Quid Pro Quo


I’ve always been attracted to the awkward young woman in accounting. And whenever we’ve worked together on a project, I’ve always enjoyed her company. After all, she is a lovely young woman — genuine, sincere, intelligent, funny, sweet, although terribly shy. She is very soft spoken, keeps to herself, and as far as anyone knows, has never even had a boyfriend. She dresses casually but smartly, and she wears little or no makeup. Leather bracelets and bangles adorn her wrists and ankles, and she has an earthy way about her that I find appealing. But she so often comes late to work that her job is in jeopardy. As her boss, I must address the issue, and finally she is called to my office for a meeting.

“Please, come in,” I say, motioning to the two chairs in front of my desk. She takes a seat as I close the door. I walk behind my desk and sit down to begin what is likely to be a difficult conversation.

I begin by stating the problem: “Last week we agreed that you wouldn’t be late again. You told me that you understood that your job was on the line. But you’ve been late twice this week already. I’m afraid I have no choice but to let you go…”

“Oh, please” she says, “I can’t afford to be out of work. I’ll do anything to save my job. Anything at all.”

I think for a moment, but all that comes to mind is the one thing I know I shouldn’t ask. Yet I can’t help myself.

“You’ll do anything?” I ask.

“Yes, please,” she replies, “I’ll do anything, anything at all.”

I get up and come around my desk to take the seat close to hers. I pull the chair a bit closer so that our knees are touching. I lay a hand on her knee and gently squeeze. I look right into her eyes and my heart races. She looks at me and her eyes widen as she finally understands my intention. “Oh, no!” she exclaims, “Not that. I never have; I don’t think I could. Oh, no…”

I remove my hand from her knee but continue looking into her lovely brown eyes.

“I want to help you,” I say, “but if I bend the rules for you, then I put myself at risk. So it’s only right that you do something for me. And I really think this could be very nice for both of us, don’t you think?”

Meekly she reconsiders this new possibility saying “Alright, I’ll do whatever you say.”

“That’s wonderful,” I reply. “Friday evening, then. I’ll pick you up at 8:00.”

The rest of the week passed in slow, delicious agony. I didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable, but whenever saw her, I couldn’t help gazing at her in anticipation. She would glance furtively at me then turn away, covering her mouth with her hand. The excitement continued to build throughout the week until Friday finally arrived.

“Are we still going on our date tonight?” I asked her as our workday neared its end.

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ll be ready at 8:00.”

When I pick her up I am delighted to see how lovely she looks. She is wearing a modest sundress with simple floral designs; pale against the darkness of her lovely brown skin. She is wearing open-toed flats that reveal the cutest toes — neatly kept with no polish. Her hair is cropped close, no more than half an inch, which frames her beautiful, unadorned, brown face.

“Wow! You look so lovely,” I say.

She looks up at me and smiles. “Thank you,” she says.

“Are you sure you want to come with me tonight?” I ask.

She nods and says softly, “Yes. Yes I do.”

We walk a few paces to my car. I open the door for her and she gets in. Within a few minutes we are walking down bahis firmaları the hall of a hotel, finding our room, opening the door, and going inside.

Once inside, I remove my shoes and turn the heat up. The room is large with a king size bed and a window that overlooks the downtown area.

I turn to her and say, “I’m so glad you’ve come with me tonight. I’ve not been able to think of anything else all week.”

“Me too,” she replies. “But I’m so nervous. What do you want me to do?”

“Let’s begin with a kiss,” I say. I step towards her and gathering her in my arms. I kiss her forehead, I kiss her cheeks, and I kiss her open mouth. She smells wonderful. No perfumes, no scents, just her. I step back from her and say, “Now, take your clothes off; all of them. Please.”

She looks at me but doesn’t move. She ponders this request for several moments before raising her hands to undo the three large buttons on her sundress. Her delicate hands move the material from her shoulders and the slight garment falls quietly to the floor about her ankles.

She instinctively moves her hands to cover her small panties. She looks down. She looks at me. She looks down again. As I move close to her I can smell her once more. Absent her dress, I can smell something more from her. The musky aroma between her legs, her armpits, her mouth. I pull her close to me as my scent mingles with hers. Gently pushing her back one step, then two, she instinctively sits as she feels the bed against the back of her knees.

Now I kneel before her and remove her shoes one by one. I bring each leather shoe to my face and inhale deeply, savoring the delicate aroma. I raise one lovely foot to my lips and kiss the sole. Her toes rest just under my nose and the smell of her feet makes my cock throb.

I look into her eyes. “Remove your bra,” I command, and my heart leaps as she obeys. Still kneeling before her, I lean forward until my face rests between her beautiful breasts; her nipples firm and erect. I kiss each one before standing up.

“Now,” I tell her, “lie back on the bed. I want you to touch yourself. I want you to play with your pussy for me. Lie back on the bed and masturbate for me.”

She slowly maneuvers her body to the center of the bed and lies back against the pillows. I sit on the side of the bed, still fully clothed, while she lies before me wearing only her small panties. Looking straight into my eyes, she moves one hand to her breasts and the other disappears beneath the soft fabric of her cotton panties. Gently I pull her leg upward so that her knee rests against her breast. I caress her foot as I watch her hand move beneath her panties. I rest my hand on hers, only the sheer fabric of her panties between them.

“Now, my dear,” I say, “It’s time to remove your panties too. I want to see all of your beautiful body.”

Once again she looks right into my eyes as her hands work the fabric and her panties disappear. Now comes my turn. I stand and begin to unfasten the buttons on my shirt, then my belt buckle. Soon I am as unadorned as she is. I kneel on the bed and press my swollen cock against her breast. I lift her hand from her other breast and place it on my cock. I move it in small circles on her areola and across her nipple, which brings soft moans to her lips. My precum glistens on her nipple as I move slightly to bring my cock to her mouth.

“I want you to touch it” I say, moving forward and kneeling by her head.

Her eyes widened and slowly she reaches out and kaçak iddaa wraps her fingers around it. I gasp at the touch and my cock throbs in her precious hand. My precum is on her fingers and I pull her hand away from my cock and guide it to her mouth. The precum from her fingers now glistens on her lips.

“You taste so sweet…” she says.

I move my cock toward her mouth and press the tip to her lips. She takes my cock in her hand again and as she squeezes, even more of my clear precum emerges onto her lips. As I kneel by her head, her tongue moves around the tip and takes all my precum into her mouth. I am overwhelmed and have to withdraw before it’s too late — I don’t want to cum yet.

Now I lie with her; she on her back, and I on my side with my leg across hers. I kiss her, I fondle her breasts and her labia — she is so wet. My middle finger runs up and down the moist slit between her labia before beginning to enter her pussy. Looking into her eyes I allow my finger to enter her, gauging her reaction by the wanton look in her eyes and the soft moaning on her lips. I raise my fingers to my lips to taste and to smell her.

“I want to kiss you there,” I tell her. “I want to taste your pussy.”

“Yes,” she sighs, “oh, yes!”

I lower my face until I can smell the musky sweetness and feel the warmth of her pussy. I kiss the soft skin between her legs and pull her thighs close against my face. I lick her fingers, which are still gently moving around her pussy. She moans and draws her legs up toward her chest. Her feet now caress the sides of my face. I began to lick and kiss her clit, turning often to kiss and lick and smell her feet. Finally I part her moist, luscious lips with my tongue and my fingers. The contrast between the bright pink of her inner pussy and the beautiful brown skin of her body was wonderful.

I say, “Touch your breasts — I want to see you touching them as I lick your sweet pussy.”

She begins touching her nipples and her only reply is a soft moan as my tongue continues to run up and down her pussy. Every now and then my tongue finds her anus. I have never kissed a woman there and I am amazed at how sweet she tastes.

As my tongue touches her anus for the first time she cries out, “Oh, goodness, no! Not that! Oh, God. . .” She continues to moan softly. Now the only words that come from her mouth are “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!”

Her moaning becomes deeper and louder. I continue to lick her anus until it is wet enough to insert one finger. My mouth moves back to her pussy, gently sucking her clit as she begins to grind wildly against my open mouth. She now has both hands on my head pushing my face into her pussy, grinding and wriggling and crying out. Sometimes her legs are drawn up so that her feet rest on my shoulders. Other times her legs stretch out stiffly, her heels pressing into my back, and her thighs squeezing my face.

The wonderful smoothness of her inner thighs presses against my face and muffles my hearing as she utters another chorus of, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” Now my entire face is wet with her luscious pussy juice. She clenches her thighs tight against my face and whimpers, “Ohhhhhh…” as she begins to cum in my mouth. I can feel her anus throb and spasm around my finger as she cums and cums. I can feel her pussy spasm against my open mouth.

Her head collapses onto the pillow, but she continues to grind her hips against my open mouth. She continues to squeeze my head between her thighs. And she continues to cry kaçak bahis out. I’ve never felt so wonderful before in all my life, and in all the world there is no place I would rather be.

She whimpers, “Oh, God, oh, my God, I can’t believe we did that. I’ve never done such a thing before. I’ve never felt so good before. I want you so much. I want to feel you inside me…”

“Me too,” I whisper as I work my way back up — kissing and tasting and smelling my way from her pussy to her breasts to her armpits to her beautiful face. Finally I press my body against hers. The feeling of our legs wrapped together is wonderful. I taste her beautiful mouth again, but all she can taste is the musky scent of her own pussy all over my mouth and my face. We kiss for what seems like hours as she fumbles with my throbbing cock and I move my fingers in and out of her pussy.

I ask her, “Are you ready, sweetheart? Are you ready to feel me inside you?”

She looks up at me with longing and says, “Please be gentle.” Then, “Yes, yes, I want you. I’m all yours!”

“First, you need to make it wet,” I tell her, quickly kneeling at her shoulder and placing my cock against her lips. I gently pull her head forward and my cock enters her mouth. She moves her head back and forth a few times, running her tongue along the length of my shaft and getting it wet with her precious saliva.

Now I push her legs apart and press my swollen cock against her clit. Pressing, sliding, and moving around to allow the passion to build.

“Are you ready to feel me inside you?”

“Oh, yes, please! Oh, yes!” she replies…

I press the head of my cock against her lips and gently begin to enter her. Just the head at first — thrusting only the head of my cock inside her for one slow thrust after another. Eventually I push my whole cock inside her in one long, smooth, slow thrust. She gasps and moans and pulls me close.

“Oh, yes…” she says.

Once, twice, a third time, and I just allow myself to feel what it’s like to be inside her. I push fully inside her and then move in gentle, grinding circles inside — not quickly like young boys do — only slow, strong, and primal movements. Slowly pulling out, and then slowly back in.

Once all the way inside I pause to feel her before slowly moving out and doing it again.

“How does it feel, sweetheart? I’m inside of you now. It’s really happening. Is this what you want?”

And she replies “Oh, yes, oh, yes! I can’t believe we are really doing this. Don’t stop, please don’t stop…”

Now my thrusting becomes stronger and more regular. Our mouths are locked together, our tongues intertwined. In and out; more and more quickly. I know that I could cum now, but I want her to cum too. I ask her to tell me ‘when’ and I keep up the pace until she tells me that she has to cum — she can’t hold out any longer.

“Oh, yes! Don’t stop! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I let myself go and we cum together, collapsing in each other’s arms.

Now that the passion and heat are subsiding, she is beginning to come back to herself — she feels embarrassed, speechless¸ but overjoyed. She can’t believe what she has done.

“Oh, my” she replies, “Oh, I never imagined it could ever be like that. But I want you again. Oh, yes, I want to do it again. Oh, yes please…”

We lie together for some time just holding each other. I kiss her and fall asleep for a while. She lies there next to me with one hand touching her pussy where she feels a dull ache to remind her of my cock moving inside her. She also feels a dull ache in her anus; a reminder that my finger was there. Her body still tingles from the orgasms she’s just had. With these thoughts in mind, she too falls asleep.

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