Rachel’s Secret Diary Ch. 01


November 13

Dear diary,

Today is my birthday, and I received this beautiful, Italian-leather bound journal from my parents! I am so excited to begin writing here. With my family always nosing about in my business (that means YOU, Mom, if you’re reading this, which you shouldn’t!), I need some alone time with my thoughts. So, here goes!

Tonight was great—so great! My family threw me a surprise party and I had no idea. We went out to dinner at that steakhouse where Louise met her boyfriend. I had the fish and chips, yum! I was hoping we would open my gifts there at the restaurant, but Mom said she was tired and wanted to go home. I was bummed, but what could I do? Mom stopped at Redbox and got a movie for us to watch. I really had no idea that they had planned something! I don’t remember if there were cars or anything outside the house, but when I walked in and the lights went on, I was so shocked I thought I’d pee my pants! Everyone was there—my grandparents, cousins, my best friend Sarah, and even my uncle Matt and aunt Helen.

The party was a lot of fun, and I got an iPod shuffle, a cool blue scarf, and even a new barbell for my tongue from Sarah. My Mom threw a fit over that, because she doesn’t like my piercings. Whatever, it’s been six months since I got it and she needs to get over it. My piercing and Sarah’s gift must have gotten uncle Matt’s attention though. When I went to the garage to get a soda, he followed me out there to get a beer. We had been talking about my turning eighteen and he was standing kinda close to me, like he always does. I don’t know if it was the excitement of my surprise birthday party or what, but his closeness didn’t creep me out.

Anyway, when I bent over to grab a drink from the fridge, Matt came up really close behind me and I could feel his thighs on my butt. I quickly straightened myself and turned around, embarrassed that he might have seen my panties underneath my dress. Matt smiled at me and then leaned in close to my ear. He kinda half-whispered, “So you’ve got a tongue ring…tell me what it’s good for.” I could feel his hot breath on my ear. Oh my God, I thought, did he mean what I thought he meant?! I didn’t know how to react or what to say, so I decided to play innocent.

“What do you think it’s good for?” I asked him, and giggled. He looked shocked, and I could tell that I got to him, because he didn’t say anything after that. Was he flirting with me? Could he know? There’s no way that anyone knows, especially him. Is it obviously written on my face that I want him?

Oh God, diary, I don’t know what to do!



November 24

Dear diary,

Happy Thanksgiving! I had planned to write about all the things I am thankful for, but I have too much on my mind! You’ll never guess what happened. My dad’s side of the family was together for Thanksgiving like we always are. I had an early Christmas surprise for my aunt Helen—a homemade beret I knitted for her—so I was heading upstairs to my bedroom when I heard a strange scuffling sound from the upstairs bathroom. I didn’t think anyone was up there because most of the guests use the downstairs one during parties, so I opened the door. My uncle Matt was in there, with his back to me. When he quickly turned around, I saw that he had my pair of pink silk panties in his hand! It was clear to me that he had been looking for them, maybe to smell them, because my hamper was open and some of my clothes had fallen out. I had no idea what to do! He looked so guilty!

“Rachel,” he stammered, “oh my God.”

“What in the hell are you doing?” I asked him, even though it was obvious. He lowered my panties but did not give them back. “Were you…smelling …my panties?”

Matt hung his head, and I immediately regretted my tone. I smiled at him. bursa escort He clearly had no idea how much the sight of him holding my panties turned me on, and his guilty, hang-dog expression made me quiver. I wanted to reassure him, tell him that it was okay, but how could I? If I did, that would be admitting that I liked his advances and wanted him as much as it seemed he wanted me. And I knew that was bad—that kind of thinking could get us both into a lot of trouble. But hadn’t he already crossed that line? I thought so.

I took a few steps into my bathroom and quickly closed the door behind me. Before he could say a word, I snatched my panties back and hid them behind my back. I wanted to tease him a little.

“You’re a bad man, uncle Matt!” I hissed at him. “How could you smell my panties like that?! Pervert!”

His face was getting red, and he wouldn’t look at me. I reached a finger out as if to accuse him further; instead, I lifted his chin and forced him to stare into my eyes. He finally saw that I was smiling, and he looked confused.

“I did—I didn’t—smell them, Rachel. I didn’t get the chance.”

Well then, I thought, it’s now or never, as I slid closer to him and leaned back on the sink.

“Oh, you didn’t, did you? Well, that’s a shame. Here—” I reached down to the hem of my green satin dress, “see for yourself.” I lifted the edge of my dress slowly, revealing first my long dancer’s thighs, swathed in black stockings, then the curved roundness of my hips. Ever so slowly, I revealed the pure white triangle of satin and lace that made up my tiny panties. My mound, with its delicate dark brown hair, could clearly be seen through the shimmering fabric.

I lifted my skirt all the way to my trimmed waist, then jutted my hips towards him and leaned back on the sink. I grinned up at my uncle, knowing how enticing I looked, but he was looking at my pussy, his eyes fixated on the triangle of fabric that separated him from my luscious pearl and wet hole.

I can’t believe this is happening, I thought, but it really was. I was going to show my uncle Matt my pussy! Where would this end? Would I have the strength to stop it if we went too far? Did I want to?

My mind was racing, but I needn’t have worried, as my uncle finally snapped out of his fixed reverie. He bent over me and kissed me full on the mouth, startling me with his brusqueness and his warm, hot tongue. I tentatively slipped my tongue past his lips, and he groaned. That drove me to press deeper, sliding my steel piercing to his lips and opening my mouth wide. He was kissing me feverishly, like a drowning man desperate for air, and I let myself be kissed.

Suddenly, his calloused workman’s hands were on the satiny softness of my breasts, tugging at them, nearly tearing the flimsy fabric that encompassed my full bosom. Tearing his wet lips from mine, he kissed and licked my neck. I moaned deeply when he gently bit my neck, and I immediately felt the hardness I had suspected was in his pants stiffen further. I was getting my uncle off! Oh, but I was so wet already, I knew I was slippery and moist without even having touched myself to confirm.

All I could think of was seeing my uncle Matt’s hard cock. Was he big? Circumcised? Dripping with precum like I Imagined him to be in my dreams? I reached down to his khaki chinos to find out. Dragging my hands down the length of his body, I came to his hard, throbbing cock. Matt stopped biting and sucking on my neck only long enough to quickly unbutton and unzip his pants, which he let fall to his ankles. He had a huge cock! Just like I thought! I released his swollen member from the confines of his boxer briefs and hesitated for a moment before touching him.

“Don’t…don’t be afraid,” Matt moaned in my ear, “no one will know.”

“But uncle bursa escort bayan Matt,” I pleaded almost half-heartedly, “isn’t it wrong? Won’t we be punished?”

“I’ve wanted you for so long, Rachel. I’ve simply got to have you. I want to taste your sweetness here—” he said, slipping his hands down to my crotch and gently pulling on the elastic waistband of my panties, “and I can tell by how wet you are that you want me just as much.” How could I deny it? The evidence was spreading like a pool around my labia, turning my already sheer panties translucent.

“Lick my pussy, uncle Matt.” I moaned, drawing my lithe arm around his neck and pushing it gently toward my glistening mound. “Lick me until I cum for you.”

Matt did not hesitate, but bent down hurriedly and positioned himself between my thighs. Hooking his thumbs into the sides of my panties, he drew them down over my hips, past my thighs, and let them drop at my ankles. He licked his lips, and smiled up at me, his eyes silently asking if I was ready. Oh God, I was!

He gently parted my pussy lips with his calloused, rough fingers. That is where his gentleness ended. Once he saw my sweet cunny exposed, with its shining pearl of a clit, he reached his tongue out and lapped at my pussy in great wide strokes. Immediately, my body shook with pleasure, and I spread my legs further to better accommodate his wide tongue. He licked and slurped at my pussy, spreading my pink rosy lips with his tongue and lips. He held me down with his hands as I began to buck against him, holding on to the sink for balance as he tongue-fucked me. I moaned with delight, which he echoed into my pussy, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body. I felt high as he licked and lapped at my sweet cunny, nipping and roughly sucking on my clit until I thought I would burst with enjoyment.

Uh oh! I thought. I’m already going to cum, and I haven’t even tasted him yet! Though I am able to cum multiple times, the first one’s always the best and I wanted to savor it and save it until I could feel my uncle’s cock deep in my pussy.

“Oh, Matt, stop before I cum!” I wailed.

His lips glistening with my pussy juices, he smiled up at me and nodded, somehow knowing that I wanted to wait for him. He stood up as I dropped to my knees, hungrily grabbing at his throbbing cock.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Matt waved his cock from my impatient hands, “naughty niece! Hold still and open your mouth as wide as you can. I want you to suck my cock, and suck it well.”

“I will!” I cried, desperate for his dick to be in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide for him as he ever so slowly positioned his thick, reddish-purple head to my lips. I could taste the hot saltiness of his precum and I knew he was as excited as I to be sucking his cock. With one fluid motion, he grabbed the back of my head with both hands, holding on to my hair, and slid his hot veiny cock into my mouth nearly to the hilt. I gagged instinctively and he moaned. He pressed his whole cock to the back of my throat until I could take no further then quickly pulled out of my mouth, leaving a rope of spit from my lips to his shaft. Again, he drove his dick deep into my mouth, face-fucking me until my eyes watered a bit. I could taste his deep sultry sweat smell and feel my jaw tighten as I struggled to accommodate his massive prick.

“Oh God, Rachel, suck my cock,” he grunted at me, as he thrust his hips in rhythm to his jutting dick’s thrusts, “fuck me with your tongue like a good girl!”

I could feel his body begin to tense as I gripped his balls in my left hand and slid my tongue around the base of his head where I knew he’d be the most sensitive. He shuddered as I popped his head into my mouth and sucked hard on it, drawing the rest of his huge cock into my mouth as I kept the suction on his head. escort bursa I moved my head in rhythm with his hip thrusts and sucked his cock as hard as I could, all the while thinking this is a dream, this can’t really be happening! But it was!

Matt whimpered as if he was about to cum, but I wasn’t going to get him off that easy! Popping his dick quickly out of my mouth, I got to my feet and faced him. “Fuck me, uncle Matt!” I cried. “My little pussy is aching for you! Fuck me until I cum!”

Matt needed no further instruction, and he grabbed my hips and turned me around so that my bare ass was towards him. With one strong hand, he pushed on my back until I was bent at an angle so he could enter me doggy-style. I heard him moan again when he got another look at my pussy and saw my tiny virgin asshole. He spread my pussy with his hands, moistened the tip of his cock with some spit, and then poised himself over my swollen lips. I looked at him in the mirror and could see his face clearly. When he caught me looking at him, he smiled and with a great thrust, drove his cock deep into my pussy. I let out a great cry of ecstasy and pleasure as he drove into me to the hilt.

“Fuck me, uncle Matt!” I cried again.

Matt slowly pulled out of my sopping pussy then slid in again to the hilt. Roughly he began to fuck me, jamming in quick and hard, and pulling out slow and steady. I felt filled up with his hard cock that stretched my tight teen pussy and made it grip his steely shaft. Back and forth he plowed into me, forcing my back further and further down and my ass up high in the air. He began pumping harder and harder into me, moaning deep into my long dark brown hair.

“You like it, don’t you, you dirty girl? You like when your uncle fucks your tight pink pussy?” He moaned and grunted at me below him.

“Yes! Yes! More, please, oh God, fuck me harder!”

In response, Matt slammed his cock into me over and over, furiously fucking my sweet cunny and giving me shivers of anticipation of the orgasm I knew couldn’t be far behind. When he bit my shoulder and slammed his dick into my pussy balls-deep until I could hear my ass slapping against his waist, I knew it was too much for me and that I was gonna cum no matter what. I let out a cry I knew my whole family probably could hear downstairs and told my dear uncle I was going to cum all over his hard cock.

The first wave of my orgasm made me hold my breath and made my legs shake with pleasure and a strange sense of pain for having been filled to the brim with my uncle’s heady cock. Moaning and gripping the faucet for fear of falling, I looked into the mirror to see my uncle’s contorted face as he was about to cum himself.

“Ah, Rachel, your pussy is so good! I’m gonna cum!” Just as he blurted that out, he drove his cock as deep in me as he possibly could and I felt a hot stream of cum shoot inside my womb—great spurts of warmth that spread all throughout my belly and filled me to the brim. Shaking and nearly delirious himself, Matt heaved his body on top of mine and panted deeply.

Though I wanted to stay lying there beneath him forever, I knew we had to get back to the party, and quickly! We had been upstairs for nearly twenty minutes, surely someone would be suspicious, and I had even promised my aunt Helen I would get her the hat I made!

I threw Matt a towel to wipe his face, put a finger to my lips to silence him, and slid into my panties. We had no time to consider what we had done, we had to get back and act like nothing was amiss. Hurriedly, Matt dressed, washed his face and hands, and left the bathroom to return to the party. I sat on the edge of the tub, my mind still reeling. I had no one to share this exciting and dangerous experience with—until I thought of my new trusted diary.

So now what? Will we ever have sex again? I know Matt will want to, and I certainly do! I can’t believe I had sex with my uncle, and I hope it happens again and again! Diary, I’ve been fucked by my uncle—can you believe it?



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