Revenge is Sweet


Anna had always been a relatively reasonable girl. When faced with a choice, she always weighed out the options, made a list of pros and cons, and thought logically. However, the choice she made was always definite. No turning back, no regrets. Today, she had made a choice.

Daphne would pay for her actions.

Armed with a bluetooth carefully hidden behind her hair, Anna would have her revenge. After a sizable fallout between the two, Daphne had taken to shit-talking on her blog. She made posts noting Anna as “ugly,” and “stupid,” all while trying to maintain the idea that no one could compete with her own cuteness. Of course, being the coward that she was, Daphne was never brave enough to make such comments in person. She was eager to hide behind her blog, daring Anna to “fight her,” in pathetic little passive-aggressive posts. More than anything, Daphne was always manipulative. She made friends solely for the purpose of stealing them, using them as an advantage above others. There had been countless times when she wooed the friends of her friends, then turned them against each other. Anna knew that Daphne’s passive-aggressive posts were urging her to get physical, just so Daphne could call the Dean and get her expelled. That wasn’t going to happen.

“Dane, I’m glad you came.” Anna smiled as she opened her front door, welcoming her guest. “Can I get you something to drink?” She batted her lashes, smoothing down the front of her just-too-short skirt.

Dane, who looked around nervously, quickly entered the house and turned down the drink offer. “You said you wanted to talk?” He asked, swallowing thickly. Anna just grinned. She could see the fear in his eyes, see the sweat on his brow. He was terrified that Daphne would find him fraternizing with the enemy. And she would. But all in good time.

Anna led Dane to her living room, taking a seat on the couch. She let her skirt pool over her thighs, exposing them just enough to catch his eye. Dane had been unlucky enough to be roped into being Daphne’s boyfriend. Though he didn’t fit her ‘type,’ he had money that he was willing to spend on Daphne, and that’s all she needed. Dane wasn’t particularly smart nor attractive, which is why he so eagerly agreed to be monogamous with her. What he didn’t realize, however, was how limited their sex life would be. “Thank you for coming. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to get away from her for the afternoon.” Anna said softly, feigning a pout and a sigh. “I’m sure you’ve heard that Daphne and I aren’t friends anymore.”

Dane’s glance wavered and he swallowed nervously, as if he was afraid to give out too much information. “Err, yeah. I…I heard.” He stammered, unable to look Anna in the eyes.

“You should know…I’m not one to gossip, but when it’s so important I just…” Anna lowered her head, playing up her role as the troubled, considerate victim. In fact, she felt as if she were channeling Daphne herself.

“What do you mean?” Dane asked, finally glancing back at Anna. She had caught his attention. Good. Now she just had to keep him on the line.

“Well, I spent a lot of time with Daphne, as you know. She told me a lot of things…things that I was afraid to tell people. And…oh Dane!” Anna lifted her head, resting her hand on top of her prey’s, “You’re just such a nice guy. I can’t bear to leave you in the dark about it anymore!”

Dane’s eyes quickly followed Anna’s hand, moving slightly, as if marveling at the feeling of being touched affectionately. After staring for a little too long, his eyes snapped up to meet Anna’s. “What do you mean?” He asked softly, almost too scared to ask.

“Well…she always talked about how much she wished she was single. I mean, she’s even posted about it on her blog before.” Anna frowned, averting her eyes, as if to look guilty. “She made me promise never to mention it, but…I felt like you needed to know.” Anna turned her body to face Dane, her full chest jiggling in her tight-fitting sincan escort bayan top. “But that was just the beginning. She would always brag about how she had you wrapped around her finger. How she never had to pay for anything, and never had to sleep with you…” Anna continued, hiding her eagerness as she watched for Dane’s reaction.

He, of course, was crushed. His self-esteem was fleeting, and he seemed to be internally melting. To be fair, Anna wasn’t completely lying. At least not yet. The claim about posts on Daphne’s blog were true, and while Daphne had never admitted to using Dane for his money, it was obvious. Dane sat speechless, heartbroken, and altogether overwhelmed.

‘Now to hit him where it hurts,’ Anna thought to herself.

“Then…she…she cheated on you.” She rested her hand on Dane’s thigh, looking into his eyes, feigning another pout. “I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you before. I was afraid she’d do something horrible to me if I did.” Dane turned his head away, presumably fighting back tears. He really was an innocent pawn in her plan, but Anna had little sympathy for men that only thought with their dick. “During our art class, you know, the one you always drop her off at in the afternoon? She skipped it to hook up with this guy in our class, Ryan. The next day, she couldn’t stop bragging about how big his cock was, and how much she loved fucking him…Her words, not mine!” Anna had entered the stage of complete fabrication now. But it was necessary for her plan to work; emotionally damaging the only thing keeping Daphne stable: her financial support.

When she had finished speaking, Anna embraced Dane in a tight hug, making sure her tits were pressed firmly against his chest. “I’m so sorry. She really is a bad person. You deserve someone much better than her…someone who appreciates how caring you really all.” She cooed into his ear, running her fingers down through his hair, and across his back. Dane returned Anna’s much-too-tender hug, squeezing her tightly.

After a few more moments, they broke contact, and Dane pulled off his glasses, sighing deeply. “I…I always kind of knew, y’know? Honestly, she barely lets me touch her anymore. I can’t remember the last time we had sex.” He mumbled sadly, lost in his devastation as he slipped his glasses back on.

“I know. She talked about it a lot. How she didn’t want to have sex with you, I mean.” Anna returned her hand to Dane’s thigh, rubbing it gently. “I honestly don’t know why she feels that way, though. I mean, I’ve always thought you were really handsome. She never appreciated how lucky she was to have such a great guy.” Anna continued her empty compliments, going over her plan in her head. Dane, of course, would have to make the first move. That was the only way it’d be sweet revenge, afterall. Sure, Anna would have seduced him, but ultimately, he would be the one to decide to cheat on Daphne.

“You really think so?” Dane asked, almost too pathetic for Anna to even share eye contact with. But she had to do what she had to do.

“Of course. If I’m being honest I…err, nevermind.” She trailed off purposely, sheepishly rubbing at the back of her head.

“No, what? Tell me.” Dane turned towards her, clearly more engaged in Anna’s movements and thoughts.

“Well, I was always kind of jealous that Daphne had you. I mean, I’ve had a crush on you for quite a while.” Anna lied through her teeth, faking a nervous smile.

“You…you did?” Dane was in disbelief, and Anna didn’t blame him. Her, have a crush on him? As if. He glanced away, deep in thought for a few moments. “You really are beautiful, Anna. You know that, right?” He couldn’t meet her gaze, still somewhat trained to be fearful of Daphne.

“T-thank you. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.” Anna rested her hand over her heart, really an excuse to draw Dane’s eyes to her chest. “How could anyone ever treat you the way she does? You’re such a great guy. eryaman escort Any girl would be lucky to have you.” Anna gushed, and Dane swallowed thickly. He rested his hand on top of Anna’s, both of them sharing space on his thigh.

“You really think so?” He asked, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. Anna nodded, feeling Dane’s hand beginning to guide her’s higher. Her eyes followed their hands, and she made no attempts to stop him. Feeling encouraged, Dane finally slid Anna’s hand atop the slight bulge in his pants, applying pressure. Anna bit her lower lip, eyes flickering up to meet Dane’s, innocent and engaging.

Finally, he fell for the bait. He leaned in and kissed her deeply, cupping her cheek in his hand. Anna pretended like she enjoyed it, swiftly returning his kiss, and straddling his lap. “Please, take your cock out. I want to see it so bad.” Anna pleaded between kisses, and Dane took his attention away from her for a few moments. During that time, Anna switched on her bluetooth, which was connected to a recording program on her computer. Daphne would get her just desserts. She’d lose everything, and Anna was sure of that.

Finally, Dane’s cock was out. Hard, throbbing, and desperate to be touched. Like he said, it had been months since he and Daphne had sex, so she was sure he was ready to burst. Anna hovered her fingers an inch above the head of his cock, making him groan with eagerness. “Are you sure you want to do this, Dane? I want to make sure you-” Anna baited him again, wanting prime audio for her recording.

“Yes. Fuck yes, Anna. I want you so much. I want to fuck you so bad.” Dane begged, and Anna smiled, finally letting her hand reach his cock. He leaned his head back and groaned, cock twitching in her hand. Retracting her hand to spit in it, Anna quickly returned it to Dane’s cock, stroking him quickly and firmly. Growing braver by the moment, Dane tugged Anna’s top up, exposing her large, heavy tits. He wasted no time and began licking, exploring every inch of them with his tongue. Anna exaggerated a moan, but didn’t change her rhythm as she stroked his cock. Dane moved on to her nipples, taking one into his mouth and sucking, circling his tongue around it.

Growing tired of wasting time, Anna was ready to get to the good stuff. “I want you to fuck me, Dane. Please, fuck my brains out.” She egged him on, and he certainly didn’t need to be asked twice. Without hesitation, he reached into his wallet, opening it to fetch a condom. Anna eyed its contents, noticing that Dane did, in fact, have quite a lot of money. Focusing on the task at hand, she took the condom from Dane, tearing the wrapper open with her teeth, and rolling it down his length. “Mm, your cock is so big, Dane. I can’t wait to have it inside of me.” Using his name was a necessity. She wanted Daphne to hear those words in her head forever, and using his name would make it harder for her to forget.

“Fuck, me too. Anna, you’re so fucking perfect.” He kissed at her neck desperately, unable to control himself. Anna smiled, hiking up her skirt, exposing that she wasn’t wearing panties. Licking her lips, she adjusted her position, making sure to straddle Dane’s cock. She wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her forearms on his shoulders as she made herself comfortable. His hands gripped at her sides, trailing down to her round ass and squeezing in disbelief. Though his eyes focused on her tits, Anna shook her head.

“I want you to look at me, Dane. Watch me while you fuck me.” Anna stated a little more firmly than she’d spoken before. Still, Dane obeyed, eyes locked on her’s as she began to slide down. The head of his cock rested against her wet opening, eager to push inside. “Tell me how much you want to fuck me.” Anna requested, dragging out his anticipation until it was full-on desperation.

“So, so much. I’ve always thought about fucking you, Anna. I need to feel you. Please, please, let me make you cum.” He pleaded, etimesgut bayan escort and Anna raised her eyebrows and smirked, pleased with his show of devotion. Maybe Dane wasn’t so useless after all. Finally, Anna pressed down, allowing his cock to enter her. He moaned in almost agony, but obediently kept his eyes locked on Anna’s. Eager to test him, Anna wasted no time in forcing all of his cock inside her, taking every inch without much of a struggle. “F-fuck, you’re so fucking wet, Anna.” Dane breathed, fogging up his glasses. Anna pressed his face into her exposed breasts, a silent demand for him to lick and suck her again. He obliged, acting as if he’d been given the best gift on the planet.

Enjoying herself more than she expected to, Anna arched her hips up and down, riding Dane as if she wanted to win the Kentucky Derby. “Your cock feels so good. I love the way you stretch me, Dane.” She moaned, tightening her walls around him to emphasize her point. Anna began rotating her hips, almost as if she were practicing her hula hooping skills, and Dane squirmed in ecstasy, his moans somewhat muffled by her bouncing tits. His panting and consistent moans were alerting Anna that he was already close to cumming. She, however, wasn’t done yet.

Slowing her pace down, Anna licked her lips, leaning in to bite Dane’s neck. She needed to leave marks as proof, something that Daphne would ultimately see. She sucked and bit at the delicate flesh, not paying any mind to Dane’s slight whimpers. He rested his hands on her hips, groping and squeezing her, unwilling to let go. Anna continued to moan, using his shoulders as leverage as she arched her ass, increasing her speed, fucking against Dane’s cock with vigor. “Ahh, fuck, Dane! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over your big, fat cock!” Anna gasped, keeping up with her quick speed. Dane could barely respond, his moans telling the whole story. Tilting her head back, Anna increased the pitch of her moans, squealing in false ecstasy as she pretended to orgasm. She tightened her cunt, imitating convulsions as she trembled atop Dane.

“I want you to cum while you’re inside me, Dane.” Anna panted, still recovering from her “intense orgasm.” Dane, who was turning red fighting the urge to cum, nodded weakly. He leaned his head back, wanting to make eye contact with Anna as he came. His mouth fell open slightly as he grew closer and closer, and Anna began rotating her hips again, circling his cock inside her. Unable to hold back anymore, Dane shuddered.

“F-fuck, I’m…I’m cumming, Anna!” He announced, letting out stammered, shortened moans as he let spurt after spurt of his hot cum fill the condom. Anna, always the tease, kept up with his pace after he finished, making sure he was overly sensitive. Finally, after she had her fill of his whimpers and groans, she climbed off of Dane, sitting beside him on the couch. While he panted, Anna tugged her top back down over her breasts, adjusting her skirt. “That was…” Dane struggled to catch his breath, “fucking amazing…”

“Glad you thought so.” Anna smiled, nodding a little. “But now, you’ve gotta go.” She stood, and a confused Dane was quickly ushered out of her home.

“I’ll call you!” He promised as she closed the door on him.

Without taking a moment to pause, Anna hurried upstairs to her room, clicking off her bluetooth. She smiled widely as she looked down at her computer, which had collected around 20 minutes of audio from downstairs.

For the next hour or so, Anna carefully pieced together her audio clip for Daphne. Once done, she submitted the file to Daphne’s blog, pleased with the results.

“Hello, Daphne. [Dane moans.] Does that sound familiar? [Dane moans again, sucking sounds can be heard.] Here, I’ll give you a hint…[Dane’s voice: “Yes. Fuck yes, Anna. I want you so much. I want to fuck you so bad.”] [Anna’s voice: Your cock feels so good. I love the way you stretch me, Dane.”] Before you think of talking shit about me, I want you to think about this, got it? Just know that you did this to yourself. Attached is the rest of my fun time with Dane. I’m sure you won’t want to miss it, it’s an instant classic.


Your friend Anna.”

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