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Dear Son,

HOT MILF-with-Katy-Perry-looks Linda is in the prime of her sexual maturity. She’s a 39-year old brunette’s whose female charms and womanly curves are at their peak, and her ripe womb still makes the fertile mommy eggs that yearn to swim in warm, potent baby-batter! The thought of having another baby constantly makes her sweet, mature snatch leak creamy pussy butter! Her heavy yet still perky tits have, like a fine wine, only gotten better with age. By far her greatest ASSet though, is her firm, heart-shaped ass that she shamelessly sways when she walks in order to drive men nuts!

All this fully-bloomed female eye-candy CANNOT escape the attention of Linda’s randy 18-year old son Bobby, a horny young teen, pulsing with adolescent testosterone. Like all boys his age, he’s got a pair of big heavy balls that churn out more potent teenage spunk than he can jerk off in a day! It’s only natural that soon after puberty Bobby develops a naughty obsession on his Mom which, as he grows BIGGER (in more ways than one) and buffer, soon evolves into a barely-controlled desire to OWN her sweet twat with his fat cock! His ONE urge is to plow her tight, clutching cunt and dump a healthy load of thick jizz teeming with his sperm, into Linda’s warm and willing womb– where her eggs must surely be waiting!

So it is that with mom and son so close and still living together, what starts off as harmless, joking flirting subtly succumbs to the normal sexual urges that people at both their age-groups have. The 21-year gap between mom and son only bursa escort highlights the fact that both of them are in the peak period of their respective sexual potency, the height of their libido. Both struggle and fight to contain the primal, hormonal urges that yearns from their loins. An inordinate desire to FUCK constantly tempts both Linda and Bobby… When mom and son discover they both suffer from the same malady, it’s only inevitable what will happen next– IT’S JUST COMMON SENSE!

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for mom and son to realize there’s a simple solution to their common problem! The cocky, eager young son simply has to meet his mature mother’s natural, female cuntal needs, while at the same time satisfying his own constantly stiff cock and taming the primal, male urge to unload his constantly loaded young balls! Since they are mother and son, they are quickly convinced that this is ALL THE MORE reason for Bobby to shove his hard, oozing prick up Linda’s hot and leaking mommy-twat! Bobby’s cock penetrates Linda’s delicious pussy lips, his cockhead drooling pre-cum as it taps at her cervix, aching to impregnate her waiting womb! Mother and son thoroughly surrender themselves to wanton, outlawed sex, relishing in the illicit knowledge of breaking the ULTIMATE taboo of INCEST! The added perversity and naughtiness of their forbidden fucking only amplifies the intense pleasure they both feel, as Bobby eagerly pounds his mommy’s tight, needy twat! Mother and son bask totally in the sights, sounds and scents of their TORRID fucking!!! Son’s bursa escort bayan heavy balls bounce salaciously on mommy’s sweaty, quivering ass, her tits slapping lewdly as his prick saws her sweet slash!

Finally, after what seems like HOURS of ball-bouncin’, tit-slappin’ FUN, Bobby ends up busting his nuts up his own birth canal! The cocky young teen accomplishes what EVERY young man dreams about: plowing his own mother’s warm loving mommy-cunt and emptying his loaded balls up the SAME place where he was conceived and developed the first 9 months of life! Horny mom Linda glows with post-fuck sweat and the satisfied, motherly bliss of knowing she has her darling son back up he belongs, only now instead of making him– she’s MADE A MAN out of him! She squeals with glee when Bobby’s big, stiff dick spurts and spurts an seemingly endless stream of hot, healthy seed RIGHT where mommy needs it most!

Groaning savagely, Bobby’s cock erupts vigorously when he lovingly empties his balls into his mother, no doubt due to his eager youth and unbridled enthusiasm to KNOCK HER UP! His two nuts feel like they’re grinding together as he fires off wad after wad of his thick, slick boy-jizz deeply in her womb. Boiling baby-making cream soothes the ravished depths of Linda’s clutching cunt! Linda moans as she reaches down to finger the gushing CREAMPIE oozing from her ravished gash, the slimy semen seeping naughtily down the crack of her ass and leaking lewdly down her firm, bronze thighs!

A final orgasmic twinge rocks the horny mother’s cunt with the escort bursa knowledge that her well-pleased, satisfied pussy is finally filled to overflowing with her own boy’s hot, healthy spunk! Linda feels her cervix pulse as it hungrily sucks up Bobby’s seed, and she smiles to herself knowing her ripe and ready mommy-eggs will soon be fertilized by her very own son! Nurturing nature will unwittingly do the rest of the job to ensure the success of the frothy, forbidden Mommy&Bobby love-mixture now churning in her womb…

Very soon a single sperm from the billions of little Bobbies will outswim all the others as it follows nature’s planned design, (and defies man’s stupid laws and morals!) One energetic young seedling will seek out and finally find the cherished prize laying in wait for it: a ripe, fertile orb released by Linda’s ovaries, pulsing with the irresistible female pull of her estrous. Tiny and flailing, Bobby’s potent bundle of protein and his DNA eagerly attaches to the surface of his mother Linda’s egg, feasting on the delicious, yet strangely familiar gelatinous layers of her egg’s coating. So a loving son’s potent seed– sinfully sown in the primal, lustful plowing of his own mother’s fertile womb, implants itself in her egg! As soon as the head of Bobby’s sperm reaches the ripened core of Linda’s egg, nothing can stop the magic of nature’s design taking its course! The hot, horny mother and her randy son’s familiar genes bind irrevocably together, mingling and mixing in an outlawed consanguine concoction of 23 chromosomes from Linda and 23 from Bobby. Thus finally united, the illicit, forbidden fruit that stems from the NAUGHTY, DELICIOUS satisfaction of a mother and son’s lust and love steadily grows and ripens into new life…


Your Mom

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