Raking Hay


Saturday morning began with a full country breakfast. Scrambled eggs with bacon, link sausages, hash browns, pancakes with fresh country butter and syrup, and thick slices of cantaloupe. After the dishes had been cleared and Papa Howard had puffed his pipe in his homemade wooden rocking chair on the front porch for a few minutes, we all went to our assigned chores. Papa and Jimmie were going down to the field to check the fences and mow the hay. They packed lunches and a jug of cool water to last until evening. Carl went to his work at the hardware store. Lena was helping Mama in the kitchen. My duty was to rake up the hay in the barn and distribute it to the stalls for the horses and cows.

The weather was cool and pleasant. I opened the twin barn doors to let in light and air, picked up the rake, and set to work. Hay was strewn across half the barn floor, and I began to pile it up against the back wall. I piled the hay up about knee deep and sat down on a box to rest for a minute or two. I heard the barn door being pulled to behind me and felt two soft hands on my shoulders from behind.

“Hi, Jack. Worked up a sweat yet?” It was Karen.

“Not much of one yet,” I answered. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, I just wanted to come up and see you.” Her tone was elaborately casual.

She came around to stand in front of me. She wore a loose-fitting white cotton blouse. Her bright colored calico skirt came down below her knees. Today the bows that held her golden blonde braids were large and bright yellow. She was lovely to look at, but I was irritated. I hadn’t got over the way she had handled me last Sunday, and I hadn’t seen her all week.

I opened my mouth to complain about her rubbing me up and walking away, but different words came out, “You’re so pretty.” I hadn’t meant to say that. I’d meant to say, “You were mean to me again.”

She took my face between her hands and kissed me on the mouth. “You’re sweet,” she said.

I was in a trance. I managed to stammer, “I…I…I’m….”

“Shhhh,” she whispered. She pulled me toward her and buried my face between her breasts. Her skin smelled like flowers.

“Karen, I….”


“But last Sunday….”

“I wanted to keep your interest up. And I did, didn’t I?”

“But I….”

“Hush,” she said. “My pussy is hungry. Come over here.” She walked to the foot of the ladder that led up to the loft. Her skirt swirled as she turned to look back at me over her shoulder. Her blue eyes smoldered. “You hold the ladder for me.”

Her ass cheeks flexed as she climbed, moving each leg slowly. She didn’t look down, but she knew I was watching up her skirt. She bent her knees and stuck her butt out to billow her skirt and give me a clearer view. The golden hair that covered her pussy twinkled at me as she climbed.

The floor of the loft was also covered with loose hay piled up against the back wall. Karen bunched her skirt up around her waist and sat with her bare bottom on the hay and her legs splayed out in a V. I was almost sure then that she never wore any underwear. But at the same time I wondered if she had been wearing underwear in church last Sunday. I wondered fleetingly if any of the girls in this town ever wore underwear.

Karen stroked the ruff of golden hair on her pubic mound, drew in her heels, and cocked her legs up. “You didn’t work up a sweat yet. Come here; I’ll make you sweat.”

She hunched her butt forward and reached down to stroke her ass cheeks. She made a slow production of it, drawing her fingers up and over the slit of her pussy. She moved her hand down and did it again. And again. I was speechless. I just knelt and watched her. She extended one finger to stroke her butt crack and her pussy lips, even more slowly this time. She dipped her finger into her pussy and worked it around. She licked her finger and stroked it into her pussy, rubbing the head of her clit.

I was fairly drooling.

“John . . . Jack,” she said gently, “Wouldn’t you like a little pussy while you’re on your break? Just a tiny, little bitty piece of pussy? Don’t just sit there. Taste my pussy. Get me wet and juicy.”

I spread myself at full length, belly down on the loft floor, and buried my face between her soft, welcoming thighs. I licked her slit, opened her with the fingers of both hands, and thrust my tongue inside her as deep as it would go. Her pussy juice tasted the way orange blossoms smell. I drooled and slobbered as I thrummed my tongue against her hardening clit. Her juices began to flow.

“Oh. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhh. I’m ready, Jack. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” She was crooning.

I couldn’t get my jeans off fast enough. My prick was ready. It bounced up, hard and pulsing, as soon as my jeans went down. I tossed my jeans and undershorts aside and got down on my knees. Holding the stiff shaft, I eased the head between the wet lips of her pussy and moved it in a slow circle.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she murmured.

Only the head of my pecker was in her, but kızılay escort I could feel her warm juice. I reversed the direction of my rotation and pushed an inch deeper into her. That brought forth a new gush of pussy juice.. I slid my dick into her in a long, slow push.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she murmured again. Oh, Jack. Ohhhh, Jack.”

I set up a slow rocking motion, sliding all the way deep inside her. I kept on pumping my pecker into her in a slow, steady rhythm. She was crooning, “ooohhing” and “aaaahhing,” enjoying being fucked slow and easy.

“Hey!” She said suddenly. “Hold it, John. I heard something.” I paused in mid stroke, halfway in her cunt. There was the sound of the barn door opening down below us. Then footsteps. I slid my prick fully into Karen’s pussy and held it there. We both strained our ears to catch whispering voices at the door. Two voices. Then the sound of the door closing and the latch pushed into place. A girl and a boy were in the barn with us. Karen pulled my head down and hissed into my ear, “Don’t move, Jack. Don’t move at all. What’re we gonna do? I can’t get caught fucking.”

God, how I wanted to go on fucking that lush, ripe cunt. But I was terrified. I was frozen into immobility, with my dick marinating in Karen’s cunt. We didn’t dare move a hair.

On the ground below us, two sets of footsteps approached the foot of the ladder leading up to the loft where we lay like a pair of stone statues, not daring to breathe. Statues fucking! I almost giggled.

We heard a girl’s voice. “No, not up in the loft. There’s plenty of soft hay right over here. Over here!” She sounded insistent.

“Well, but….” A boy’s voice responded.

“You wanta fuck me or not? Come over here. Come on over here!” There was a soft plump as she lay down on the hay. Then the sound of his belt buckle coming open.

“No,” she said. “You don’t need to do that this time. I’m already plenty wet. And hot! Just get down here on top of me and get that thing in me. Oh, yeah, that’s right. That’s it.”

There was a scuffling sound and her voice came again, “Not like that. Eeee. Not like that either. Huff! Here. No, here!” Pause. “Okay, now you got it. Now, stick it in me. Aaahhhh!”

The sound of their bodies coming together made it clear to us that the unknown couple were fucking on the hay right under us, just a few feet away.

Karen stirred under me. She moved her bottom around in the hay and pushed up against my dick, taking it just a tad deeper into her pussy. “Jack,” she whispered, “If they’re fucking, they can’t hear us. Go on now, fuck me. Fuck me. But do it quiet.”

The girl down below was beginning to croon. “Oooh. Mmmmmm. Ahhhh. Mmmmmm. Ahhhh.” He was making loud grunting noises as he drove it into her over and over agan.

I inched my peter out of Karen’s pussy a short way and inched it back in. I slid it out and back into her. I tried a horizontal angle, but I couldn’t get enough purchase with my toes to pump it in her cunt. “Jack,” she said, “that’s not working.” She said it almost aloud. “Get up some and fuck it straight down in me.”

“They’ll hear us.”

“No they won’t. They’re fucking down there. We can make the same noise as them; they’ll never know we’re fucking up here the same as them.”

Then, as if on cue, I heard the invisible girl’s voice coming up through the floorboard of the loft, “That’s good but it ain’t good enough. You got to fuck me better than that. Take your pants all the way off.”

The fucking noises down there had stopped.

I froze.

I could hear him grunt as he rolled off her. Then I heard his boots hit the dirt floor one at a time. Clunk. And then another clunk. “Damn,” he said, “I thought I was doin’ good.”

“Shhhhh,” Karen whispered. “Let him get back to fucking her. Then you and me can get back to it too. I wonder who them two are down there.”

I didn’t wonder. I didn’t care who they were. I knew a lot of the boys in town, but not many of the girls; but I wouldn’t have recognized anyone’s voice. I just wanted to get back to fucking Karen.

The boy’s deep voice mumbled something unintelligible. She answered him, “Oh, don’t worry ’bout that, I can fix that. I can get you up and ready…. Here. Schhlrrrmm. Mmmmmph.” She was making a kind of wet, slurping sound.

“Oh, wow! Woweee! Go to it, girl. Keep doin’ that. OY!”

“Mmmlrrsch,” said the girl. “Mmmlrrsch. Schhllmmmm. Okay, there now. Now that’s a nice big hard-on!”

“Oh, boy! You really know how to suck a guy’s whanger.”

“I done it a lot. Now fuck me. Aaaach! No, here! Here! Yeah, that’s right. Get it in me. Oooooooohhh!! Ooooo, yeah! Do it like that! Yeah, right there! Here, suck my titty. Suck my titty! Chew that tit, Tommy! Suck it! Ooooooo!”

Karen clapped both hands over her mouth. She sat up in the hay. Her blue eyes got big and round in her lovely cream-white face. “Damn!” she whispered. “You know who that is? That’s Tommy Frickheimer, and he’s fucking Gretchen Siegler! etlik escort She’s such a slut! “Lieber Himmel! I sure can’t let either one of them catch me fucking up here.”

I didn’t know Tommy. I’d heard he was working somewhere out of town. I remembered Gretchen vaguely from seeing her in town. She was a year or so older than me, and worked at the Dairy Queen, I think. Mostly I remembered the tits, like overgrown cantaloupes, pushing out the front of her low-necked peasant blouse and jiggling like vats of Jell-O.

Karen seemed to have lost interest in fucking. I hadn’t. “Karen,” I said, “I still want to fuck.”

“Oh, I’ve got to see this,” Karen said, as if I hadn’t spoken. “Wait, I remember there’s a hole in the floor somewhere over here. A knothole in the floor.”

A knothole in the floor. She remembered. It was obvious. She had taken other guys up there to fuck in the barn loft. My pecker was swollen and throbbing. It hurt. “They’re going to hear you,” I said. “Come on, let’s get back to fucking.”

She looked at my hard, stiff tool. “Well,” she said. She wrapped her hand around my tool and began to pump it slowly. It was still slimy, wet with her pussy juices. She took the head of it in her mouth and pumped it faster. It felt good, super good, but not like plunging it in and out of her cunt. There was nothing anywhere near that good.

The noises of heavy fucking down below were growing louder and more rapid. “Oh, damn!” growled Tommy. “Hot damn!” he gurgled. Then his voice was muffled. He made slobbery sounds, “Mrrgh. Schwwrrr.” But the pounding rhythm of two bodies making contact went on and on.

“Oooo, Tommy,” Gretchen howled, “bite me! Chew that nipple! Bang my cunt hard, Tommy!”

Karen let go of my dick and went back to scrabbling around on the floor, pushing the hay aside. “I got it,” she said. Here it is.” She swept a clear area with her hand and knelt on the floor of the loft among the hay. She bent down and put her eye to the knothole in the floor. Her butt stuck up in the air. Her ass was even more beautiful than I remembered. Her soft fat pussy lips stuck out between her thighs, still wet with her sex juice, blushing red from fucking, and fringed with golden blond hair.

“Jack,” she said, without taking her eye away from the knothole, “you can fuck me like this. Fuck me from behind. Fuck me like a horse.”

She and Lena had both talked before about horses fucking, and pigs fucking, and bulls fucking cows. People could fuck that way too. I looked at her red pussy again. Her wet slit was slightly open and juice was still leaking out of it. “Okay,” I said, “like a horse.”

She moved her knees apart so that I could kneel up close behind her. I stroked her firm round ass cheeks and patted them lightly so that they jiggled. I leaned in and put the head of my tool in her wet slit. I gyrated my hips. Then I shoved my dick into her in one long slow slide.

Holy Mother of God! I thought her clenching pussy had felt good before, but this was sheer ecstasy! It was white fire in my pecker. The inside of her cunt felt looser and tighter than ever before, all at the same time. And I could drive in deeper. I felt the head of my tool bump against the bottom of her cunt. It was incredible! I grasped her hips and began to fuck in and out of her. I had to bite my lips to keep from crying out. She sucked in her breath in a loud hiss, held it ten long seconds, and blew it out in a loud whisper. I was pumping her like a jockey on a racehorse, and the sensation grew more intense with every plunge into her dripping, steaming cunt.

“Aaaaaach!” she said. “OH! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOHHHHHH!” She stuffed one of her braids in her mouth and bit down hard to stifle her cries.

She needn’t have worried. Underneath us, Gretchen and Tommy were going at it like wild Indians. They wouldn’t have heard a clog dance on the floorboards of the loft.

“Whaaaaahhhhhooooooo!” yelled Gretchen down below us. “Bang me harder, Tommy! Fuck me till my brains fall out! Ream out my hot cunt! YEEEOOOOWW!”



“OH, GOD DAMN!” yelled Tommy.

“OH, GOD DAMN!” yelled Gretchen. “That’s it! That’s it! FUCK ME Tommyyyy! I’M COMMIINNNGGGG. YYYAAAAAAAAAH!”

“Oh, GOD,” shrilled Karen through her braid that was still caught in her mouth. “That’s it! That’s it! Fuck me! FUCK ME, JACK! I’M COMMMMINNG!”

I was in a frenzy. My pecker exploded inside her. She collapsed and fell forward on the soft hay. My dick slid out of her streaming pussy.

“Don’t get it in me!” Gretchen screamed down below us on the barn floor. “Don’t get it in me!”

Creamy white goo was shooting out of my flaming, pulsating pecker onto the loft floor between Karen’s legs. I was astounded. My dick pulsed and shot warm come out in white jets. One, Two, Three, eight spurts in all. Two blobs had landed on Karen’s demetevler escort full, round butt. My come was running down her left leg.

Down below Tommy said, “No, it’s all right, Gretchen. It didn’t get in you. None of it got inside a you. I know when to pull out. You’re okay. You’re okay. You didn’t get it in you.”

“Well, I hope not. You better hope not. Norbert got some in me last March. And I missed my period after that. I was scared half to death! But the next month I got my flowers again. I wasn’t knocked up. And I better not be knocked up now. If I get pregnant, you’re in big, big trouble.”

“Come on,” Tommy said. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Yeah,” she said. “I have to get back to work in a damn big hurry.”

“Me too.”

The door latch slid back. “Flowers?” Tommy was saying as his voice faded in the distance. I knew what that meant, even if Tommy didn’t. Monthly period. Menstruation. My grandmother used to get cramps every month, and she said she was “in her flowers.”

The barn door opened and closed, and I was alone again with Karen. She rolled over on the hay. Her blue eyes shone. Her creamy skin was glowing. She was glowing all over. She leaned back on her elbows and cocked one knee up. “Oh, Jack,” she cooed. “You really fucked me good this time. I never been fucked that good. Fuck me again, Jack. Fuck me again. Right now. You really know how to fuck a girl.” She spread her legs apart to show me her pussy. Juice was dripping down the cheeks of her butt. “You want more pussy?” she whispered. Fuck me again. Like a horse.”

She rolled back over and got back up on her knees. She pushed her ass backward and wriggled. Wisps of hay were stuck to her sweaty skin. The jiggle of her plump butt cheeks was enticing. She reached one hand up between her thighs and tweaked those long inner lips that protruded from her pussy. I was rapt, entranced. I could hardly breathe. She slid her middle finger between her long pussy lips and began to stroke her cunt, probing deeper and deeper. Pussy juice ran down her wrist and dripped on the floorboards.

“Oh!” she cried, “Oh! Oh! Oooooooohhhhhh!” Her hand was moving faster and faster, dipping deep in the folds of her cunt and sliding over her clit. She whipped her flowing juice into foam. “Ahhhhhhggghh!” she yelled. “Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Oh, God! Oh, my God! Oh, Jack!!” She was coming again. Her body flexed and jerked. She reared up and fell face down in the hay.

“Oh, Jack!” she said weakly. “I didn’t know I could do that. I came two times, hand running. I never came twice in a row before. See what you did to me?”

“I squirted a whole lot of come on the floor,” I said. “And on you. That’s one thing I did to you.”

Karen sat up. Her face became serious. “Well, yeah. That’s how you get pregnant, if a boy’s come gets in you. She was in an older-woman instructive mode now. Well, you don’t, you’re not a girl. But some girls get knocked up, if a boy don’t pull out quick enough. That slut cow Gretchen got knocked up last year. She fucks all over, and she didn’t know who knocked her up. You know what she did? She stuck a coat hanger up inside her pussy and got it out like that. Bled like a pig too. Her mama never found out. Her daddy’d likely kill her if he knew she was fucking every boy in sight. He thinks she’s a virgin, all sweet and pure. Parents don’t know what the kids are doing. None of ’em. They’re fucking like rabbits. All of ’em.

“Lisa Meyers got pregnant the first time she ever got fucked. It was Billy Althaus that got her cherry. She bled a lot, for days, and that’s how her mama found out she was fucked. An’ then when she didn’t get her courses, her daddy beat her with a strap. They kicked her out of school. She had to marry Billy, and they moved away to some other town I don’t know where. But a girl’s got to get fucked. It don’t matter, you’ve got to! A girl’s got to have it. There’s nothin’, nothin’ as good as fucking!”

Her blue eyes sparkled. She was a girl again, a lustful girl. “You want to fuck me again, Jack?” She started rubbing her pussy again, and her juices started to flow. Her fingers flew, up and down, in and out. Her clit stood out rigid from under its little hood. As she rubbed the head of it, I could see now what a clit really was. It was like a tiny little dick. It bent up and down under her finger strokes. Her lust had got the better of her; she was more intent on getting herself off than she was in getting me to fuck her another time. It amazed me that this lovely Texas farm girl—that any girl, or any girl—could have her insatiable appetite for sex. Just watching her, I began to feel her sexual desire spread to me. I was sharing what she was feeling. My dong became a center of sexual lust. It grew. It rose. It stood to attention.

In about three minutes she was ready to come again. Her eyes lost focus; they looked far away into some realm of pure lust. She began to lift her shoulders and curl her upper body forward, then back down and up again, like she was doing floor exercises. Her hips lifted off the floor in hard, thrusting motions. As her butt thrust upward again, I lunged forward, leapt on top of her thrashing body, knocked her flying hand aside, and jammed my pecker deep in her foaming cunt.

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