Random Memories (Glory Hole Memories)


Random Memories (Glory Hole Memories)Number One:I love it when, just as one of my glory hole visitors is just about to come, that their cocks become so firm and stiff as the body prepares to expel the load of sperm both he, and I, are there for in the first place!Number Two:I love it when AS they are ejaculating, that I can feel the powerful muscular contractions at the base of their balls and cock shaft, as the sperm is forcefully jetting out into my mouth! That’s the epitome of any and all glory hole experiences! There’s nothing like it. Number Three:I love it when I can hear in the tone of their voice, and the way their breathing becomes more labored, that they have truly ‘given’ themselves over to me! Then, after words, as their cocks begin halkalı escort to slowly sag, and they get ready to leave, they take a moment to thank me—that’s another wonderful thing I often remember: their GRATEFULNESS. Yes. Their gratefulness for me lavishing so much time and attention onto them like that, always makes me smile.Number Four:Younger men! Oh, god yes! Younger men are always the best. Their enthusiasm, their energy is always so exhilarating; and I especially like younger guys who have girlfriends; and yet, they come to ME for a deeper, more satisfying form of sexual release, and relief! I am not denigrating their girlfriends, or women in general; but these taksim escort younger guys always came back to me again, and again, so…ask them if their girlfriends were ‘better’ at sucking cock than I was. Number Five:BIG black cocks! Though I’ve only had three black cocks to suck, in some ways they were, somehow, the best. It was probably because of the long history of white racism, but for me, sucking a black guys cock just seemed the right thing to do; the fitting, proper way to ‘atone’ for my white ancestors racial crimes. But, beyond that, I just loved sucking their cocks (any cocks, but black just seemed more—exhilarating). That’s all I can say.Number Six:Repeaters. By this I’m not saying those guys who şişli escort returned on subsequent days, or weeks, or months; but the guys who came back THE VERY SAME DAY!!! Mostly they were younger guys (with some exceptions). I remember Jeremy, for example, and Connor, and Marcus, and Robert, and James, etc. They could come multiple times. Conner, for example, like Jeremy, seemed to have an unending supply of hot, thick, young sperm; and I was always thrilled to take more than one load from them—first in the morning, and then later that night. It was a cocksuckers Heaven!Number Seven:Married guys! In some ways, older married guys could almost be as much fun as the younger ones; even though they only visited once in a while—still, they often had very intense orgasms! I think the oldest married guy I ever serviced (according to him) was somewhere in his early to mid 70’s! He had a sizable load, too! But not as big as the younger ones. But, I never complained.Perhaps in time I’ll post other random memories of those days, but for now, these will have to do.The End 

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