The first thing that Kimmie noticed was his shoulders. They were incredibly broad, with muscles rippling under the tight black tee shirt. Her fingers itched to see what all of that skin would feel like as it slid inch by inch underneath her touch. After the initial clench low in her belly subsided a little, her gaze moved upwards and settled on his smile. Those lips were so sensual, so incredibly kissable. She could picture sucking on that lower lip and melting as those lips touched places that were not to be seen in public. And while he was doing that, she would be grabbing onto that bald head and holding him in place while she cried in ecstasy.

Her girlfriends were already at the bar, ordering a round of drinks and shots from a guy who looked like he’d been working in this place since it opened. In her haze, she slowly realized that the bouncer was trying to give her back her I.D. She took it with a sexy little bashful smile. The hired “security” just smiled like he’d seen the show a thousand times, which he probably had. Kimmie pocketed her license and strode almost nonchalantly towards the bar. She glanced briefly towards her mystery man before turning most of her attention back towards the girls.

“Okay, what did you order me this time,” Kimmie teased Julia as she gave her a big hug from behind. “You better not get me too plastered tonight, hun.”

Julia tilted her head back slightly and gave Kimmie a knowing smile. “You’re getting a rum and coke and a Swedish Fish. It goes down smooth,” and the blond wiggled her tight little ass down Kimmie’s legs.

With Julia down in a crouch, Kimmie got a glimpse at her best friend’s ample cleavage. God she loved girls’ night out. Was there a better way to spend a night than looking at a beautiful woman and trying to get into the fantastically tight pants of an incredibly hot mystery man?

Kimmie helped Julia up, and took her “smooth” shot from Cort. Kimmie knew that Cort was used to the slight lesbian theme of these nights out, but also knew that it never ceased to make her uncomfortable. Sure, it definitely got men’s attention, but Cort didn’t think it was really necessary. Kimmie was betting it had something to do with the strict Catholic upbringing. Cort could drink and dance and have fun with the best of them, but add in just a slightly lessie attitude and she began to act a bit prudish.

Tonight, that was fine with Kimmie. She was looking for bigger fish than a quick peak at Julia’s amazing rack. She wanted to find out just how hard it would be to grab the attention of Mr. Muscles. So as the three of them saluted over Swedish Fish, Kimmie stole a glance over her shot glass at those incredibly sexy shoulders.

As she tilted back her glass, she noticed that he was drinking a bottle of Labbat Blue. Good, now she knew what type of drink to send over in ten or fifteen minutes. Nothing gets a guy’s attention like a woman ordering him a drink.

“Okay, Kimmie, what, or who, has got your attention this early?” Cort was very observant. Kimmie had no doubt that within ten seconds of stepping into the bar, Cort had assessed every man in here and had found the most likely candidates for a fabulous hookup.

“Ten o’clock, black tee shirt,” she said with a smile as she put her empty shot glass down and grabbed her rum and coke. “I’m dying to find out if those shoulders are as strong as they look.”

Julia turned to look, and made it seem like she was checking out the juke box instead of the group of men not two feet from it. “Oh man, hon. I bet he could bench press you. Totally sexy.”

Kimmie blushed a little at that. Sure, she was petite. At five foot six, she weighted a hair under 120. It meant that she didn’t have many curves, but the ones she did have were a plus. And yeah, Muscles could probably dominate her in ways that would have her head spinning for days. Hell, it was Saturday night, and if her fantasies were anything close to what could happen in reality, she may be calling in sick on Monday.

Cort pulled out a few singles and held them teasingly in front of Kimmie. “Go play some songs. We’ll let you know how interested he seems when you come back.” She winked when Kimmie grabbed them and followed her instructions.

It was hard for Kimmie to look at the juke box and not the incredibly sensual man leaning on the wall two feet from it. The jeans looked painted on his slender hips. She wondered what her legs would look like wound around him. Damn, she hadn’t found a guy that turned her on this much in years. And all it took was one glance at him and she was wet. Her thong was not doing much to hold back the moisture, either. She really hoped he was as good as he looked. It would be a damn shame if she threw herself at him and he was totally inadequate.

It took her ten minutes to find four songs that she wanted to hear. She was looking for songs that she and her friends could dance to, and it was hard with all of the country and southern rock that was up for display. ankara escort bayan By the time she found a few good songs to show off her assets, her drink was almost empty. She smiled as she turned away from the neon machine. Now was her chance to send over a Blue to her hunk.

Cort and Julia were singing along to the Pussycat Dolls when she returned, and Kimmie motioned questioningly if they were ready for another round. They nodded, and Julia tilted her head towards the man of the evening and gave her the thumbs up. Phase one was complete, and now it was time to show him her interest. In half an hour, Kimmie would have him hooked and be in her house in an hour with any luck.

Julia saw Kimmie order the beer for the hunk, and nudged Cort with a wicked smile on her face. It constantly amazed her at how often Kimmie got whatever man she wanted just by buying him a drink. She couldn’t even count the number of girls nights where Kimmie left them early and had her way with one hunky guy or another. But even she had to admit that this one took the cake. He obviously worked out and took care of his body. And by watching the way he interacted with the rest of the guys in the group, he didn’t seem overly cocky and self absorbed. She hadn’t seen Kimmie work this fast in almost four years. She must really want this one.

Kimmie leaned across the bar, hoping that Muscles was getting a nice shot of her ass in her short plaid skirt. In two seconds there was a tall, beefy bartender ready to look down her shirt and take her money for the privilege. “I need two rum and cokes, one vodka cranberry, and a bottle of Blue for the guy in the black tee shirt by the juke box. Can you have someone send it over, and let him know it’s from me?”

“Sure thing, doll.” Kimmie smiled at the simple fact that tits got better service in crowded bars than men holding out twenties. In less than a minute they had a round of drinks in front of them and were dancing to the first song that she had played. Prodigy was booming out across the bar, and women everywhere were bumping and grinding to the heavy, animalistic bass lines. Men were drooling in their drinks.

But at that moment, Kimmie was moving for only one man. It was weird, she barely even looked at any of the other men in the bar. After ten seconds inside, there was only one man that caught her attention and made her dizzy with anticipation. And she was hoping that at that moment he was thinking the same thing about her.

Kimmie raised her arms above her head and swiveled her hips to the rhythm of the music. She was facing her friends and the bar, her back to Muscles as she danced to have fun. She smiled at her friends, enjoying her night out. Her only warning that something was about to happen was the wide eyes that Cort flashed her a second before she felt a warm, hard body push against her back and follow her movements like a second skin. She questioned Julia and Cort with her eyes to see who was behind her, and Julia nodded briefly with a slight smile, trying not to give too much away to the gentleman at her back.

God, his body felt so good pushed up against her. He was only slightly taller than she was, and his body fit perfectly against her. His hips hugged her ass, his rock hard chest was pushed against her shoulder blades, and she could feel his breath tickling her neck. The boy could move! His hips were following hers without any hesitation. His hands slid to the sides of her waist when he realized she wasn’t going to push him away. Kimmie decided to encourage him a bit more and lowered her arms behind her head and pulled him closer.

“God you’re sexy,” he whispered huskily into her ear. The sound of his voice and the hot air across her sensitive neck sent shivers down her body that she was sure he could feel. Her nipples tightened with anticipation of that breath blowing over them.

Not wanting to seem to eager and easy, Kimmie pulled away slightly and turned to face him. His hands stayed on her, flowing over her back and taut stomach and settling on her hips once more. She continued dancing, but not so closely. “I hope that’s not the alcohol talking,” she teased.

The song ended, and just as she planned, a slow country song started. She was so not ready to dance to this, so she finished her drink and put it down on the bar. “Girls, I’ll be back.” She gave Muscles a wink and headed towards the bathroom. Always leave them wanting more, as her mom used to say. Although that was probably more about stage performances than seductions.

The door closed with a thud behind her, and she noticed that she was the only one in there. Totally unusual for such a packed bar. She had thought that there would be a line and a ten minute wait. Oh well, all the better. She went to the crackled mirror and double-checked her hair. Short brown curls framed her face in a cut that was just longer than a pixie. It suited her face, which was slightly long, with a cute chin and high cheek bones. Her hazel elvankent escort eyes looked more green tonight with the yellow tank top. The shirt showed off her tiny waist, and almost made it look like she had a full C cup.

The door began to open, and Kimmie moved back a step so that whoever was coming in wouldn’t slam into her. Her eyes grew wide as a black tee shirt and bald head came into view. Oh dear, she thought as her heart sped up. Fear and giddy anticipation battled with each other. What could he possibly have in mind in the bathroom of a crowded bar?

Muscles closed the door and pushed his back into it, making it almost impossible for someone to walk in on them. “That was quite some show you were putting on out there, princess. Was that all for my benefit?”

Kimmie raised an eyebrow. Maybe he was cockier than he looked. That could be a plus in the bedroom. “Aren’t you full of yourself.”

“Fine. Come here and tell me it wasn’t.” A well-defined arm stretched out to her, beckoning her to come to him, or not to, and prove him wrong. She could see the muscles ripple in his biceps as the tee shirt tightened. That one movement made parts low in Kimmie’s anatomy tense in response. Her breath caught in her throat and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

“I said come here,” he growled. Without hesitating, Kimmie stepped forward and took his hand in hers. He pulled her towards him with strength enough that she almost toppled right into his chest. She put her other hand out to steady her, and found all of those muscles just as tight and inviting as she had imagined them.

His other arm snaked around her waist, nearly touching his own body again as he pulled her tiny waist tightly into his pelvis. She could feel his hard cock digging into her hip the same second his lips crashed down on hers. Kimmie’s lips opened with a moan and his tongue invaded her mouth. It was strong and talented, and she again thought of it doing sinful things to other parts of her body. Wouldn’t it be grand to feel it sliding inside of her juicy cunt the same way it was going around in circles in her mouth?

“Not here,” she whispered when he eventually pulled away. “My house is two blocks away, the fifth house on the left on Sandfield. Meet me there in five minutes.” She could see his eyebrows raise. It probably wasn’t every day that a strange woman buys him a drink and lets him accost her in a bathroom, then invites him to her house. To show him that she was serious, she bent down and slid her yellow lace thong down her legs and handed it to him. “White house, fifth on the left. I’ll leave the porch light on and the front door unlocked. The bedroom is upstairs on the right.”

Kimmie pushed him aside with a smile and a peck on the cheek (not even a five-o’clock shadow), then left the bathroom with a smile. This might just be a new record for her. Twenty minutes at the bar and she was already taking the guy home. She stopped at the bar and said a brief goodbye to the girls.

“Slut,” Julia teased as she gave her a hug. “You better tell us everything tomorrow at dinner.”

“Of course. And likewise if either of you get lucky. Have fun, I’m sure I will!”

Kimmie stepped outside without checking to see if her mystery man had returned to the bar proper. She knew she had him, and was sure that he would be right behind her. Now all she had to do was make sure that her bedroom was ready for visitors.

A slight breeze had come off the lake, and her short skirt threatened to do a Marilyn Monroe on her. She smiled and put a hand on the front to make sure that any stray bar patrons outside smoking didn’t get a free show. But once she turned the corner onto her street, she let the wind do what it wanted. The air felt amazing next to her bare skin, and she felt her pussy juices begin to wetten the tops of her thighs. Tonight was not going to be anything short of amazing, she was sure of it.

Once inside her house, she shed her skirt and draped it on the banister. Just a reminder of where she would be and what she wouldn’t be wearing. Then at the top of the stairs, she pulled off her tank top and draped it on the door knob to her bedroom. If he had any doubts as to what room she would be in, hopefully this would alleviate them. She kicked off her sandals into a dark corner of her bedroom and clicked on a dim pink lamp. She surveyed the room with a smile. Good, she had remembered to put the handcuffs on the thick maple headboard. She had a feeling they would definitely be getting used tonight. But on whom?

The front door opened and closed quietly. Kimmie heard the locks being engaged. She shivered with anticipation. Yeah, it was a little crazy to be locked in a house with a stranger, but that was part of the thrill of it. Allowing a stranger into your home, trusting them with not only yourself but all of your possessions. Not knowing what the man was capable of, hoping it was a lot.

She could hear the floorboards etlik escort bayan creaking on her stairs. He was so close. Kimmie trailed a hand down her throat and chest. Her skin broke out in goose bumps. God, why is he taking so much time to come to her?

The door opened; the small light in the hallway haloed the man that was making her heart beat in a quick staccato. He had removed his shirt somewhere in his travels, and his jeans were unbuttoned, leaving little to her imagination. Not that imagination hadn’t been filling in all night so far. Kimmie backed up as he stalked into her room. God, he was imposing and sensual. Sex oozed off of him in waves, and she could smell his cologne surrounding her and making her want him even more. Her bedroom felt suddenly much smaller with his imposing mass stalking towards her. Running out of room, Kimmie sat down hard on the bed. Her headboard rattled, and the metallic sound made Muscles look up.

“Mmm, handcuffs,” he growled as he kept coming closer to her. “For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me too much.” He bent down and put an arm on either side of her, effectively pinning her down without touching her. “So who are those for, princess?”

Kimmie shook her head. Normally, when she brought a man up to her room, she was the one in total control. She would tease and please until the man would do anything she asked. Then she bound him and had her way with him, pleasing herself as much as she wanted, and him by default. For some reason, she thought that tonight was going to be just a little bit different.

His head bent down, and he brushed a light kiss across her lips. “You didn’t think you were going to have me in those tonight, did you?” His gaze traveled down her naked body. “I have to admit, the thought of being bound with you naked over me does have a certain appeal. I bet you’re a demon on top, aren’t you, princess?”

Okay, this was Kimmie’s chance to gain back some of the control. He was giving her a clear way to swing the momentum of the evening in her favor. But before she could collect her thoughts, Muscles grabbed her hands and pushed her onto her back. His chest fell on top of hers, pinning her underneath him. Kimmie could feel every inch of him pressed against her, and his jeans rubbed enticingly between her legs.

“Maybe next time I’ll let you surprise me like that. Tonight, I’ve got to have you my way. You’re such a cock tease, princess. Look at how hard you’ve gotten me.” He lifted his left hip slightly, pulling her hand towards his cock. She moaned as she felt how hard and imposing he felt. And that was with two layers of clothing separating her from his full glory!

In one fluid motion, he stood up and brought her with him. He guided both hands to his pants, and without further instruction she began to pull them and his underwear down his hips and off his legs. Kimmie was on her knees in front of his cock, and didn’t even wait until his pants were off before she began sucking on him.

He wasn’t extremely long, maybe six inches, or very wide, maybe an inch and a half, but it seemed just right for Kimmie. In one motion she had him all in her mouth, and could feel the tension in his legs as he braced himself. His pants were forgotten for the moment, and Kimmie moved her hands back up his legs and cupped his ass, angling herself for a most enjoyable event.

But before she could really get into it, after only a few good, deep strokes, his hands were pulling her back up to her feet. “Not yet, princess. I want this to last more than just five minutes. On the bed.”

Kimmie sat back down, disappointed that he didn’t let her have more fun. He really was the perfect size for her to enjoy sucking on. But if he wanted the night to last, who was she to argue? Instead she watched as he took his pants off the rest of the way. His pecs were tight, his shoulders just as gorgeous without the shirt. And he had the sexiest six-pack she’d ever seen. This man did serious crunches. She couldn’t wait to run hands and tongue across those hills and valleys.

If he didn’t do something, or let her do something, soon, Kimmie was willing to bet that she could come just by looking at him and fantasizing.

“Back up, princess. Let’s see if those cuffs work or if they’re just for decoration.”

It occurred to her that she hadn’t said a word since he entered her house. She could say no, just reach out and touch him like she wanted to. Who was he to tell her what to do? But again, just like it was a thrill to let a stranger into her house and fuck her, it was turning her on that this man was controlling her so completely. There was nothing stopping him from taking her by force, and she had no doubt that he could, but so far he was taking as much pleasure from pleasing her as she was receiving it.

So she backed up dutifully, watching him crawl across her bed like a predatory tiger. “Arms up, sweetness. Be a good girl.” Kimmie’s breath caught in her throat as he trailed kisses up the inside of her arm before tightening the handcuffs to her right wrist. She was laying down with him on his hands and knees above her, and he moved seductively over her to do the same to her left arm and wrist. A moan escaped her and she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

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