RockyxSallie – Coochy Coochy


Rocky was just about to drift in the irresistible sensation of sleep when he heard a knocking on his door. It could only be Sallie, since she was the only one in the building with him.

Why would she bother him at this time of night?

Sleepily, he called her in.

He heard the door open, but didn’t bother to turn and face her. There was no need to. He laid on his side, dressed in nothing but his black, cotton underwear, his back towards her. Closing his eyes, but still waiting for her reply, only hearing the ascending footsteps towards him, feeling the bed sheet behind him being lifted, and knew for a fact that she was going to cuddle with him.

Normally, they’d be a reason why. But she said nothing. Perhaps she suffered a bad dream, and doesn’t want to think of it. He didn’t question her, he felt her arms wrapping around his waist, holding her hands against his stomach.

Though now, having her body close to his gave him more body warmth, a pleasant sensation beneath the blankets. He didn’t mind. He just left her alone, about to go to sleep.

But her hands moved, and it alerted him to realise what she was doing. She leaned closer, pressing her cheek against his back, her hands unlocking themselves and ran up from his stomach to his chest softly, slowly. It made him smile gently. It felt lovely, pleasing, so comforting. He had missed this sort of interaction with another human being.

He opened his eyes slightly, feeling the petit hands running over the land of his hard body, coming down now, and further down-


His shoulders tighten when her fingers grazed over the top of his pants, silently asking, or searching, for an entrance.

No…N-No, she can’t be serious-

It wasn’t long before he felt her surprisingly cool fingertips touching the hot flesh of his lower stomach, slipping under the front of his pants. The sensation of her hands edging closer bahis firmaları and closer to the one area that was far from asleep. The closeness of her body pressing firmly against his had already rung some bells, alarming his senses alive from their dominant states.

Her hot, round breasts pushed hard against his back. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath that thin shirt. He could feel her tightened nipples touching through the fabric and onto his flesh.

His jaw dropped in a silent gasp to feel the palm of her hand stroking downwards now, past the hair and along the base of his cock. He felt his chest tighten, his breathing now unsettling. He said nothing, but felt her moves carefully. Somehow, he could feel her smirking behind his back.

Her hand ran silkily over the ridge of it, finding the tip and running a single finger over the hot head, tickling it tenderly with her fingertips smoothly. Just the sensation of her touching it made it harden quicker by the second. The more she caressed it, the harder and thicker it got.

Rocky’s hand reached for the pillow his head was resting on, digging his fingers in it, gripping it as he felt his blood thicken, his entire body growing burning and responsive to the touches.

He heard Sallie moan sexily behind his back, her lips pressing lovingly against the back of his neck, forcing the little hairs to stand. She loved knowing this was turning him on, and feeling his erection throbbing and harden like a rock certainly rewarded her with the same prize.

She wrapped her fingers around it now, her thumb pressing firmly into the centre of his thickening cock and began to gradually move it up and down. No need to rush, she wanted to tease him for a bit. She had playfully called this ‘revenge’ for all the times Rocky woke Sallie up from her sleep, all because he was hungry for her pussy.

Rocky groaned under his breath as her other kaçak iddaa hand joined, only this time, it cupped his pulsating huge balls, just about cupping both of them in one, rolling them in her hand gradually, occasionally squeezing them tightly, matching the rhythm of her other hand stroking his erection up and down, from base to tip.

The throbbing became more intense at each touch and stroke, hard thuds exploded constantly through his fat cock and massive balls, which now stood predominantly through the cotton of his underwear, making them more sensitive and responsive to her touches, which only made it worse. Rocky tensed up to feel her hand pinching the tip of his cock with her thumb and index finger, fondling with his beating erection.

He could feel her panting and moaning, excruciatingly aroused by this as he himself was, her leg moving up, hugging his hip and pulling him closer to her body. He didn’t move. Suddenly, he was aware of her equally-aroused pussy, the heat from it now touching his lower back, sodden wet panties squelching onto his strong back. He allowed her to do what she had planned. He liked where this was going anyway.

The pace quickened now, her hand beating against the base of his cock, smacking his balls in the process. Her breasts rubbed against his back frantically as she moved, and he bit his lower lip, feeling like a pistol firing in his pants. His breathing becoming ragged, this incredible pounding of burning-white bliss now rushing through his body from his groin was making him rather light-headed.

Sallie’s lips continued to press against the base of his neck, kissing it softly, before she dragged her lips over his flesh and towards his neck, her teeth grazing against it affectionately, nibbling him. Her hands never slowed down. Now, both of her hands had hold of his pounding cock, sending Rocky into a thick cloud of ecstasy, coming close.

She somehow kaçak bahis sensed it. There was something in Rocky’s body language and breathing that told her he was going to come.

Smirking darkly, she bit down into his neck harder now, acting rather dominant for a brief moment, her hands rubbing his solid shaft as fast as she could now, making Rocky struggle a little in her grip. That only aroused her more, how such a powerful, superior figure she had always took commands from was now quivering and struggling in her grasps, caught in her web of lust, shattering his authority for a minute.

His flesh was beginning to sweat now, smouldering, the climax of his orgasm coming quicker and quicker to him. But not now! He didn’t-

“Accept it,” Came a purr beside his ear, followed closely by a kiss and a nibble on the ear-lobe. The command was enough to distract him from the orgasm, and it had caught him off-guard, virtually taking the air from his lungs as his muscles clenched into a pleasurable, heavenly halt.

“Fuck-!” He hissed against the pillow, the hot liquid rushing through his groin and escaped in a relief, trickling down his massive, hot cock, and it didn’t stop. Seemingly, it kept going, and for a moment, Rocky thought he wasn’t going to stop at all. But too engulfed in this ecstasy, he began to aggressively thrust his hips with her hands, forcing the bed to shake at his vigorous movements. “Keep going, keep going-” He panted in breathless anticipation, reclaiming his authority, and she did as she commanded, biting his neck down hard again.

Sallie’s hands kept chafing him wetly, ultimately silencing him into a bliss-coma for a time, eventually calming down.

The two Soldiers remained still for a while, catching their breath. His lover planted several kisses over his shoulder, against his neck, running her tongue over the new indents of her bite-marks on his flesh, gasping for air, her soft, petit body now plastered against his.

Now both wide awake, Rocky glanced over his shoulder and questioned her:

“Why did you do that?”

“I-I felt like it,” Came his cheerful answer.

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