Return of Bob: Part Three of Three


Return of Bob: Part Three of ThreeDay FourFree day today and me and Bob behaved ourselves, apart from what was about to happen down the sauna. Bob asked me if I was OK with doing this, I said it’s fine Bob were together it’s not like your cheating on me, anyway I can’t wait to see you fucking a big bus driver or trucker.The coach and HGV Park was quiet busy there were quiet a few vans in there as well, I must say though I was feeling pretty nervous. We entered the sauna and the receptionist gave us our locker keys and towels, we booked a two hour session so no need to rush, first port of call was the changing rooms which were actually quiet big with a long single bench running down the centre, there wasn’t anyone in here at the time so we stripped of and wrapped our towels around our waists.Bob gave me a tour, there where eight cabin saunas four on each side of a room that was accessed by a glass door. Second room consisted of showers, with a few other rooms at the side off it. Third was like a open room that had a plunge pool, then there were two quiet big jacuzzi hot tubs. There where a few more rooms with assorted marble tables in them and finally two large dark rooms.There were about ten men in there when we attended all of a mixed type and out of that ten I would defiantly have gone with eight off them, Bob said it’ll be busy by six o’clock, coming in a hour earlier we’ll have a pick of the bunch when they come in. Bob asked me if I wanted to pick someone out, I replied, no you make the pick first, OK he said but first lets just have a relax in the hot tub and see who takes an interested in us, fingers crossed then we don’t get the ugly munters I said.We started to look around and Bob called me over, do you like him he said, I looked through the glass door, a large chubby muscular man stood with his back to us, he had one foot up on the bench and he was massaging his calf’s, his big white arse sent shivers down my spine, Bob said he’s advertising, we went in and removed our towels, Bob sat on the a small wooden stool facing the tiered benchers, I went and sat on the top tiered bench. The big guy sat on the top tier bench at the opposite side to me, he spread his legs and started feeling his semi hard cut cock, Bob did the same and started to play with his cock, Bob nodded indicating to me to make a move on the big guy, I stood in front of him and he reached out his fat chubby hand and rubbed my cock, Bob stood up next to me and the big guy then had both of our cocks in his hand. Bob suggested that we go into one of the side rooms, on the way he said go on fuck him, I’ll fuck the next one, before we entered he handed me a condom. The big guy bent over a chair and Bob lube his arse up while I struggled to put the condom on, I took my position and fingered his hole for a few second, Bob stood at the side of me and watch intensely while rubbing the cheeks of my arse. I didn’t have to use much force to penetrate him he obviously was pretty experienced at being fucked, anadolu yakası escort I gripped his hips and started to thrust my massive fat cock in him, Bob put his are around my shoulder, then he slipped his arm down my back and he started to finger my hole. It felt incredible, never experienced anything like this before, I felt like shooting my load within seconds of Bob’s finger penetration me. Bob move to the front of the big guy and stuck his cock in his mouth and started to fuck his face. I reached around the big guy and felt his hard uncut cock, his bell end was damp and smooth with his silky pre come, Bob joined me and sat on the floor and started to wank the big guy off.This session only went on for ten minutes or so before the big guy shot his load, he thanked us and left the room, he hardly said a word, Bob said he got what he wanted, let’s clean up and search our next victim.When we entered the shower room there were two men in, Bob and I stood next to each other and had a quick shower, the two men watched as Bob soaped up my cock and arse, the older small stocky man was sat down touching his cock, the younger ginger chubby man was drying himself off, Bob said you take the old one and wank him off and I’ll see what I can do with the younger chubby oneI went and sat next to the short mature man, he turned to me and said that is one fuckin cock you’ve got there, well if you want a feel have a go, I opened my legs and his tanned tattooed arm and hand reach across and felt my cock, that fucking beautiful he replied, I reached across and had a feel of his, well get down and have a good suck of it I said, his eyes lit up as I laid back on the bench and let him take my hard cock in his mouth, his suction on my cock was quiet impressive, I asked him if he swallowed, he replied with a thumbs up, as I sucked him I rubbed his hairy broad back, he must have been an trucker as he had the tanned outline of his vest on his back. I asked him to finger my hole as he suck me. Oh this was turning out to be a great experience.I had a go on his cock, he was shaved and had a tattoo in place of his pubes, I went down on his limp cock and sucked his foreskin back, I rubbed my hands up and down his rough hairy belly and chest, he was absolutely loving it, I moved from his cock to his tits and gave him some nipple action he moaned like he was in ecstasy. I went back down and worked hard on his cock and balls while fingering his hole, he shouted to me, squeeze my balls squeeze my balls, I squeezed his balls, he shouted again, harder harder, I squeezed his balls really tight and wanked him until he shot his first squirt that went well over his shoulder, his second did the same, he kept the shots up for at leased half a dozen times, I squeezed and rubbed the last bit of his spunk from out his shaft and rubbed it into his hairy belly, he got up and said thanks lad, that was fucking great, while giving me a long strong man hug. We ataşehir escort both ended up in the shower where I soaped him up and washed him down. While drying off I watch Bob still getting his cocked suck, Bob had his hands on his hips and looked if he was enjoying himself, I went across and felt his arse, he leant his head back and kissed me, he whispered to me, I’ll fuck him then you can. I quiet fancied Bobs young chubby man, well when I say younger he was a lot younger than my old stocky bloke I’d just wanked off, lets say maybe in his late 30s/40s, he was a pretty big man with Lillie white skin and ginger hair on his chest and pubes, his cock and balls were virtually non existent, the only thing I can describe it as is that it looked like a cunt. Ginger chub bent over and grabbed the slats on the long bench, Bob started to put a condom on while I fingered some lube into ginger chubs arse, Bob then took his position and penetrated Ginger chubs arse, I put my hand in-between Bobs legs and felt the rock hard base of his cock at which point he thrust his hips and fully penetrated ginger chubs arse, fuck this was made me fucking horny so I laid on the bench and slid myself in-between ginger chubs legs so I could get a full view of Bob fucking ginger chubs arse, fuck what a site it was, I lifted my head and started to suck Bobs balls as he banged that Lillie white arse. I’ve never seen a more sexual sight as a fully mature man fucking a arse, I reached down to my own cock and started to wank it, ginger chub took it in his mouth and started to sucked it. Bob fucked his arse harder and harder, ginger chubs micro cock was streaming pre cum that dripped down onto my chest until he final ejaculated his thick creamy spunk over me, a few minutes later Bob climaxed, there was no chance of his spunk dripping out on me as he was wearing a condom which was a shame as I would have liked to have seen his spunk shooting out of ginger cubby’s arse and dripping on me. Bob withdrew his cock and stood back, it was an awesome sight as he removed his condom full of spunk.I got up from my position and said to Bob don’t clean it yet let him suck your cock while I fuck him, Bob took my position and laid on the bench, ginger chub took his position of legs spread over Bobs face, I put the condom on and checked the ginger chubs arse, his rim was open so easy penetration for me, Bob put his hand up and guided his cock to his arse, he started to finger my arse as I rammed my cock into ginger chub who let out a little squeal at full penetration, I didn’t hold back and fucked him hard, Bobs fingers were still in me within a few minutes I shot my load I just couldn’t hold it back after being with three men (four if you count Bob) within the last hour.We both had another shower and went and relaxed and talked in the hot for 20 minutes or so, Bob was amazed at how much he enjoyed the position on the bench, he asked me if I’d done it before, no I replied, after ümraniye escort feeling the base of your rock hard cock It fucking turned me on that much the I wanted to watch as your cock banged his arse. So what we doing next I asked Bob, well seeing I’ve got no driving tomorrow a few drinks and meal I think.Day FiveSecond free day today so we could have a bit of a lye in, Bob woke up at his regular time and started play with me, cock in-between my legs and playing with my nipples, I turned around and we exchange kisses and hubs ,are you horny all the time Bob, only when I’m with you he replied, ditto Bob, I can get a hard on just by watching you driving. What shall we do today he asked, well Bob obviously were gonna have sex, and probably some more sex after that, no seriously though Bob seeing that you woke me up let’s have an early breakfast come back to the room, jump back in bed, have a cuddle and see what happens, it’s good for me Bob said. We had breakfast and returned back to the room, I stripped Bob off and he jumped onto the bed and watched me strip off, I jumped onto the bed and had some tit and belly play with him occasionally reaching down to see if his cock was hard. I said to Bob I know we kind of go with the flow when it comes to sex, but I’ve got a bit of a fantasy of you fucking my face then cumin all over it. I know it sounds a bit tame and compared to the stuff we’ve been doing these passed few days, it is, well Bob said, anything you want just ask.I laid on the bed, Bob straddle my head and knelt down, his cock and balls were just above my face, I asked Bob to rub his cock and balls all over my face in a thrusting motion with his hips, he followed my instruction and started to fuck my face he commented that this was a new experience for him, you’ll have to try it on me he said, Bob continued to thrust and grind his cock and balls into my face until his cock got hard, Bob leant forward and place both his hands on the bed, I took his shaft in my mouth and he started to thrust his hips again, his belly smothered my face, I reached around to his arse and started to finger his hole. I rubbed my hands up and down his back and then his belly and chest. Fuck this was good I could have stayed here for hours but I wanted Bob to shoot his spunk in my face, I tapped Bob on the back and he withdrew his cock from my mouth, I asked him to straddled my chest and shoot his load in my face, I thought it would be a good turn on to see Bob wanking right in front of my face, and it was when he finally shot his load, the sight when I looked up of a big mature masculine man sitting on my chest wanking and shooting his load in my face is one I will never forget.The thing that always amazed me about Bob was he was in his early 60s and overweight and his sexual prowess was that of a man in his twenties, he was always horny and could get a hard on within seconds, he was up for anything and tried everything and he was a great lover. I did move in with him when we returned from that coach tour, even then the sex never let up at home and when we were on the road for that summer it never stopped. Bob probably taught me the more about sex than anyone else, I didn’t need to look elsewhere for sex (apart from when we shared a third party or two). To some it up it was just fucking incredible.

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