Race to Eleven Ch. 10


Raghav had a hell of fucking with his sister in law Reena, wife Pooja and secretary Dolly during weekdays. Raghav was having his best sex life. Pooja was happy that Raghav had become aggressive and was getting her share of hard and rough fucking.

On Friday morning, Raghav left home in the morning for his office. He was greeted with the smile, he would die for. Kavita was standing close to his car. She was wearing tight jeans and shirt. Her smile widened as she saw Raghav and it brightened Raghav’s day.

Kavita greeted Raghav and gave a tight hug. Raghav felt her boobs smashing on his chest.

“Would you drop me at the market? I hope it’s on the way.” Kavita asked, smiling.

“Definitely. Anything for the gorgeous lady.” Raghav said and opened the passenger door for Kavita.

“Gentleman always. Thanks.” Kavita said and got into the car.

Raghav too got into the car happily and drove towards the market.

“Actually Raghav, I wanted to talk.” Kavita said, hesitatingly.

“Yes beautiful.” Raghav said, smiling.

Raghav was a little worried what it will be about. Kavita was a bit hesitant to talk, but Raghav’s compliments and free talk, made Kavita a bit confident.

“Actually, Sanjay is out of town for a weekend. So, I had a plan to visit my in laws for a weekend.” Kavita said, a bit blushing.

“That’s great. Your son loves to be at in laws, right?” Raghav said.

“I may stay back for tonight, if you like to. Alone.” Kavita said, blushing, placing her hand on his thigh.

Raghav’s cock got fresh blood into it to make it swirl in the pants. He looked happily surprised at Kavita. She raised her hand onto his cock and gave a gentle squeeze.

“I like to be felt desirable. Actually, to be lust upon. And your stares and compliments make me damn horny.” Kavita said, rubbing his cock.

“Fuck, any sane man would die to fuck you and stare at your hot body.” Raghav said looking into her eyes.

“Hmmm. That’s what I want. To be taken as an object of lust.” Kavita said, blushing.

“You are a fantasy to many. And I am one of them.” Raghav said, moaning.

Kavita gave her beautiful smile. She removed a key from her purse.

“Raghav, you can drop me here itself.” Kavita said.

Raghav, surprised, stop the car alongside the road.

Kavita put the key in Raghav’s pocket and gave a kiss on his lips.

“It’s my house keys. I will wait tonight.” Kavita said and got down of the car.

Raghav gave a smile to her and left for the office. Raghav’s day at the office started with his normal routine. Dolly was on leave since the hard banging she had got from Raghav.

Raghav called Pooja at afternoon and discussed her plans for the evening. Pooja was going to be early at home and had her plans for the night with her friends.

Raghav was happy to hear that and hanged the phone after promising his wife to meet at home. Raghav worked up the plan for the night at Kavita’s place to make the surprise memorable for her.

The day passed with the work for Raghav and he too reached home early. Pooja was already home and getting ready for her meeting with the friends.

“Hello honey. Where are you heading?” Raghav asked, hugging his wife from behind, rubbing her into ass.

“Going out to chill with my friends. It was long time due. How come you are so early? Your whore secretary still not joined?” Pooja said pushing back her ass on his cock.

“Poor girl. She is still recovering.” Raghav said, feeling her wife’s boobs.

“Bastard. She is really a cute girl. Have mercy on her.” Pooja said, turning in his arms and kissing him hard.

Raghav kissed her back. Pooja rubbed his cock to make it hard and then let him go.

“Be horny till I come back honey.” Pooja said grinning.

“That’s difficult. Mrs. Malhotra met me in the morning. And she is alone at home tonight as her husband is out of town.” Raghav said, smiling like an innocent child.

“Bastard. What are you upto? Tell me everything.” Pooja shouted at him, holding his cock tight.

Raghav told her everything about their meeting and his plans for the evening. Pooja’s eyes lit up with the Raghav’s plans and her own pussy tingled in pleasure with the devious plan.

“You motherfucker, you will spoil even Kavita. God save her.” Pooja said, kissing her husband, once again.

Pooja finally broke, making Raghav all horny. She grinned looking Raghav’s hard cock making tent in his trouser. She took her belongings and reached door to leave.

She abruptly turned and said, “Honey, there is always a spare key to their house in my purse. There was no need for another.”

Pooja gave a devious smile and left the house.

Raghav cursed his wife as she left, keeping him and his cock hanging. Raghav had shower and got ready for his visit to Kavita. He had his entire plan ready to make a hell of a night for Kavita.

He wore all black and carried a black mask and a knife in the pocket. He took a bag, having items for his plan and reached Kavita’s door. He wore a black mask to completely hide his face behind it, kızılay escort which was open only at his mouth.

Raghav opened the door with the key Kavita handed him in the morning, and got in the house. The house was empty and silent. He heard a soft mumbling in the adjacent bedroom.

Raghav pulled out the knife from his pocket and went tip toed to the bedroom. Kavita was in a bathroom as Raghav could hear running of water and her humming a song.

Raghav waited for her to come out, hiding himself at the adjacent wall to the bathroom. His cock was half erect with the imagination of Kavita’s naked body in the shower.

The running of the water stopped and Kavita emerged out of the bathroom within few minutes, having just a towel around her voluptuous body.

Raghav was quick to move behind surprised and shocked Kavita to grab her and place a knife around her neck. The knife was blunt and would not be any lethal around Kavita’s neck.

Raghav’s heart was beating fast at his own action. Kavita was in a complete shock with unexpected intrusion in her bedroom and tried to scream in a fear. But, Raghav was quick to shut her mouth before her screams could be heard.

“Baby, be quiet and cooperate. And I promise I will not hurt you.” Raghav whispered (in a hoarse voice) in scared Kavita’s ears. Raghav was holding knife around her neck in one hand and shutting her mouth with the other.

Kavita, scared, tried to get free from the grip desperately but Raghav’s grip was tight enough. She couldn’t see the face of the attacker. She was in a complete panic. Was she getting robbed or something else? Her mind and heart were racing fast.

Raghav pressed blunt knife around her neck to scare her and make her movements stop.

“Slut, it would be good for you to cooperate, otherwise it will be really bad.” Raghav whispered again.

Kavita’s heart was beating fast and her towel grip was getting loose due to her struggles in his arms. She stopped struggling from getting naked in front of a burglar or anyone who was. She nodded in confirmation to assure her attacker to pacify.

Raghav partially removed his hand from her mouth. Kavita’s heart was still beating faster in fear and confusion.

“Who are you? What do you want? How did you came in?” Kavita asked too many questions.

“Go slow baby. I am your admirer and I want you. And how did I come in, then it is none of your business.” Raghav said, throwing her on bed.

Kavita’s towel slipped as she fell on the bed with force. Her boobs were on display and her black thong looked sexy beneath the towel.

Kavita tried to cover her body to the extent possible, with the towel. Raghav gave a maniac laugh to fit his role of a stalker.

“Listen, I will shout and call police. You leave me alone and I will not raise any alarm.” Kavita tried to be confident, but looked nervous like a hell.

“Are you in a position to set terms? You be a good girl, and you will not be harmed. I am an admirer of beauty and your beauty makes me go mad.” Raghav said, jumping on her, and holding knife above her face to threaten.

“Ok. Please keep the knife away. Don’t hurt me. Please, I am married.” Kavita cried, with folding hands.

“I love married women. They are best in the bed.” Raghav said, pinning her down and kissing her lips forcefully.

Kavita struggled and tried to escape by pushing Raghav aside. Raghav was quick to grab her. The whole struggle removed the towel from kavita’s luscious body. Her boobs were bouncing with every struggle.

Raghav finally managed to bring her beneath him and pin her both hands above the head. He hold her hands by wrist and got the ropes from his bag lying on the bed.

Kavita screamed but Raghav was quick to tie her both hands with the rope and tied it further with the head board of the bed. Kavita struggled under Raghav and felt his hard cock rubbing on her crotch.

Kavita was afraid about what will happen with her but her pussy was getting moist with all the action.

After tying her hands to the head board, Raghav got up from her and removed her thong swiftly and pushed it in her mouth to stop her screams. Kavita kept struggling to get free but her screams were getting muffled in her mouth.

“Fuck, you are hell of a hot woman. My cock has never been so hard.” Raghav said mauling her boobs and sucking her nipple hard.

Kavita’s mind was in a tailspin. She was afraid of what this assaulter will do, but her body was loving what he was doing to arouse her further.

Raghav could see his previous love bites visible faintly on her neck and boobs.

“Your lover seems to have mark his territory well. Now it’s my territory to explore and give you pleasure.” Raghav said providing new love bites around her neck and boobs. Kavita’s nipples were fully erect and her pussy was oozing with her juices.

“Do you like it?” Raghav said, rubbing her pussy.

Kavita nodded no violently, but her mind knew that her body wanted more. Raghav knew she needed more persuasion to break. He moved down, spread her legs and reached etlik escort her pussy and gave a lick. Kavita raised high from bed with the touch and she was getting aroused further.

“Your pussy seemed to like what I did. It seems it wants more. Did you liked it?” Raghav asked, laughing.

Kavita nodded no ferociously, as if to say herself that don’t enjoy what this man is doing to you. Raghav dived in her pussy and started sucking her clitoris and fucked her hole with tongue.

Kavita didn’t expected such an assault and she started moving violently under him. The pleasure was beyond her imagination and she wanted this man to keep going hard on her.

Raghav continued her assault to make her raise from bed and meet his mouth for more pleasure. Kavita was moaning like a possessed woman. Her legs were tied hard around Raghav’s head and to push him further deep on her pussy.

Kavita’s orgasm was about to erupt and she raised from bed almost 2 feet high from her hips to meet Raghav’s tongue deeper in her pussy. Raghav sensed that Kavita was near and he just released himself from her legs and she fell down frustrated.

Kavita’s eyes were wide open with last minute retrieval. She was totally frustrated as her orgasm was denied. Her mind was not thinking right.

“Wow, your body is just oozing heat honey. Do you like it? Do you want more?” Raghav whispered in her ears.

Kavita was really angry with this man’s cruel intentions. She wanted her release. She was loving every bit of it. And this man was making her to accept it. She looked with anger towards Raghav’s covered face.

Raghav slapped lightly on her pussy to make her tremble.

“I think you didn’t like it. Let us leave it here.” Raghav said, slapping one more time on her swollen pussy.

Kavita trembled in bed and nodded her head violently to signal no.

“You mean to say, you didn’t liked or you don’t want me to stop.” Raghav said laughing.

Kavita was frustrated like hell. This man was toying with her body and mind. She wanted it badly. She just nodded yes wildly.

“Oh woman, you are confusing me. Let us start again. Do you like what I am doing to you?” Raghav asked, sitting on her, rubbing her pussy with his cock and mauling her boobs.

Kavita nodded yes vigorously like a small child.

“Now that is my girl. Ok. Do you want me to stop?” Raghav asked rubbing her pussy.

Kavita nodded no violently.

“Just a perfect slut. Do you want me to get down there and finish you off and open your flood gates?” Raghav asked rubbing her pussy hard.

Kavita nodded yes in anticipation and pushing herself up on Raghav’s body.

“Ok. Will you behave nice and let me give you pleasure that you never imagined of?” Raghav asked, bending on her and taking her nipple in her mouth and pulled it hard.

Kavita nodded yes violently in pleasure and pain. Her orgasm already building with all the ministration of her assaulter.

Raghav again dived in her cunt opening and started sucking it hard along with two fingers deeply buried in her cunt. Kavita started bouncing once again in her bed with pleasure and came within seconds.

Raghav continued sucking and finger fucking her cunt as Kavita kept cumming and her body shuddered violently on the bed, with her eyes closed and screams muffled.

Raghav kept drinking her sweet nectar as it came pouring out. Kavita felt her head very light as she started breathing normal after some time. Raghav pulled out of the nectar pot, her mouth being wet with the cum.

Raghav brought down his trouser to reveal his hard throbbing cock to still scared Kavita. Kavita, felt for a second, that it has a very similar resemblance with Raghav’s cock. But before her mind could analyse further, Raghav placed his cock at her wet cunt and rotated around it.

Kavita moaned and raised her hips in anticipation. She wanted to get fucked, actually raped, by her assaulter. Raghav was not in hurry and kept teasing her cunt with rotation around it.

“What do you want slut?” Raghav asked her.

Kavita wanted it badly and she knew her assaulter would not fuck her until she asked for it. She tried to speak, but her words couldn’t come out of her stuffed mouth.

“What did you say honey? Oh, we need to remove this first.” Raghav said removing thong from her mouth.

“Bastard. Fuckkk meee.” Kavita screamed, as soon as her mouth was free to speak.

“That is not good enough, woman. It has to be more elaborate and more appealing” Raghav said, continuing teasing her.

“Bastard, I will kill you. Just fucckkk me.” Kavita shouted in anger.

“Slut, you need to learn manners before that.” Raghav said and pinched her nipples hard to make her moan and got out of the bed.

“Where are you going? Wait. Don’t leave me like this.” Kavita shouted in frustration. She wanted it badly.

“May be, I should shut back your mouth and watch TV for a change.” Raghav said, smiling, his hard cock standing in front of her face.

“Fuckkk. I will kill you after this. Fuccckkk mee. Please. I beg you demetevler escort to ram your hard cock in my cunt. Pleaseee take me.” Kavita shouted in anger. She couldn’t believe she would beg her rapist to fuck her.

“That’s better honey. Your hot body is so tempting. Fuck, your husband must be fucking your brains out everyday.” Raghav said, getting on bed, over Kavita and placing her cock at her entrance.

“You bastard, its none of your business. Just fuck me and get lost from here.” Kavita shouted at her.

“Manners woman. I told you. Now you will tell me how horny you are, before I fuck you. And answer all my questions slut” Raghav said, teasing her cunt again with his cock.

“Fuccckkkkk. Please fuck my horny cunt. Its never being so horny for any cock, bastard. Please.” Kavita pleaded to Raghav.

“That’s better. My cock is also dying to get into your hot cunt.” Raghav said, entering half of his cock into her wet cunt with a hard thrust.

“Fuckkkk. Ohhhh.” Kavita moaned in pleasure, raising her hips, wanting more.

“You are very tight down there. Doesn’t your husband fuck you hard or is he too small and thin?” Raghav said, keeping his half cock in her pussy as it is.

“I told you its none of your business. Just fuckk me. And take me hard, you motherfucker.” Kavita shouted again in frustration.

“You don’t learn my lady.” Raghav said, shaking his head and withdrawing his cock from her cunt.

“Noooooo. Please. Fuckk Fuckkk Fuckkk. Okk. Please put in me. My idiot husband doesn’t fuck me that often.” Kavita pleaded, her eyes watery with frustration and shame.

“What? He is a real idiot then to not fuck such a hot woman.” Raghav said, thrusting back his hard cock once again in her cunt.

“Yessssss. Fuck me. He is a mother fucker who fucks his own maid.” Kavita screamed in pleasure and anger.

“What? Is he blind? Ignoring such a sex bomb for a fucking dumb maid.” Raghav said, settling his entire cock in her dripping pussy in one go.

“Fuckkkk. Yessss. Take me as you should fuck a horny, super horny, sex bomb.” Kavita moaned in ecstasy.

“Take it then my super horny woman.” Raghav said and started fucking her like a monster.

“Yes. Fuckkkkk. Oh my god. Give me hard you bastard.” Kavita shouted, raising her hips to take it further deep.

Raghav kept pounding his cock, mauling her boobs, sucking her lips. There was no mercy or love in the fucking. It was purely animalistic and Kavita was in sheer pleasure.

“Bastard, are you raping me or bloody making love to me. Ram it harder you motherfucker.” Kavita shouted in lust.

Raghav was surprised to hear Kavita and his ego was hurt. He pulled his cock all out, except the tip and pushed it with all his might into her. Kavita screamed with pain and wriggled under him.

“Oh fucckkkkk. Hmmm. Harderrrrr, you bastard.” Kavita moaned in pain. But that pain was making her hornier.

“Slut, you will really repent your words. No mercy to you.” Raghav said, pulling out again and pushing it harder, deep into her pussy.

Kavita’s mouth went wide open with the assault and tears started flowing from her eyes. Raghav showed no mercy and started fucking her with these long hard thrusts.

Raghav was mauling her boobs roughly and biting her all over her neck with the animalistic fucking. Kavita was moaning and crying. She came hard twice within twenty minutes of hard fucking. Her screams were nothing more than moans and soft crying.

Raghav finally erupted in her cunt, flooding her with his fertile cum. Raghav’s clothes were completely soaked in sweat. Kavita was lying helpless, completely satisfied, breathing hard.

Raghav fell on Kavita, to crush her boobs under him, his impaled cock still in her married cunt. After getting their breathing normal, Raghav got up and went to kitchen to have water. Kavita’s cunt leaked their combined juices to soak the bed.

Raghav came back with a glass of water for exhausted Kavita. She was lying, tired and her eyes closed.

“Have some water honey.” Raghav said.

“Bastard, you raped me like an animal. Untie me now.” Kavita said in anger.

“Slut, you begged to fuck me. And you wanted it harder. Seeing you naked is making me horny again.” Raghav said smiling.

“Shut up you moron. You tied me and made me horny. Its all your fault. Now fucking untie me.” Kavita said, struggling to get free.

“Relax woman. The night is still long. And I am not your husband to ignore such beauty.” Raghav said kissing her lips.

Kavita struggled to get free and tried to kick Raghav. Raghav pinned her legs down, coming on top of her and kissed her hard.

“Bastard, I will kill you. Let me go.” Kavita said as Raghav finally let go her lips.

Raghav picked up knife from the table to pacify her. Raghav was enjoying all this, even though it was something which he is not.

“Please, no. Ok, I will follow you. Let me go to washroom. Please.” Kavita said, afraid of the knife.

“You be nice slut and you will be unharmed.” Raghav said looking for his bag.

Raghav opened his bag and removed the satin night wear along with matching bra and panties. He placed it on the bed and untied Kavita. Her hands were numb, being tied for long. She massaged her hands, cursing Raghav and tried to cover her naked body with the towel.

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