Ray Finds Himself in a Skirt


At 18 I was not what you would call a manly man. I was 5′ 5″ and about 130lb long red hair, which I had let grow down to the middle of my back. I guess you could say I was a short skinny red haired hippy. I did not have a lot of friends and mostly smoked a lot of pot and watched TV. This drove my mother crazy. My dad had left us when I was about 3 and she had been trying her best to keep things together working 2 sometimes 3 jobs to put food on the table. Looking back now I can say I was a real shit. I did not make things easy on her at all. My mom and I look nothing alike; I am told I look a lot like my dad. My mom is about 5’9″ and about 185 with dark hair and eyes. She has big tits and a little extra around the middle, but she is a very sexy looking woman. The only thing I get form my mom is my mouth we both have full lips. I have been teased quite a bit growing up that I have dick sucking lips.

My life really changed just after my 18th birthday. My mom had come home from working a night shift and the house was a wreck, I had left dishes in the sink and had not done anything to clean up at all. When she walked in she flipped out at me. I was not in the mood for this shit, so I told her that I was not cleaning up the house that it was for a woman to do and I was a man, she could go fuck herself and stormed out of the house. I spent all day out just hanging out bursa escort at the mall and getting high with Gary one of my few friends. It was not until around 7:00 when I got home. I walked in and the place was still trashed. It was even worse than I left it. My mom had ordered take out in it was all over the living room.

I was just standing there not knowing what was going on when my mom walked in. She told me that things were going to change around here; she was not going to have any of this macho bull shit in this house. She said that we were going to start by getting me clean up. She literally grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the shower. My clothes were off before I knew what was happening. I was standing there butt ass naked in front of my mother. I could feel my cock starting to get hard and was thinking oh please not now. Then my mom really blew my mind she striped out of her clothes and turned on the shower. All I could do was stair at her big beautiful tits. She had the biggest brown nipples I had ever seen. My dick was now so hard it was slapping against my stomach. She proceeded to throw me in to the shower wash me from head to toe. When she washed my cock she said it I came she would rip my little dick off. Then she shaved my legs, arms, under arms, cock and balls. My chest and face are smooth so that was no issue. After the shower she rubbed bursa escort bayan lotion all over me and again threatened me if I even thought about cumming.

After I was clean, shaved and lotion down she pushed me down the hall to my room. Well it was my room when I left this morning. Now it was a barren room with a bed. All my stuff was gone. I mean all of it. My dresser was empty; walls cleaned there was nothing in my room. I was speechless; when I turned to my mother she said “say one word and I will slap the shit out of you”! Then she handed me a bag, inside there was some white lacy panties, matching bra, black skirt and a white blouse. Put them on she said! Ok, no! She slapped me so hard I was knocked on to my bed. When I got up I started to pull on the panties and bra. My mom stepped up to help but I thought she was going to hit me so I put my hands up. She said if I was a good girl she would never have to hit me.

As my mother helped me get dressed she told me that I would be her little girl from now on. I would learn to cook, clean and everything that a good little girl should know. After I was dressed she took me to her room and did my makeup and hair. When she led me to her full length mirror I was shocked, I looked hot she had put small little pads in my bra and my legs looked so sexy. My lips where full, bright red, my hair was done in a cute escort bursa pony tail and I loved it. I could not help that my cock was hard as a rock and pushing out against my skirt. My mother pushed me back down on to her bed and said that “this would just not do”. I was afraid she was mad because my cock was hard, but she told me to relax and she pulled up my skirt and pulled my hard cock from my panties. As she kneeled in front of me she started licking the head of my cock then slid her wet juicy lips over the head. Now I have a small dick hard it is only about 4 inches long so she was easily able to take me all the way in to her mouth and flick her tongue against my balls. I going crazy I had never had sex in my life and here I was dressed like a girl

and my mother was sucking my cock. I thought I was going to lose it right there. The next thing I knew I felt her finger pushing against my ass. She worked one than two fingers in to my young tight ass. It hurt a little but at the same time it felt incredible. She had hardly started to finger fuck me when I let go of my load. She contended fingering me as she milked my cock of every last drop of my cum. With her fingers still in my ass she kissed me deep pushing her tongue in to my mouth so I could taste my own cum.

When I finely pulled myself together my mother told me to run along and start cleaning the house like a good girl. My head was still spinning as I walked out of her room to start my new job as her little girl maid. I could tell that life was going to be very different around the house, but I thought I just might like it.

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