 8am and quickly drifted off to sleep.

After class, I was just plain exhausted. I came home, set my alarm for later in the afternoon and took a nap. Before drifting to sleep, I thought again about the harsh tone in Dave’s voice. My stomach fluttered at the idea of our meeting and wearing that outfit in public.

After my nap I felt quite refreshed. I showered and cleaned thoroughly, and decided to shave just on the off chance Dave wasn’t too vexed with me. I shaved my pussy closely, taking care to not miss any spots. I dried off, and went to the closet for the outfit.

It was an outfit he’d picked out for me last week, but I hadn’t had a chance to model for him yet. It included a tight cream-colored angora sweater with a low neckline. The sweater felt so soft on my skin, I briefly considered not wearing a bra underneath it, but thought better of it and put on a cream colored lacey bra. There was also a short, plaid skirt. This skirt was so tight and short that I would never have usually considered leaving the house in it. I was kızılay escort sure if I dropped something on the way, I’d have to have some kind stranger pick it up, because it would have shown everything if I’d bent over in it. I put on a little cream colored thong under the skirt, knowing it was the only way around panty lines in such a tight skirt. The finishing touches were cream-colored socks and little saddle shoes. I quickly brushed my hair up into a ponytail with a little bow, and took a glance at myself in the mirror. The combination of the outfit together made me look just like a pubescent schoolgirl, only much naughtier. I could feel my pussy tingle as I imagined what he’d say when he saw the outfit. Maybe he’d find the outfit so sexy he’d forget he was even upset with me!

I rushed out of my apartment, down the steps to my car. I was in such a hurry not to be late, that I didn’t even grab a wrap to cover up the scandalous outfit. The apartment maintenance man leered as I rushed past him on the sidewalk. I felt his eyes on me as I tried getting into my car as ladylike as possible, hard to do in such a short skirt!

I drove straight to the office, thank god I was exactly on time, with 2 minutes to spare. I walked straight up to the office door, and as I walked up Dave’s co-worker Bob was just walking out to his car. Oh God, please please please don’t let him say anything. I could feel the blush spread over my chest and cheeks. He stared as I walked toward the office past him, “Wow, Becca…you umm…you look…great!” I could swear he was reaching down to his crotch to adjust himself, but I had no time to ponder, I couldn’t be late! I got to the door exactly at 6pm, and when I walked in I saw Dave standing in the lobby, his arms crossed and foot tapping.

“See? I’m on time!” I announced, watching his face for any kind of approval.

“Yes, I see you are, although you’ve really cut it close.” He looked me over closely, up and down. My face and chest felt warm from the blushing, and I could swear his eyes were burning into my flesh with his close scrutiny. He smiled faintly, and turned around, “Follow me to my office.”

Nervously, but obediently, I followed closely behind. Dave was so hard to read, was he still mad? Did the smile mean I’m forgiven? The dampness in my panties was increasing as each step I took made me feel the thong creeping up and over my most sensitive spots.

He sat at his desk, and I began to sit in the chair in front of the desk, and Dave stopped me. “No, come over here so I can see that outfit.” I stood in front of him, and he crossed his arms thinking. “That outfit didn’t come with a bra, I don’t think I mentioned anything about you wearing a bra to meet me.” I looked down, it didn’t even occur to me to leave the house without a bra, my breasts are large and my nipples would be so perky in this tight sweater. He glared at me, and I realized he wanted it off, so I reached up inside and slid the bra off while keeping the sweater on.

“Now, Becca, I wanted you to come to the office so we could discuss your habit of procrastination. This isn’t the first time you’ve had to put off our plans to work on assignments that you knew well in advance were to be due.” I looked down, I knew I had no excuses. The lecture continued, “I care very much for you, and want to see you succeed with all things in your career. I feel its up to me to point out that procrastination isn’t productive and it leads to inferior work product.” I knew he was right, the paper I turned in wasn’t even close to my best work.

“Come over here.” He took my hand and pulled me down closer to his face. He gently pulled my face down to kiss his lips, my heart jumped, he’s forgiven me! He kissed my cheek, and up to my ear, and he whispered into my ear, “Remember, this is because I care about you.” And before I could even consider what that meant, he pulled me over his lap.

“What are you doing!?” I yelled. “This is for your own good, Becca. There’s no one in the office but us, so no one will hear etlik escort this.” He reached over my waist with one hand, and pinned my legs between his legs. I squirmed and thought, this can’t be happening! I’ve never been spanked in my life! Slowly I felt Dave pull up my little skirt, felt the air on my cheeks as he exposed them. “I didn’t tell you to wear panties either, Becca…you must learn to listen to my instructions carefully.” And with that he quickly peeled my panties down to my knees, and my ass was naked and exposed to him, there was no need to struggle, he was much stronger than I am. Anyway, how hard could he possibly hit me?

My answer was a rude awakening. Smack! Hard on my ass, then another Smack! on the other cheek, as I yelped in disbelief. His hand began spanking each cheek alternating between them, until the spanking was really starting to sting. I squirmed in his lap, and I could feel his cock in his pants, this is exciting him? I yelped over and over, forgetting about his erection, and concentrating on the sting of my bottom. But then the more he was spanking me, the more I could feel my smooth pussy getting wetter. I could feel the air blowing over my pussy lips as he continued to spank my upturned ass. I pressed my pussy into his leg, grinding against it, feeling precious little friction against my clit aching to be touched.

“Is someone getting turned on by this?” I heard him ask loudly. It was then I realized he’d stopped spanking me. Oh god, I hope he doesn’t realize how excited this has made me. Still holding me tightly in his lap, I feel him reach down with his spanking hand, tracing his finger lightly between my cheeks, lower and lower. I feel his finger dip into my pussy lips, probing lightly. “This is supposed to be about correcting your behavior, Becca. You’re enjoying this much too much. Stand up.”

I stood, and he directed me to turn around in front of him. He stood beside me, I could feel his breath on my neck, as he grasped the sides of my sweater and pulled it over my head. The cold office air hit my nipples and I realized how much they ached to be touched. He reached around and roughly tweaked both nipples. I gulped hard, he knows how sensitive my nipples are. He reached down to the zipper of my skirt, and undid it so the skirt fell to my ankles. Slowly he bent down, helped me step from the skirt, removing what was left of my clothing, and as he did inspecting the red hand prints he’d blazoned on my ass.

I stood next to his desk, trembling from the cold, or was it because I’ve never seen Dave like this, or realized how much I enjoy being punished by him. I felt his warm hand on the small of my back, pushing me over to lean my hands on his desk. Pushing me down further until I was resting on my elbows, my ass up in the air. Then his hand slid down my back, over my warm ass, and lower. Oh god yes, he’s going to touch my pussy, I thought. But his hand went to my thighs, pushing them apart, so my legs were widely spread. I tried to push my ass back against his crotch, sure he was at least as excited as I was, “Stay still, there’ll be none of that.” I could almost hear the smile in his voice, he must love seeing me in this position.

His hand went beck to the small of my back, holding me pressed against the desk, and with his other hand Smack! Oh he must be kidding. He spanked over and over, on my ass, and my thighs, and I squealed more and more, not even caring if anyone could hear. Finally I blurted out, “Ok, I’ll never ever procrastinate again!” Immediately the spanking stopped. I breathed heavily, catching my breath, feeling the warmth of my ass radiating from my body.

I felt his hands sliding down over my bottom, rubbing the sting away lightly with his fingertips. “I hope you’ll remember this, the next time you have an assignment due.” His hands slid further down, my legs were spread so wide I knew it must have been a naughty display. I could feel my pussy so wet the juices were drooling down my leg. Dave’s hands slid over my hips, demetevler escort back up my thighs, over my ass and trailing down the crack of my ass toward my pussy. I jumped as his finger trailed over my asshole, and lower to my dripping pussy. He pressed his finger into my pussy, and without thinking I pushed back. “Oh god yes, please fuck me.” With his other hand he reach around to my nipples, taking one then the other between his thumb and forefinger, pinching them lightly, making them ache even more.

His finger began to slowly slide in and out, and on every stroke he pulled the wetness of my pussy, trailing it up along my ass, then back down into my pussy. The teasing was truly beginning to make me squirm as I tried to push my pussy into his hand, to get the fucking I needed. He pushed another finger into my pussy, and I squeezed them tightly with my vaginal muscles, hoping he’d push hard against the spot inside. His other hand reached around, found my clit and tantalizingly began swirling in circles around and around it. I could feel myself nearing an orgasm, breathing hard, so close…and then he stopped, pulled his hands from my body.

“Suck my cock, now.” I scrambled up and turned to find he’d already pulled down his pants, his cock erect and throbbing in front of me. I knelt down with him standing over me, and needed no other instruction. I held his cock in my hand, and licked the precum from the head. His strong hand on the back of my head told me he was in no mood for teasing, as he shoved his cock deep into my mouth, nearly gagging me. “That’s right, you know how to suck my cock like I like it.” He moaned as my pace increased, I knew he was getting close. Just then he pushed me, his cock popping out of my mouth, and he helped me up, turning me back over his desk.

He roughly pried my legs apart with his knee, and I could feel his wet cock slipping between my ass cheeks. I felt his thighs against me as he lowered his cock down further, and holding it with his hand sliding it back and forth over my pussy. “Is this what you want? You want me to fuck you with this cock, baby? You did such a good job of getting it hard, I’m gonna pound you with it.” And before I could even start to beg him to fuck me, he slid his whole cock into my pussy in one stroke.

His cock filled me so completely, I don’t know if I’d ever felt him so hard and throbbing. He fucked me hard, slapping against me, and I could feel my orgasm building again. He slowed himself, making it last longer for both of us, and several times pulled his cock out, sliding the juices over my clit then back up between my ass cheeks. He would then slam his cock back in, slamming it over and over. I knew my pussy would be sore, but I didn’t even care, all I wanted was for his cock to fill me, fuck me. He caressed over my red ass cheeks while fucking me, and reached around to flick a finger over my engorged clit. With his other hand he would slide his finger down, rubbing between my ass cheeks, getting me so excited I was ready to burst.

I felt his cock swell inside me as he slid his finger over my clit. My pussy began to twitch, my knees shaking, and I could feel myself so close. “Cum with me, baby…do it now.” I let the feeling wash over me, my pussy contracting around his cock, me yelling “Oh god oh god oh god.” I felt his cock jerk inside me, filling me with the warm juices from his cock. He collapsed over me, and we took a moment to catch our breaths.

His cock slid from my sopping wet pussy, and he helped me up. Turning me around, he took me in his arms and hugged me close. I heard him softly chuckle in my ear, “Let’s hope we don’t have to discuss procrastination again.” I looked up at him, he was smiling widely with his eyes twinkling, and we kissed.

“I have an exam next week,” I grinned. “Maybe we can talk about the importance of being prepared after the exam.” He laughed, looking not too surprised that I’d enjoyed myself as much as he had.

“You better start studying now, young lady. Maybe then I’ll go easy on you.” He winked, and I realized how much I liked this new, commanding aspect of him. Let’s hope I never stop doing anything wrong, I thought to myself.

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