Reichenbach Ch. 02


The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd that is something to which I can very much relate from experience, and no matter what difference there is in our ages, we both know how hard that is. You also had a relationship with Jack Burke on two separate occasions in your life. Perhaps you thought Todd would be a substitute for Jack, but you’ve found that such is not the case.”

Jeanine nodded. “So are you saying I should leave Todd? For Michael?”

Phyllis said “I am only suggesting that you sit down with Todd and have a very open and honest discussion about your marriage, your lives, and your futures. That is the only fair and right thing for either of you to do.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, June 11th. That evening Laura and I had a surprise guest at the Mountain Nest: my nephew Todd.

As with all ladies, Carole was smitten with her cousin. He played with her for a good bit of time, making sure to pet Bowser to reassure Carole’s guardian that his intentions were honorable. Finally, Laura took Carole and Todd and I took Bowser outside. As the dog did his business, Todd told me the news:

“Uncle Don,” Todd said, “Jeanine and I had a really long, hard talk last night. She’s been seeing my father behind my back for several months now, since that time up at his place where that woman was found dead. She said she’s in love with him. So we’re getting a divorce.”

“I see.” I said. “How do you feel about it?”

“That’s the hard part.” said Todd. “I have to admit that I felt relief when she told me. I mean, she’s a good person, a good wife, and I tried to be a good husband to her, but I had to admit that the marriage wasn’t working out for me, either. Does sincan escort bayan that make me a bad person? A bad father?”

“Not at all.” I said. “Sometimes things happen. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. You’re pretty young, still, even though you try to pretend you’re all grown up.” Todd grinned, realizing I was messing with him as I continued: “I think you’re being the best father you know how to be, as well. I can tell you from my own experience that babies don’t come with parenting instruction manuals. We just have to do what we think is best for them.”

“Yeah.” Todd said. “That’s another issue: Jeanine will have custody of little Jack and the new baby when it comes, and I’ll have some joint custody arrangement. But the problem is Doug. He’s not Jeanine’s baby, and while she loves him and cares for him, I’ve inherited enough from you and Grandma that I can see she doesn’t look at him the same way I do. And I don’t know if Melina wants him back. That’s kind of a touchy situation, anyway.” I did not have to be told of the strained situation between Daniel and Todd.

“Well, Todd” I said, “First, you take custody of Doug, and get as much custody of the new baby as you can. Laura and I can help with him, and you’ve seen the incredible support system we have with our kids. If not your grandmother, I’ve got half my Police Force just loving taking care of the kids… as long as they can give them back before too long.” Todd laughed out loud at that one.

“Todd, I’ll be brutally honest here.” I said. “Jeanine got you on the rebound, and she thought, or hoped, she was getting another Jack Burke. But you’re not your brother, you are your own man, and a damn sight better man that him for eryaman escort damn sure. So it didn’t work, and if going your separate ways and still being friends is amenable, then that’s what you should do.”

“I guess so.” said Todd. “I’ve really fucked things up when it comes to women, haven’t I? How do I be like you, and get it right?”

“Uhhh, that’s more good fortune than anything else.” I said. “And it’ll be all good for you, too. Meanwhile, you’re getting plenty of pussy, so you ain’t got no right to complain about a damn thing.” Todd laughed again as Bowser bounded up, ready to go back inside for Carole-watching duties…

Part 6 – Fourth Rune

I did not tell Cindy everything, though. I reminisced about what had happened the Friday before:

“This is Priya Ajmani, KSTD Five-Alive News!” said the lovely Indian reporterette at 8:00am, Friday June 12th. I was watching the feed to my computer screen in my office as Priya said “Five-Alive News is continuing the fight to bring the information from the Jack Burke sex tapes to you despite the most recent setback in the Appellate Courts. KSTD has appealed the case to the State Supreme Court and hopes to have a favorable ruling soon.”

Priya continued: “We continue to wonder why Sheriff Daniel Allgood so adamantly refuses to obey the law and honor KSTD’s Open Records Act request for the information in those tapes. What is the Sheriff trying to hide?”

Hoo boy, I thought. Now Daniel is going to be all agitated again. I have got to get this situation fixed, I realized… and then sat bolt upright as Priya used the nuke:

“Tonight KSTD is broadcasting a special hour of our hard-hitting investigational reporting.” said Priya. etimesgut bayan escort “First we’ll investigate the FBI’s true motives in the vicious attacks upon billionaire Henry R. Wargrave. And then we’ll follow up with another look at the assassination of the Reverend Jonas Oldeeds over two years ago. Many in this County call that case Commander Donald Troy’s only true failure, as neither he nor anyone else has solved the crime. We’ll take a look at it, and come up with some new ideas on just what happened there. That’s tonight at…”

I had to stop listening, but the assaults upon my harmony continued as fifteen minutes later, my lovely assistant Helena French knocked on the door and then came in.

“Don,” she said, “I just got a call from Priya Ajmani of KSTD. She’s bypassing Lt. Peterson, and said she wants to talk to you personally about the murder of Jonas Oldeeds. She asked you to call her back.”

“Yeah, right.” I said. “With Priya, you are earning your pay as my gatekeeper, Helena. And the next time Priya Ajmani or anyone else at KSTD calls, don’t even listen. Ask them to hold, put them on hold no matter what they say, then forward the call to Lt. Peterson. After you do that about five times, they’ll get the message.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sure enough, a 10:00am meeting with the Sheriff found him to be one very agitated man. After the meeting, I asked Daniel to come to my office for an ‘informal’ one-on-one chat. I don’t think Chief Bennett liked that, but I told him that it was a brothers-in-law conversation, and that I wasn’t going over his, the Chief’s, head.

“I guess that Priya Ajmani report this morning has you pissed off?” I said to Daniel after we’d sat down in my office.

“Good God.” Daniel said. “Don, between us, do you think she knows about Melina being on one of those tapes?”

“Yes.” I said. “I think she knows way, way too much. Did you see that about tonight’s exposé on the Jonas Oldeeds case?”

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