Sanity oozed it’s way back and I felt myself breathe again. I relaxed and as my vitals began to settle back into normal range, I became aware again. Stacey was breathing deeply, trying to regain her own composure. Her face was turned sideways, eyes closed. She looked content and happy.

Stacey opened her eyes. She felt content, if not also a bit sore in the appropriate places. Standing, she looked at her Dom and simply said “Shower?” Seeing him smile made a part of her melt.

“I like the way you think” said I “Go get the shower started, and I’ll be right there.” I wondered my dick was actually up for this, as I heard the shower come on, and the timbre of the water flow change as Stacey manipulated the controls, getting the water to the right temperature.

Stacey enjoyed being watched as she got in and immediately the water was cascading on her back, and she pivoted so she could face the hot water, but her Dom could see her front. The multiple streams of water hit Stacey square in the chest and water started to flow in small rivers down her breasts, over her areolas and nipples. They were soon hard. She brought up the wash cloth, got it wet, retrieved the bar of soap, and was soon lathering first the cloth, and then her chest.

I guess my dick was up to the challenge, because my hard-on tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I intended to stand out in the cold all fucking day. With a shake of the head to clear way the delirium, I walked over to the shower and stepped in behind her. I reached around and cupped both her boobs, lifting slightly to get more of them and feel their weight in my hands. I drew her into me, as she dropped one hand down to slowly wash her lower areas, and the other reached back to grasp my hard on, which was pressing into her butt crack.

“I really don’t know what I like best; your perfect, fuckable ass..” as I ground my hips into hers “…or these made-to-be-squeezed and sucked-on-tits”. I added an extra squeeze of her melons for emphasis. She groaned so I added “Is you plan to fuck me into a heart attack and leave me for dead in the shower?” I asked deadpan.

Glancing back she grinned and replied sarcastically; “Sir, I thought you were young enough to take it.” And she pushed her hips back into me for emphasis.

Stacey had lathered up the wash cloth as we talked and now turned to face me. She took old’ Mr. Stiffy in the soapy cloth and started to stroke him up and down, slowly. Any ‘slack’ left in the old penis was shortly gone, and the old boy was now at full attention. I stopped her, and took the cloth from her. I added more soap and started to clean her, beginning with her boobs. I slowly rubbed the tops and sides, making sure the rough cloth dragged over her sensitive nipples as often as I could.

Stacey liked that her Dom was paying attention to her in this manner. Yes, it was sexual, but unlike older men, her Dom was taking his time, & building slowly. She took the bar of soap, and began to use it on he Dom’s cock, paying particular attention to the underside. She had to admit, it was a bice one. With an evil grin she then said “Shit. Fuck. & Damn. What a potty mouth I have. I guess you are going to have to wash my mouth out with soap”

With that Stacey Putnam got on her knees and began licking my cock. And wow did she show skill as was cleaning my dick with her mouth. I was really starting to moan when this MILF took me all the way to the back of her throat in one gulp. There was still a couple of inches to go, before she deep throated me, but with all the attention she was giving the old boy, I was getting light headed.

Stacey could tell, she was really pleasing her Dom. She slowly withdrew, keeping the suction, and stopped just at his mushroom head. Then she reversed and slipped Him to the back of her throat. She repeated this a couple of times. gaziosmanpaşa escort She knew he Dom liked this, because from his moans and shifting, she was sure it made his knees week. She was beginning to half-think she really could make her Dom have a heart attack, not that she would want to. It made her smile, cock-in-mouth-and-all, and she moaned, sending the vibrations thru his now twitching member.

I moaned again, braced myself with shower wall and looked down. Stacey was looking at me and had a look of pleasure in her eyes, along with a knowing/evil smile. It was a look I LIKED. As our eyes met, she began to quicken her pace. She was bobbing up and down, and then suddenly stopped, when I was at the apex. Stacey adjusted our position, and, grabbed my ass with one hand, closed her eyes, and all of my cock disappeared into her mouth. She held that position and ground her nose into my pubic hair.

She backed me out of her throat, but she was still moving up and down, with fast strokes. Her free hand was cupping and caressing my balls, and occasionally moving onto my cock to mirror the motion of her head. She withdrew and began to lick the underside of my very aroused member for a few quick laps, and then I was back in the mouth for another round of feeling the smooth warm wetness of her tongue on my cock.

Stacey pulled back and resumed her head bob, stopping every few strokes to take her Dom as deep as was physically possible, right at the point of gagging. Each time she did so she knew she was pushing Him closer to an orgasm, steadily increasing the level of sexual tension. Her pace quickened and so did the frequency with which she took the cock into her throat. It was every four times, then three. She was systematically building her Dom to explosion, and she knew it was very close.

I was on the verge of going over the edge. This MILF was looking at me with those steel-blue eyes, taking everything I was giving her. I brought my hand to the back of head and pushed quickly pushed her down on my cock. She did not hesitate and picked up where she had let off. I was going down her throat almost each time and each time she pulled back she made a point of trying to milk me with her tongue. It took only a few of these and I went over the edge

“Shit Stacey-here it comes!’ I pronounced

Rather than pull back at all, Stacey forced me deep down her throat and using her tongue tried to swallow my organ. I dumped what I was able to give her, pumping my semen down her throat, and yet that MILF just kept milking and milking. She kept me in her mouth, releasing long enough to get some air and then she focused on draining every drop from her Dom’s cock, using slow rhythmic pulls.

The pleasure had flooded over me like a wave, and dissipated slowly. When it did and my mind began to clear, I looked down and Stacey was still watching me. I smiled. She pulled completely out, worked her way into standing up, and draped her arms around me.

“All better? Or should I call 911?” She said with a grin.

“Damn woman! Yes, I’m all better” I replied as my hands caressed her back and found her ass, adding a few squeezes.

We finished off the shower, with much less sexual touching. That’s not to say there was no touching. I still had to enjoy giving Stacey’s body some squeezes and tugs. It’s like trying to ignore the bowl of M&Ms on the receptionist’s desk. You just have to have a few, even though you are not hungry. And at this moment, my dick totally limp, I had to admit I was anything but hungry.


I saw that Stacey Putnam had a ‘distant’ look about her, and I had a feeling I knew what it was about. “Concerned about what I have tapped into?”

“yeah…..sir.” Was all she said.

“look, I was intending to see how this whole thing goes, but the simple haymana escort fact is that ‘your charms’ are making me think that tomorrow, when this is all said and done, I’ll had that info I found over, and we can go back to our respective lives.”

“Sir, please don’t bullshit me,” Stacey said, “you’ve got a good thing going here, a submissive at your command. Hell, you’re going to get a passing grade out of it too. This side is out now, & I’m just trying to not think about it, but I can imagine what’s coming.”

“Now normally that would piss me off and I’d punish you, but I understand where you’re coming from. Think about how this started, and what I said, and remember something. The reason that part of you is out? It’s because on some level, even an unintentional one, you chose to trust me. The proof shows in how You are voluntarily choosing to address me.” I let that ‘burn in,’ and waited.

Stacey sat silent, if not a tad dumbfounded. ‘My Dom IS right,’ she thought, ‘I do trust him, even if I don’t know it.’ “S-sir…..” she said. “You, umm…you are right. But Sir, I only trusted one man with this, and he totally ruined it. It is ultimately what led to the modeling, which I used to pay my way thru school. But then he just ruined everything. So I want to enjoy this, really! But….”

“I totally get that, and thanks for trusting enough to share, now I better understand.” I sat beside her and said “Here is my suggestion. Hold that trust, and leave the future where it belongs, in the future. At the end of our time together, you’ll see I’m a man of my word. I had some ideas as to what to do next, but I ONLY want to do them, if the trust is there, and only you can answer that.”

Stacey thought for a moment, and came to a realization. SHE controlled this situation, SHE did, and it gave her supreme confidence to realize this. Everything her Dom had said was true, so she did what any woman in her place would do. She nodded and simply said “Ok, let’s begin”


It may seem odd that in 20’s I had some Viagra, but when you think about my level of sexual activity in the last 3 days, you understand why I took them. While I was doing this, I had my little pet position herself on a pillow and just deep breathe, eyes closed, and meditate. As I returned, I also brought a little goody bag I had brought with me.

Stacey liked that her Dom let her collect herself before standing her up. She stood for him, naked, and faced away. She opened her mouth as she felt the ball gag going in, the strap being buckled. She enjoyed his hot breath on her neck as He fondled her breast, then finally spoke

“Put your forehead on the night stand” was all he said.

At his statement she bent over. He took an arm and put the handcuffs on her wrist, with ratcheting clicks. She started to stand up, but he firmly I pushed her back down and secured the other hand behind her back. She was helpless, and it started a tingling feeling deep down inside her.

I liked that she so willingly complied. I grabbed a pillow, pulled Stacey’s head off the stand, and put it underneath her. From the goody bag, I reached into the bag and pulled out riding crop, in her full view. This one had BDSM in mind, as it had a thick leather fan in the shape of a heart. When I lightly tapped her ass, she almost came out of her skin; her tension level was so high. As I set the spanking implement across her ass I added “Oooh, jumpy are we?”

Stacey smiled, and responded with a muffled “Nuuh! Pluuhhh duhhhh”

I walked back within her view and knelt. I was holding two small chains with plastic coated alligator clips on the ends. I reached out and kneaded the nearest breast of my pet, working my way out to her nipple, which I extended out. Taking the rubber-topped clamp, I applied it to the area behind her outstretched ankara escort nipple, making Stacey whine & squirm. I smiled as I did the same to the other.

She whined a bit at the application of the clamps. It had been a long time since she had experienced that, and Stacey was feeling totally helpless. The clamps told her That Dom, HER Dom, was in charge, and it excited her. “Nuhh -Shuhh!” She mumbled thru the gag.

“Yes pet, I understand… Are you OK?” I said as I reached underneath and began to knead her breasts, and tweak her nipples. My pet’s face was flushed red, but she nodded. Good. “Do you want some good news?” I asked as I brushed her hair and let my fingers linger along her lower

Stacey nodded as I walked behind her, and slowly rubbed the inside of her thigh, working by to her pussy. “My-My, you’re awful wet down here.” I said gently, and heard her moan in response. I continued to let my hand enjoy itself, fingering Stacey for a moment, feeling the hot moisture of her cunt. My thumbed worked it’s way to her little brown orifice and pressed the button. I was rewarded with a squirm and a self conscience clench.

“Now. Now.” I began “Let’s have none of that tightening up. I intend to enjoy that part of you again before you leave.” I stepped back, took the riding crop off Stacey’s ass, and starting at her shoulders, I began to deliver deliberate ‘thumps’ with the tool. Not hard, just deliberate, and as I worked my way down her back, below the shoulder blades, the top of the hips, and finally that wonderful apple shaped ass, I carefully increased the tempo and gentle force.

By the time I reached Stacey’s ass, she was panting and moaning in response to my strikes. My power now increased. She yelped, but continued to moan. So I raised it up a notch or two. I drew back, and in one motion swung it until it collided with Stacey’s beautiful pale skin ass – WHACK!!!”

“UHHHHHHHHHH!” I heard her yell through the gag.

That blow had left a red heart mark on her lower ass cheek. Stacey danced and shifted, but did not rise.

WHACK!!! came the second blow, landing same place, but opposite cheek. I heard Stacey scream into the gag again, and enjoyed it as her ass rippled in response. The second red mark mirrored the first. I rubbed her ass gently as she panted loudly, then delivered swat number three met her quivering bottom.

A third red heart mark was added to Stacey’s reddening ass, this time across both cheeks. Stacey jumped and screamed again, now crying out loudly into the gag. Light rubbing, then I quietly asked “ok?” I was please by the nod, so I continued. WHACK!!! Came blow four. Her panting were near shrieks.

Stacey screamed into her gag and danced furiously trying to will the pain on her ass to go away.

Her Dom was delivering the pain for sure. Whack! Whack! Whack! three quick swats of lesser power, delivered to her thighs, and now the crop was lightly touching her inner thigh as it got closer to her pussy. The thought of a blow there made her nearly cry in fear

I knew I was near a limit, and when I again balanced the crop on my pet’s now bright red ass, I head her sigh in relief. “Would you rather have some more of this, or play a game with me? I undid her ball gag, and let it fall to the floor. Stacey immediately nodded.

“I’m going to ask ‘What do I want, Stacey?’ and if I don’t get the right answer, well I bet you already figured out what will happen”

Stacey nodded “OK Sir…you know I’m yours, and you know I’ll do my best”

“What do I want, Stacey?’ I asked as I softly rubbed my pet’s ass. There was no response, so I placed my hand on the crop.

“Fuck my ass!” she said through the pain “My Sir wants to fuck my ass again”

“Good, Stacey. I do want to fuck this sweet, bright red ass, along with your pussy too, and I bet you feel the same.” I said, as my fingers played with the wet entrance to her vagina.

Truth was Stacey DID want HER Dom’s disk in her, wherever HE chose to put it. So Professor Stacey Putnam looked back at her Dom’s dick, then up into His eyes, and nodded

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