rich jewish wife i pleased

rich jewish wife i pleasedone day i was fooling around on a black single website, i go here to see the many white women that want black men. after about 30 mins i click on a profile of this beautiful white woman, beautiful smile, hair in a nice cut and color, reddish brown with highlights on the tips, and lovely hazel eyes. i had to send her a comment, so i sent the comment and 5 mins later she responded. we went on for a few, then she asked do i have anymore pics? i sent back i do but they are a little xrated and i dont want to offend you. she replied back please im a grown woman i dont mind. so i sent a pic of me jerking this big black dick off with two others. she replied back omg i love them. so after that i asked would she like to meet for dinner at the resort where i do events. she said lets make it lunch because she would feel more comfortable being its the first time we were meeting. i remember this is a true story nothing added or anything. so the next day around 9 am i receieved a phone call and it was her. she asked were we still on for lunch ? i said of course lets say around 11 am, ok it was set. now ive met a about 2 women off the internet before and let me tell you sometimes the woman in the pic is not always what you get lol. so at 9:30am i went to the gym had to make a good impression just in case i wanted to stay around after lunch with her, had to make my body look tight, after the gym i went home showered and was on my way, the place were i do events is in this very very nice beach resort on ft lauderdale beach, pool, tiki bar cafe and the beach right there. i arrived early and waited in the lobby for her. its now 10:45. from the lobby you can see out onto the valet parking. at 11 on the dot i saw this silver bmw truck pull up, the lady walks around giving her keys to the valet. wow i said to myself i hope thats her. the same bilecik escort colored hair blowing in the wind 5′ 9″ tall with a not to short or tight sundress, with some very nice flip flops. she walks into the lobby searching looking around then she spots me with the same smile that was on her profile pic. YESS!! i said to myself we introduced ourselves and headed towards the tiki bar outside, and followed behind so i could see that nice ass go up and down as she walked. and im sorry but i have to add that im a foot fetish freak, and what was in those flip flops she had on made my tongue hard as hell. her toes were beautiful. so we sat at the tiki bar, she ordered a drink and some food, we had a nice conversation, and while we were talking i was thinking how good that mouth would feel on this dick, after 30 mins of that i asked her, do you want to see the penthouses upstairs? the penthouses in this place are beautiful tall windows on all sides giving you a birds eyes view of the atlantic. being that i do events here at the resort and book parties i told the clerk at the front desk that the lady im with is interested in booking an event here and i need the key to the penthouse to show it. i got the key and we walked to the elevator, we stepped in and we started up, having a little conversation i couldnt help how nice her titties were omg i said to myself i hope things go my way. the doors opened and we headed towards the penthouse, i opened the door and she was amazed. we walked around the place me showing her the many rooms and other stuff, then when we were standing in the hallway, i asked well can i have a little hug? she said sure, when she reached up to put her hands around me i noticed a huge wedding ring set, i asked i didnt know you were married, how long? i asked she just looked at me and smiled. she then wrapped her arms around me, i whispered escort bilecik in her ear damn princess you feel good in my arms i dont want to let you go. well your going to have to mr with a laugh. then i asked are those lips as soft as they look. she moved forward giving me a peck, i said thats all? joking. she said yes im not doing anything in here. i said to myself damnit i have to get inside that pussy. we started to walk pass the kitchen when i asked just one more of those pecks on the lips before we go. she leaned over and we kissed but i open my mouth and placed my tongue inside hers, she held me tigher, i said to myself im not letting her get away so at once i slowly pushed her back agaisnt the countertop and i dropped to my knees. she whispered what r you doing, i didnt reply i took one of her legs and placed it on my shoulder pulled her thong to the side and quickly inserted my tongue inside her pussy. omg she whispered, then started to grind her pussy harder into my face. she then placed her hands behind my head forcing my tongue even deeper. im going to cum all on your lips she whispered, i looked up into those pretty big hazel eyes and said please baby cum on them for me, the i felt her legs shake as she pulled my head into her pelvis even harder. when she was done i told her dont moved i want you to look into my eyes as i tongue fuck your toes for you. no no baby dont they have been through the sand, i didnt listen and before she knew it my tongue was between each and ever toe of hers. after that i guilded her towards the master bedroom , i turned and quickly pulled out my 9″ dick and without missing a beat she was taking it into her mouth. omg it felt so good just the way i thought it would. she wrapped one of her hands around it while sucking the head i looked down at her and said look up at me while your sucking that dick baby, bilecik escort bayan she looked up at me with those eyes and i swear i wanted to cum deep in her mouth making her gag on my seed. i took my dick out of her mouth made her get on all fours, i tore that thong off and slowly eased my dick inside her pussy. she gasped for air telling me, that cock is so fucking big, are you going to fuck me with that big black cock, oh yes princess im going to fuck you real good, i grab one of hips and took my other hand and grabbed her hair and started fucking the hell outta her. omg that dick feels so good give me that dick omg i want to cum on that dick she was screaming this as i long stroked her pussy. i was looking down at her asshole as it looked so inviting, you going to let me fuck you in that asshole princess, i asked while fucking that pussy hard. no no hell no your not putting that big dick in my ass i cant handle that, i smiled then slid my middle finger in that asshole , she came hard dropped down onto her stomach and i swear i tried to put my entire dick along with my balls inside her she screamed so loud i thought sure someone was going to hear us, as im fucking her, im asking whos pussy those this belongs to from now on, omg you baby you, this is your pussy ive never been fucked like this before. when she said that i couldnt hold back anymore i got up quick grab her by her hair told her to open that pretty mouth so you can taste my cum, she opened her mouth and i fucked her mouth good and hard unloading at the same time. when i finished she looked up at me and said we have to meet again soon i want that dick in me more then just this one time. i placed a finger under her chin kissed her fore head and said, your wish is my command. we went on with this kind of fucking for about 5 months, she and her husband has moved to boston, but every now and then she will send me a text telling me how much she misses the way i fuck her. the one thing about me i treat the ladies with respect and im a gentleman to them. this is a true story and i have more to come about some more of my adventures

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