Red Roses For A Blue Lady


Red roses for a blue lady…

I had seen her on numerous occasions, passed her on the street, sat next to her on buses and seemed never to have the opportunity to let her know I was there let alone speak to her. I never considered for a second that I could stand a chance with this walking goddess of exquisite beauty, never to be her friend, confidante let alone lover.

Towards the end she even invaded my dreams, enticing me and yet always rebuffing my attempts to speak to her. I used to wake up hearing her laughter in my mind at my feeble attempts to merely chat to her. At this point I should try to describe this female who so beguiled me, inflamed my passions and played havoc with my dreams.

She had long blonde shoulder length hair, stood five foot four inches tall, weighed around one hundred and thirty pounds, her 38 C bust seemed so perfectly proportioned to her frame, the way she swayed her hips was poetry in motion. Everything about her oozed breeding, finery and sensuality.

Then one day it happened, out of the blue; as so many times before she was on the bus, the only available seat right beside her. I almost held my breath as her scent invaded my nostrils and took me to heaven, inciting the most erotic of day dreams flashing wild wanton images through my brain. Lewd images of her naked dabbing the scent on her neck, around her ears and between those delicious looking breasts brought my penis to attention.

Suddenly I heard her stifle a deep sob from the pit of her gorgeous stomach. I turned slightly and she tried to hide the fact that she had tears in her eyes. I enquired if she was alright, and received a muffled yes, thank you. I persisted and said “I know this beyond convention as we have not been introduced but my name is Ray”

She weakly smile and answered “Hello Ray, I am Sally Thomsett”

“Hello Sally, now come on and tell Uncle Ray, why such a beautiful young lady is so upset.” I continued.

Another weak smile as she answered “You hardly know me. So why would you want to listen to my problems!”

“Well a problem shared is a problem halved and besides I feel I really do know you!” I replied.

“How do you mean?” she enquired.

“Well I accept that you would not have noticed me but we have actually caught the same bus for the last six months and have sat together on half a dozen occasions!” I pointed out.

She looked at me astonished as she said “You remembered me from all those times?”

I lied as I responded “As a security Guard, I am trained to be observant!” I was hardly going to admit that I had taken a sexual liking to her and often had fantasy’s about her and I.

She seemed to settle a little and in deed showed her lovely smile as she looked me full in the face for the very first time. I persuaded her to get off the bus at the next stop and come for a coffee with me, I must admit my heart was racing as she finally agreed and I could not believe how easy it had been to persuade her.

With a little more persuasion, I had her call in to work and cry off sick for the day. I too played hooky from my job and led her off to a coffee shop. As she sat in a back corner, I ordered the coffee’s and then joined her. With very little effort she finally blurted out that her pig of a boyfriend had sent her an email, which according to her she was supposed to receive at work, but she had actually checked her email account at home before leaving for work.

She said it had informed her that he was dumping her and had gone off with a woman 6 years her junior. She tensed up erotik film izle as she admitted that the reason was supposedly, he claimed she was fridged and the sex between them was stale and no longer turned him on.

She confided that the woman in question was her best friend and it had been her that introduced the pair of them. I skipped over the fact the beautiful woman had just told me that someone had thought she was not interested in sex. I thought the gentlemanly thing to do would be to boost her confidence back up. So I asked if the guy in question was getting medical help for his madness. She looked at me funny and asked what I meant.

“Well he obviously must have a mental problem to dump such a sensual looking lady for a bimbo six years younger” I offered.

She blushed and mouthed the words Thank you, before going on to let slip that it started when she refused his request for anal sex. I again backed up her confidence with “You have every right to deny him or anyone else for that matter anything you did not want to happen!” I continued, “If I was the one, and I wanted something like that I would have coaxed you into the mood before asking out right, after all sex should be about passion and giving pleasure to your partner not about getting what you want irrespective of your partners feelings”

Again she blushed and looked concerned; I honestly thought I had overstepped the mark. But Sally suddenly looked at me and smiling she said “Your absolutely right!” and added “His loss!”

She then shocked me and as she said “Now we have both phoned in sick at work, would you like to see me back to my home, where I will make you a proper coffee!”

How could I accept this offer with out snatching this sexy woman’s hand off; I managed to mumble my appreciation of her offer and we finished our coffee’s and left. As we left the shop she slipped her hand into mine and squeezed it tight. I extricated my hand and slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her close to me.

Soon we were outside her home and she slipped from my grip as she unlocked the door and we entered her well decorated home. In the kitchen she started the coffee machine and then turned to me and suggested a grand tour of her home. I eagerly followed her around her home until we reached the bedroom which she seemed reluctant to open the door of. I slowly took her hand and pulled her to me and lightly kissed her full on the lips.

She hesitated slightly before responding to the kiss, almost as passionately as I offered it in the first place. Then I felt her hands snake around my waist and felt her pulling my butt towards her. I took this as a green light signal so I opened my mouth and tenderly licked her lips probing with my tongue to find an entry into her mouth.

I know it’s an old adage, but we literally tongue fenced as we French kissed. I then became aware if her trying to slide her hand between us and seeking the stiffness that was threatening to rip my trousers. I eased back allowing her to regulate the speed of the action occurring.

It’s hard to explain but I wanted this woman more than the breath of life itself, so why when she hinted at making ourselves more comfortable in the bedroom did I refuse and lead her to the living room. Was it gallantry, was madness or was a pre ordained scheme I knew nothing about. All I remembered was taking her hand and leading her to sit on the sofa in the living room and me turning to head for the kitchen. As I started to make the coffee, which Sally had originally started she appeared and looking film izle really confused asked “Why, when you could so easily have taken me to bed. Had your way with me and probably never seen me again, did you refuse?”

I stumbled to find the answer for myself let alone a reasonable answer for Sally. I ended up saying “it would have been so wrong, to take advantage of the situation like this. We both would have regretted the actions tomorrow and despite what you think of men at the moment, so of us are not sex maniacs who jump anything that moves!”

She smiled and walked forward and kissed me deeply on the lips, before pulling back enough to say “Thank you, kind sir, for protecting this maiden’s honour!”

I admitted to her that I had just surprised myself as well “If the truth be known I wanted so badly to take you into the bedroom and make mad passionate love to you! But it would have been the wrong reason, the wrong time and would have ruined this relationship before it had begun!”

I asked if she still wanted the coffee and she declined saying she wanted something stronger, offering me a whisky, which I declined on the grounds of being a tee total square. She answered this with “You may be a lot of things but I am sure you’re never square!”

“Why thank you m’lady” I said in my best parker impersonation. (Lady Penelope’s butler from Thunderbirds).

She laughed for the first time since our original meeting some two hours ago. I joked that she ought to laugh more often if only because it takes less muscles to laugh than it does to cry.

She playfully slapped my hand, and we slipped back into the living room where she sat on the sofa as I sat facing her on a side chair. She then patted the space beside her and coyly asked me to sit beside her, promising not to molest me.

“No point me sitting there then!” I joked and she threw a cushion in my direction. I picked up the cushion and playfully pushed it in her direction as I sat beside her. She took hold of the cushion but I refused to release it and slowly pushed her backwards with the cushion trapped between us.

I also managed to begin nibbling her neck as we struggled to right ourselves, both giggling like children. Then there was what can only be described as a realization between us, as we embraced and kissed with such intensity of passion you could not slip a wafer between our bodies.

Sally finally broke the trance and smiling she asked if I would like to stay to dinner and more. Joking I asked what the more included, she seductively stood and quickly slipped the zip of her dress down and promptly stepped out of the floral midi dress. I heard myself whistle as I saw her standing before me in her bra, matching panties and self supporting stockings. I seemed paralyzed and unable to move until with in minutes, her bra and panties had joined her dress on the floor. She wrapped me in her arms and kissed me feverishly, until she finally mouthed the words I had longed to hear in all of those daydreams and night fantasies, Ray fuck me, take me I am yours.

Slowly she released my belt and slid my trousers to my ankles, quickly followed by my underwear; she then slowly unbuttoned my shirt and began kissing her way down my body. Soon kneeling before me I felt her warm wet mouth slide over the head of my penis, deeper she took its length into her mouth. After a few moments of her sucking me, I eagerly wanted to return the favour, so I pulled away and picked her up swept her off her feet and carried her towards the bed room. She eagerly opened the door as we approached.

I seks filmi izle laid her down on the bed and slowly spread her legs as I began licking my way from her right ankle slowly along her stocking covered leg and trailing my tongue towards her already soaking wet pussy. The first tender touch of its tip along her pussy lips brought a low moan from Sally. Further probing with my tongue had her squirming and finally thrusting her hips as she embraced her first signs of her on rushing orgasm.

I continued alternating between flicking her clit, running my tongue along her labia lips and the featherlike touches against anal ring. The latter of this, instead of causing her to pull away caused her to buck her hips and begin gentle murmurings of more, please lick me more. With in ten minutes of my starting to lick around her anal ring and pussy, her crescendo of moans rose to fever pitch.

At this stage, I began to tease my tongue’s way into her anal ring, all the time getting the sphincter muscle to relax and accept my probing tongue. Her cries of passion rose even further until she was begging for me to stick my tongue deep inside her. At this point I rose up on my elbows and began kissing my way up to her rapidly rising and falling breasts. The cherry coloured nipples standing so proud and erect. I closed my mouth over her right nipple and gently griped it between my teeth; a slight tug brought further cries of lust from her already trembling frame.

From the position we were now in, my erect penis was pressing close to her pussy lips, I felt Sally’s hand slip around my cock and she started to move my prick along her pussy slit. After she ensured that the head was soaked in her juices she slipped the head of my cock back until it was pressed against her sphincter muscle and she eased herself back and slowly engulfed the head inside her arse.

She paused till she became accustomed to the size of my cock, and then pushed back harder accepting more of the length into her anal canal. Soon my balls were pressed against her arse cheeks. She took a deep breath and smiled a wide beaming grin in my direction. “If only Steve could have aroused me like this, I would have given him my anal cherry, willingly!” she declared.

“You mean, you were an anal virgin!” I stammered.

“Not any more!” came her prompt reply.

Then I slowly started to fuck her arse, almost pulling all the way out before slowly pushing all the way back in. Starting to increase the tempo of the fuck to match her panting; I suddenly felt her slip something long and hard up her cunt. I realized it was a vibrator only when it suddenly burst into life; she then began begging me to fill her arse with my man cream.

I soon began to feel the intense tingle deep in my balls as my own climax mounted and I began verbally urging Sally on to Climax with me as I began pistoning into her anal chute. She was screaming my name by now and proclaiming that if she knew how good it felt to e fucked up the arse she would have done it years ago. My Cock suddenly spurted forth its white cream deep into her arse and we collapsed together trying to catch our breath.

Thirty minutes later, I opened my eyes to find no sign of Sally and to be honest, I was beginning to think I had dreamed it all until I heard laughter coming from the other room. I slipped out of the bed and approached the door; once I entered the other room I saw Sally still naked sat at her computer and she was typing something and laughing at the same time. I approached her and she allowed me to read over her shoulder, it was an email I assume to her now ex boyfriend describing almost blow by blow our very recent bout of anal sex and her wonderful feelings she had experienced. Then she signed the email as Red Rose……….

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