Ready For Some Football


Sitting comfortably on the couch, I was more than ready for the football game to start. I had been looking forward to watching the game all day and had everything I was going to need right at my disposal. Namely, beer and pretzels. Molly had retreated to the bedroom, obviously disinterested in what was going on in the living room (or so I thought). She had said to me more that once that she thought I was silly for shouting at the TV during games.

“You know, they can’t really hear you in there, right?” she teased regularly. I settled back for what I hoped would be an exciting and eventful game.

The game was going great getting close to halftime. Both teams were scoring quite a bit and there were big plays all around. As I concentrated on the play-by-play analysis, I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. I figured it was Molly going into the kitchen to get a snack.

In the middle of a pass play, I heard her voice off to my right ask, “So, is the game any good?” I turned to answer and was a little shocked. There stood Molly in nothing but a thin football jersey. It came down below the tops of her legs, so I wasn’t for sure what was on under it. Her hair was pulled back into to pigtails. She looked every part the tomboy. Except for the mischievous grin on her face.

With more than a couple of dirty thoughts racing through my head, I replied “Sure. It’s a pretty back-and-forth game at this point.” I figured out the double entendre of my comment when Molly giggled just a little.

She told me, “Well, I’m pretty bored with my book. Maybe I should come out here and watch the game with you.” She came over and sat down beside me on the couch. I moved over just a bit so she could sit down. She rested her legs on my lap, and I peeked a glance under her jersey to see what, if anything, was left to my imagination. I couldn’t see much, but there was plenty of skin. I shifted my attention back to the game, hoping that concentrating would take my mind off of the half-naked girl sitting right beside me.

At halftime, I stood up and went to the bathroom. When I got back, Molly moved her legs so I could sit back down, but then put them right back in my lap after I was settled. I gathered that this was a hint, so during the halftime commentary, I started rubbing her feet. She was always a fan of getting a foot massage, and since I so rarely did it she appreciated it when she got her treat. As I massaged, I looked over and saw her with her eyes closed and her head tilted back. I assumed that she was relaxing due to my attentions, so I focused back on the game while still absent-mindedly continuing my massage. As I moved on to the other foot, she started squirming a little, rubbing her legs together and tracing her foot gently around my crotch. I tried my best not to think ankara escort bayan about her current outfit as she gently rubbed against my growing erection. I knew that if she kept it up, there was no way I was going to make it to the end of the game. As luck would have it, right at that moment there was a questionable call on the field. I shifted my attention back to the in time to see a pass interference call missed by the ref.

I shouted, “Oh come on? How can you miss that?” I shifted around to lean closer to the TV and knocked Molly’s legs out of my lap.

When the replay came on, I jumped up and pointed, shouting, “See! His hands were all over the place!” No sooner had the words come out of my mouth, and I felt a pair of hands on my hips, rubbing against me.

Molly’s comment from behind me was, “You mean, kind of like this?” She continued rubbing all over my crotch, taking great care to press down against my now-hard cock. I knew what was coming, and as much as I like to watch football, I enjoy fucking Molly even more. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little fun with it.

I turned around and said, “No, not really. You need to grab the jersey a little higher.”

As I said it, I leaned over and grabbed her jersey and pulled her up onto her feet. As I did, I started rubbing my hands all over the front of her, more than gladly returning her earlier favors. As I did, I felt her nipples start poking out. The thin jersey couldn’t contain those hard nipples, and I took the opportunity to pinch one just a little. The soft moan told me my earlier foot massage had more than a relaxing effect.

I moved around behind Molly and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back into me. “And you definitely can’t have your hands all wrapped up like this. Totally illegal.”

As I commented, I ran my hands up and down her, rubbing against her legs and sliding around to run them up her back, taking care to give her ass a little squeeze.

She spun around and said, “Well I guess you can’t do this either, right?”

With that, she pushed be down on the couch. Before I could say anything, she reached down and unbuttoned my pants. She pulled them down slightly, and with much care reached inside my boxers and pulled out my cock. She looked up and me and smiled that mischievous smile again, then proceeded to lean in and run her tongue from the base of my shaft all the way up to the tip. She paused at the top, taking her time licking all the precum from the head of my cock. She then took the head in and started sucking gently, trying to coax out just a little more. Then Molly started to slowly take more of my cock into her mouth, sliding it slowly into her throat. Her free hand slid down and started gently cupping my balls. She worked her mouth up and down carefully, taking elvankent escort care to run her tongue along the length of my shaft and flick it against the head when she could. I closed my eyes and rocked my head back, very much enjoying her wonderful cocksucking skills. She pulled away briefly and while her hand moved up to stroke my cock, her mouth replaced it below, gently sucking on my balls. Her tongue flicked back and forth as she sucked away and her hand slid up and down my cock. It was pure ecstasy. I knew that if I let her, she would suck and lick me until I shot a big load all over her face. Or in her mouth. But I also knew that she needed a little something too. I pulled her head up by one of the pigtails. She pouted just a little at being pulled away from my cock.

I asked, “Do you know my favorite position in football? Tight end.”

With a wry smile I stood up and moved around to the end of the couch with her. I slipped off my shoes and pulled my pants and boxers the rest of the way off, since I knew that I was going to need a little room to move. I pulled Molly’s jersey over her head and smiled as her naked breasts stood out, begging to be kissed. I gave her a short kiss on the lips as I carefully moved down and started kissing the nape of her neck. Her hands slid to the back of my head and she pressed me against her, savoring the sensation. I kissed slowly down her body, taking time to kiss every little ticklish spot and erogenous zone I could find. I gently brushed against her nipples, but didn’t spend too much time on them. As good as it might have felt, the anticipation of me spending time in other places drove her just as wild. As I moved down, my hands trailed down her back too. I could feel her pressing against me, practically begging for her body to be touched.

As I knelt down in front of Molly, I couldn’t help but notice her tiny lace panties. A white thong with a butterfly design on the front rested just in front of my face. A damp spot had formed on the front, no doubt caused by all of our excitement. I knew her pussy was dripping wet and would be more that ready to fuck, but her intoxicating aroma wouldn’t deny me the pleasure of running my tongue along her slit just once. I gently pulled her panties to the side. Her swollen pussy lips greeted me, just out of reach of my tongue. I slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy all the way along her lips. I could feel her juices running out as I lapped them up. I swirled my tongue around her clit and felt her get weak in the knees. I stood back up, giving her a deep kiss. Molly ran her tongue inside my mouth, her juices mingling between the both of us. I spun her around roughly and bent her over the arm of the couch.

Molly spread her legs apart for me, ready for my to slide my rock hard etlik escort bayan cock into her dripping wet pussy. I pulled her panties to the side again and placed the head of my shaft inside her. She moaned and twisted, trying desperately to push back and take more of me inside her. I grabbed her hips in my hands and pushed in as far as I could. My cock easily slipped into her, and the warmth and wetness was an amazing feeling. It didn’t take long to find a comfortable rhythm, me pulling her hips into me and her pushing back against me. The feeling was indescribable. I rubbed one of my hands against her ass and she moaned in response. I took my opportunity to give her a nice, solid smack on her bare ass. She moaned even louder in response. I knew I could spend all night fucking her and smacking her ass. She started to cum, her thrusts against me getting harder and harder. I too slammed into her with more force, trying to heighten her orgasm as much as possible. I knew the instant she came as her muscles tensed up and I felt her pussy squeeze me inside her. I kept thrusting, helping her ride out the peak and then coming down afterwards. Our rhythm slowed somewhat as she relaxed.

She looked back and me and said, “Thanks baby. Now it’s your turn. Fuck my pussy until you cum inside me. I want your hot cum!” Molly knew that dirty talk like that was all I needed to push me over the edge. I started thrusting harder and harder, driving closer to orgasm with each one.

Molly responded with even more dirty comments, “Mmmm. I love the way your cock feels. I love it in my pussy. Or in my mouth. Or my ass. I love your cock anywhere you want to put it.”

As I got closer to cumming, I reached up and grabbed her pigtails in my hand. I knew she loved it when I pulled her hair as I fucked her, and I think she also knew that those thoughts drove me even crazier. I could feel the load building deep down inside me, and I told her that I was close to cumming. She drove me on, telling me how much she wanted to feel my hot load shoot inside her. That was enough to send me right over the edge. I felt a hot stream of cum shoot out of me and right into her. The feeling of my cum shooting inside her coupled with my pulling on her hair sent Molly right over the edge again, and her pussy milked every last drop of cum out of me as orgasmed. As I pulled out of her, all of our juices ran out on her butterfly panties. I pressed my hand against the wet spot and rubbed it into her, taking care to rub against her clit as well.

We looked over at the TV just in time to see a last-second field goal end the game. I figured I’d just catch the highlights later.

As I gathered up my clothes, Molly give me a long, slow kiss and said, “Hmmm. I might just have to start watching football with you. I kind of like it.”

I smiled and replied, “In that case, we probably need to work on a couple of plays. How about the ‘Kyle Fucks Molly Until We Both Pass Out From Exhaustion’ play?”

She laughed and said, “Well, that one might take a little practice. We should get started right away.”

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